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Post-Champion Summit Flashback (How to Dismantle a Ivroy Terror); Johnny Napalm Vs. Isaac Entragain (SHOOT Project Revolution 120)
Topic Started: Dec 31 2015, 08:29 PM (37 Views)
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(OK, I figured this one would be a good one to post in the History section this was one match when I first started in SHOOT I figured I wouldnt have a chance to win, this one however was talked about on the very random SHOOT podcast when they voted on who would win this match, I got more votes on this than I thought I would, then again this RP, the two against Corazon and the two against Donovan King I thought were some of my best work. Even if I did lose the match I was proud of the RP's I did. so kick back this RP happened after Napalm lost the Iron Fist title to Jerry Matthews, and you see an appearence from one of Napalm's personalities, namely the one that appeared after Zero broke him the first time. Enjoy!)

Well, you can't win them all...

Napalm is sitting at home, after the worst night of his life losing to Jerry Matthews, and it was his own damned fault, all he did was throw one chair in the ring and then kept throwing them in, he knew fighting on those chairs could be a double-edged sword.

And it was, knowing that the Iron Fist title is no longer in his hands, however he knows that his war with Matthews will have a part three. This time he will be ready. However his day is about to become much worse, as his phone beeps notifying he has a text message, as he checks the message which shows the card for Revolution 120, Napalm's stomach feels like it's in knots. At this moment Selena walks in, and sees the look on Napalm's face. Then almost instantly he gets up, sets the phone on the table, and then heads for the backyard.

Selena: Johnny whats wrong.

Napalm looks back at Selena with a concerned look.

Playtime is over.... I need to prepare....

Napalm walks out of the door, Selena looks a little upset, then she looks over at the phone and she gasps, no wonder why Napalm's mood was sour, as the message is stopped at the match he was booked in, and even with Selena's due date closing in she knew that this could happen, all she could do is support Napalm the best she could.

She knew he was fighting in SHOOT for her and there unborn child, but for this fight, just like his match with Corazon, he needed to be ready.

For his opponent is Isaac Entragian, and he knows that he can't take this lightly.

Selena: Why now....

The scene fades as we are now outside where Napalm is not only working up a sweat from the exercise, but also is doing mental training as well, for all the years he slacked on his training was coming back to haunt him, until he faced Corazon in the Master of the Mat tournament he lost, but not as horribly as many people thought. That was the match he realized one thing.

He was mortal, no matter how much of a beating he can take, which was on the side of godlike in many ways. Since then, he knew that one day he would have to push himself harder and faster than he ever did before.

That time was now, more than anything if he couldn't take down Corazon, what chances did he have against Isaac?

Fuck that noise!

That was the same response he had whenever he heard that line, ever since fighting Corazon. He needed get his fingers out of his ass and do something to make everyone notice that, he may have lost but that would not stop him.

This was his greatest challenge in his history of SHOOT.

The first time ever these two have been in the ring.

The Ivory Terror against the Monster.

And this match could change the landscape of SHOOT, Or put Napalm out completely.

Let me get this out of the way, I have been afraid of taking you on Isaac, and in many ways I have been fortunate to get this far, espically not facing you once.

Do I have my doubts, of course I when I saw your matches I saw more than a ravaging beast, I saw one of the most dominant people in SHOOT.

However, that was my thoughts when I came into SHOOT... As for now, It's almost seeing into a mirror, and wondering why the hell did I not see this sooner? That answer is simple, when I joined SHOOT, I had my own doubts of trying to take on someone as vicious as you, figured I didn't have it in me anymore, I figured I would get out of this longing to get back into wrestling and retire somewhere quiet, where I can make a living running a business, just like my brother.

One night, changed all that and it was one of my lowest moments in SHOOT, which was at RISE when I got carted off in a meat wagon, thanks to Piper Fury. That night alone, flicked on a switch I thought long broken, where I could go into that violent side of my personality. That was when, I knew I had finally come home, where I have been longing for in my fifteen year career.

A place to exist, to show the world that even at thirty-four years old I can make these young kids wonder after all the beatings I have taken, how do I keep standing? Somedays, that old saying rings true “The mind is willing, but the body is not” I have been there more than a few times in SHOOT, but I never let that stop me, even if I did, that would never stop me doing what I do every day.

Even when I saw that we would be in that ring against each other at Revolution 120, I knew the day was coming espically after giving your former boss Corazon a fight, not only that taking Donovan King to his limits, and making our current World Champ tap at Master of the Mat. Yes I MADE MAYA TAP!

Napalm calms down a little and takes a drink of water.

Lets face it Isaac if you take me out of this business at Revolution 120, I would have no regrets with all the things I have done, I am proud to be a soldier in SHOOT. Cause every time I step into that ring I leave everything in that ring, my sweat, blood, and tears.

