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Loco vs. X-Calibur
Topic Started: Feb 4 2016, 06:35 PM (41 Views)

Was talking to Bossman Gates about this a couple days ago on Facebook. then stumbled across this collection of television matches/PPV Matches/ and segments. So if you want to read an epically long feud between Loco and X-Calibur? Here it is. A few of the matches are so long I had to post them in sections (apparently, as this first match is "too long", and I know there is at least one more this length).

Here it is, ladies and gents. The epic feud of awesomeness that was Loco Martinez and X-Calibur. What started in LEGACY, ended in the SHOOT Project, and here I have dug up all of the former elements to it. All of the matches. All of the segments(from what I can find... if I missed any, self can throw it in).

Whenever anybody asks me what my favorite feud was, I always point to this one as being one of, if not THE, personal favorite of mine.

Hopefully now you can all understand why.


(I'll be posting these as I continue to find them.)


Chapter I
A Game of Thrones

LEGACY X - 11.23.2008
LEGACY World Championship
X-Calibur© vs Loco Martinez

The Lights drop out and we hear the familiar music of the circus piped through arena. The crowd jumps to their feet, curiously as three clowns come out juggling. Followed by two latex clad women, "fire breathers", spewing balls of fire up into the air dramatically. On the big screen above this surreal sight we see a circus big top. A dapperly clad ring master with a huge top hat steps out. He speaks over the calliope as the performers continue to perform around him.

Ringmaster: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... children of all ages. Legacy Entertainment, a Belote Enterprise would like to welcome you, and asks that you please draw your attention to the center ring. Where we shall see feats of impressive strength, fearless acrobatics, fortitude performed for your entertainment. He will amaze. He will astound. He is THE...




The crowd roars as the palm muted bassline of the Von Bondies' "C'mon C'mon" erupts as the words "GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH" flash up on the Legacy Vision Jumbotron. The ringmaster heads to the back, the clowns continue to jug. Firebreathers continue to spew fire balls into the air, impressively.

"ON ANOTHER DAY C'mon C'mon!"

"With these ropes tied tight can we do no wrong
Now we grieve 'cause now it's gone
Things were good when we were young"

The lights drop out in the arena and we continue to see fireballs from the fire breathers.

"With my teeth bite down I can see the blood
Of a thousand men who have come and gone
Now we grieve 'cause now it's gone
Things were good when we were young"

A lone yellow spotlight falls onto the edge of the floor seats, standing there on the top of a yellow six foot ladder, wearing his baggy black vinyl pants with a gold "MoFo" up the left leg, and wearing new, special, gold boots. He bobs his head to the music while the crowd roars, and the production truck cuts out the music so they sing along with the music.

"Is it safe to say?
Crowd: c'mon c'mon
Was it right to leave?
Crowd: c'mon c'mon
Will I ever learn?
Crowd: c'mon c'mon
(c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon)"

After the first chorus Loco points below him, and turns and falls backwards off the ladder. There's a gasp, but as Loco is hoisted by the first few rows he is passed hand over hand by the ringside crowd. He bodysurfs his way towards the ring as the music continues. He gets to where the barricade ends, and has two Legacy security guards help him down. He hops up onto the apron eliciting another roar from the crowd. He rolls backwards into the ring, as flashbulbs pop all around him. As the music fades, the lights come up. Loco bounces around the ring, loosening up.

Alan Ducard: Impressive entrance from the challenger. Loco looking very fit, focused, and ready for a fight here tonight!

“Harvester of Sorrow” hits the speakers and the lights dim down considerably, almost entirely dark. As the melodious chords strum along to the beating drum, X-Calibur appears from behind the curtain, wearing a pair of black and white wrestling pants. Looking annoyed by Loco’s entrance, X-Calibur stands there for a second, looking out at the capacity crowd that has come to see the one of the greatest match-ups of all time finally happen.

Jimmy Yates: This is it. No more games. No more talking. Look at X... that is the face of a man focused on winning.

“My life suffocates
Planting seeds of hate
Ive loved, turned to hate
Trapped far beyond my fate”

On his left leg there’s a large, smirking skull with broken teeth, cracked bone, and an “X” carved into his forehead. On his right leg the word “l e g e n d a r y” is written vertically in sharp, blade-like, ghost-white letters. Around his waist is the LEGACY World Championship, looking as beautiful as ever.

“I give
You take
This life that I forsake
Been cheated of my youth
You turned this lie to truth”

X-Calibur yells out, pointing at the crowd and then at his waist, making a motion that “This belt is staying around my waist!”. The look on his face tells a story of a man who is beyond amped up for the match at hand.

Youll suffer unto me”

At this point in the song, X-Calibur points directly ahead at Loco... and smiles.

“Harvester of sorrow
Language of the mad
Harvester of sorrow”

X-Calibur looks out at the portion of the crowd that is close to him near the entrance way. A fan holding up “THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH” sign flips X-Calibur off, who in turn shrugs indifferently. Not far from this man, another guy is holding up “X IS GONNA KILL YOU!” with his fist outstretched. Reaching down slightly from the elevated ramp, X extends his fist and bumps it. Looking ahead at Loco, X-Calibur continues walking down the ramp, taking in the completely even playing field that exists out in the crowd.

“Pure black looking clear
My work is done soon here
Try getting back to me
Get back which used to be”

Jimmy Yates: Look at X-Calibur! Listen to this crowd! THIS... is what a LEGACY main event is all about!!!

Alan Ducard: I can barely here you, James. This decibels in this building have reached an ear shattering level.

Bright gold fireworks explode from the entrance way all the way down the ramp, and just as X-Calibur climbs up onto one knee right on the edge of the apron, looking out at the sea of rabid fans, all four posts of the ring and four sections of the circular lighting structure hanging above culminate into a great golden explosion of fireworks, finishing the awesome display that no doubt took hours to set-up.

“Drink up
Let the beatings begin
Distributor of pain
Your loss becomes my gain”

Bryan Harris: If there’s ever been a match with a bigger split reaction from the crowd, I’ve never witnessed it.

Alan Ducard: Absolutely, Bryan. As a matter of fact, on LEGACY.com, we took a poll to see who the fans believe is going to win this match...

A big bar chart appears in a slickly produced graphic on the television screen. On the left side there’s X-Calibur’s name. On the right side there’s Loco Martinez’ name. In the middle there’s an option for “Loco by DQ or Count Out”. After a few seconds, a solid gold bar stack appears in each column. X-Calibur and Loco’s column are about even with 45% of the vote each, and the middle option has a much smaller gold bar with only 10% of the vote.

Alan Ducard: And there you have it. About as even as you can possibly get.

Jimmy Yates: Incredible. If there’s ever a match in LEGACY that could generate such an even playing field, aside from a few others that come to mind, X-Calibur Vs Loco Martinez is it.

X-Calibur finds himself stepping between the ropes and making his way across the ring. Staring a hole through Loco, X-Calibur climbs up to the middle turnbuckle and stretches his arms out invitingly, almost as if he were asking the crowd to test his resolve. Stepping down from the turnbuckles, X-Calibur unstrapped the title belt from his waist and handed it over to Don Bower. Looking at Loco Martinez, X-Calibur “claps” in sarcastic nature over Loco’s comedic entrance. Loco “bows” accordingly. The heat between these two is absolutely brimming.

“Harvester of Sorrow” fades out and the crowd comes to a head. LEGACY official Don Bower asks for the LEGACY World Title and X-Calibur removes it from his waist. Looking into the faceplate, X kisses it once and hands it to Bower. Bower then holds up the LEGACY World Championship for the whole world to see as Josephina Colbert gets on the microphone to make the official title bout introduction.

Josephina Colbert: Ladies and gentlemen... the following contest is scheduled for one fall... and it is the MAIN EVENT of this milestone tenth Pay-Per-View extravaganza, LEGACY X... and it is for the LEGACY.... WORLD.... CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The crowd buzzes even louder, most of them clapping out of respect for LEGACY making it this far when a lot of people never gave it the chance it deserved.

Josephina Colbert: Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... he weighs in tonight at 222lbs... LOCOOOOOOOOOO... MARTINEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!

Half the crowd cheers and the other half boos mercilessly. Loco bows like a “gentlemen” in every direction. Long after his introduction, he continues bowing, making it look absurd. Finally, Bower physically stops him and Loco looks surprised, like it was some kind of trance or something. The audience laughs and X just shakes his head, mouthing “You’re ridiculous.”, while trying to hold back a smirk of his own.

Josephina Colbert: Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... he weighs in tonight at 246lbs... he is the LEGACY WOOOOOOOOOORLD CHAMPION.... X...........CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALIBUUUUUUUUUUUUR!!!

Looking out at everyone in attendance, X-Calibur just puts his hands at his sides, and nods his head. Like with Loco, half of the crowd cheer maniacally while the other half boos defiantly. X-Calibur just shrugs and focuses his attention on Loco, mouthing, “You ready?”. Loco mouths back, “Are you?”, and Bower takes the LEGACY World Title out of the ring to the time keeper’s table. As soon as Bower makes his way back, he orders both competitors to their corners. Then, after pointing to each of them, he yells, “Let’s go!”, and signals for the bell.

The bell sounds on cue and both Loco and X advance from their corners, meeting each other in the center of the ring. Dropping the formalities altogether, they immediately come to blows. Rights from Loco. Lefts from X. Both competitors lay into each other with resounding force as the knuckle meets forehead, jaw, and eyebrow. Thud, thud, thud. Both men trade stiff punches in the middle of the ring as cameras explode into a crescendo of flash bulbs.

Jimmy Yates: AND HERE... WE... GO!!!

Bryan Harris: Alright, Mike Goldberg.

It doesn’t take long for the bigger X-Calibur to start winning the standup battle, as Loco’s punches start losing their steam, looking a bit more awkward. X keeps the punches coming though and soon Loco is rocked with a haymaker that sends him down flush against the canvas . Half the audience explodes into cheers as the other half boo X-Calibur mercilessly.

Bryan Harris: Loco is down first!

Alan Ducard: Not for long. Look at that SPEED!

Loco is quick to his feet and before X-Calibur can even think about capitalizing Loco sends him to the mat with a beautiful flying crescent kick; the back of his knee fitting perfectly around the bridge of X-Calibur’s nose. Loco goes for a quick cover but before Bower can even drop to a knee for a one count X-Calibur forcefully shoves Loco off of him and gets to his feet. Both men look at each other with a begrudging mutual respect, recognizing the fact that they’ve both taken each other off of their feet once already in the match.

“X-Cal! X-Cal! X-Cal!” is met with “Lo-Co! Lo-Co! Lo-Co!”

Jimmy Yates: As X-Calibur said earlier in the week and the late great Gorilla Monsoon used to say: this is what happens when the irresistible force meets an immovable object!

Alan Ducard: What we have here is about as even a match as one could get. Loco and X... I’d hate to be a betting man, tonight.

Bryan Harris: Maybe THAT’s why Bailey has been in the restroom a lot tonight... hehe.

Both men feel the effects of their take-down strikes. X rubs the bridge of his nose, while Loco opens his mouth and moves his jaw, checking it a bit with his right hand. They circle each other with a fiery intent, until they meet each other in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie-up; the force of which sends a slapping sound reverberating through out Minneapolis.

Alan Ducard: Classic tie-up here... should be interesting to see who gives here.

Jimmy Yates: Well, if it’s a power struggle, X will win that one hands down. But if it’s a battle of finesse? Loco wins easily.
Bryan Harris: Looks like it’s a power game right now...

X’s bigger frame overpowers Loco easily, sending him back against the ropes in the middle of the right side of the ring. X presses hard against Loco’s body, not giving him an inch to breathe. Loco lets X have his way until Bower begins counting for X to break it up. As Bower reaches four, X slowly backs away. Loco seizes the chance and lunges forward with a right strike, but X blocks it with a forearm and immediately sends a powerful left that sends Loco up and over the top rope!

Alan Ducard: Blimey! What a haymaker!

Hanging onto the top rope and preventing himself from hitting the outside mat, Loco shakes his head - both for the disbelief in X’s powerful punches and the fact that X saw his sneak attack coming. X backs away, ready for some kind of a springboard attack from the high flying artist, which prompts Loco to just step between the ropes and enter the ring.

Alan Ducard: Loco seems to have a frustrated look on his face...

Bryan Harris: Well, X has pretty much grounded Loco’s game. Going into this, Loco HAD to have known the veteran World Champion wasn’t going to allow any high-flying fancy moves so easily.

Jimmy Yates: That’s a great point, actually. So far, it’s worked insanely well for X. But as long as we’re talking about veteran status, Loco’s one of the longest standing veterans there is in LEGACY. I’m sure he’s conjured up some sort of contingency plan to deal with X’s overbearing onslaught. Besides, Loco’s pretty deft when it comes to wrestling on the mat, believe it or not.

Seeing no other choice but to tie-up again with X-Calibur, Loco advances with another collar and elbow tie-up. This time though, X quickly SHOOTs a knee to Loco’s gut. With Loco momentarily stunned and gasping for air, X quickly drops to one knee and pops back up with a go-behind waist lock. Lifting his right leg, X places his leg around Loco’s right thigh. Using all of his weight, X goes dead weight and pulls back with a judo-style takedown.

Alan Ducard: Nice take-down! Looks like somebody’s been watching his MMA...

Jimmy Yates: Hate to say it, but that’s pretty much become the standard of preparation in wrestling. Most of the guys around have taken to an amalgamation of MMA and wrestling.

Bryan Harris: I can’t wait until this MMA fad wears out. Too many posers walking around out there calling themselves MMA specialists.

Both men are down on the canvas and for the slightest moment Loco’s shoulders are down. Loco is more than aware of this though and gets a shoulder up before Bower bothers to administer a count. Trying to find an escape route from X-Calibur’s clutches, Loco starts bending one of X’s fingers backwards around his waist, loosening his grip considerably. Feeling his hands slide apart slightly, Loco furthers the loosened grip by tossing a few elbows up into X’s face, again smacking him right on the bridge of his nose.

Jimmy Yates: Urban legends say that when a shark is coming at you in the water, you should punch it right on the nose to prevent it from eating you. Figuratively, that seems appropriate for the this match as that’s the second time Loco has hit X on the nose.

Alan Ducard: Well said, James. Well said.

Guarding against the elbow shots to the face, X has no choice but to bring Loco back to his feet. With X’s grip loosened significantly, Loco sprints towards the ropes. Thinking preemptively, X-Calibur rushes in with a kitchen sink knee shot to the gut to cut off Loco. Loco deflects this however, and instead catches the point of X’s knee with his forearms. Half-rolling, half-diving forward, Loco rolls over the knee and in the process pulls down on X’s leg with a modified sunset flip.

Alan Ducard: Beautiful counter!

Rolling down, X uses his strength and momentum to roll completely through back into a standing position. Retreating into the ropes, Loco knips back up to his feet and as soon as X-Calibur reaches him he snaps down with a beautiful overhead arm drag, sending X awkwardly into the bottom rope.

Jimmy Yates: Oh my! Looks like X landed on his shoulder pretty harshly there..

Holding the back of his shoulder for brief moment, X gets to his feet where Loco Martinez shows enough respect to give him some distance and a chance to get to his feet. X acknowledges this by nodding his head, and the fans in attendance give both men a round of applause.

Alan Ducard: Now that’s what this business is all about. Mutual respect. Here are two guys who talked a lot of trash against each other all week, and yet when it comes right down to it, they still have great respect for one another’s abilities. It doesn’t get any better than that, folks.

Bryan Harris: Makes me sick, to be honest. Kind of makes everything they talked about a hypocrisy.

Jimmy Yates: It’s all mind games, Bryan. That’s all it ever is leading up to the “big match”. And I think it’s safe to say that both of these guys know it.

They circle each other for a moment before finally clutching up again in another collar and elbow tie-up. This time Loco seizes an opportunity and quickly grabs X’s arm twists with an arm wrench.

Bryan Harris: Oh calm down!

Alan Ducard: Pardon?

Bryan Harris: These idiots behind me. I can hear some of these drunkards getting excited because that twisting arm wrench is usually the precursor to the Locapitator. But this match just st-

In the middle of Bryan’s sentence, Loco twists the arm again, reels back and swings his leg up for a superkick. X is more than alert to Loco’s attempt however and ducks at the last second, whiffing his boot mere inches from the cleft of X’s cheek.

“Ooooooh!”, groans the crowd.

Loco’s body swings around from the momentum of the superkick, and X-Calibur locks his arms around Loco’s head in a three-quarter facelock. He goes to drop down but Loco pushes him forward, escaping the three-quarter facelock bulldog just in the nick of time.

“Ooooooh!”, groans the crowd even louder.

Alan Ducard: Goodness gracious! These competitors are trying to end things early here!

Jimmy Yates: I’d expect nothing less from both individuals than a balls to the wall affair from start to finish.

Bryan Harris: Which may hurt X-Calibur in the long run. Because, believe it or not, the man is human and his cardio conditioning is in nowhere near the shape that Loco’s is. At the end of the night, Loco can go longer than X.

Jimmy Yates: Well I dunno about that. The stories I hear from Catrina...

Bryan Harris: Stop.

Frustrated that neither of them could nail their finishing move on the other, they both walk to the center of the ring and get in each other’s faces. Just as Loco opens his mouth for some trash talk, X reaches back and delivers and earth shattering SLAP to the face that immediately causes some reflex tears to burst from Loco’s ducts.

Alan Ducard: Bloody HELL... that HAD to hurt..

