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One of my best RP's in SHOOT; Master of the Mat 2013 Rule of Surrender Gauntlet match 1 of 2
Topic Started: Dec 10 2015, 08:20 PM (60 Views)
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(Yeah I have a tendency of saving backups of my RP's and this was one of my better ones I will be posting a few of them once in awhile when I can remember my HTML formatting for colors so this RP was my first of two in SHOOT for Master of the Mat 2013 Napalm was in a gauntlet match for the revived Rule of Surrender belt whoever was in the company at this time figured Napalm wouldn't last long in this match, not only they were proven wrong Napalm eliminated 4 people out of the match, this was also the same RP that Selena told Napalm she was Pregnant so enjoy)

Napalm: You know what maybe the party is over, maybe it's time I give this all up...

Napalm is sitting in his chair in a very upset mood, with all of the wounds still bandaged over from his war with Jacob Mephisto, to his right is Selena who looks concerned for Napalm, she is wearing a very baggy dress on, if nothing else she was still trying to hide the fact that she was pregnant.

Selena knew if she didn't tell him soon, he would figure it out himself, and wonder why she never mentioned it earlier. That was the last thing she wanted, it was his kid that was inside her, no matter how badly this could go, maybe this news could be the shot in the arm he needs right now.

Then again, when Napalm heard that he was in the RoS gauntlet match, he thought this was the front offices idea of a joke.

Then after he hung up he threw the phone at the wall, someone like him jumping into a deep hole which he knows about, but never thought it would be his thing, granted he DOES have a submission finisher in his arsenal but knowing his luck he needs something better, a little less technical and a little more ballsy, something he can use his size advantage.

Napalm: And this is why I hate getting thrown for a loop

Selena: I call that par for the course with how things have been going.

Napalm smirks

Napalm: So damn true, I feel like I have been put under the bus.

Selena puts her arm around Napalm trying to give him some comfort.

Selena: You should cheer up a little, out of all the titles you have challenged for this was one of only two you haven't.

Napalm sighs

Napalm: Getting to feel like Henry Gordon a little bit, all these title shots and cant win a single belt.

Selena: You have done so much better than Stein has, think about it how many title shots has Stein had since he kept after the world title?

Napalm: That's not the...

It finally hit him, everyone thought he was riding Stein's coattails and the thought came to him, the roles were reversed, he had won those titles while Stein was just holding that tag title belt for all he was worth, he knew if it was not for him, those tag titles would still be around the Genesis Corporation's waists, he was not riding Stein's coattails at all, it was Stein that was riding his. At that point Napalm rested his head in his hands.

Napalm: I'm an idiot...

Selena: No, you just didn't realize it until now.

Napalm gets up and grabs his phone and checks to see if he broke it, he breathes a sigh of relief as the phone lights up and seems to be working, he walks back over to the chair and sits down and starts dialing a number.

Selena: Who are you calling?

Napalm: An old friend I know in town, He is a submission specialist that not many know about.

Selena: You already have a submission move why try to invent another?

Napalm smiles

Napalm: Cause if I am going to try and win that Rules of Surrender title, I need to shake the rust off.

The scene shifts from his house to the Epicenter as we see Napalm sitting in the ring just looking around he looks a little nervous as he sits there, then he sits up and motions the cameraman to come in the ring, he looks around at the arena now empty as he takes a seat in the corner.

Napalm: One thing I always say is never underestimate me, even when I am outside my comfort zone and lets face it submission wrestling is one of those things, in many ways I am not going to sugar coat everything I say about this match cause honestly there are a few of you who don't get the point at all.

Here is what I am getting at, this is a gauntlet match, you wont know what number you will get, you could be the first one out or the last, odds are one in nine you will get a good position in this gauntlet.

One in nine, if you were betting on the lottery you would be lucky if you got your money back for the ticket. In this environment you could be the last one out and head to head with someone who went through four other people and even though you are fresh you still lose.

This kind of match will take the ill prepared person and shake him to his very core, if you take this match lightly you will end with a few broken bones, or worse...

Lets start with you Randall Kash, thinking he knows shit about me, and you are making the first mistake right there, my time in Sex and Violence is over, and you think you can talk shit about every person just because you think you're shit don't stink.

Here is something for you Mr. Kash you may want to rethink your plans after Master of the Mat cause if you step in there with me I will do more than break your confidence, I will take your face and shove it in that shit, then you can smell that and nothing else, your not fooling anybody and if you think that gives you a free ride to the Rules Of Surrender title, you are a bigger idiot than I give you credit for.

I'm not only going making you tap, I will be breaking your neck and then maybe people will see that I will be doing them a FUCKIN FAVOR!!!!!

Napalm flips the camera the middle finger.

Napalm: Fuck you Mr. Kash, and have a horrible day.

Napalm shifts around a little.

