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RoS Gauntlet Match RP Part 2; RoS Gauntlet Match Master of the Mat 2013 2 of 2
Topic Started: Dec 23 2015, 09:51 PM (49 Views)
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(And here is part 2 Enjoy also this is where he learned his new submission move he uses today the South Boston Hangover)

Backstage at the Epicenter is where we jump in here, when we last left Napalm and Selena, well basically the bomb was dropped that Selena was pregnant. So everyone is wondering what happened next. Lets not keep everyone waiting.

Napalm: How long did you know?

About a few weeks, they say close to three months along. I didn't know the best time to tell you since you were in a bit of a transition since losing the tag belts.

Napalm: Yeah, I was not in a good mood at that time.

Napalm thinks a little

Napalm: Three Months ago, that was just after that tag match with Real Deal and Alex Brooks.

Yeah, I remember you partied a little too hard that night then again I had a few too many.

Napalm: Well these things do happen, however there is one thing I won't do. That is run away from this, I remember my dad saying I need to take more responsibility for things.

Napalm places his hands on Selena's shoulders as she blushes a little.

Napalm: This is a turning point in my life, and you have been there for all of it, and I wouldn't replace it for anything.


Napalm puts a finger up to her lips.

Napalm: I want to be with you Selena, I want to raise our child together, and I need to keep wrestling to do so, I now have something to fight for now.

Napalm puts his other hand on Selena's belly

Napalm: And, that is something I will cherish. Just do me one favor, don't leave thinking I don't care cause I do care, and I want to make this work, not only for us, but for the baby as well.

Selena breaks down in tears as she just leans in twords Johnny and wraps her arms around him, those tears were not of sorrow, but of joy.

Promise me... you will be with me?

Napalm gently wraps his arms around Selena, for the first time in his life, he had no doubts in his mind, this beautiful woman who has supported him through all of his pains, wanted to be with him.

Napalm: I promise you I will...

Napalm had found his hope, and never wanted to let go.

Napalm: … Forever

The scene fades out as we hear someone beating on what sounds like a punching bag we hear some usual gym sounds in the background as the scene fades in we see Napalm inside a ring beating on a training dummy, off to his left there is another person who is not familiar, he is wearing a black Tapout t-shirt and some slightly worn training pants, also it seems like he is directing Napalm a little bit, maybe this was the guy Napalm talked about earlier.

Come on Johnny, the essential things for submission is not to let your opponent get the advantage, this works for both MMA, and for wrestling.

Napalm pounds on the dummy a few more times laying even more forearms into the head and chest area.

OK, that’s good for now take a little break.

Napalm gets off the training dummy, and sits in the corner for a moment as he grabs a bottle of water, he then knows the camera there.

Napalm: Oh, hello SHOOTiverse, I mentioned earlier that I had a old friend coming to give me some help, let me introduce you.

Napalm gets up and walks over to the guy

Napalm: This is my old friend Jeremy Weiss, he was a very accomplished MMA fighter, but now he trains the next generation in the art of submission wrestling and also works extensively with many local MMA fighters, he is also formerly from Boston. I have known this guy since I was 15 and honestly there was no one better in the Boston area, while I was working with the NYSWF back in the late 90's whenever I had time off, I would go to see him when there was MMA events in Boston.

Jeremy: You didn't have to put it on that thick man.

Napalm: Heh, old habit you know that well Jeremy.

Jeremy laughs a little
Jeremy: Very true, I also heard you're going to be a daddy, congrats.

Napalm smiles

Napalm: Thanks man, I do appreciate it.

Jeremy: Have you told your family yet?

Napalm stands there for a moment

Napalm: Not yet, I want to wait until after Master of the Mat.

Jeremy: I hear ya, still a bit nervous I bet?

Napalm lets out a slight chuckle

Napalm: Nah, it's not like that, my parents are a bit old fashioned.

Jeremy: I hear ya, just don't let it go to long or you may regret it later.

Napalm: Yeah...

Jeremy: So let's get to business then, I know you have one submission in your arsenal, so why get another one?

Napalm: To put it short, this is a submission only match, the Rules of Surrender title has a very storied history, I know I have one, but there is like eight other soldiers in this gauntlet match and they mix from heavy hitters like me, to more methodical types, I know the one I have will work for the bigger guys but for the smaller ones who are more agile, I need something to counteract there speed, something they would have a hard time trying to block.

Jeremy: Hmm, let me think here how about a sleeper hold.

Napalm laughs

Napalm: Dude, that move is so 1980's and you know it, these soldiers in SHOOT would break out of that too quickly, I need something more technical.