Bryan Harris: Well if it did, Loco’s not showing it.

Jimmy Yates: I can’t help but wonder if that’s a little payback for the slap Loco gave him at the pre-show.

Rubbing his cheek in tight little circles, Loco actually fights through the stinging sensation and smiles, giving a thumbs up to X. Smiling right back at him, X-Calibur goes in for a side-headlock. Loco sees it coming though and side-steps for a side-headlock of his own. Just before X can utilize his superior strength, Loco transitions smoothly into a go-behind hammerlock. Twinging X’s sore shoulder(from the bump overhead arm drag earlier), Loco hammers down on it a couple of times, softening him up considerably. X looks for a way out, but Loco puts a stop to that by dropping down to the canvas with both feet extended upwards inside both of X’s arms. Rolling backwards, Loco pulls X-Calibur’s body down backwards with his legs, eventually pinning his shoulders to the mat with a lucha libre styled roll-up that gets a tremendous reaction from “Loco’s part of the crowd”.



No! X throws all of his muscle strength upwards and kicks out of the pinning predicament with such force that he inadvertently sends Loco back onto his feet. Immediately taking advantage of X-Calibur’s supine position on the mat, Loco lifts X-Calibur’s feet up and flips forward with a jackknife pin.



No! The audience roars a unanimous “Twoooooooo”, and X-Calibur snaps to his feet, literally shoving Loco Martinez away from him in a fit of anger. Loco Martinez meanwhile looks at him with a Cheshire cat grin from ear to ear which only further enrages X-Calibur.

Alan Ducard: Looks like Loco may be getting to the champion here..

Bryan Harris: As they say, it’s all... apart of the plan.

Running full speed ahead, X-Calibur goes to extend his leg with a Yakuza kick, but again, Loco sees it coming and pivots to the right. In one swift motion, Loco sweeps X-Calibur’s grounded leg out from underneath him, and as he spins around he extends both feet forward with a basement dropkick to X’s temple JUST as he landed on the mat from the sweep.

Alan Ducard: OH!!!

Jimmy Yates: That could be it right there!

Not even bothering to go for a pin attempt here, Loco secures X-Calibur’s arm in a cross-face submission!

Jimmy Yates: WOW... I don’t... I don’t think I’ve ever seen Loco use that move before..?!?!

Bryan Harris: Me neither. One thing’s for sure though, it’s doing a number on X’s shoulder!!!

Loco wrenches it in, putting a deliberate torque onto X-Calibur’s hurting shoulder blade. Every so often he pulls up on X’s head, adding even more torsion to the ligaments in X’s shoulder. While its not scientifically applied, its doing enough damage to satisfy Loco enough to release the hold and drive a few knees down into him. Pulling X-Calibur away from the ropes, (using the hurt arm for an added attack), Loco applies the crossface submission once again, garnering an insane amount of derogatory jeers from “X-Calibur’s part of the crowd”.

Alan Ducard: Though he hasn’t done it up to this point in his career, X-Calibur very well could submit here!

Jimmy Yates: I don’t see it happening, Alan. Not in a match like this.

Bryan Harris: Hey. I don’t care WHO you are or WHAT your name is, if you’re in enough pain, you will tap out. That’s simply a part of the game, Jimbo. And also, is anyone else as surprised as I am by Loco’s willingness to take this match to the mat?

X-Calibur screams out in agony, frantically prying apart Loco’s fingers from his chin and mouth. Bending a few of them backwards just enough to pop a few of them, Loco releases instinctively. X tosses an elbow or two into the bridge of Loco’s nose, returning the favor from Loco’s concentrated attacks to the face earlier.

Both are on their feet now. X holds his shoulder trying to shield the pain from Loco but it is to no avail. Loco leaps up with a high angled dropkick, aiming for the shoulder with surgical precision. X moves out of the way though, swatting Loco like a house fly. Loco gets to one knee right around the time X races back from the ropes, driving a flying knee square in the back of Loco’s skull, gaining a resounding thud that echoes out into the capacity crowd. Holding his shoulder for only a moment, the fans clamor as X drops down and hooks a leg.

Bryan Harris: Good GOD!!!! That was SICK!!! That... that running KNEE shot... whatever the hell he calls it!!!

Jimmy Yates: X drops for a cover!!!



THR- NO!!!! Loco gets a shoulder up just before Bower’s hand came down for three, and X takes a moment to rest his shoulder, punching right around his collarbone to help facilitate the blood flow in his axillary artery that’s causing his shoulder to throb. Loco stirs only a little bit, as portions of the crowd are still moderately stunned over the impact of X’s trademark flying knee shot. Looking out to the crowd, X lifts Loco up into a sitting up position. The camera zooms in on Loco’s eyes, where a certain glossiness makes it apparent he’s nearing unconsciousness.

Alan Ducard: That knee shot was BRUTAL. I don’t know if Loco’s going to be able to recover from it during this match... not if X has anything to say about it.
Jimmy Yates: He’s used that move in some of his recent matches, and it’s proven to be a very effective.

X helps Loco up the rest of the way, but somewhere inside of him Loco manages to find the wherewithal to reach up and clasp his hands around X’s neck. In a three-quarter facelock that looks eerily similar to X-Calibur’s finishing move, Loco inadvertently teases the audience before delivering a snapmare that puts X-Calibur in a seated position on the mat. Not wasting time, Loco reaches back and KICKS X right in the back of the shoulder with blunt force. X rolls around the mat in agony, as the fans wince at the stiffness in which Loco’s shin connected with the back of X’s clavicle. Loco wobbles slightly, steadying himself after shaking the cobwebs away from his head.

Alan Ducard: That was a good way to even things up here. X’s shoulder ligaments have to be scattered in pieces after that shot!!

Guiding X-Calibur up to his feet, Loco wrap X-Calibur’s arm around his head and lifts up, delivering a snap suplex that forces most of X-Calibur’s weight onto his shoulder. Almost immediately, Loco snaps down with a lightning quick leg drop, both a leg across X’s neck and the other one across X’s abdomen. Reaching in with both of his legs still across X-Calibur’s body, Loco pulls back on X-Calibur’s free arm and snaps back to the mat, bending back both his elbow and shoulder joints with a juji-gatame.

Alan Ducard: Looks like X-Calibur’s not the ONLY one practicing some Judo!

Jimmy Yates: I’ve never seen Loco Martinez this aggressive with submission holds. He’s almost a man possessed.

Bryan Harris: I believe X-Calibur’s words over the week about being a “paper champion” have gotten to him, and what better way to erase such a thought process than to make the man submit in the middle of the ring?

Alan Ducard: Whatever the case, X’s shoulder is a mess! He could tap here!!!

Wrenching back on the hold as hard as he possibly can, Loco SCREAMS at Bower to “ask him”. Bower is down right by X-Calibur’s head, listening intently for the submission and watching closely for the tap out. X-Calibur balls his fists though and flat out refuses, showing that trademark defiance that has given him so much success over the years. Reaching up to the heavens, X-Calibur hears his screaming fans that are rallying behind him. Shaking his hand, looking for some sort of momentum swing, X is directly denied as Loco sits up and snaps back down several times, trying to make him give up.

Jimmy Yates: Is this it?!

Bryan Harris: I think it is!!

X-Calibur’s hand goes down on the mat, his fingers itching for an escape from this devastating submission hold. Pulling and twisting and ripping and shredding X-Calibur’s shoulder blade, Loco cinches the move in deeper, desperately trying to make his opponent tap out and capture the title that has alluded him for months. X-Calibur raises his free hand, almost like he’s going to tap out.

It slaps down against the mat only once. The fans scream in disbelief.

Bryan Harris: OH MY GOD!!! X HAS TAPPED!!! X HAS TAPPED!!!

He lifts it up again, but this time his fingers manage to land on the bottom rope that he was searching for. Loco’s fans let out a collective, deflated sigh, while X’s scream loudly for the successful escape on his part. Bower reaches the count of four before Loco finally releases his grip around X-Calibur’s shoulder. Looking far more deflated and wistful than his fans for much of the same reason, Loco shakes his head in utter disappointment.

Alan Ducard: Tough break for Loco, there. He really thought X just gave it all up.

Bryan Harris: There’s nothing worse than thinking that you’ve just won the World title, only to have that feeling replaced with another one that can only be described as a swift kick to the jewels.

Jimmy Yates: Have you ever actually been kicked in the jewels, Bryan?

Bryan Harris: All... the time.

X-Calibur clutches his damaged shoulder as Loco helps him to his feet rather forcefully. Throwing a few rights into X-Calibur’s head, Loco dives to the ground, landing on both of his hands. In the same motion, Loco twists his body, and with great athleticism he creates a spinning effect with his legs. A left foot then connects right in the button of X-Calibur’s jaw with a beautifully orchestrated, rarely seen, Capoeira kick. The crowd coos with amazement as Loco lands on his stomach.

Alan Ducard: WHOA!!!! That kick was... incredible!!!

Jimmy Yates: I’ve seen that move somewhere before..

Bryan Harris: Street Fighter II?

Dropping down, Loco makes a cover and hooks a leg. Bower manages to get to two before X-Calibur kicks out, and Loco immediately transitions it into a side guard position. Placing his left hand behind X-Calibur for added leverage, Loco then throws stiff right fists into X-Calibur’s face, practically pounding his flesh into raw hamburger. X-Calibur tries to cover up but fails in doing so every time Loco’s knuckle connects with X’s eyebrow, nose, and jaw.
Alan Ducard: Loco is relentless!!!

Finally letting up, Loco stands in the middle of the ring and an eclectic mix of boos and cheers wash over him like a warm bubble bath. Looking out to the crowd, Loco then looks to the turnbuckles with a devious grin plastered across his face like a kid in a candy shop who just spotted the Swedish fish. Racing to the top turnbuckle with his back facing the crowd, Loco Martinez holds his balance for a moment.

Then, with cameras flashing in every which direction, Loco pushes off with a backflip in the form of a SHOOTing star press, turns in mid-air with a 180 degree rotation, and lands the inside of his left leg DIRECTLY across X-Calibur’s upper body!!!


Bryan Harris: THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!


“HOLY SH**!! HOLY SH**!!”, the crowd erupts. Seizing the opportunity, Loco drags X-Calibur’s unconscious body away from the ropes and hooks both legs for a deep cover. Bower slides into position and the whole crowd counts along in undisputed unison.



THR- NO!! X-Calibur gets a shoulder up and the audience cries aloud with excitement over the near fall. Some exasperated, some breathing a sigh of relief, all of them sitting on the edge of their seats. Loco meanwhile places both hands on his head disbelievingly, almost pleading with Bower to give him the three there. With great hopelessness, Loco again hooks the leg, but X-Calibur kicks out again after two. Slamming his hand onto the mat, Loco gets up to his feet. X-Calibur is motionless, but obviously not ready to be beaten.

Alan Ducard: Loco looks like he’s at the end of his rope. He’s probably asking himself, “What is it going to take to beat X?” right about now.

Turning his back towards X-Calibur but keeping his neck turned towards him so he can watch the man get to his feet, Loco hunches down like a marathon runner at the starting line. Finally, after several moments, X-Calibur gets to his feet, and Loco races to the ropes, jumping onto the middle one as if it were a trampoline.

He timed it perfectly; waiting until X-Calibur got up to his feet before moonsaulting; but as soon as he landed on X-Calibur everyone knew he was in trouble. Instead of falling to the mat, the incredible leg and back strength in X-Calibur’s 250lbs frame goes on display as he catches Loco in a “snake eyes” position. Readjusting Loco from his aching shoulder into a more comfortable tombstone position, X drops down to the mat with the VICIOUS piledriver, watching Loco’s spine and neck compress into the canvas.


“LEG-A-SEE! LEG-A-SEE! LEG-A-SEE!” the fans explode into the trademark chant, sending chills down everyone’s spine.


Still feeling the wicked effects of Loco’s corkscrew SHOOTing star leg drop from before, X collapses against the bottom rope, his arms going limp and his head resting awkwardly like the rope were a stiff pillow stuffed a little too thickly. The ring vibrates from the deafening chants. Loco meanwhile, is unconscious on the mat and sprawled out like a Philadelphia hooker. The referee sees an opportunity to count both of these men out, but the reactions from all the fans forces him to hold back from making a stupid decision.

Alan Ducard: You know, Don Bower proves that stereotype wrong. Not all referees are incapable of making a good decision for the live crowd!

Several moments later, X-Calibur pulls himself up off of the mat, and somehow, Loco manages to at least roll over onto his side, showing everyone he wasn’t completely knocked out. Lifting Loco the rest of the way up off the mat, X-Calibur snatches Loco’s head in a front-facelock. X drops down to the mat while turning, and hooks Loco’s leg up in a small package pinning predicament.



THR- No!

Alan Ducard: That was rather interesting. Instead of just going for the cover, X-Calibur waited patiently for Loco to be able to stand on his own feet JUST so he could catch him off guard with a small package.

Jimmy Yates: I think X still needed to recuperate from the SHOOTing star leg drop. By the time he stood up, Loco showed signs of life, so I don’t blame him for trying a pinning hold.

As Loco escapes, the fans start clapping for both men’s determination. “Lets go X-Cal!” is met immediately with “Let’s go Loco!” Loco sits up on the mat, still dazed from the impactful tombstone piledriver. X is back to his feet now, ready to pounce on Loco like a wild lion would a wounded gazelle. As soon as Loco pushes off of the mat with his fist, X charges in. X delivers a southpaw styled left and Loco is rocked. Loco instinctively sends a right in retaliation, but it connects nowhere near the mark. X senses the pendulum swinging back in his direction, and so do the rabid fans.

Alan Ducard: Looks like the Champ is digging down deep!

Loco throws another half-assed right, and X blocks it this time with his forearm, countering with another left of his own.

Bryan Harris: How does X do it? He gets nailed with a stupendously devastating move like a SHOOTing star corckscrew thing-a-ma-bobber and suddenly he’s tombstoning people and completely in the driver’s seat!

Jimmy Yates: “Driver’s seat” is a bit premature, but I do get what you’re saying. X’s resiliency is off the friggin’ charts. For that matter, so is Loco’s.

With Loco reeling from the two left handed shots, X moves in for the killing blow. Slamming a couple of fists across Loco’s jaw, X uses Loco’s back-stepping/staggering to his advantage and guides him back into the ropes. Propelling him across the ring with an Irish whip, X ducks down for a back boy drop. Loco sees it coming though and manages to leap frog him. Loco on the rebound, X turns around. Loco leaps up onto X’s shoulders for a hurricanrana, but X catches him and drops to the mat with a thunderous sit-down powerbomb. Holding Loco in that position, Bower drops down for the count...



THR- NO!! Loco kicks out and X falls backwards, holding shoulder and cursing loudly in pain. Loco tries to get to his knees, but the effects of the sit-down powerbomb are too great to ignore. X gets to his feet, still feeling the effects of Loco’s previous offense, and guides Loco to his. Kneeing him in the gut, X-Calibur wraps Loco’s arm around his neck, lifts up, and completely leaves his feet with a brilliantly executed vertical suplex.

Alan Ducard: Beautiful suplex!

Pausing for a moment, still trying to recuperate, X-Calibur rises to his feet and races to the ropes. On the rebound he leaps forward and drives a forearm smash into Loco’s head. He makes the lateral press...

Bryan Harris: Oh that was close!

Loco kicks out and X-Calibur tosses a reactionary glance in Bower’s direction. Bringing Loco to his feet, X knees Loco in the gut again. With Loco doubled over, X wraps his arms around Loco’s waist and lifts up. Holding Loco up in the air a Canadian back-rack, X-Calibur flips Loco down to the mat, and on the way down to the mat in one smooth motion, he hooks Loco’s head for a DDT and snaps down to the canvas with sickening force.

Alan Ducard: GOD!!

Jimmy Yates: That was a cliffhanger DDT!!

Bryan Harris: Loco could be OUT!!

X holds his arm and rolls around on the mat for a moment, obviously feeling the error in his judgment over choosing a move that requires much shoulder strength to lift someone up. Fighting through this pain, X crawls on top of Loco and hooks a leg. Bower is there, ready for the count..



THR- NO!!! The audience roars as X-Calibur shakes his head, feeling the same kind of frustration that Loco was feeling before. With Loco holding his neck and ribs and X holding his shoulder, the fans that have been rallying behind Loco start clapping for the man to come back to life. The fans who are rallying behind X-Calibur are louder than ever though, and almost completely drown out the others. Still though, X-Calibur manages to get to his feet. Looking out at the crowd, X-Calibur signals something to them.

Alan Ducard: This is it! He’s calling for the X-Terminator!

Jimmy Yates: If he hits it, this one’s over..

Bryan Harris: That doesn’t look like the start of an X-Terminator...?!

X-Calibur grabs a hold of Loco’s arm and twists it in a short-arm scissors. Reaching back, X-Calibur lifts his foot up for a short-arm superkick.

Alan Ducard: LOCAPITATOR!!
Bryan Harris: What the HELL is that?! That’s Loco’s move!!

Jimmy Yates: He missed!!

Whiffing right above Loco’s head, X-Calibur spins around... right into a three-quarter facelock. Loco snaps down to the mat with stunning force, sending Minneapolis into an absolute frenzy by performing X-Calibur’s own finishing move on him.


Bryan Harris: By LOCO!! That’s what he gets for trying to steal his move!!

Jimmy Yates: Just when X-Calibur was building up a nice string of offense, this one’s turned around drastically!! I can’t believe it!!