Napalm: I must apologize to the rest of the people in this gauntlet, it's people like Mr. Kash that if nothing else wants me to go destroy everyone.

Napalm lets out a smirk

Napalm: Now, let me go onto the next soldier who in fact, just needs to understand that I am over the fact that Stein bailed, and guess what he could be the next world champ isn't that an even scarier thought Tanya?

However, you are wrong about one thing I don't end up in a funk just cause I lost a belt which honestly I am more than happy that I did, so I can get away from the disease that is Dan Stein, I mean seriously he has more STD's than a french whorehouse.

You will not be getting a person wondering about anything Tanya, you will be getting the same person who took Donovan King to his limits, and this time the ending will be different, there will be no mercy, even when I have you locked in the Killing Joke, or even my new submission which I will be showing off at Master of the Mat, understand this even if you are screaming in pain, I wont let go until you tap, and if you don't, well I wont feel sorry hearing your bones snap either.

All this from someone who I kicked in the face twice, so long ago, I hope I didn't rattle your brains too badly, and if you do get in the ring with me in this gauntlet you might want to throw everything you know about me out the window, I may not have the finesse you talk about, then again to beat someone down you really don't need all that finesse you talk about Tanya, I am the last person you want to tell that to, if you have that finesse go ahead and use it, I will use my power cause no matter what you use sooner or later, they will all tap.

And so will you.

Napalm stand up and walks around the ring a bit

Napalm:You see this is a new start for me, I am not the same person who kept drinking Dan Stein's Kool-Aid for about six months. This is a new start for me that I am more than ready to start out on my own for once. I have no regrets and have atoned for much these past few weeks.

Now, there is someone I wish to apologize to and that is another person in this gauntlet match and that is Solomon Richards, a few weeks after I won the tag belts I had a very bad altercation with Mr. Richards and honestly looking back now I do feel bad about and hope he will take this apology at face value. In hindsight I should of taken his advice instead of going down the road I did, smashing the tag belt over his head.

If I have retribution coming for that so be it, cause I know you have much to prove here and honestly I do hope for the best if you win the belt or not, just hearing your story has made me realize that my life was a lot more fucked up than others.

I know this gauntlet will put some of the best submission soldiers in that ring, and if you are one of the people I meet in that ring at Master of the Mat.

I will feel honored, and also pleased that we can settle this like men, not like raging beasts.

As I have mentioned Richards, I am not a submission wrestler that does not mean that I am new to this sport, I have learned from the best and I understand all of the kinds of wrestling.

Hell I was in Japan for several years, and witnessed a few intense Puro style matches, I may not be one of the best people in this match, but soon enough we will see if this monster can at least do submission wrestling, and not fuck it up badly.

Good luck out there Richards, and if we do cross paths in this gauntlet match, lets give them a match that will give the fans something to cheer about.

God knows I could use one with the last few weeks.

Napalm slides outside of the ring and sits on the ring apron

Napalm: Now, let me talk to one of the newer stars in SHOOT that being Conor Caden, let me say up front, you have been one of the bigger surprises here in a long while, you have this charisma that only some soldiers here in SHOOT have, and in many ways it surprises me, and also we have heard about your past a bit, and hell I am not the second coming of god either, but it makes me respect you a bit more knowing you are one of these new soldiers here in SHOOT that could go far in the business, and honestly we both know that you have a good start, but the climb is just starting.

I do hope you understand that this for me, is my road to redemption, my start of a climb that starts at Master of the Mat, and in many ways I am here to prove to myself that I can do this. If we meet in that ring, this is business Caden, and I hope you know that this is one of these types of matches where I can prove myself, to get out of the slump that I have been in.

To fill up these trenches of my anger, and turn it into a new start, and possibly my first singles title here in SHOOT.

Quitting this match, is not an option for me, I will take my beating like a man.. NO like the SOLDIER I SHOULD OF BEEN FOR THESE PEOPLE!

It just takes a run as one of the most hated soldiers in SHOOT to really put your career into perspective and, this time I wont hold back until I make a point to these fans, and to myself and this gauntlet match is the perfect trial to my comeback, and every soldier in this match are hungry, and think they can breeze through this gauntlet and claim that Rules of Surrender title. This will not be a cakewalk this will be a war, and one that I am willing to undertake to give these fans something to believe in again.

I hope you can give me one of those trials Caden, and good luck out there.

Now Datura, you are one piece of work let me tell you that there are only a few bigger people who can go toe to toe with someone like Sammy Rochester and hold there own, one of the others who can are in this match but, I will talk about him later.

In many ways, I believe that the female soldiers in SHOOT are not given the respect there needed here, and you are definitely one of those females, and this is honest from the heart. Every person in this match have been chosen to be in this gauntlet match cause they have that special talent that makes them worthy to challenge for this well-respected title, and I for one would enjoy how well you handle yourself in this match, it takes endurance and smarts that’s for sure, and also in many ways a little bit of luck as well.