Jeremy thinks hard for a moment

Jeremy: I got an idea how about this...

Jeremy is about to put a hold on the dummy when the screen goes black and words appear on screen.

“Come on guys, do you think I'm going to show you this part so you can scout, FAT CHANCE!”

Well the scene fades back in back at Napalm's house and he has a smile on his face with all of the things going on and less than a week before Master of the Mat sitting on the couch looking a little loony today and his t-shirt says the same it reads “If your reading this, why haven't I hit you with a steel chair yet?”

Look, were getting closer to Master of the Mat and with all the things going on in my life I can afford to be a little nutty today, four days until nine of the best soldiers in SHOOT get in this gauntlet match for the newly revived Rules of Surrender title.

Today is really the first day I have had to relax and enjoy life in general, and maybe that is what I need right now is just a normal relaxing day.

Napalm kicks back and shifts the wrong way as the sofa rolls backwards and Napalm goes with it as he goes crashing off the couch.


Selena walks over shaking her head

Johnny, you forgot again that we needed to get a new sofa.

Napalm rolls over

Yeah, I forgot about that I kinda ruined the back legs a few weeks back.

Selena chuckles

So you going to get up, or are you going to prop yourself under the back legs?

Ha, Ha, such a comedian.

Napalm gets back up and sets the sofa upright and puts the supports back under the sofa and turns the corner around the sofa a little too tight and we hear a thud as Napalm hops a little


Selena resists for a second and laughs a little.

You just have rotten luck...

I know, damn I shouldn't of used bricks to prop the back up.

Napalm looks over to Selena

OK, you win we will go tomorrow and get some new furniture and we definitely need to get this place back in order, and with the new contract I signed yesterday with SHOOT, this will make things a little easier on us, for at least a little bit.

Selena nods

I gotcha, we need to get this place in better order, with the baby on the way.

Napalm nods walks over to his chair and sits down and Selena walks off. Napalm lifts up his leg and rubs his foot a little and checks it for any bleeding or bruising, he breathes a sigh a relief nothing broken or hurt he shakes his foot at the camera jokingly.

Alright, maybe I have been holding off on talking about this match, and there is a reason and one thing is my response to Randall Kash. Let me get this straight, for many here my singles record has never been the best, through my whole career it has been hit or miss I will not deny that, but when someone just goes out and says I am a non-factor in this gauntlet match, I hope he understands that if you have to face me in that match, you will know I show no mercy to anyone who dismissed me as a joke.

Someone in this gauntlet will realize soon enough, that he better get his shit straight before I plow him into the ground, and he better have someone to dig him out who gives a damn.

Napalm takes a deep breath.

Now, as for the other people in this gauntlet that is another story, most of them have not been as harsh as Kash was. However there is always some people who test my patience as well, that would be you Tanya Black. It seems back when I was such a jerk you really thought I would be a failure in this type of match, maybe even better than that, you think that I would not even get close to making you tap.

I am not a submission wrestler, however I am here and I will give this my best shot, and if you do get me into a submission hold, don't expect me to just let you have the win I will make you earn that victory, I will be one of the toughest people to bring down and you know this.

Trying to talk me down saying I have doubts in my mind well if this was me back in Sex and Violence, maybe I would believe that crap. This is a new me Tanya and at Master of the Mat if I get in the ring with you, there will be someone standing on the other side of the ring, one that people thought was dead and gone, now I am giving this a new chance.

The joker is back Tanya, and this time I won't be holding back punches, or submission holds. And if you last long enough to get me in a lock or hold, just remember this wrecking ball is not a lightweight, and it's going to take a ton of beatings to get me down on the mat for enough time to lock on that submission of yours.

Good luck with that Tanya, and if we do meet in that ring don't take this ass-whipping seriously.

As for Solomon Richards, I think we have the best advantage in this fight we are not light and agile that's for damn sure, however we both have one thing in common and that is respect for this sport, granted I just recently found my footing again, and honestly I am taking this match seriously, we have never met in the ring and I know if I meet you in this gauntlet this will be a good match.

Also I was praying you could smack Jacob Mephisto around a bit more so he would lose that damn Sin City title, well we both know one thing he is in for one long night and I think in both our minds we hope that Sammy does kill that jerk-wad of a Sin City champ.

Cause he is really is going to Sex and Violence levels of douchebaggery to keep that damned belt, and there is more deserving champs than him.