Instead of hooking a leg for the three-count, Loco drops down onto his stomach. The entire building has become unglued as Loco regroups on the mat, trying to gain his bearings. After a couple of moments, Loco Martinez gets up to his feet and looks at X-Calibur’s prone state on the mat. Debating whether or not to make a cover, Loco wastes a little too much time since X-Calibur rolls over to his side, slowly coming back to a cognitive state. Realizing that he missed the opportunity to make a cover, Loco steps between the middle and top rope, exiting to the ring apron away from X-Calibur.

Slowly but surely, X-Calibur rises to his feet on his own. Dropping back to one knee for a split second, X-Calibur forces himself to stand back up and turn around. Once he does so, Loco propels himself up to the top rope, balancing himself with great athleticism. Then, in a leap of faith, Loco twists in mid-air for a flying enziguri kick, but at the last second X-Calibur drops out of the way and all of Loco’s weight crash lands right on his own leg.

Like the proverbial shark, X smells blood. Forcing himself to stand back up, X-Calibur watches Loco writhe in pain over the bad landing on his leg. Almost smirking, X-Calibur advances forward with STIFF kicks on the butt of Loco’s knee, as well as the quad region. Kick after kick, X-Calibur marks his bulls-eye as Loco Martinez unavailingly tries to defend himself. Some of the crowd grows heated over this, as the rest of the crowd bask in X’s ultimate opportunistic moment.

Bryan Harris: This one’s slipping away from Loc... and fast.

Alan Ducard: I agree, Bryan. The poor lad took one wrong turn, and now X is making him pay dearly.

Jimmy Yates: After the way Loco capitalized on X’s shoulder earlier, one has to wonder if X is going to collect a measure of payback in the form of Loco’s knee here.
Stopping after about a dozen kicks, X-Calibur wrenches Loco’s knee by yanking on his entire leg as if he were trying to rip a cog out of a machine. Loco yells out in pain, but X is pitiless in his agenda. X pushes upwards on Loco’s leg as Loco pleads for him to stop the vicious attacks. Using the bow of Loco’s other knee as a step stool, X-Calibur jumps forward with Loco’s leg still in his grasp. As X lands on the canvas, Loco almost folds like an accordion as his leg is practically plucked out of his body like a feather. Dropping down to the mat, X hooks Loco’s unharmed leg purposefully.
One! Loco kicks out with his free leg, which is exactly what X wanted. Loco grimaces and holds his knee joint as X-Calibur systematically dissects the former World Champion from head to toe.

Lifting Loco to his feet, X is met by an undetected European uppercut that rocks him back. Loco seizes the moment and out of pure instinct, grabs X-Calibur by his arm and twists in a short-arm scissors. Lifting his leg up for a superkick, the crowd gasps as X-Calibur ducks it. Kicking Loco in the gut, X-Calibur does the SAME exact thing and wrenches Loco’s arm for a short-armed super kick. Before X can even lift up his leg, Loco counters X’s counter with another counter of his own, this time re-wrenching X’s arm into another short-arm scissors. Loco lifts his leg... and BAM.

Alan Ducard: LOCAP... NO!!!

Just close enough to Loco where X could catch his leg by the back of his knee, X trips his grounded leg and sends Loco to the canvas. Quickly stepping in between Loco’s legs, X-Calibur criss-crosses Loco’s legs with one another and steps over him completely, turning it into a full-fledged sharpSHOOTer.
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Loco tries to squirm free as X-Calibur sits down, putting an insane amount of pressure on Loco’s knees and back. Holding the submission hold as tight as he can, the fans scream simultaneously in fear, joy, and excitement. Loco reaches out for the ropes, but they are nowhere in sight. X-Calibur realizes this and screams at Bower to, “F***ing ask him!!!”. He does, but Loco shakes his head “no” violently, refusing to give up.

Alan Ducard: I don’t know how much longer Loco can last!!

Jimmy Yates: His knee could be in really rough shape here.

Bryan Harris: And even rougher if he doesn’t tap!!

Pushing up on the mat, Loco tries to power his way out but X-Calibur’s weight proves to be too much for him and he collapses back down against the mat. Lifting his hand up, Loco shakes it, trying to will himself to stay in the match. X arches back, looking up towards the skies, sweat dripping down off of his long dark brown hair. Every so often, X-Calibur punched a knee, adding extra damage to the already devastating submission maneuver.

Loco raises his hand, looking to tap out... but something inside him refuses to quit. Loco starts clawing at the mat, trying to pull himself and X-Calibur towards the ropes. Reaching down somewhere deep inside of him he pushes up from the mat and pushes forward a few foot, causing X to become unbalanced. He does this again, bringing himself about a foot from the ropes.

Alan Ducard: He’s almost there!!!!!

Bryan Harris: He’s about to tap!!!

Just as Loco goes to do this again, X-Calibur lifts up on Loco’s legs and starts pulling, trying to bring him towards the center of the ring again... but Loco manages to clasp his hand around the bottom rope getting the rope break he desperately needed. The audience erupts, and X-Calibur pulls with all of his might on Loco’s legs. Bower begins counting, and X frantically tries to pull Loco from the ropes, desperately needing the submission at this point in the match. Finally, as Bower reaches four, X lets go and collapses to the mat in exhaustion.

Jimmy Yates: X just used up an incredibly amount of energy securing that submission hold... and probably TWICE as much trying to bring Loco away from the ropes.

Both men are down on the mat and referee Don Bower reluctantly begins counting both men out. As the fans boo this, Loco slowly starts crawling over towards X-Calibur. Draping an arm over him just as Bower reaches five, Bower slides into position for the count.



X gets a shoulder up and the crowd once again reacts with a loud “Twoooooooooo!”. Pushing himself off of X-Calibur, Loco starts getting to his feet... when there’s a commotion in the crowd. All of a sudden, John Thomas begins walking down the elevated ramp to an unwelcome throng of jeers. Loco spots his “friend” walking down the ramp and immediately starts shaking his head. Yelling, “Don’t f***ing do it, dude!!!” at John, Loco turns back around to his opponent who has started coming to his feet.

Bryan Harris: Well, that was unnecessary. Talk about making someone feel unwelcome!

Jimmy Yates: No. What’s UNNECESSARY is John Thomas coming DOWN here..

Alan Ducard: I agree with James here. There’s no need for a distraction like John Thomas to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. This has been a classic, and if he costs either men this match, it will go down in history as the biggest mistake of his life. I can tell you that right now.

Grabbing X in position for a DDT, Loco can’t help but look back at John Thomas, keeping an eye on his friend and in the process being a bit distracted by his presence. Loco then focuses back on X-Calibur and throws a couple of hammer shots to the man’s spine. Looking for a DDT, X counters this by lifting Loco completely off the mat, driving him down for a shockingly stiff spinebuster. Hooking Loco’s right leg, X spreads across Loco with a sprawling pin..



THR- NO!! Loco kicks out, and John Thomas folds his arms, looking as indifferent as ever. Right after the pin attempt X-Calibur spots his old nemesis. Unsure of why John is there, X-Calibur points directly at him and shouts “Stay the f*** back!”. John scoffs at X-Calibur’s warningful words and walks closer to the ring, getting a side view of all the action happening from the portion of the ring that is away from the announce team.

Alan Ducard: I’m not sure why John Thomas is down at ringside here, but it can’t bode well for X-Calibur. Or for that matter, Loco Martinez. I just don’t trust this guy.

Bryan Harris: What are you talking about? Did you forget that John and Loco are still friends?! He probably came down for a closer look at when, and if, Loco beats X-Calibur for the title.

Jimmy Yates: That sounds a little too predictable. Something’s not right here. I agree with Alan, because I trust John as much as I trust a snake oil salesman.

Alan Ducard: Whatever the case may be, it looks like both competitors are a bit distracted right now... which is a damn SHAME considering how fantastic this match has been all through out. Leave it to John Thomas to interrupt something like that.

Bryan Harris: Now, now... lets not get hastey.
X-Calibur brings Loco Martinez back to his feet. Scooping him up, X holds him there for a couple of seconds before PLANTING him back down with a bodyslam that echoes through out the arena. Pointing to the top rope, X-Calibur signals something to the crowd. Looking out at the audience, with each and every person standing on his or her feet, X-Calibur steps between the middle and top rope... and begins his ascension to the top rope.

Jimmy Yates: This can only mean one thing...

Alan Ducard: He’s going for it! He’s going for it!

X-Calibur climbs to the top rope and focuses all of his attention on Loco’s prone state in the middle of the ring. Almost like he isn’t even aware of JT or the commotion he’s causing in the front row, X-Calibur measures up Loco Martinez from afar. Leaping through the air, X-Calibur connects his elbow with Loco’s sternum, sweat exploding from both men after delivering the scintillating elbow drop that just about freezes time itself.

Alan Ducard: There it is!! Hang Time Elbow!!

X-Calibur hooks a leg, and John Thomas looks immersed in the moment.



THR- NO!! Loco manages to get a shoulder up and X-Calibur collapses back to the mat in complete exhaustion.

Bryan Harris: That may have been the last spurt of gas in X-Calibur’s tank...

Alan Ducard: I don’t know. He looks a little tired, but I think he’s got a little something left. No way is he gonna gas out now, with his title hanging in the balance.

Looking at Loco, X-Calibur starts bringing him to his feet. The rise is slow, as both men begin showing their thresholds for pain. Left from X-Calibur. Another left. Another left. Suddenly, Loco is awoken and throws a right. He follows it up with another one. And another. Loco pushes the exhausted X-Calibur into the ropes and goes for an Irish whip. X-Calibur with the reversal and Loco is sent into the ropes. Loco gains some speed on the rebound and ducks a clothesline from X-Calibur. Hitting the opposite ropes, Loco springs off of them with a flying calf kick that connects right in the jaw and sends X-Calibur down to the mat.

X is back up and Loco meets him with an inverted atomic drop. X doubles over ever-so slightly and Loco delivers a roaring forearm smash that sends X back down to the mat. X is sluggish to get up but manages to find the strength to do so notwithstanding. Another roaring elbow and X goes down. Loco fired up now, and as X gets back up again, Loco is waiting with a dropkick.

Alan Ducard: This is absolutely AMAZING. I can’t believe, with all the punishment he’s taken through out this match, that Loco is STILL in this thing... and taking control, at that!

Bryan Harris: Loco must run on batteries, cause the man is as fired up as ever. Look at him!

Jimmy Yates: That’s a testament to how badly Loco wants that title.

Wearing out the Champion, Loco has to bring X-Calibur up to his feet this time where he delivers some more hard hitting forearm smashes that actually bust X-Calibur’s lip open. Rocking the champion back, Loco digs down and sends X-Calibur into the ropes with an Irish whip, making X-Calibur use up more energy that he doesn’t have. Loco jumps to the second rope, springboards off, twists in mid-air and on X-Calibur’s way back he meets him in the center of the ring with a flying DDT!

“THIS IS AWESOME!” the crowd explodes into, and Loco Martinez actually KNIPS-UP off the mat as the entire crowd is captivated by his endurance and athleticism. Looking at X-Calibur, Loco signals something to the crowd.

Loco brings X-Calibur to his feet and grabs his arm.

Twisting it into a short-arm scissors, Loco lifts his leg.

Jimmy Yates: LOCAPITATOR!!!

X-Calibur sees it coming though, and grabs Loco by his knee again, lifting him up.

Alan Ducard: X COUNTERS!!

Loco squirms in X-Calibur’s grasp and slides down his back with a modified sunset flip.


X-Calibur rolls through before Bower can administer a count, and X-Calibur is back on his feet. X-Calibur charges in and connects with a running boot to the face that sends Loco against the canvas.


X with the cover...





Bryan Harris: IT’S OVER!!!

X-Calibur gets up off the mat in a huff, completely incensed that Loco didn’t stay down for the count. Getting in Bower’s face, Bower warns him to focus on the match and after a moment X indeed does that. Grabbing Loco by his head, he lifts him to his feet, but out of nowhere Loco once again refuses to die and jumps up with both knees, grabs X by the back of his head and free falls to the mat with a double knee facebreaker. X down on the mat, and Loco drapes an arm across his chest.



THREE!!! NO!!!

Alan Ducard: Two and nine-tenths!!!!!

Both men are down for the count and once again Bower works up a sweat counting both men out on the mat. John Thomas meanwhile, gets up onto the ring apron and starts stomping his foot, shaking the ropes, and clapping his hands together trying to motivate one, if not both, of the men involved. The audience claps along with him, trying to motivate the competitors to get up and finish the match.

Alan Ducard: Look at John! He really wants to see this one through!!

Bryan Harris: Hey now, what’s this?!

John Thomas steps between the ropes and slightly enters the ring yelling, “LOC, GET UP!!! YOU TOO, X!!!! FINISH THIS THING!!!! FINISH IT!!!”.

All of a sudden, as Bower reaches the count of six while admonishing John Thomas to leave the premises of the ring, John Thomas runs around to the time keeper’s table where the LEGACY World Championship is resting. Ripping it off the table, John Thomas runs back around to where X and Loco are laying down on the mat. Slapping the gold faceplate of the title a couple of times, X-Calibur suddenly sits up like he just drew some energy from the title. The crowd. GOES. NUTS.

Alan Ducard: Bryan Harris: You’ve... gotta... be KIDDING ME.

Bryan Harris: Looks like John found something X’s subconscious will react to!!! Hahaha!!!

Jimmy Yates: I’ve heard of things like that happening when people bring urns to the ring... but never a championship belt!!

Grabbing a hold of the ropes, X-Calibur pulls himself to his feet and looks at Loco with a face filled with uncontrollable rage; the look of a man wanting to win so badly. Loco sits up as well, and looks up at X-Calibur with a fiery intent equal to the one he received from the champion. Holding his aching ribs and burning lungs, X-Calibur slowly backs up to the center of the ring, motioning for Loco Martinez to “bring it”. Loco pulls himself off the mat as well, and begins limping his way to the center of the ring, favoring the knee that X-Calibur had worked on for a good portion of the match.

Alan Ducard: These men want to finish this match so badly...

Bryan Harris: They’re certainly testing their limits here, for sure.

Loco lunges at X with a right fist, and X staggers slowly into the ropes. X answers with a HUGE left of his own, and Loco crumbles back to the mat across the ring. Loco slowly gets up, and X-Calibur waits for it. Loco throws a BIG right in retaliation, and X stumbles back, crumbling to one knee against the middle rope. Shaking his head, X gets up and immediately answers with ANOTHER left, this time sending Loco down to the mat. Looking out at the crowd, X-Calibur nods his head as chants of “This is Awesome!” and “LEG-A-SEE” continue echoing through out the arena.

Jimmy Yates: Like X-Calibur said earlier in the week, this has become a war of attrition.. A war that neither men wants to lose.

Helping Loco to his feet by the underside of his chin, X-Calibur delivers a backhand chop, earning a giant “WOOOOOOO!!!” from the watching crowd. Seeing Loco staggering, X drills Loco back into the turnbuckles like a pro-linebacker. Half-doubling over in a standing position, Loco collapses on top of the back of X-Calibur, who has collapsed to one knee himself. X musters up the courage to stand back up though and stands Loco back up as well, delivering an overhand chest slap that again causes the crowd to “WOOOOOOO!!!”

Alan Ducard: These men have given everything... and I mean EVERYTHING they have to possibly give.

Jimmy Yates: Yes they have. They can barely even stand up right now... I can’t believe this..

Backing up all the way across the ring, X-Calibur leans back against the opposite corner for a moment. Then, pushing off of the turnbuckles, X-Calibur charges forward with as much speed as he can assemble, and a couple yards before the turnbuckle, X-Calibur leaps into the air with a stinger splash... but he narrowly misses as Loco peels himself from the corner!


X’s sternum crashes harshly against the top turnbuckle padding. He clutches his chest and begins gasping for air as he falls back to the canvas in the center of the ring. A completely tuckered out Loco steps over where X is laying and falls deadweight into the corner, holding himself up by hugging the top turnbuckle. Soaking in the energy from the fans, Loco Martinez slowly starts ascending, balancing himself carefully on the bottom turnbuckle.

Alan Ducard: What is he trying here?!

Jimmy Yates: Being this exhausted, I don’t think its such a hot idea to attempt any high risk maneuvers...

Bryan Harris: I agree completely, Jimbo. If I were Loco I would’ve just gone for the cover..

Looking back occasionally at X-Calibur, Loco then jumps up into a split, bouncing both legs off the top rope and moonsaults backwards, landing square in the middle of X-Calibur!

Jimmy Yates: HAPPINESS!!!

Alan Ducard: THAT’S GOTTA BE IT!!!




Bryan Harris: HOW?!

X holds his arm up in the air long past the point of Bower signaling a “two” to the crowd and time keeper, almost as if he were afraid that if he were to lower it he’d never get it off the mat again. Loco desperately pushes off of X-Calibur and uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet again. With a pissed off glare emanating from his eyes and foamy, oxygen deprived saliva dripping from his chin, Loco uses the ropes to hold himself up, slightly tapping his foot on the mat like he’s going for the LOCapitator again.

X rolls to his side, and Loco yells “GET UP!”.

X-Calibur slowly gets to his knees, facing away from Loco.

Loco taps his foot a little louder, giving everyone in attendance butterflies in their stomach, anticipating the signature Locapitator superkick.

X-Calibur makes it to his feet, completely unbalanced and wobbling back and forth.

He turns around, and at the same moment, Loco goes in for the superkick. X doesn’t move... but Loco’s leg only gets waist high as his knee buckles slightly. Loco lowers his leg to the mat, and holds the point of it with an agonizing wince.