If we do meet in this gauntlet, I do hope you show everyone in SHOOT that this division that you belong here in SHOOT, for me I need to teach everyone in this match that not only am I the biggest threat in this match, they will understand that I am not the total jerk I was just a month ago.

I have changed, and if it takes me to go through every person in this gauntlet so be it.

Datura, soon you will see a new reborn Johnny Napalm.

Try to keep up.

Napalm stands up and sits by one of the ring posts as he grabs a deck of cards opens the pack and looks through the cards, there is a few other things a little out of view at the moment.

Napalm:Now, lets talk about the two newest soldiers in SHOOT, and don't get me wrong even I enjoy a new challenge in SHOOT with the ranks of SHOOT growing every day, Lets talk about you first Takuma Sato, you have been impressive so far, but also with two losses at the start my advice for you is like what I went through, is to never give up that first win will come sooner or later, and let me tell you when you get that first win under your belt don't under any circumstances take that for granted, that’s only win number one, you will need to prove yourself against the best and I will say this will be that first start, however don't expect me to give you a damn freebie just cause your new, if you earn it then I will take my lumps along with it.

Sorry to say though, that won't happen at Master of the Mat.

Now onto the newcomer Jerry Matthews, this man who walks the path of god, don't get me started there will be many who would believe your preaching, but honestly your preaching to the choir if you think I am going to follow you, your just plain nuts.

This is a gauntlet, one of attrition or blessing for some, and a challenge for a only a select few, can you show everyone in your second match in SHOOT, I want to see that from you, I do not see the fire yet from you.

But, I know it's there you just need to keep working at it, then for some it always shines bright, others however.

It will flicker out... How will you handle the pressure we shall see.

Napalm sits the deck of cards down and holds ten cards in his hand, he gets off the ring apron and grabs one last thing from the apron then starts slowly walking up the ramp.

Napalm:Now, I am not a complete asshole I didn't forget about you Maya, the former Rules of Surrender champ, I just saved you for last cause I do have a feeling that in this gauntlet match we will meet for the first time, and honestly If anyone has not seen the glimmering light of hope from you they are either blind or do not care, back before my attitude went sour, I really did believe you were the hope this place needed, then I turned a blind eye to it, when I met Stein.

Now, I do see that you have redemption in mind, there is no mistaking that even after you lost that belt to Entragian which for all the people who thought you could slay that giant, you failed.

Now, you want to reclaim that which you lost.

Well, I am looking for redemption not from the singles title drought I am in, but for the fans I abandoned, I pushed them all away and now, I miss those cheers Maya, the same ones you have had behind you from day one here in SHOOT, I need to prove myself once again, to these fans in my match against Mephisto I felt it again, very faintly I heard the cheers of the crowd the ones who give me this strength to overcome, now I feel that spark again.

I am not a failure as a singles competitor here in SHOOT.

I NEED THIS, that power I had back then when the fans cared enough to even cheer me when I was down and out those cheers that brought me back from the brink of quitting here in SHOOT.

I will never, surrender in this match Maya, I have so much to lose and this will be a chance for me to rise back up and take on every soldier in SHOOT with more dignity than I had when I was in Sex and Violence.

You may have redemption on your mind Maya, however as for me I need to show that I am not the asshole I use to be.

I need to find that hope I lost, and that Rules of Surrender title may be just the thing.

Napalm takes one of the ten cards in his hand and pockets it then reveals the rest Ace through nine.

It's so simple, random draw one through nine nobody knows where they will end up you could be the first up.

Napalm flicks the ace

Napalm:Or the second

Then the two

Napalm:And so on...

Napalm flicks the cards away until the nine is left, then flicks it away.

Napalm:This gauntlet will tell everyone that when this is over, there will be many broken bones, and broken spirits but one will stand tall and become the Rules of Surrender champion.

There is one thing everyone neglects with these gauntlet matches.

You never know who you will face next.

It could be an easy fight, or someones nightmare.

Napalm stops at the top of the ramp, then puts something on his head, something that looks familiar.
However, there is one thing everyone never expects.

Napalm's hand reaches into his pocket and pulls out the tenth card, one people forgot long ago.

Napalm:There is always a wild card

Napalm looks back up as the joker mask is on his head again.

Napalm:And you're looking at him.

The camera fades out, however it's not the end of the story as we hear two people as the first one speaks we know who it is.

Selena: That was great, I just hope people understand you are trying to find that hope again.

Napalm: I just hope I don't become another waste.

Selena: No, your far from it Johnny you mean so much to me now, and I hope the future is bright for both of us.

Napalm: It will be, I promise you that.

Selena: There has been something I have been wanting to tell you for awhile now, I just didn't know the right time.

Napalm: Now is a better time than any

Selena: … Johnny, I'm pregnant...

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