Napalm slaps himself

Dammit, I went off track again I really need to quit doing that. Anyways Richards you know that these matches are not my strong suit, and if you can tell by my t-shirt I am more of the “Punch you in the face type of people”

That aside, like I said before I do hope I don't fuck this up too badly, then at least I accomplished something in this gauntlet then being a person who taps out too quickly, I have been training hard not only for the submission moves I know, but some new ones as well, and in my mind if I can get at least one locked on without getting countered horribly, I think that is better than the last few submissions I tried to do, one failed and the second one... well lets say I didn't win the match, but the sorry fool who did was in pain for weeks.

Anyways Richards, if we meet in the ring good luck, we are both going to need it.

Now, we come to Conor Caden, really in many ways you remind me a bit of myself back in the late 90's granted I was closer to two hundred and sixty pounds back then, maybe I shouldn't of eaten so many Twinkies in my past.

Napalm chuckles

Oh well too late for that now I guess, let me get to the point here there have been some newcomers to SHOOT that have been on top of the world after getting some good momentum in there first few matches, I should warn you though getting too much into the foul language may come back to haunt you a little bit then again I have been known to swear more than a drunken sailor.

And almost on cue


Napalm throws the video off screen with a look of utter surprise, then realizes his bottle of Ol No.7 is right beside him on the table as he slowly puts the bottle out of camera view, then looks back.

OK, that’s the first time that happened to me, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!

Napalm pauses for a moment then shrugs.

Frigging you tube videos, anyways Caden, you might want to take this match a lot more seriously than just try and make everyone look at you and realize this kid needs his ghost mouth cleaned out with soap.

And seriously, who would want to solve that puzzle.

Just sayin'

Napalm grins as he hears the song again as the camera moves over we see Selena sitting at her laptop replaying the video again.

Not you too?

Selena realizes she is on camera a quickly shuts the laptop and looks all innocent.

What, It was kinda funny.

Napalm face-palms

Oh boy, I got to lay off the sauce.

He gets back to his senses quickly as the camera moves back into position

Now I got a few people in this match who has been pretty inactive, do you realize this is a very big night for SHOOT, it's a Pay Per View show are you taking this seriously, lets hope so cause the clock is ticking and I will tell you all that this is serious business, make an effort on this and maybe you could become a champion here in SHOOT.

We hear the sounds of crickets chirping

OH COME ON, I am trying to motivate some of you here, this is bigger than Revolution and Dominion it's frigging Master of the Mat.

We hear giggling off to the side as the crickets start chirping again.


The giggles turn to laughter

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Napalm points off camera

My girlfriend Selena, such a joker.

Selena laughs again

Anyways, this just leaves once again Maya, and let me say I do appreciate the response you gave, it's been awhile since someone here in SHOOT believes I am trying to make my life better. But, you are right I do have a bigger reason than just my own pride or the Rules of Surrender belt, I got a kid on the way and in my mind I want to work harder for them, hell here in Vegas there the only thing close to family I got here.

For once, I want to do this on my own, for my future, for my child's future, and I need to give everyone out there in the crowd that I am here for them, all that time in Sex and Violence I missed those cheers, everyone chanting my name, and getting up one more time for them.

Your right Maya, I do have HOPE for this company and all the soldiers who defend that every time they step into that ring, and I have a feeling we will meet in that ring at Master of the Mat, and we will lock up for the first time ever, and I can't wait not only to show you what I can do, but give those fans something to remember, I am ready to give them that fight.

I’m ready to be someone people can stand by in SHOOT, and at Master of the Mat you will get the SHOOT Project Joker, revived, focused, and ready for war.

This is new territory for me this whole submission thing, but I promise you this, I wont hold back, you want that belt for redemption, well I am looking for redemption as well, to get out of the trench that I was stuck in with Stein for almost six months, that time is passed for me, and now I am hungry for a good fight so I will be ready Maya, until our paths cross in that gauntlet match, good luck and good fight.

Selena walks over holding the laptop and is standing over the chair.

So, that's about it these weeks heading twords Master of the Mat have been surprising, so let me say this in closing, No matter what anyone says if they think I will be a joke at Master of the Mat they need to get sober real quick, I am aiming for the Rules of Surrender title, there are some good soldiers in this match, and if they think I am not one of them...


Napalm sits there and notices Selena above him, he can tell what she wants.

OK, Selena play us out


As she hits a button on the laptop the audio from the video earlier and Napalm just laughs


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Read this yesterday. Excellent work. Fascinating read and really brought a lot out in the character: motivations and his history.
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Jacob Mephisto
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I remember this match. I actually wrote the match itself and I remember the convo I had with Brandon while mapping out spots and such. Definitely remember havingnthe convo of having Napalm looking super strong. It was one of the matches I am super proud of writing.
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