Loco stands back upright.

X-Calibur snatches Loco’s head into a three-quarter facelock.

He DRILLS him face first into the canvas and the crowd EXPLODES.


The rest of the announce team goes silent as X-Calibur sluggishly rolls Loco onto his back and drapes his upper body across Loco’s, barely hooking a leg as Bower drops down for the count...




Jimmy Yates: HE DID IT!!! X RETAINS!!! X RETAINS!!!


As the bell sounds, the arena grows to deafening levels, completely exhilarated over the performance of both individuals. “Harvester of Sorrow” hits the speakers when Josephina Colbert makes it official.

Josephina Colbert: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match... and.... STIIIIIIILLLLLLLL.... LEGACY... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD CHAMPION.... X....... CAAAAAAAAAAALIBUUUUUUUUUUUURRR!!!

Still draped over Loco Martinez’s body, Bower checks on both competitors as John Thomas stands outside of the apron in complete disbelief, clutching onto the LEGACY World Title, almost looking crushed that X-Calibur was able to beat his friend.

Bryan Harris: I don’t think John Thomas can believe that his friend just lost.

Jimmy Yates: I’m still not sold on the fact that he’s really his friend, but... he certainly looks a little disappointed here.

Alan Ducard: What a match we just witnessed. We all knew it was going to be good, but... words can’t describe what we all just witnessed.

All of a sudden, John Thomas brings X-Calibur to his feet, who looks like he’s going to topple over at any moment. Standing eye to eye for a moment, John Thomas makes it look like he’s going to sock X one... but instead, he holds out the LEGACY World Title... and hands it to the champion.

Jimmy Yates: I can't believe my eyes...

Not sure what to expect, a groggy X-Calibur looks at the audience, looking for either their approval or displeasure. Looking down at Loco Martinez, who is on his back with his legs bowed in the air and his hands covering his face, through the slit between his middle and index finger, Loco notices John Thomas offering X the World Title... who accepts it.

John releases his grip on the title. He nods his head approvingly at X-Calibur, and then looks down at Loco on the mat...

... and shakes his head with utter disappointment.
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[The Rematch. 12.11.2008]

Jimmy Yates exits the ring, having just notified the crowd that the show is getting ready to begin, telling them that the show is getting set to begin and how greatful LEGACY is for them to sell out for the first trip to Denver. Typically at this point, the LEGACY Vision jumbotron would warm up and the fans would be treated to the opening video that they're used to seeing on FX (with changes made to the footage for any championship changes), but someone has other ideas.

"On Another Day C'mon C'mon!"

The crowd roars and jumps to their feet at the pure surprise, as Loco Martinez, lacking his usual energy and fire, strolls from the back to his usual Von Bondies theme song. Loco has the facial scruff of a man who hasn't shaved in weeks. He's wearing a plain white t-shirt, and jeans. His hair is unkept, and his eyes have dark circles. He stares off vacantly as he hits the ring.

Alan Ducard: It looks like Loco has had a rough couple of weeks.

Bryan Harris: Maybe he hit one holiday party too many.

Jimmy Yates: The show hasn't even officially begun yet, I hope someone's rolling the cameras in the production truck!

Loco gets to the ring, and rolls in. He stands and runs his hand through his hair, and Josephina Colbert gets into the ring and hands him a microphone. When his music fades under, he begins.

Loco Martinez: I just wanted to come out here and say... to say... that it was an honor to fight at Legacy X.

The crowd applauds the show of respect as Loco continues.

Loco Martinez: ... and that X-Calibur is-is a deserving champion.

The applause continues, a couple people whistling and yelling out random words.

Loco Martinez: I wanted to say that, THAT match was one of the best matches I have ever been a part of.

Crowd roars a section starts a "Thank You Lo-Co" chant. He looks up and gives a half hearted smirk.

Loco Martinez: Heh. Not sure what you'd thank ME for... I lost. But... as I was saying, I wanted to say to X... it was the best match I have ever been a part of... and I'd like to do it again.

The crowd roars, and Loco smiles his eyes lighting up a little for the first time.

Loco Martinez: One more time. I want a shot. I need to know. I need to KNOW. I want-no... I NEED another shot. I know X can tell me to "sit and twirl", "go to the back of the line", "get to stepping skippy"... It is his prerogative. He has proved everything he needs to have proven to ME, to YOU, to anyone who wants a shot at that title. But I need to prove something... I'm asking... one more time... Loco Martinez... X-Calibur... for the LEGACY World Championship.

Loco waits a few moments. He shrugs, figuring he's tried, and gotten an answer... when "Harvester of Sorrow" hits the PA System and out walks X-Calibur.

Alan Ducard: Blimey! That didn’t take long at all!

Loco smiles nervously as the LEGACY World Champion makes his way down the ramp, focused dually on the ring and the encompassing crowd cheering them both on. He wears the LEGACY World title proudly around his good shoulder, along with a pair of dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt with the white Punisher skull imprinted on it. Adorned in an unzipped hooded fleece jacket that bore a reversible black and white camouflage interior, X-Calibur held a microphone near his mouth that he grabbed from somewhere in the back.

Bryan Harris: I’m actually surprised X-Calibur is coming out here. I figured he’d be resting on his laurels for another month or so..

Jimmy Yates: Please. When has X-Calibur EVER been known to do that, Bryan?

X-Calibur stops in mid-ascension up the steel steps and looks at everybody applauding him and the man standing inside the ring. Shaking his head with humble gratitude and a smirk stretching from ear to ear, X-Calibur steps onto the ring apron. He stops, eyeing Loco up and down for a moment..

Alan Ducard: Looks like he’s trying to size Loco up or something.

X-Calibur step through the ropes and enters the ring, and immediately afterwards he taps on the microphone a couple of times and the music quickly fades out.

X-Calibur: What do you take me for, Loc? I mean... really. What’s with the reverse psychology crap? After a match like that, I would NEVER tell you to “get in line” or “wait your turn”. No, no, no. You, sir... you earned a rematch. Any time, any place. There’s just no other way around it, man.

The fans cheer at this. Loudly.

X-Calibur: We took each other to our limits. Like the ring generals we are, we went out there for forty minutes and tore the house down, wowing any non-believer into submission. We... we proved that we are the embodiment of what wrestling in LEGACY is all about, Loc...

The fans applaud this, chanting “LEG-A-SEE! LEG-A-SEE!” for both competitors.

X-Calibur: So... you know what? If you want to go one more time... if you want to try and surpass the greatness we displayed at LEGACY X? Then sh**... I’m MORE than willing to try.

X-Calibur puts his hand out. Loco smiles, and accepts it without hesitation.

Loco Martinez: Sounds good, X. But... hehe, you know, you just gave me an idea. You say “anytime, anywhere”... then I say... how about... TONIGHT. Loco Martinez versus X-Calibur II. For the LEGACY World Championship. If we try to put this off, the front office is going to have someone else already in line to take the shot at the SuperCard, and by then, who knows, someone else might step up and get in our way... let's not rob these fans of seeing another great contest.

That sentiment gets a decent pop from the live fans.

Loco Martinez: Whadda ya say, “champ”?

X smiles. All of a sudden, in their handshake, he rips Loco in real close, face to face.

X-Calibur: It’s on.

The fans in attendance EXPLODE as X-Calibur and Loco Martinez release their grip on one another and nod their heads. The reaction of this challenge being accepted is absolutely deafening, and after a few moments Loco Martinez steps between the top and middle rope, exiting to the outside. But he refuses to take his attention away from X-Calibur. Every step of the way back up the ramp, he continues nodding his head, as X-Calibur hoists himself up to the second rope and holds the LEGACY World Title up in the air as high as he can, right in the face of the man he defended it from at LEGACY X. Loco makes a motion around his waist with his hands that the belt is going on him tonight, and X-Calibur wryly mouths “bullsh**” in great defiance.

[Later That Night…]

LEGACY World Championship
X-Calibur© vs. Loco Martinez

"Harvester of Sorrow” hits the public announce system and X-Calibur appears from behind the curtains at once. His shoulder is bandaged heavily in gauze and white tape, and slight bruises have formed around the bridge of his nose from his recent epic match at LEGACY X. With the LEGACY World Championship wrapped tightly around his waist, X-Calibur stops at the top of the entrance ramp and peers out at all of the boisterous Denveronians - each and every one of them holding a loud voice to the organization through a creative sign or piece of clothing.

Alan Ducard: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but here we go... again! LEGACY World Title at stake in an impromptu rematch from LEGACY X!

Bryan Harris: Loco Martinez has to be the most grateful person in the world right now, having convinced X-Calibur to give him the rematch so close after their physically draining match-up.

Jimmy Yates: I agree, Bryan. But one thing’s for certain... there’s very few champions out there who are willing to put their title reigns in jeopardy so willingly, all in the name of pugilism. No matter where you go, X-Calibur is perhaps one of a kind in every aspect.

Alan Ducard: Loco looks like he hasn’t slept in days... I hope he’s ready for Part II.

Bryan Harris: If he wasn’t ready, he wouldn’t have issued the challenge.

Looking at all the adoring fans in attendance, applauding both X-Calibur and Loco for being willing to go at it again on such short notice, X-Calibur starts walking down the aisle to the melodious beat of Metallica’s heavy metal classic.

All of a sudden, there’s a sudden commotion in the nearby vicinity as two men are running full speed ahead, directly at the unsuspecting X-Calibur.

Alan Ducard: Look

Jimmy Yates: Whoa, who, whoa... what the hell is this?!

Fans standing ringside jump up and down while screaming, frantically trying to warn X-Calibur about his oncoming attackers as “Harvester of Sorrow” blares loudly through out the arena. Getting the sense that someone(s) was about to nail him from behind, X-Calibur slightly turns his head towards the screaming front row. Before he can turn around fully, a clobbering double clothesline from T. Rex and Arch Angel sends him face first into the steel ramp.


As X-Calibur instinctively tries to fight his way to his feet, both members of Anarchy lay the boots into X-Calibur. The lights fade back on fully and “Harvester of Sorrow” fades out completely as the live audience bears witness to the unexpected two-on-one beat down. The rest of the audience who wasn’t aware of the sneak attack from behind quickly catches up with the program and fill the arena with deafening boos, jeering the unforseen antics of Arch Angel and T. Rex.

Bryan Harris: Looks like Anarchy want to make sure X-Calibur loses tonight...

Loco, looking almost bewildered by this act... looks at the audience. Suddenly, they start chanting “Lo-Co Lo-Co Lo-Co ” at an ear-splitting decibel.

In the ring, Loco shouts, “What the f*** are you DOING?!” at Anarchy, watching aghast at the clubbing blows reigning down onto X-Calibur’s hurt shoulder and face. The scene looks very similar to that of a biker gang beating on some sap who got a little too mouthy outside a bar. Fist after fist, stiff kick after stiff kick, X-Calibur feels the effects of both members of Anarchy... and Loco Martinez steps between the ropes, looking for an opportunity to jump on one of their backs to break it up.


Standing on each side of X-Calibur to his feet, T. Rex and Arch Angel both grab a handful of X-Calibur’s hair and guide him to his feet. Showing some of the fire and intensity that made him World Champion in the first place, X-Calibur battles back with dual elbows met right into the mid-sections of Anarchy. T. Rex doubles over and Arch Angel backs up for a second. This is all the room X-Calibur needed though and he lunges forward at Arch Angel with a massive, pissed off lariat that sends the man down to the unforgiving steel ramp.

Jimmy Yates: Yeah!! That’s how you do it!!

Upon seeing this, the fans explode into cheers... and Loco Martinez begins clapping his hands together, applauding X-Calibur’s comeback. Seeing that X has it back in control again, Loco retreats back through the ropes and into the ring, shaking his head in a disgusted manner. X-Calibur stands up straight again, and for a fleeting second, X-Calibur gives Loco an accusatory, murderous glance. But Loco insistently shakes his head, yelling, “Swear to God, X! I had nothing to do with this..”.

Alan Ducard: Look! Loco is saying he had nothing to do with this!! If not he... then who the hell did?!

Jimmy Yates: What are you waiting for, Loc?

Bryan Harris: Man, this is confusing the HELL out of me... what is going on here? Why is Anarchy beating the crap out of X-Calibur?

This glance by X is interrupted by a lunging lariat from T. Rex who never left his feet after the shot to the mid-section when X-Calibur rose. X-Calibur refuses to go down though and throws wild lefts and rights while stumbling forward, hoping to connect with the incessant T. Rex. Only one of about five wild fists connects though, and T. Rex’s large, thick, weathered frame naturally absorbs it. X is rocked back with an uppercut by T. Rex, and as X stumbles backwards a newly risen Arch Angel catches X-Calibur straight in the ribs with a nasty spear, sending him harshly into the steel ramp once again.

Necessitating the help of Loco once again, Loco hops down from the ring apron and runs full speed ahead at Anarchy. With two fists risen up like an axe-handle, Loco uses all of his weight to slam right into the back of T. Rex, knocking him down forward against the ramp. Arch Angel backs up, surprised by Loco’s reaction to what they are doing, and a very audible, “What the hell, Loc?!” can be heard coming from his mouth. Loco warns Arch Angel to stay away from X-Calibur, and then walks hurriedly over to Josephina Colbert, asking for a spare microphone.

Loco Martinez: Okay... that was unnecessary. Seriously... what the HELL?!

The fans continue booing Anarchy as Loco Martinez makes his way over to X-Calibur.

Loco Martinez: I did NOT ask for this to happen!!! No!!! GODDAMN IT!!! Not like this... I did NOT want this match to be like this...

As the fans continue chanting for Loco, the challenger kneels down beside the champion and half-consolingly places his hand on the back of his head, inaudibly to the camera asking him if he’s alright. X-Calibur gets to his knees and nods his head, using the embrace of Loco’s hand and arm to help himself to his feet.

All of a sudden, Loco smirks.

Loco Martinez: I wanted it to be like THIS!!!

Like someone flipped a switch inside of his head, Loco grabs by the back of his waistband and hair and RIPS X-Calibur’s body into the steel post, shoulder first. The ENTIRE audience LOSES it with one big collective gasp.

Alan Ducard: NO!!!!

Jimmy Yates: WHY????!!!!!!

Bryan Harris: OH MY GOD!!!

Loco starts SCREAMING maniacally into the man’s ear, all-the-while pounding on his shoulder and back. Lifting X up to his feet with violent force, Loco bashes X-Calibur’s face into the steel ring post. Repeatedly. The audience sits in a stunned silence as the once good-natured, fun-loving Loco Martinez quickly disappears and this violent, insanity driven man replaces him at once.


Arch Angel “gets a piece” and pulls X-Calibur’s arm back away from the pole, rearing up for a giant slam right back into the unforgiving steel. With Loco cheering Anarchy on, T. Rex scoops X-Calibur up in a running power slam position. Circling around, T. Rex then throws X-Calibur like a lawn dart face first into the ring post, causing a massive “CLUNK” to reverberate through out the arena. X-Calibur instantly goes down in a heap and holds his shoulder and face with a painful grimace; almost visibly quaking with intense pain as he buries his face into the outside mat while holding his injured shoulder. Loco continues SCREAMING at Anarchy to finish the job, and Anarchy obey his command at once.

Jimmy Yates: I am in shock over this... I seriously can’t believe Loco would do this.

Lifting X to his feet, T. Rex and Arch Angel both grab X-Calibur by the back of his head and slam his forehead into the post, opening up a laceration above his left eye. Blood quickly begins flowing out of his face and X-Calibur slinks down to his knees, leaning lifelessly against the steel post; a small track of crimson gruesomely left behind on the pole. Every so often T. Rex and Arch Angel kick a limb of X-Calibur’s. Some younger kids in the front row begin crying as they watch the World Champion’s arms fall limp on each side of the post - perhaps a little too young to be able to withstand the amount of intensity emanating from Loco Martinez’s directives.

Grabbing X-Calibur by the back of his head, Loco peels him off of the ring post and lifts him to his feet. With the guidance of T. Rex and Arch Angel, all three men roll X-Calibur into the ring, Hopping up onto the ring apron, Loco motions for Travis Rollins to start the match.

Alan Ducard: Wait... you’ve got to be KIDDING me...?!?!

Loco shouts and demands that Travis Rollins ring the bell to start the match, but Rollins shakes his head in defiance. All of a sudden, Anarchy climb into the ring and quickly approach the sides of Rollins in a threatening manner. Loco points at Rollins, warning him that if he doesn’t start the match he’s going to be in some serious pain. Rollins continues to refuse, though... at which point T. Rex and Arch Angel each grab an arm from Rollins, holding him captive.

Alan Ducard: Don’t do it, fellas!!! This isn’t worth losing your jobs over!!!

Jimmy Yates: Travis refuses!!! He wants NO PART of this gangland style execution..

As both T. Rex and Arch Angel hold Rollins in place, Loco backs up a few feet, tapping his foot on the ground as if he’s going to lunge at Rollins with a superkick. As soon as Loco advances forward, Rollins screams “STOP! I’LL DO IT!”, and Loco stops dead in his tracks. Angel and Rex let go of Rollins and without anymore hesitation, Rollins calls for the bell.

Bryan Harris: Oh my God... this match is officially underway. I can’t believe we’re actually going through with the match anyway!

Alan Ducard: It’s sickening how they’re bullying their way into a title match here!!!!

Jimmy Yates: This is hard to watch. I- I can’t... I just can’t believe the lengths Loco is going here.