More blood than anything, ask anyone who faced me when I was the Iron Fist champ.

Wait, lets go to that belt you held in such high regard, when I first won that title I figured in my head that taking down your seven month reign as champ, would be the first goal on my list, to maybe remove that tainted history and have someone who is willing to fight for those fans.

I failed in that department at Revolution 119, when Jerry Matthews won the belt from me...

The scene turns dark, almost sounds like he is having an argument with himself.

? ? ?:
Oh don't give me that crap....

Not you again, I thought I told you I was done being that evil sadistic person.

? ? ?:
You are never done Johnny, even when that person is yourself, I saw all of that when you became Iron Fist champion, you can be that monster.

I want to be that monster, but not cause you want me to be Cypher.

Cypher: Oh come on now Johnny-boy, you have had that animistic side of you since day fucking one, there is more than one reason you see Isaac like a reflection in a mirror, you are a violent predator that would love nothing more than to follow in his footsteps and join SCAR.


Cypher: Demon? That is a laugh, if I was then that holy water bath you took would leave you hearing me screaming bloody murder, there was something you always knew about me.

That all you are is what happens when Zero decided to screw with my mind and turn me half insane.

Cypher: no.... that is the one thing you keep forgetting, I am that side of you that woke up at RISE, I am that side of you that you buried when everyone turned there back on you. If it wasn't for Selena I bet you would still be kissing Stein's ass to this day. I am not the bad guy here Johnny, you need to understand that this sympathy your getting from the fans will not last. You finally need to step up and face that challenge ahead of you, if not for SHOOT, for you're own god dammed piece of mind.

...If nothing else do it for your family, at least you can do that...right?

Even if I'm scared....


The scene snaps back to normal, Napalm sitting on the steps of the porch, the silence keeps going even when a few cars drive by the freeway just about 500 feet away from the house, Napalm slowly stands up, the look on his face says it all, it's not fear, far from it for once in his damned life he was facing a challenge that he knew that could prove once and for all that he could take down someone who everyone else feared except for a select few.

He could beat Isaac, it was just going to take everything he had to do so.

Well, that was a bit of a wake-up call for me, but for once that voice in my head had a good point, I hear people saying I am just feeding off the sympathy of the fans, nothing wrong with that when I can back up my promises. Then I realized something else, out of every person in SHOOT, I have wanted this match for awhile now, not cause I have a death wish, god forbid I proved I got more than that dropping Cronos off the stage at ELITE.

You see Isaac, there are many people in the world who think I am not ready for this match, however I am as ready as I ever will be. This journey has been a interesting one to say the least, I have been at rock bottom, got pissed, won the tag belts, lost the belts, had the match of my life at Master of the Mat, Won the Iron Fist title, then lost that.

Now, you show up the most dominant Iron Fist Champion these past few years and you know something, I know one thing you are hiding. This is more simple logic than anything else ever since Master of the Mat, your legacy with SCAR has been going downhill, actually it really started when Corazon ruined your World Title hopes at Revolution 104, and has declined since then and now the only reason you are not alone is cause you have a hostage so Kenji does not abandon you as well.

I would call many things an act of desperation, but that in my mind is lower than that, I think you are now scraping at the bottom of the barrel so you can actually get a foothold to whatever ledge your hanging off.

And even that ledge is crumbling as well. Then I think, should I just step on your hands and watch you fall.

Napalm smiles a more evil smile than anything.

No, cause I think someone deserves to drop you off that ledge more than I ever will, but for now I will entertain that desperation, and use it to my advantage.

You see, this is not a match you excel in Isaac, if this was a Iron Fist match there is not many people who are better, as much as I would love to test those waters, I am more than content with this match at 120, for one simple reason.

Outside your element, you can be beaten and many times you have, without the Iron Fist rule, you can be beaten and have been on numerous occasions. Maybe that is why we are so similar just because we can take one hell of a beating then stand back up and do it all over again.

However, a three count that is a whole different story. If we are in the same environment we thrive on then lets say the Epicenter would need a few repairs after the damage we would inflict on it. I think that is the last thing the front office needs to worry about is more repairs.

But ask me if I give a damn... Go ahead I can wait...

Napalm laughs a little and says something to the note of “Crippler is gonna kill me one of these days for copying that phrase”

Lets face it Isaac, I heard all your talking and really you are in no position to talk about dismantling a war machine when Obsidian did a very good job of doing that at Revolution 119, and you know if I have said any insults about you that would be a very wrong thing for me to do, I step on toes all the time around here Isaac, you should know that well I have burned more bridges than anyone had in SHOOT, hell I DROPPED THE BOMBS ON THE BRIDGES MYSELF AND GAVE ZERO FUCKS ABOUT IT AFTERWARDS!!!

