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Clan Information
Full Membership Requirements
You must live in Europe,
IRC Client & TS3 Downloaded,
Have the required gear and
Have a respectable personality with
understandable English.

RS3 Requirements
110+ Combat, 80+ Defence, with
85+ Ranged OR Magic

OSRS Requirements
110+ Combat, 80+ Defence, with
90+ Ranged OR Magic
60+ Prayer AND 54+ Agility

Community Requirements
70+ Combat, 60+ Defence, with
40+ Ranged OR 59+ Magic
43+ Prayer


IRC Channel:
#CE @ SwiftIRC.net

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Retireds Memberlist

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Important News & Announcements

*Clan Europe*
A Desire for Beauty

Latest News:

The Haxball Competition has officially started! Check this Topic to join the Rankings, or see who's in the lead!

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Clan Europe is a CWA warring based country clan which houses members from all over Europe and from a variety of different clans. We are one of the best matched ops clans and war multiple times weekly in the GMT timezone.

Clan Officials
Main Leader:

Leaders & Administrators:



Event Coordinators:

Community Leaders:


War RecordSep 2006
Full Out Wars
Matched Ops Wars
Full Out CWRIs

Member of the Month:
Welcome to Clan Europe. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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