X-Calibur has managed to get to knees, as blood pours from his wound, cascading off the faceplate of the LEGACY World Title that is still snapped tightly around him. Barely conscious, X-Calibur holds the middle and top rope for support, pulling himself to his feet.

Bryan Harris: X refuses to go down without a fight!!

Loco points at Rollins to remove the championship from around X’s waist. Rollins shakes his head negatively at first but fearing Loco and Anarchy might harm him, Rollins scurries over to X-Calibur and unsnaps the leather straps from his waist.

Jimmy Yates: This is heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what Rollins must be going through right now.

X-Calibur has no idea what’s going on, and as Rollins does removes the championship, X collapses his chin onto the top rope, his legs subconsciously working in holding his lifeless upperbody up. As Rollins takes the title belt over to the time keeper’s table, both T. Rex and Arch Angel manage to sneak in a straight punch to X-Calibur’s opened wound, sending him off of the ropes and down to the canvas like a sack of potatoes.

Alan Ducard: As if they haven’t put him through enough, they sneak attack behind the referee’s back!! Something MUST be done about this...

Loco reaches down and begins lifting X-Calibur to his feet. Reaching back, Loco quickly SHOOTs in with a lunching right fist to the face, which again sends X-Calibur down to the mat. Loco wipes the blood off of his fist onto his tights, looking repulsed. Refusing to stay down, X-Calibur instinctively attempts to get to his feet... but it is academic at his point.

Jimmy Yates: Somebody stop this... PLEASE!!!

Loco steps back, giving X-Calibur enough room to get up on his own... and as soon as X-Calibur is on his wobbly feet, with his fists raised for a fight, Loco grabs X-Calibur’s arm (with the injured shoulder)... and twists in an arm wrench. Closing his eyes, taking in the moment, Loco then flies in with a VICIOUS superkick that snaps X-Calibur’s head down to the mat and knocks him out.

Loco makes a cover. The fans scream for Rollins to high tail it, and Rollins looks out at everybody in attendance.

Alan Ducard: He’s not going to count!

Bryan Harris: He better if he wants to live to see tomorrow!!

Anarchy hop up onto the apron like they’re coming for Rollins when the LEGACY official gives in to the pressure and drops down to the mat for the count.


Rollins looks up at Loco, who smiles right back at him, hooking X-Calibur’s leg.


Rollins looks up at Loco again and debates whether to finish the count, but Loco menacingly mouths “Do it!”.


The fans sit in their seats, completely stunned, as Rollins shakes his head in absolute disgust, calling for the bell.

Josephina Colbert: Ladies and gentlemen... the winner of this match... and NEW... LEGACY World Champion...

T. Rex and Arch Angel rip the microphone from her hands...



“C’mon C’mon” by the Von Bondies hits the airwaves and Loco Martinez collapses to the mat in mock exhaustion. T. Rex and Arch Angel then grab the blood stained championship belt that Travis Rollins just placed on the time keeper’s table and head into the ring with it.

In that very moment, John Thomas appears from the curtains and onto the entrance ramp. John has a huge smile on his face carrying three huge bottles of champagne. He gestures behind him and two large unknown men wearing black pants and black t-shirts back their way down the ramp with a huge hand truck. Resting on the hand truck is the five foot tall trophy case.

Jimmy Yates: Here we go again...

They get to the ring, the hired help set up the case so it faces the ring, and disappear to the back. Thomas hands bottles of champagne to Loco, T.Rex, and Arch Angel. He goes to the trophy case getting a fourth bottle for himself. Each man smiles huge, as they unwrap the corks. The crowd boos mercilessly as the three men extend their bottles and clink them together "Cheers-ing" each other before each one popping their bottle, and begin jumping up and down spraying one another with champagne like they just won the World Series. They exchange yelps of joy and hugs.

Alan Ducard: This is despicable.

The men finish spraying each other with their champagne, and Loco walks to the trophy case. He is handed a key from John Thomas. He opens the door, and places the title inside. As he closes the door, we see an almost demonic smile on the face of Loco Martinez in the case's glass door... and we got to the LEGACY graphic.
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[ The Turn. 12.30.2008]

We see two large men in all black with secret service styled earpieces walking shoulder to shoulder. We see a hint of a man behind them, Legacy World Champion, Loco Martinez. Boos can be heard from the ENTIRE Omaha audience. The men come to a stop as Herbert J. Moxley approaches them. The two men of Anarchy look to be on guard wondering if the much smaller man would be crazy enough to launch an offensive. Herb stands on his tip toes, and tries looking around Arch Angel and T-Rex to see Loco Martinez.

Arch Angel: Can we help you?

Moxley: Yeah, step aside guys.

Moxley takes a determined step forward and walks right into T-Rex's outstretched palm.

T-Rex: Back up, buster.

Herb grits his teeth, trying not to snarl. He takes a step back and puts a hand to his mouth, calling past the pseudo secret service to Loco Martinez.

Moxley: Yo Loco! It's me, Moxley! Call off the Dino-Bots, will yah?!

Arch Angel: Your Legacy World Champion is not taking visitors today. If you'd like to leave a message? Feel free. If not. Move along, or get your head busted.

Herb clenches a fist out of rage but keeps it at his side with an effort. With his other hand he makes a pitiful attempt at straitening his crooked glasses - a technique in appearing non-threatening - Herb only manages to make the glasses slant in the opposite direction.

Moxley: C'mon Angel, you know Loco and I are pals - I just want to congratulate him.

We see each of Loco's hands reach up and part the two members of Anarchy.

Loco Martinez: Okay fellas. Let’s hear what he's got to say. He's not crazy enough to try a thing... One, he saw what happened to Legacy's former world champion last Strife. And two, look at him!

The three men share a dickbaggy chuckle. Mox just seems satisfied to get an audience with Loco. Herbert walks past ANARCHY and approaches Loco with a smile; he takes a moment at searching in his old friend's eyes but Herb’s smile fades somewhat when he cannot find what he is looking for.

Moxley: Congratulations, Champ. X-Calibur had it coming.

There is an audible sound of disapproval from the fans in attendance.

Moxley: I knew you'd make him regret costing you those tag titles.

Loco eyes widen with amazement and he even places a hand on Moxley's shoulder with approval.

Loco Martinez: Heh. Thanks, Moxley. You know. There's always room for one more.

Loco extends his palm for a handshake. The crowd inside is livid.

Herbert looks down at the hand, he starts to move his hand towards it and the crowd is roaring with spite at this prospect.

Moxley's hand keeps going up, he makes another attempt at straitening those crooked glasses and they just shift back to their original slant as Loco's hand is left hanging.

Moxley: Hmph. I don't think so.

The crowd ROARS with approval. Loco’s extended hand becomes a fist. We then get a close up of Loco who is SEETHING at Moxley's decline of the offer.

Moxley: We're already friends, Loco -- But I don't want anything to do with this… farce. You go too far. X-Cal had it coming, but your goons should have held back. And this main event? You're better than that, Loco. You can beat X-Calibur without these chumps...

Herb gestures at Anarchy.

Moxley: … and tell John Thomas to keep his stupid-*ss backstage so you can get the job done without ruining what that title stands for.

Herb points at the world title belt, way off in the distance, being carried down a flight of steps carefully by 4 maintenance employees displayed in a 5-foot tall trophy case. Loco turns and looks to where Mox is gesturing.

Loco Martinez: Actually what THAT represents is the fact that no one in Legacy is going to get near MY World Championship. It is figuratively, and literally, locked away. You don't like how I got the job done?

Mox nods. Loco shrugs.

Loco Martinez: Tough. Sh*t. You'll piece it together one day. Playing up to everyone? Being "that" guy? Gets you NO where. Gets you NOTHING. Look at me, Mox. I know better than anyone. Federation after federation overlooked me. Misused me. Kept me in my little box, and when I tried to get out? They stuffed me back in that box and crushed that lid on there to the point I would damn near suffocate.

Moxley: Dude, wake up! Snap out of it! That belt you've locked away - It's important to a lot of people. It stands for something. But you know what else? There are more important things out there. YOU used to know that. YOU used to stand for something. And what now? What changed?

Herbert steps forward, getting in the champion's face but now struggling to meet his gaze.

Moxley: D-Dammit.. Dammit Loco, I'm NOT.. not g-going to just sit on my hands and let you ruin yourself - NOT like this!!

Loco Martinez seethes as he glares at Moxley and his audacity.

Loco Martinez: I've opened my eyes, Herbert. That's what has changed. I have seen the light. And what, please tell me, can you do to STOP me? You gonna line up like the former world champ, and that one eyed dinosaur who've drawn half assed lines in the sand? Men with twice YOUR experience. Twice YOUR ability. And YOU... *chuckles* ... You're gonna stop me?!

Loco continues to laugh at Herbert, his chuckling echoed by the deep laugher of Anarchy as the three men surround Herb. Moxley looks intimidated.

Moxley: Yes, m-me, I'll stop you.

Loco and ANARCHY only laugh even louder. Moxley snaps-

Moxley: DON'T PUSH ME!

Moxley steps forward, pushing both palms forward he SHOVES Loco, sending him stumbling back and cutting off his laughter. Anarchy snaps into action, each one scooping Mox under the arm and slamming him into the cement wall behind him. Loco looks like he's about to murder Moxley, his eyes glowing with hatred. Mox's eyes grow wide having never seen this side of Loco Martinez.

Loco Martinez: If you ever... EVER decide to lay your hands on me again? I will squash you like the bug you are. You want to get in my way? It’s YOUR funeral. I will personally see to that. I offered you the world, and you spat in my face. I warn you? You SHOVE me.

Loco leans in getting incredibly close to Moxley. His eyes on fire.

Loco Martinez: Don't make me do it, Mox. But if you PUSH me?

He looks to his left, and to his right before hissing his final sentiments through gritted teeth.

Loco Martinez: I will make sure there is no triumphant comeback. No immediate trip to upper levels of Legacy thanks to yours truly. No-no-no... you push me? It will be the last mistake in this abortion you call a career.

Loco Martinez smirks enjoying Mox's stunned silence.

Loco Martinez: Put him down fellas. I think he gets the message.

They put Mox down abruptly, and walk off sharing a cocky laugh. We stay on Herb who looks down at his feet, breathing heavily. Moxley turns his head, taking one last look at his old friend, before walking off in the other direction.

[Later That Night...]

World Championship Handicap Match
X-Calibur vs Loco Martinez © & ANARCHY
Special Guest Referee: John Thomas

Alan Ducard: Our next match was our main event of the evening.

Jimmy Yates: If you could even CALL it that. I call it legalized assault.

Bryan Harris: Who sanded your vagina, Yates? This is a great match up.

Jimmy Yates: If you want to see a four on one mugging.

Bryan Harris: Exactly. I just think its too late to get this match up on the "Match of the Year" voting.

Alan Ducard: Well we'll let the match itself play out before we try to laud it as something more than its been set up for. Which is further opportunity for Loco's Circus-

Bryan Harris: Its Cirque du MoFo, Al.

Alan Ducard: - if I may finish. An opportunity for Loco and his crew to inflict further damage on X-Calibur.

Start of Match Footage

We see T.Rex holding X-Calibur in a vertical suplex position. Delaying the fall. We see Loco standing on the turnbuckle and he launches with a missile dropkick to X's ribs as T.Rex falls backwards driving X-Calibur to the mat. Loco scrambles to make a cover.



Thr-NO. X kicks out.

Alan Ducard: Amazing resilience from X-Calibur. As its been a fairly one sided affair, so far.

Bryan Harris: And lets not point out the high quality tandem offense!

Jimmy Yates: I'd like to point out that Loco Martinez is in the match for the first time.

Loco scoops up X-Calibur who seems to snap to life at seeing Loco in the match, and begins driving rights into Loco's head. The Crowd roars as Loco is rocked, eventually Loco falls to the mat. John Thomas quickly steps in reprimanding X for using closed fists.

Bryan Harris: That's right, JT! This is WRESTLING... not BOXING!

The crowd erupts in BOOOOO's at John Thomas' interference.

Alan Ducard: I know that the closed fist is something of a subjective rule for most referees, but I can't help but think in THIS case the motive is suspect.

X glares at John Thomas who points at his referee's shirt. X rolls his eyes and mouths "Bullsh*t", and as he turns he's leveled by a spinning heel kick from Loco. Loco now gets up taunting X. He viciously stomps down on the midsection of the former champ. He winds up again and again delivers another spleen rupturing stomp to X's midsection.

Loco then goes to the corner. Goes to the bottom rope, and jumps off with a double stomp.

Bryan Harris: Yukon Double Stomp!

Jimmy Yates: Stop.

Loco gets to his feet quickly, and points to X screaming. He saunters to his corner and tags Arch Angel in. Angel steps over the top rope. As X struggles to his feet he is nearly decapitated by a running big boot. Angel follows that up with an elbow drop. He stays on top, with a cocky cover.



X shoulders out, Angel looks at John Thomas and the two share a chuckle like they're enjoying it. Which only serves to make the crowd irate. A few sections begin to chant "Ass-holes" at the men. Angel scoops up X and drops him down across the top turnbuckle.

Bryan Harris: Snake eyes!

Angel then grabs him in a side suplex position and drops X down hard across the back of his head/shoulders. Angel stands towering over X and throws his hands out which draws the ire of the crowd.

Alan Ducard: With a man like X-Calibur you don't tempt fate. Arch Angel, right now, is tempting fate.

Bryan Harris: At his age, Al, the men of Anarchy can use as much rest as possible.

Angel goes to scoop up X, who rolls him up with an inside cradle the crowd roars, as John Thomas drops to the mat.


Two.NO! Angel kicks out authoritatively.

X is up and throws a right, but Angel blocks it, and grabs X's head and drives a nasty headbutt into X that sends him to the mat. Angel picks up X and slams him down, and heads to the corner making a tag to T.Rex. Rex steps in, and grabs X in a side russian leg sweep position. Angel bounces off the far ropes and nails X-Calibur with a running big boot adding extra force and damage as T.Rex rocks back with the Side Russian Leg Sweep. Crashing X to the mat.

Rex floats over and makes the cover.




Alan Ducard: I can't believe T.Rex just pulled X-Calibur off the mat.

Bryan Harris: I think he knew X wasn't done, so he figured he'd be better off continuing the offensive.

Jimmy Yates: Stop. Look at the smiles on the faces of Loco, John Thomas, and Arch Angel and tell me they aren't absolutely giddy over this.

Rex brings X to his feet, X-Calibur wobbles the effects of the damage more and more visible, as Rex bear hugs him and takes him to the side with a belly suplex. Rex gets up and clutches his eye...

T.Rex: My contact!!!!!

Rex drops to the mat, but in doing so puts his shin over X-Calibur's throat choking X with all of T.Rex's weight. John Thomas drops to the mat in a faux attempt to assist in looking for the "Missing contact". X flails as Rex chokes the life out of him. All the while continuing to grope at the mat to find his contact. The crowd unleashes every ounce of hate they have for this charade.

Alan Ducard: This crowd doesn't buy it, and I myself am a bit skeptical.

Jimmy Yates: A BIT?!? This fraud is ridiculous.

Bryan Harris: Do you want Rex to fight at a disadvantage?! He needs that contact.

Jimmy Yates: And he just so happens to have to put his shin across the throat of X-Calibur AND get John Thomas to help him find it so the "referee" can't do his job?!

Bryan Harris: With X "immobilized" there is less chance for the contact to be lost or damaged. It really is the only way.

As Thomas and Rex continue to search X's flailing starts to subdue as he begins to fade from conciousness. Rex notices this and is satisfied. He makes one more sweep of the mat in front of him, and a sarcastic expression of joy crosses his face.


Rex stands and covers his eye while putting the contact back in. On the apron Loco and Arch Angel share a chuckle. Loco elbowing Angel in the ribs and pointing, really enjoying this show.

Jimmy Yates: I can't believe that man represents this company as its champion.

Rex is up and bounces off the ropes. He gets to X and leaps looking for a big running splash, but X-Calibur rolls out of the way. T.Rex rolls around on the mat clutching at his stomach. X stays on the mat trying to catch his breath after being choked. The crowd tries to rally X-Calibur with a "Lets go X" chant. Loco and Arch Angel urge T.Rex to make the tag.

X stirs as T.Rex begins to crawl towards his corner. X is up to a knee and T.Rex gets to his corner and tags in Loco. Loco jumps to the top rope and leaps off with a high cross body, that sends X crashing to the mat. Loco is up to his feet quickly runs to the near side middle rope and leaps backwards nailing an asai moonsault. Loco hops to his feet quickly and takes a bow, which is met with a chorus of BOO's. Loco smirks, and goes to the near corner, closest to X and hops to the top rope, and perches himself like a gargoyle. He waits as X stirs. X gets to his feet, wobbling, and as soon as he stumbles in range, Loco leaps backwards, backflipping, and on the way down, he grabs X in a reverse DDT and plants him into the mat.

Bryan Harris: That Warm Fuzzy Feeling. Bringing each of us a little holiday cheer.

Alan Ducard: I don't say this often, Bry, but... STOP.

Loco drapes an arm across X. John Thomas drops to count.




Jimmy Yates: That dirty... sunuva... .... John Thomas stopped the count!

Loco looks up feigning shock, as John Thomas tries to massage the "Cramp" he just got in his shoulder which stopped the count. Loco's shock melts away to a vile smile. He licks his lips like predator who's about to devour a dinner. He begins to stomp away at the prone X. He brings X-Calibur up to his feet and whips him into his team's corner, hard. He saunters over and tags in T.Rex.