This war-machine you keep saying you are going to dismantle, is going to take a lot of punishment before you get to the first bolt!

My past defines who I was, my future is what path I pave here in SHOOT.

And now you are in my path, and the SHOOT Project Joker is coming at you full throttle, and I'm not stopping, until you take me down Isaac.

Or I run you over!

Napalm takes off his shirt showing all the scars and bruises he has acquired in his almost fifteen years in wrestling.

This is the cross I bear every day, the years of violence I have endured in other companies, because I enjoy it. So another chunk off my skin would not even make me worry about my career. I live both sides of that line, What I am in that ring is completely different than what I am at home, a soon to be father, and that joker you see walking by backstage getting ready to carve someone else up, not just for me.

For my future, for my child's future.

If I have to become who I was before SHOOT, to make sure I keep food on the table I would not think twice about diving into those depths again.

As SHOOT's Violent Savior.... No Fuck that....

As SHOOT's God of Violence....

See you soon Isaac, words are just words, until we step into that ring, and I show everyone...

How to dismantle The Ivory Terror.

Selena walks outside and sees Napalm walking around training, the look in her eyes says it all, after seeing who her husband is against at Revolution 120 she has that nagging feeling that something is going to go wrong, as she walks over to the steps she looks at Napalm seeing how determined he is.

Selena: Johnny, are you sure you want to wrestle him?

Napalm stops, this is the first time in awhile he had heard concern in her voice, the last time she did was when he was going against Corazon.

Selena, I can't keep ducking these fights forever even if I wanted to. I gave you my word that I would support this family as much as I can and if I have to face Isaac to earn a damned paycheck I will, Not cause I want to, cause I want our daughter to enjoy her life being in the arms of the two people who raised her, my birth parents didn't give two shits about me, Left me in Boston when I was THREE!

Napalm calmed down almost instantly, as he puts his hands over his face, this was not like him at all, but there was a point to it.

When the Maieson family took me in and realized how caring they were to me, I swore when I have a family of my own someday I would never abandon them and if I had to wrestle to pay the bills I would, and to this day I still believe that, I was on the wrong end of a fucked up situation in my early years, and if I ever had kids, I wouldn't do what my birth parents did, leave there child out in the cold not giving two shits about him ever again.

Selena almost regretted asking that, and when Napalm saw that look in her eyes he stopped, walked up the stairs and gave her a light hug, She knew there would be days like this, and for once there was someone who would help her raise this child, she knew that there would be rocky parts in there marriage, but one thing she knew they were together, and she couldn't ask for a better person to spend the rest of her life with. Napalm released the hug, and sits down in a chair near the stairs.

We both know that sooner or later I would have to face Isaac, we joked about it once now I need to do this, but I promise you this much. After that match I will come home not on a stretcher or a wheelchair, on my own two feet. When that happens I will be home until that baby is born and a few days after. I'm not going anywhere Selena, I made my choice.

Till death do us part...

? ? ?: Well that's good to know you got your shit together finally.

Napalm stands up and almost looks surprised as the man he sees in the doorway. Was someone he didn't expect.

ROBERT! what in the hell?

Robert Maieson, Napalm's older brother all six foot seven and about three hundred thirty pounds, in all definition he is a brick house, with the strength to match, if Napalm could powerbomb someone three hundred and fifty pounds, Robert could do that and a little more.

Sorry I missed the wedding man, but I have some interesting news.

Did the business go under?

No, not even close I am opening up a new division of Black Fox Securities here in Vegas.

So does that mean, Aaron is running the show in Boston now?

Yup, he finally got the handle on how to keep the business going and with the stuff we do, he has a good relation with all the other employees.

Thank god, sometimes I worry about that boy, he may be my cousin, but he does have a few screws loose.


Yeah, yeah so I ain't the portrait of mental health either.

Especially after ELITE, Were you out of your damned mind doing shit like that.

Remember, I don't take any lip when it comes to me or my family, he did ask for it after what he said.

Very true...

Robert walks over to Selena.

Hey Selena, how are you doing?

Selena smiles

Selena: Fine Robert, less than two weeks before the due date, things have been going fine, no problems with the baby, I will just be glad to bring my lovely daughter into this world.

Well, just so you know if you need someone to watch the baby for awhile so you two can enjoy some quiet time, Lisa would love to take care of the baby sometimes.

Selena smiles

Selena: Thanks, I know we could use it the first year is gonna be tough.

Been there twice, I know Johnny will be a great father.

Selena smiles as she looks at Napalm

Selena: At least he has two things that he is good at.

Speaking of that, who are you facing at Revolution this time?

Napalm just shakes his head


Ah, hell I hope it's not for the Iron Fist title.

Nope, lost that too... but I will be getting that back, but first things first.

I got a terror to confront.

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Brings back memories! That was a fun match
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