Loco Martinez: Finish him!

T.Rex smiles, and nods getting into the rings. He drives series of right hands into X's head which sends him slumping to the mat. Rex then tags Arch Angel in, who steps into the ring. Rex steps up onto the middle rope looking to his his vader bomb styled middle rope splash, and Angel scoops X-Calibur up for his pedigree styled double underhook piledriver.

Bryan Harris: Anarchy looking for their tag team finisher, the Anne Archery.

X falls to the mat unable to support his own weight. His three opponents and the referee share a cocky chuckle. Angel again goes for the double underhook, but X drops to his knees, and drives his forearm up into Arch Angel's crotchel region doubling the big man over. The crowd loses it. Chanting, "X-Cal! X-Cal! X-Cal!" A sudden adrenaline rush and X-Calibur jumps to his feet and pulls a surprised T.Rex down from the middle rope. He spins him around and grabs both men in 3/4 snapping neck breaker position Unbeknownst to X-Calibur Loco slaps Arch Angel on the shoulder as X is in the process of setting both men up.

He drops the two of them with every bit of force and anger left in his body.

Alan Ducard: X-TERMINATORS!!!!

Jimmy Yates: In stereo!!!!

The crowd is roaring. The place nearly quaking from the noise. Rex and Angel have not moved at all.

Alan Ducard: Listen to this place.

Jimmy Yates: What?

X-Calibur stays down for a few moments recovering. He rolls Angel over slowly and makes the cover.

No count.

The crowd boos mercilessly. X snaps his head up and glares at John Thomas who points at his referee's shirt and adamantly says that neither T.Rex or Arch Angel are the legal man. X shouts "bullsh*t!!" . He gets up and gets in John's face, looking incredibly close to snapping and just pummeling JT into oblivion. Thomas throws his hands up innocently as he back pedals. X takes a step closer, but is quickly stopped as he is grabbed and spun around by the Legacy World Champion and is nearly decapitated with Loco's short arm super kick.

Bryan Harris: LOCAPITATOR!!

X drops in a heap. Loco makes a lateral press. John Thomas dropping to make the count. Loco nods to him, as if saying, "finish the count".

Alan Ducard: This farce may be finally, and mercifully at its end.




The bell rings.

Josephina Colbert: Your winners of the match. Arch Angel, T.Rex, and the Legacy World Heavyweight Champion... Loco Martinez!!!

Loco's hand is raised by John Thomas. He smiles cockily and then turns and nods to JT. Both men launch to the offensive stomping the hell out of X-Calibur's body.

Alan Ducard: This is unnecessary! What are they trying to prove?!?

Bryan Harris: That they are not just "a" force in Legacy, Al, that they're THE force in Legacy.

Jimmy Yates: This is despicable.

They continue to drive boot after boot into X. T.Rex and Arch Angel, finally recovered from their X-Terminators, are up and they begin joining in on the four on one beat down. Loco takes a step back laughing maniacally watching like some sadistic proud father. He drops to the mat and looks like he has some additional trash talk for X, but doesn't say a word. He just grab's X's face and takes a long hard look at his eyes. He then looks up at T.Rex and Arch Angel wide eyed.

Loco Martinez: I said... Finish him. Now... FINISH HIM!!!!

T.Rex and Arch Angel nod almost robotically. The drag X to the corner and again begin to set up for the Anne Archery.

Alan Ducard: Someone's gotta stop....

The roof explodes as Herb Moxley comes from the back, a few steps behind him is a bandaged Diamond Del Carver with a folding chair in his right hand. Both men tearing hiney down to the ring.

Alan Ducard: Here comes the calvary!

Bryan Harris: They have NO business here!

Jimmy Yates: They're doing the right thing. They've seen enough, and thank god! I don't know how much more X could have taken.

Loco quickly bails out of the ring, JT follows. Angel drops X to the mat, and he and T.Rex are out right on their heels. DDC and Moxley slide into the ring. Both going to the sides of X-Calibur who is laying in a heap in the corner of the ring. Loco and his crew head to the entrance ramp each person glaring towards the ring. Del Carver throws his chair down violently and stares back at the Cirque du Loco with hatred. Moxley checking on X-Calibur in the background, looks up once at Loco and gives a disappointed shake his head. We fade out to the Legacy logo.
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Chapter II
A Feast For Crows

Alan Ducard: We open our latest edition of Strife with fast paced action from Herbert J. Moxley, a man who will be part of the World Title main event at the next Pay Per View facing off with the latest Agent of Destiny, Osamu Hayashi!

Bryan Harris: And you're forgetting the most important and best thing about this match, Al! We were joined with THE Legacy Superstar, and our World Champion, Loco Martinez.

Loco Martinez: Damn right, Bry. I needed to get a closer look at one of my opponents for this sham of a match that I have forth coming. Its the kind of Champion I am. I do my homework. Expose weakness. Exploit it for everything I can. Example: The former champions "pride". Future example, and yeah... spoiler alert ... Grampa DDC's "blind spot". I'm milkin' that sucker for all its work.

Loco chuckles to himself.

Jimmy Yates: I don't think YOU, of all people should be talking about matches being "shams" with your last two encounters with X-Calibur.

Bryan Harris: And I don't think YOU should be allowed to speak at all... EVER, Yates. So cram it, so we can get to the match, kay?

Alan Ducard: Gentlemen. Lets make sure the action keeps to the ring!

Start of Match Footage

Moxley grabs Osamu and snaps him over with a snap mare. Osamu landing in a sitting position. Mox drives his shin right right down the spine of his opponent. Hayashi grimaces in pain. Moxley quickly bounces off the ropes and drives a low dropkick to Osamu's forehead sending his head snapping off the mat, violently. The crowd stands and applauds the fast paced athletic display.

Jimmy Yates: Great fast paced offense from Moxley.

Bryan Harris: The nerd is probably all geeked up on Mountain Dew and Anime'.

Loco Martinez: Its a well known fact Jen X only lets Moxley touch her where she pees, if he WINS matches. Where as, I've got the perpetual "green light", if you catch my drift.

Moxley quickly scrambles for a cover.


Two-NO! Osamu shoulders out.

Loco Martinez: Underestimating his opponent. Its sad to see his skills deteriorate so quickly after I cast him away as my pupil.

Jimmy Yates: You... cast... HIM?!!?

Bryan Harris: Ignore him, champ. He's "slow".

Moxley brings Osamu to a vertical base. He whips him off the ropes. Lunges with a clothesline that Hayashi ducks. Osamu bounces off the far ropes and comes back at Herbie J, leveling him with a nice spinning heel kick. Osamu, back to his feet, drops both legs across Moxley's chest. Hayashi is back up, and waits for Moxley to get to his feet. Once Mox does Hayashi nails him with a nice body kick. Follows up with a leg kick to Moxley's left thigh, and then drops Moxley with a running clothesline. Osamu smiles and points menacingly at Moxley as the crowd reigns down their displeasure.

Bryan Harris: I don't undestand people's disdain for nerd violence. Its just the circle of life. It really is just like watching Animal Planet.

Osamu stomps down violently on Mox's chest. He winds up. Stomps again with authority. One more for good measure. He brings Moxley back up to his feet and snaps off a lightning quick vertical suplex. He floats over for the cover...



Th-NO! Moxley out at two.

Alan Ducard: We haven't said it yet, but this match is including two of Legacy's lighter competitors. And while Mr. Moxley has the height and weight advantage, Osamu does have a good deal of strength as shown there by that maneuver!

Osamu brings Moxley back up and backs him into the corner. He drives a few elbows into Moxley's head. Whips him into the far corner. Takes off after him, and nails Moxley with a running clothesline into the corner. Mox's head snaps back violently, and we hear an almost gleeful giggle from Loco.

Jimmy Yates: You enjoying this Loco?

Loco Martinez: Of course I am. He doesn't belong in ANY wrestling ring. Not with Osamu. Certainly not with ME. This whole four way is just another case of Herbert Moxley riding my coat tails to heights he's not fit for. And while I have every plan of showing the world that very fact? Osamu's saving me the trouble.

Osamu grabs Moxley in a front face lock and drops him down violently with a snap DDT. He SHOOTs a half nelson and gets Moxley on his back for the cover...



NO! Moxley kicks out.

Osamu SHOOTs a brief glare at the referee, but doesn't waste much time. He brings Moxley back to his feet. Whips him off the ropes. Leapfrogs, Moxley stops short, and doesn't bounce off the far ropes, like Osamu assumes. Instead Moxley is waiting and as Osamu lands and turns around he's met with a beautiful standing drop kick that rocks Osamu back to the mat. Moxley runs to the bottom rope and takes flight from the bottom rope with a knee drop across the chest of Hayashi.

Jimmy Yates: Yukon Knee Drop!!

Loco and Bryan: STOP.

Moxley rolls through, is back to his feet and runs across and drops his back across Osamu's chest with a back splash. Moxley rolls over and hooks a leg.




Osamu kicks out. The crowd begins a "Lets go Moxley" chant, as Moxley gets up clearly "feeling it". He throws his hands up into the "V" signaling for his "Vuclan Neck Pinch" the crowd roars, and Moxley drives his right hand into the neck/trapazoid area of Osamu with the nerve pinch. Osamu writhes in pain as Moxley locks it in with furiosity.

Alan Ducard: A lot of fire from Moxley. I can't help but think you had something to do with that, Mr. Martinez.

Loco Martinez: Please, he's probably just ticked that he's missing Dr. Who right now, or something. Or, he's salty cuz his woman has clearly been eyeing me up all night. *we hear loco making kissy faces at Jen X*

Osamu struggles to get to his knees, as Mox continues to keep the hold. Osamu begins crawling slowly, getting to the ropes. The referee begins to count, but doesn't even get to "1" before Mox releases the hold.

Bryan Harris: Who breaks the hold before ONE?!?

Jimmy Yates: A man of principle.

Moxley grabs Osamu in a side headlock, looking for a running bulldog.

Jimmy Yates: Is he looking to hit the Dragon Slayer?!

Moxley takes a few steps but Osamu stops it short and shoves Moxley off incredibly hard... "conveniently" enough, right into referee Don Bower. The referee goes down in a heap. Moxley gets up slowly and looks shocked at the downed referee, and goes over to try to apologize and revive the man. As Moxley's checking on Don Bower Osamu obliterates the nerd with a running forearm. The crowd roars with displeasure, as Osamu continues to bury forearms and elbows into the back of Mox's head.

Loco Martinez: When you take your eye off the ball? You're gonna get blindsided. He worries about what these people think about him, and look where it gets him? Beaten down. Outclassed. A loser.

Jimmy Yates: You'd prefer he take advantage of the situation?

Loco Martinez: If he was smart.

Osamu brings Moxley up, and spikes him down violently with a piledriver, but has a malicious look in his eye. He gets up, and walks slowly over to the ropes and steps out to the apron, and hops down. He walks over to Josephina Colbert's station and grabs the folding chair out from under her. The crowd boos, as he folds the chair and looks at it lustily.

Alan Ducard: I don't like where this is going.

Loco Martinez: You're in the minority then, Al.

Jimmy Yates: I don't like it either.

Bryan Harris: You don't count, Yates.

Hayashi slides in the ring and begins to stalk Moxley. Circling like vulture he brandishes the chair in his hands just aching to swing it and crush Herbie J's head. There's a growing noise from the crowd. Its starts near the back and begins to cascade towards the ring like a wave as we see Katsuro tearing hiney towards the ring, unbeknownst to Osamu. He slides into the ring, and just as Hayashi is about to behead Moxley, Yoshida grabs the chair and wrestles it from his former partner.

Alan Ducard: Blimey! Yoshida just saved Moxley from the headache of a life time!

Bryan Harris: He has NO right interfering in this match.

Loco Martinez: Agreed. We just got robbed of seeing what happens if you bash a nerds skull in... I hear twelve sided die spill out.

Osamu gets right into Katsuro's face and the two begin yelling adamently at one another in Japanese. Each one getting angrier and angrier until Osamu pokes Yoshida. Yoshida pokes Osamu.

Bryan Harris: Hey production truck, can we got subtitles for this?

Osamu shoves Katsuro down hard, and as he turns around is leveled with Moxley's "Super Sweet Ninja Kick"

Jimmy Yates: Mox's homage to the Karate Kid's "Crane Kick", and he got ALL of it!

Loco Martinez: This is a crock. Osamu was in control!

Alan Ducard: Let me remind you and the people at home: Osamu ran Moxley into the referee, and it was Osamu who decided a chair was necessary. Some would say the karma police got this man!

Loco Martinez: Thanks, Thom Yorke.

In the ring Moxley looks wide eyed at the chair that he almost got leveled with, and is wide eyed with rage. The crowd roars at the prospect of Moxley taking out all his anger, and pent up frustration of the past few weeks. But he stops himself and just kicks the chair out of the ring disgustedly. He grabs Osamu, and runs at the turnbuckles for his running up the turnbuckle turning bulldog (Acid Drop) .... He drives Hayashi down with all his might. He rolls him over and makes the cover, and glares directly at the announce table, and Loco Martinez. Don Bower has recovered enough as he makes a labored three count.




The bell rings as Moxley gets up keeping an eye on Loco, who goes over to Josephina's station. He snatches the mic from her.

Jimmy Yates; First her chair, now this?! What's next for the poor girl.

Bryan Harris: Hopefully her top.

Loco stands and stairs up at Moxley who continues to keep a wary eye on the ramp looking for anyone of the Cirque du MoFo who may be on their way to deliver a beat down. Loco enjoys watching his paranoia. He smiles cockily.

Loco Martinez: The Winner of this match...

Crowd: BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Loco Martinez: I agree, people. A man who isn't fit to lace my boots, let ALONE step into the ring with THE World Champion. A man who has, once again, ridden MY coat tails to such great heights, and finds himself coming to a pay per view near you... another lamb led to the slaughter at the Hands of THE Legacy Superstar.




Loco drops the mic and applauds sarcastically as the hatred rains down from the crowd. As he walks by Jen X he gives her a playful slap on the ass which draws a flash of pure hatred from Moxley as he watches a man he called his friend walk to the back.

[Later That Night...]

very Geroge is seated next to none other then Herb Moxley who is in his “traditional” Hawaiian shirt and thick black glasses.

Avery George: I am here with World Title contender, Herb Moxley, who was recently selected along with X-Calibur and Diamond Del Carver to face off against Loco Martinez for the Legacy World Title at the Eleventh Hour Pay Per View.

Moxley: *muttering jokingly* Jeez, they’ll give the title shot to ANYBODY these days.

Avery chuckles.

Avery George: You know, I can tell you’re joking, but - a lot of people are saying these sorts of things about the decision to make you a world title contender. What do you have to say in response to that?

Moxley: I’ll be the first to admit there are those more deserving of the title shot then me. Now, I’m not saying I don’t deserve it, and sure, it’ll be one heck of an uphill battle being in the ring with, not one but THREE, legends of wrestling. But, I am not blind to the fact my being a friend of Loco Martinez has a lot to do with the decision.

Avery George: What about winning the “Show Me Something” Showcase? Or winning “Who to Watch in 2009”? Or being undefeated since your return to Legacy?

Moxley: Hah! Thanks for that highlight reel. I still think it’s because I am friend’s with Loco Martinez.

Avery George: Wait -- Don’t you mean, FORMER friends with Loco Martinez?

Moxley: No, I have faith that he’ll come around and we’ll patch things up soon.

Avery George: … Right …

An awkward pause...

Avery George: So… What about Diamond Del Carver. Do you think he deserves a title shot?

Moxley: Del Carver? *grinning* C’mon guy, what do you expect me to do stay awake all night and think of ways I can insult a LEGEND like Diamond Del?!?!

Avery George: Uhm, No, That’s not-

Moxley: OK FINE YOU PUSHED ME! I’ll make fun of Del Carver -- but if he gets pissed?? I’m sending him in your direction.

Herb displays a cheesy grin as he pulls a pile of index cards out from his Hawaiin shirt pocket.

Moxley: OK I will flip through these real quickly – I call it…


… Diamond Del may be the hardcore SHERRIF -- but I’M the hardcore HALL MONITOR…

… He came out of retirement more times than Gandalf the Grey...

… He’ll be saving his energy for bingo later that night …

... The belt wouldn’t fit around Carver’s waist along with the grand-pappy diapers anyway…

… Besides, even if it did, he’d look tacky wearing a World Title Belt AND a hernia belt…

… It’s going to be WAY too hard for him to pin me AND keep the colostomy bag in tact…

… For me? An ankle lock is a submission move. For Del? An ankle lock is what happens on a cold day…

… Dee-Dee-Cee’s hip is more brittle then Marcus Marion’s teeth after a blonde bulimic binge episode…

... Carver may have a glove wrapped in barb wire, but I still have my ORIGINAL Nintendo power glove…

... My moonsault is bigger than his prostate by about eight inches…

...And lastly… I have him beat -- FOUR eyes to ONE…

Avery just shakes his head at the list of one-liners.

Moxley: All joking aside – and I am fairly certain he’s one who can take a joke… The man is a living legend, so why not give him the shot?

Avery George: I’m afraid to ask about X-Calibur and Loco Martinez…

Moxley: Hah! Yeah and those are the two opponents on my s<beep> list. Let’s just leave it go with those two chump-sticks for now, guy, thanks for your time.

Moxley stands up and walks out of the camera’s view unexpectedly.

Avery George: … Chump sticks?

[Later That Night... The Bounty Part I]

As Devastation heads through the curtain, the best entrance music of 2009, “Harvester of Sorrow”, hits the speakers and the fans loudly begin buzzing for X-Calibur’s inevitable emergence from the LEGACY curtains. After a thirty second delay, X-Calibur parts the curtains and steps out onto the steel ramp to a rousing, thunderous ovation. But there’s a curious sight with this sudden appearance, as X-Calibur has a black briefcase handcuffed rather tightly to his wrist. As Kumquat Kid gets to the top of the ramp, he passes by X-Calibur and looks at the briefcase.

Bryan Harris: Here comes the FORMER World Champion, X-Calibur.

Jimmy Yates: Yeah, we get it Bryan. He lost the title. You and Cirque Du Loco can stop being a bunch of smart asses now.

Alan Ducard: Did either of you two blokes happen to notice the fact that X-Calibur has a briefcase attached to his wrist?! What the bloody hell is THAT all about?!

Walking down the ramp with his head pointed to the ground but his eyes fixated on the wrestling ring, X-Calibur bears a grin on his face that causes everyone in the vicinity to wonder about his real intentions. Looking uncharacteristically “spiffed up”, X is adorned with a black business suit. The business suit looks rather careworn as the sleeves are torn-up, the knees and parts of the legs are riddled with holes, and a bright pink tie is stained in crimson. His dark brown hair flows loosely and wet to his shoulders and back, and as fans on his left outstretch their hands, X bumps fists with a couple of them despite his unusual demeanor. As the camera got in close behind X-Calibur, one couldn’t help but notice an old “Outlaw Pro” insignia on a cuff link hanging by a thread.

Bryan Harris: O...kay? Why is X wearing that... that “suit”? Has that thing ever been washed?!

Jimmy Yates: No idea, Bryan. Your guess is as good as everyone’s right now.

Alan Ducard: Indeed, James. I’m not really sure what to make of this lad at the moment.

Casually walking up the steel steps and through the ropes, X steps into the ring with the briefcase. Looking around at everyone cheering for his appearance, X-Calibur points and nods at various flattering (and some a little unflattering) signage. A few moments later, X-Calibur points over to Josephina Colbert and motions for her to bring him the microphone. She obliges and makes her way over to him amidst hoops and hollers and cat calls and whistles. Smiling at her admirers, Josephina hands the microphone off to X. As soon as he grabs it, the music dies down and he speaks.

X-Calibur: I’ve had a LOT on my mind these past few weeks... so it should come as no surprise to you all that I have a lot to say. But first, there’s a little something I need to get off my chest... and it is in regard to all of you screaming maniacs out there in the crowd and in the back.

He paused for a second, taking in every set of eyes attaching their line of vision directly on him.

X-Calibur: I know there are people out there who don’t like me. I know there are those who feel I’m an arrogant son of a bitch. And that’s fine. TOTALLY fine. You, the people who can’t stand the sight of me, can think what you want about me. Take Herbert J. Moxley for example. He has made it known, in so many words, on several different occasions that he believes I’m an asshole, a bully, and a piece of sh**, and that I deserved to lose my title to Loco Martinez. Even though I think he’s made an erroneous character summarization about me and being a tad judgmental, I have to give the man props because he’s not afraid to give it to me straight. So for all of the Herbert J. Moxley’s out there, I want to thank you. Thank you... for being as honest with me as I have been with you.

The fans listen intently. Every so often some jack ass in the nosebleeds hollers something random.

X-Calibur: On the flipside, I know that there are those out there who DO like me. There are those who feel I have just the right amount of confidence and humility to be a role model for generations to come. There are those out there who send me letters every week, thanking me for being honest and forthcoming with everything I say. Thanking me for giving them the best matches they’ve ever seen. Thanking me for entertaining them on every wrestling show I am apart of. I can’t tell you how many autograph signings I have attended, coast to coast, where someone’s face keeps appearing over and over again. That kind of unprecedented devotion makes me feel so... so ALIVE inside... that, for real, all the words in the world cannot truly do it justice. For these people, I want to say thanks... thanks for believing in me. Thanks for staying by my side. Thanks... thanks for giving me a reason to lace a pair of boots OTHER than proving myself as the best in the world.

The entire audience claps loudly and appreciatively. “Thank you, X! Thank you, X!” chants can be heard for a moment, before X-Calibur raises his hand with the microphone to settle them down.

X-Calibur: At LEGACY X, I had one of the best matches of my career. I faced Loco Martinez in a one on one match for my then world championship, and after nearly forty minutes, I defeated him in the middle of the ring... one, two, three.

Once again, the majority of the audience cheers this. A small portion of the crowd devoted entirely to Cirque Du Loco boo this heavily, but their jeering is cast upon the deafening roars of X-Calibur supporters. Imagine a couple of Dallas Cowboys fans at a Philadelphia Eagles game.

X-Calibur: In those three seconds, I completed a nine-year personal journey of mine in wrestling against one of the people I looked up to upon entering this business... but on the following show, that very man took those nine glorious years... and flushes them right down the toilet. Out of the good rapport we developed over our times in LEGACY, he manipulated me into defending my championship against him in what he made seem to be an innocent one-on-one rematch. Instead... well, you all know what happened. The world bear witnessed to a three on one mugging, and Loco destroyed my reign as champion.

The booing is intense, but X-Calibur fights through it by continuing on the microphone.

X-Calibur: But it didn’t stop there. No, no, no. Loco Martinez, THE Main Event Superstar, wasn’t satisfied enough with publically raping me of my title... so he decided to publically rape me of my dignity, as well. Circumventing the rules, he manipulated an iron clad clause he was rewarded into making me “fight” him for the title in a three on one farce, with John freakin’ Thomas as the referee to boot.

X shakes his head.

X-Calibur: I still haven’t physically recovered from that “match”, and mentally... well, to be completely honest with you... I don’t know if I ever will. It takes... it takes a special kind of someone to reach those kind of inhuman depths... it takes... it takes a really evil, sadistic, hateful, and soulless snake of a man to treat another human being like that. To... cheat a man of his livelihood like that. It takes... well...

Looking down at his worn-looking get up, in a sudden metamorphosis, X’s face went from somber looking to a Cheshire cat grin in no time flat.

X-Calibur: It takes a son of a bitch to KNOW a son of a bitch... and Loco? Motherf***er, you have NO IDEA... the sh** storm you just unleashed upon yourself!!

All of a sudden, X-Calibur rips off the tattered top of his business suit and throws it to the ground. Blood stains are embedded all over a once white office shirt. The “Anarchy One” logo forever stitched in black on the right breast pocket, and the tip of the tie frayed and charred in black. It was the physical representation of a type of violence that once swept a nation off its feet and had long since been dormant of any meaning.

X-Calibur: You’re looking at someone who once EXCELLED at being evil, sadistic, hateful, and soulless. You’re looking at someone who fought an ENTIRE black market corporation, literally, into the fires of hell and back again in a fledgling little hole in the wall territory you might know as OPW. You’re looking at someone who brought the world to its KNEES... to its f***ing KNEES with indecency and debauchery. You’re looking at someone, my dear little Loco... who knows what it takes to get “even” with someone of your breed. And you know what... BITCH?!

The audience is captivated, enamored even, with X-Calibur’s intensity and near-insanity driven fury.

X-Calibur: (Tapping the briefcase) I’m not afraid to go there once again. Because you see, if I can’t get to you myself... if I can’t get you in a one on one setting and tear you apart limb for limb like I want to, I might as well make your life a waking nightmare. I have in here... money. Money that I unearthed from a trust fund I started YEARS ago when I entered the wrestling business. And, a good chunk of money, as well. I have in here...

X-Calibur raises his briefcase in the air.

X-Calibur: TWO-HUNDRED and FIFTY THOUSAND reasons for you to wish you never crossed me, Loco. You hear me, you son of a bitch?! TWO-HUNDRED and FIFTY THOUSAND dollars to the man that... TAKES. YOU. OUT.

The audience roars with an “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH”, as they finally put two and two together.

Bryan Harris: He CAN’T... he CAN’T do this....!!!!

Jimmy Yates: Uh, Bryan... I think he just did.

Alan Ducard: Blimey!!! He’s ruddy mad!!

Carefully opening it up, he walks over to the nearest camera perched on the side ring apron and shows the green contents to the camera, which are then broadcast to the arena on the LEGACY Jumbo Vision.

X-Calibur: It’s no secret that the economy’s in shambles right now... and since the government is a little slow when it comes to stimulus packages? Well, I’m going to hand one out of my own. So to the person who beats Loco Martinez within an inch of his life... to the person who BREAKS Loco’s mind, body, and spirit... to the person who gives Loco what he has so rightfully earned... I give you what is inside of this briefcase.

He stops himself from continuing by snapping his fingers. Almost as if he remembered something, he laughs absentmindedly.

X-Calibur: Wow... I ALMOST forgot. Just in case this doesn’t sound like good enough a reason to take our YOUR LEGACY World Champion.... (wink)... I have FIVE more reasons to convince you otherwise.

Bryan Harris: NO!!!!

Jimmy Yates: OMIGOD...

All of a sudden, an armed officer in civilian blues walks out through the curtains with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. His hand is clutched onto his side-arm as the audience is taken aback by this bombshell, and as soon as the armed officer reaches the end of the ramp way, ANOTHER one appears from behind the curtain, also holding a briefcase. This goes on until five armed officers surround the ring with briefcases. Each of them open their briefcase to reveal the contents inside, and the audience completely loses their sanity with “HOL-EE SH**!” and “MON-EE! MON-EE!” chants. Almost inaudible through the noise of the crowd, X-Calibur purses his lips, narrows his eyes, and looks directly into the camera.

X-Calibur: ...happy hunting.

Jimmy Yates: I cannot BELIEVE this!! Five briefcases? And if what he’s indicating is true... each of them have 250K inside?! Really?!

Bryan Harris: If I may dust off my trusty abacus here that brings this freakin’ bounty to a total of... 1.5 MILLION dollars!!!

Alan Ducard: What a bombshell this is. Loco Martinez HAS to be watching... and one has to wonder what is going through his mind right now!!

“Harvester of Sorrow” begins playing again, and almost as if on cue, each armed officer, and lastly X-Calibur, close their briefcases shut and lock them accordingly. Each armed officer walks back down the ramp-way, and as X-Calibur holds the briefcase up in the air the cameras fade to a commercial break.

[Later That Night... The Bounty Part II]

John Thomas walks backstage with a smug look on his face having just "served" Kumquat Kid. He seems surprised to see Loco staring slack jawed at a monitor. His eyes narrow nervously.

John Thomas: You okay, Jay?

Loco stands there silently. He looks at the monitor and sees X-Calibur walking to the back.

John Thomas: Sooo... What did the Former Champ have to say?

Loco shakes his head, dumbfounded.

Loco Martinez: He just... heh... he just put a hit out on me. I mean, for the lack of a better term.

A few production people stroll behind. They point at Loco and laugh. He snaps around furiously.

Loco Martinez: We're outta here!

John nods, as the two storm off. They walk through and we notice more and more people looking, whispering, pointing, and seemingly stalking Loco with their eyes.

Loco Martinez: What?! Haven't you seen YOUR CHAMPION... WALK, BEFORE?!?!? GOD!

Andrew Kelley walks up mic in hand.

Andrew Kelley: Loco! Loco! We just wanted to get your thoughts on what X-Calibur had to say?

Loco scoffs, suddenly filled with false bravado.

Loco Martinez: What... did the FORMER World Champion actually say something? He managed to crawl out from his title-less rock?

Andrew Kelley: Yeah... he just said... You were just standing at a monitor, I assumed you watched-

Loco Martinez: Listen. Me... J-Tizzle... We gotta bounce. We left our car double parked, and I'll be damned if I get another parking ticket. So, yeah. Go try to get some scoop, somewhere else.

Loco just turns and storms off. John Thomas stands there stunned for a few seconds before hurrying off behind Loco.
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In the backstage area, Andrew Kelley is standing next to Diamond Del Carver. A roar of recognition and approval goes up from the St. Louis fans at the sight of the veteran on the video screens in the arena.

Andrew Kelley: Thanks for joining me this week, Del. I know you're focused on the Main Event tonight, but I'm guessing you also have a couple of issues on your mind right now.

DDC: You're damn right I do, Andrew. When the LEGACY tour stopped in Kansas City, a couple of things happened that could end up having a serious effect on me, and I wanted to address those things right now. Both of them are concerning the upcoming Pay Per View that will be happening in my birthplace, Chicago. It ain't my hometown, but Chicago has always been a second home to Diamond Del Carver, and there are things I want to say before we get there.

Andrew Kelley: What's that, Del?

DDC: Herbert J. Moxley.

Carver turns and looks into the camera.

DDC: What is one of the first things your parents teach you when you're a kid? It's one of the simplest, most basic lessons in life, and every person on this planet has learned that lesson, since the days of the caveman. That lesson is, you DON'T PLAY WITH FIRE. I want you to look at me, right now, Mox. Look at my face. This is the face of a man who is taking something very seriously. This is the face of a man who has a very important task ahead of him. This is the face of a man who has a goal, and he will let nothing distract him from that goal.

He pauses, and Carver’s mouth slowly forms into a bit of a smile. Just a bit.

DDC: I like you, Mox. You're a good kid. You've got balls. You're a lot of fun. However, now is not the time for fun. If you get booked in a lower or midcard match, against somebody you know you can beat...then you have fun. If you're wrestling on television, in a match that isn't going to affect how you are ranked, then you have fun. If you're wrestling on a house show, or an untelevised match, then you have fun.

He gets a little more serious.

DDC: You do NOT have fun when you are going to be in the Main Event of the biggest Pay Per View of the year. You do NOT make jokes when you're wrestling for the World Heavyweight Championship. You do NOT play with fire...or you get BURNED. And my friend, if you want to make jokes, and have a laugh, and have fun, that is well and good...but Moxley, I want you to remember this. When the bell rings in Chicago, and it's you, X-Calibur, Loco, and me in that ring? Fun time is OVER pal. So you had better be really careful that your mouth isn't writing checks your ass can't cash...because if you piss me off, or try and get in my way and stop me from taking that World Title in Chicago? I will put you in the damn ground, boy. Bank on it.

Andrew Kelley: You mentioned two things being on your mind, Del...

DDC: That's right I did. The second issue is another man who I will be seeing at Eleventh Hour. See, I don't need to talk about Loco, because I'll be getting my hands on him tonight. No, I want to say a few words to my old dear friend, X-Calibur.

X-Man, I'm going to ask this as simply as I can. What the HELL are you thinking? You put a bounty on the head of the World Heavyweight Champion? What's the matter, sport? You upset because Loco gave you a taste of your own medicine? Sure, you don't like Cirque Du Mofo, X-Calibur. Why should you? But let me ask you this, do the names "Instant Heat" or "Law & Order" ring a bell to you? I bet they do. You just might be haunted by your own past right now, X. You screwed over a lot of people in your day, and you took part in a lot of gang style beatings. I seem to remember a time I got beat down by a group of thugs in a locker room, and somebody wrote on me with a damn sharpie...and YOU were there.

He shakes his head a little in disgust.

DDC: So now the shoe is on the other foot, and you are the one with the unfair advantage against you. So what do you do? You don't come ask me for help. You don't try and find other guys on the LEGACY roster to help you stand up to Loco and his henchmen. No, you just put a price on Loco's head. Well guess what, hot shot? I have a problem with that. Why? I have a problem with that because it just so happens that I NEED Loco Martinez to show up in Chicago in one piece. Just because you can't beat him, just because you can't get the job done and win your belt back, that doesn't mean I can't. I can. I will. I am going to Chicago to become the World Heavyweight Champion, and if he doesn't make it there because of you, and your stupid bounty? Then guess what, X-Calibur? I'm going to be very, very upset.

If there’s a way to be fuming mad while keeping your calm, that’s Carver. You could almost expect some steam to come through his eyepatch.

DDC: I am now officially putting you on notice, X-Calibur. Screw you, and screw your stupid bounty. As of this moment, you are now officially the bodyguard for Loco Martinez. It is now your responsibility to make sure Loco gets to Chicago in one piece. Because if he doesn't? If I can't get to him and I don't get my World Heavyweight Title Shot?

Then I'm coming for YOU.

The crowd cheers loudly as Diamond Del Carver points into the camera intensely, and then walks away...

[Later That Night...]

The crowd starts to buzz as silence continues for a few minutes, when suddenly…
The voice of Howard Beale from “Network” (1976) fills the area.


The opening drumline to “We’re Not Going To Take It”, by Twisted Sister, plays through the arena, and the fans starts to cheer as they see Herb Moxley appear from behind the curtains. He’s in a ‘traditional’ Hawaiin shirt and khaki shorts combination, reminiscent of his days from the tag team ‘Revenge of the Nerds’.

“We’re not gonna to take it,
NO! we ain’t gonna take it!
We’re not gonna take it,

The Guitarr riff hits and he runs down to the ring, giving high fives as he goes. Herbie J dives into the ring and raises the live long and prosper “V” way above his head as his free hand catches the microphone tossed from Josephina Colbert.

Moxley: Maestro – cut the music please.

The song stops, leaving only the sound of the chanting and cheering fans. Moxley grins at this, he starts talking fast, very high energy, pacing as he goes.

Moxley: They said “Hey that scrawny twerp can’t possibly carry all that stationary paper himself” - but he did, all the way back to his car without any help. They said “that day dreamin’ geek can’t possibly write three hundred letters” – but he did, and all three hundred stenciled. - They said, “three hundred letters? So what? Now way they’d hire that Loco MoFanatic four-eyed dork to be the next pro wrestling intern.” But they did. “So that geeks an intern? Nothing will come of it!” – but it did! - “So he held his own against Derek Shane, so what!” -- “Fine, he’s on the roster but no way that NERD will win any titles.” – But he did! – “OK so he won some titles but he’ll never main event.” – But in just two days he will! – “FINE But NO WAY will this guy ever be CHAMPION of the WORLD.”

A brief Pause. Moxley adjusts his glasses slightly.

Moxley: Or… will he, Chicago?

The fans cheer, Herb gives a cheesy grin in response from the cheap pop from saying the name of the city in which he stands.

Moxley: It’s true what they say. I’ve been the underdog, not just my entire career, but my entire life. But this main event? Ridiculous. Harry Potter? Ash and Pikachu? Skywalker? Frodo? None of their odds stacked this bad. I’m an imp among trolls, an Ewok among Jedis. This war I’m marching into? It’s as if I’m going into battle against the Orcish Horde, King Arthur’s Knights and the Borg. Meanwhile - my army in this epic conflict? Equivalent to the cast of ‘High School Musical Three’. I’m a dead man walking. Jen X has the box picked out already, and with the anticipated masacre she chose a lunch box. Here’s hoping they SHOOT me out of a photon cannon like they did Mr. Spock. It’s true, the chances are slim. But…

Another pause, and Herbert smiles.

Moxley: Chicago do you REALLY want a champion who locks the title up in a trophy case??

A resounding “NO!!”

Moxley: Do you REALLY want a champion who leaves the title lying around on the announce table??

A mixed reaction, some shout “No!” but just as many shout “Yes!” as Moxley is clearly referring to former world champion X-Calibur.

Moxley: Do you REALLY want a champion who will wear the world title across his face like a massive eye patch??

The crowd chuckles as Moxley covers one of his eyes with an open palm hand, some shout “No!” but others cheer for the prospect of Del Carver as champion.

Moxley: Or maybe you want a champion who will actually wear the damn thing around his waist simply because he believes it will give him plus five ogre strength, even though removing the title from its original wrapper makes it depreciate in value!?!?!

Some laughter and cheers from the crowd at the idea of the nerd champion as world champion.

Moxley: We’ll see at eleventh hour, Chicago, we’ll see. But for right now I would be neglectful – even remiss – if I did not give a shout out to my old friend, Loco Martinez. I just have three words for you man.

Herb leans back, arching his spine awkwardly all the way back before shouting towards the heavens at the top of his lungs.

Moxley: WHY, LOCO, WHY!?

The crowd laughs at this – but as our unlikely hero lurches forward we can see this is no joke. (As pathetic as it may seem) his face is now that of a man losing hope and growing bitter at the state of affairs around him. Herb starts breathing slow and deliberate as if shouting those three words has exhausted him. Quite a sudden change in persona and Herbert is now talking directly into the camera.

Moxley: Why Loco? And I don’t buy this crap about not wanting to be the entertaining funny guy anymore. That’s not what was so great about you. Besides, bud, you'r the equation expert - you should know lame doesn’t equal funny. The cold hard truth is I’ve been more entertaining these past five minutes then you’ve been your entire career. The laughs you heard? That was the sound of polite people wanting to make their hero feel loved. And as incredibly un-funny as you are – they did love you. Because what was great about you wasn’t the oozing cheesiness – it’s that you used to do the right thing. Once upon a time you stood for something. The real answer to my question? Why, Loco, why? Two reasons. One. You lost to X-Calibur. Two. You were disrespected by X-Calibur. Well dammit dudeman - Get over it and quick before it’s too late. You weren’t the first to lose to that jerk store; and until he finally gets that hug from his daddy? You won’t be the last person he disrespects, either.

A grimace and the crowd buzzes at a long pause.

Moxley: Sorry to end on the sour note Chicago, I’ll see you all again on Sunday.

The fans cheer as Moxley’s music plays one again. Herb tosses the microphone to Josephina and makes his way to the back, taking a moment for some high fives as he goes.

[Later That Night...]

Alan Ducard: And now… the main event – a fatal fourway which should serve as quite a preview for things to come at the Eleventh Hour. Two of the competitors who will take place when the World Championship is on the line in Chicago are in tonight’s main event as well – the World Champion Loco Martinez, and Hall of Famer Diamond Del Carver.

Jimmy Yates: The other two guys in tonight’s main event are arguably the two biggest names in LEGACY’s history – two-time World Champion Marcus Marion and Greyson Blade – who set records with the World Title and the No Limits Championship.

Bryan Harris: I’ll give somebody credit, this match is definitely a great setup, because down the road we could easily be seeing any pairing of these guys squaring off for the World Title, and we get to see a bit of a preview of the upcoming submission match between Greyson Blade and Marcus Marion at Eleventh Hour.

Alan Ducard: Four World-class competitors, one pinfall will end things. This is certain to be a great match, so let’s not waste any more time in setting things up, let’s just get presently to watch the footage.

Jimmy Yates: Let’s not forget that three men in this match have an additional incentive, fellas. A quarter million dollars to take out Loco Martinez.

Start of Match Footage

Marion whips Del Carver off the ropes, and takes him down with a nice drop toe hold. Marion bounces up quickly, and grabs DDC and rolls him up with an Oklahoma roll!



Thr-NO!!! Del shoulders out.

Bryan Harris: The True Revolutionary is really outclassing Old Man Del on the mat, right now!

Alan Ducard: While "out classing" is verbiage that is too strong, I will say Marion has been keeping Del down, grounded with a great flurry of mat wrestling.

Jimmy Yates: Which is not a Del Carver strength at this point in his storied career.

Alan Ducard: Too right, but Del Carver will not be put down easily. I hope Marion realizes this, and doesn't take Del's age and overlooks the man's abilities.

Marion is back up and scoops and slams Del down hard. He gets up and saunters over to the corner where Loco Martinez is standing. Loco looks around nervously, but hops down of the apron as Marion reaches to make the tag. Loco begins to stretch and touch his toes, avoiding the tag. Marion looks on, angrily. Loco doesn't even look up. He just goes about his "warm up". When from behind Marion is whirled around and decked with straight right hand by Del Carver. Carver nails a left, and shoves Marion back into corner. He goes up to the second rope, mounting Carver. He holds his right hand up to the crowd who roars. He brings his first right hand down..










Del pauses and kisses his right hand once, and drives it down with a little extra authority. He hops down. Marion takes two steps out of the corner and flops to the mat. The crowd beginning a "D-D-C" chant. Del scoops Marion up off the mat and plants him with a violent body slam. He looks down to the floor where Loco has his right foot up on the apron and is stretching his hamstring. He gestures for Loco as if he wants to get in the match. Loco shrugs,

Loco Martinez: Nah, I'm good. You go ahead.

And goes back to loosening up, which makes the crowd livid. DDC shakes his head disappointedly, and turns back to Marion. He drops an elbow across Marion's throat. Stays on top for a cover.



Th-NO! Marion shoulders out. Del back to his feet. Brings Marion up with him. He hooks him for vertical suplex, but Marion blocks. Del goes for another one. Marion blocks again. Del goes for a third, and Marion blocks and then stomps on Del's foot, twice. This loosen DDC's grip and Marcus quickly drives his toe into DDC's knee, which drops the hardcore legend to a knee. Marion then takes him over with a snap mare and locks in a reverse chin lock.

Bryan Harris: Working that beat up old leg of DDC's and now cutting off the air and blood flow. Making Del Carver more sleepy than he already is.

Jimmy Yates: More sleepy?!

Bryan Harris: C'mon Jimmy, its WAAAAAAY past his bed time. He barely gets past watching the O'Reilly Factor before dozing off every night. Staying up for a main event is a real detriment.

Jimmy Yates: Stop.

DDC starts fading as Marion sinches the chin lock in even tighter, and leans as much of his weight down on him as he can.

Bryan Harris: Tuck him in, fellas. Its off to never-never land!

The crowd begins to stomp, clap, scream and raises to their feet to inspire Del to bring the fight. He gets an adrenaline rush and brings his hands together and throws them up violently into Marion's forehead, in what looks like a modified "bump" in volleyball. Marion is taking completely by surprise and loosens the hold. Del again drives both hands up into the forehead of his opponent. Marion stumbles. Del up to his feet, wobbles a bit, but as Marion gets to HIS feet lunges and levels him with a stiff clothesline. DDC off the ropes, and Marion is back up and taken down with another violent clothesline. DDC stops and lets out a vicious growl, and Marion's eyes widen nervously. He looks to Loco who still hasnt' gotten back on the apron.

Jimmy Yates: That's ridiculous. Shouldn't the referee be telling him to get on the apron?

Bryan Harris: Hey, proper stretching is the key to not getting injured. When you're as elite an athlete as Loco, you know and value that. You, on the other hand, Yates... nearly pulled a muscle eating a Twinkie yesterday.

Marion then turns and looks at Blade, and rolls, and lunges reaching between the ropes and slapping Blade on the thigh. The crowd roars, as Blade smirks. He steps into the ring, and turns to Marion and just levels him with a right hand. He then turns and looks at Del Carver who smirks and nods. The crowd roars as the two hardcore legends begin circling one another. Building themselves into a frenzy the crowd raises to their feet. Greyson charges at Del Carver and drops him with a clothesline. He charges in and drops an elbow across Carver's chest.

Alan Ducard: Some impressive aggression from Greyson. Who's seemed agitated for the entirety of this match.

Bryan Harris: Marion's gotten into his head.

Greyson brings Del Carver up to his feet and drops him with a cavity rattling short armed clothesline. He drops and makes a cover.



NO! Del shoulders out.

Greyson gets back to his feet. Scoops up Carver and slams him down violently. He looks over at the corner Loco is standing in, and sees Legacy's champ back on the apron, and laughing it up at Del Carver's expense. This sets Blade off and he charges Loco nailing him with a right hand that sends Loco falling off the apron and down to the floor.

Bryan Harris: That was uncalled for!

Jimmy Yates: Doesn't mean it wasn't fun.

Alan Ducard: Look at the referee, chaps!

Bryan Harris: NO! That was NOT a tag!!!

Inside the ring Klinton Porter is gesturing Blade out of the ring. He looks angry for a brief minute, but then a huge smile comes across Greyson's face as he steps between the ropes and sarcastically holds them open for Loco. The crowd roars, and as Loco gets to his feet he looks panicked. He rubs his jaw as Klinton Portis tells Loco that he's the legal man. Loco shakes his head, arguing that he wasn't tagged, he was punched. Klinton shrugs, not bending to the champs complaints. Loco stomps his feet repeatedly like a temper tantrum-ing two year old. But still doesn't get his way.

Jimmy Yates: This is getting pathetic.

Blade shakes his head, and jumps down to the floor and grabs Loco and rolls him into the ring. Loco gets to his feet and stares down Blade on the outside... completely unaware that Diamond Del Carver is standing behind him with his arms crossed. Loco takes a step back, and bumps into DDC. Loco's head drops, and as he turns is leveled with a right hand. The crowd roars. Loco is back to his feet and is driven back with a left. Del whips Loco off the ropes. Ducks for a back body drop, but Loco leap frogs him. Bounces off the ropes, and as Del turns Loco levels him with a spinning heel kick. Loco then scrambles to his feet and dives back to the corner and reaches and tags Greyson back in. Loco then quickly rolls out of the ring and backs his way to the barricade keeping his distance from Blade.

Blade steps into the ring and charges Del with clothesline. Del drops down with drop toe hold, taking Greyson down. Del then gets up drops a leg across the back of Greyson's head. Del then backs into the corner and reaches and slaps Marcus Marion into the match. The crowd roars as Marion steps into the ring. He eyeballs Blade, and runs and stomps on him. Winds up and nails another stomp on the back of Blade's head. Marion smiles huge and throws his hands out as the crowd buries him under an avalanche of boos. Marion brings Greyson up to his feet. Goes to whip Greyson off the ropes, but Greyson reverses it. Marion off the ropes, and is caught by Blade and driven down with a spinebuster!

Alan Ducard: Shades of Grey!

Greyson, foregoes the cover and instead mounts Marion and begins driving right hands into Marion. The referee attempts to admonish Blade who stops the referee in his tracks with an icy glare.

Jimmy Yates: I don't know if I've seen Greyson this fired up before.

Greyson brings Marion back to his feet, and scoops him up into a gorilla press slam position.

Alan Ducard: Looking for the Outlaw Drop.

But Marion begins wiggling, and squirming. Loosening the grip. Marion slides down the back of Greyson and on the way down grabs his waist rolling him up with a sunset flip!!



THR-NO! Greyson powers out.

Bryan Harris: He almost had him!

Marion gets up quickly and gets to Loco's corner. Loco, of course, isn't there. He's still "recooperating" on the floor. So Marion heads to Del's corner. He almost gets there, but Greyson leaps and grabs Marion's leg. Marion reaching and flailing trying to tag in Del Carver. Hopping on one leg. Marion jumps and kicks back with the one free leg rocking Greyson just enough to loosen the grip and for him to dive and slap Carver's wrist. Carver looks down at Marion who slides beneath the bottom rope and shakes his head. He steps in and shares a "Can you believe these two" - gesturing to Loco and Marion - look, with Blade. Blade smirks. The two lock up, and Blade with his size and strength advantage backs DDC into the corner. He drops and buries a series of shoulders into Del's midsection, doubling him over each time. Greyson then grabs Del's wrist and whips him across the ring to the opposite corner with such force that Del ends up falling to the mat, hard.

Alan Ducard: I don't know how much more Del Carver can stand.

Jimmy Yates: And it looks like Greyson is sizing him up for the Killshot!

Del gets to his knees, and crawls towards the ropes. Greyson drops, preparing to launch himself with a Killshot. DDC grabs the top rope and pulls himself to his feet. Using the ropes for help. Blade takes off, but as Blade is about to nail Del, Del drops to the ring, pulling the middle rope down. Greyson's momentum carries him through the ropes and crashing to the outside awkwardly. The crowd gasps. DDC struggles to get to his feet. He steps through the ropes. Greyson has also struggled to get to his feet. DDC steps onto the apron, and leaps off driving a double axe handle smash across the back and shoulders of Greyson.

Del drags Greyson up to his feet, and whips him hard into the ring apron. Del then takes a few quick steps and lifts his motorcycle boot up into Greyson's face.

Alan Ducard: A huge big boot from Del Carver has Greyson in trouble!

In the ring the referee has gotten his double 10 count up to six. Del notices this and rolls into the ring to break the hold. He rolls back out, and goes back on the offensive. When he's grabbed from behind by Loco Martinez and absolutely planted with a Reverse DDT.

Bryan Harris: Stellar Drop! An homage to Loco's long time friend an tag team partner!

Jimmy Yates: Stop. How about a sneak attack, trying to soften up Del Carver moving forward. Or at the very least an attempt to end this match so he can go home, since he clearly has no desire to be here!

Loco immediately runs away, laughing all the way.

Alan Ducard: That's deplorable.

The referee is up to four....



Greyson has begun to move. He is up to his knees.


Greyson is up on his feet leaning against the apron. Del Carver is up to a knee.


Greyson rolls in the ring, and rolls out immediately to reset the 10 count.

Alan Ducard: Good for Greyson for not allowing Loco's shenanigans to bring a finish to this match.

Greyson then brings Del to his feet and rolls him in the ring. Following him in.

Bryan Harris: I think Greyson's going to capitalize on Loco's offense. He didn't want to win by count out. He wanted to win with a pin. So who's "taking advantage" now?

Greyson brings Del up and whips him hard into Marcus Marion's corner, hoping to tempt the True Revolutionary to tag himself in. Greyson charges in looking to run over DDC in the corner. NOBODY HOME!!! Greyson crashes chest first into the corner. Marion actually tags himself in, and tags Blade out. Marion jumps in and begins to wail away on Del Carver. He brings him to his feet, and whips him off the ropes, and Del is tripped up by Loco. The crowd roars with displeasure. Marion looks on and smirks... a shark smelling blood.

Alan Ducard: He's ridiculous.

Del picks himself up off the mat and turns a hard glare Loco Martinez's way. He walks to the ropes and begins jaw jacking at the Legacy World Champion.

Bryan Harris: Del should keep THE EYE on the ball - get it, Yates?

On cue Marion charges at Del and nails a running forearm to the back of DDC's head. Del stumbles, but doesn't go down thanks to the top rope. Marion then drops down, rolling up Del Carver.



Marion takes a handful of blue jeans...


The bell rings as Marion gets up oozing cockiness. He smirks at Greyson Blade as he makes a quick exit out of the ring, he points at Greyson giving him a smug "you're next", as he backs up the entrances ramp.

Josephina Colbert: Here is your winner by pinfall... MARCUS... MARION!!!!!

On the outside Loco jumps up and down gleefully, as he starts to walk to the backstage area. Greyson looks at Loco with disgust and jumps down of the apron. Getting in the way of Loco's get away. Loco looks up, and his eyes go wide. He begins to back up, looking around nervously. He turns to flee, but takes two steps and suddenly finds himself face to face with and absolutely livid Del Carver. Carver winds up and drives a right into the face of Loco. Loco stumbles back, turns... and is met with a right from Greyson. THe crowd is LOVING it!

Bryan Harris: Leave him alone! The match is over!

Loco stumbles back and is again nailed with a right hand from DDC. Stumbles and turns one more time and is met with a right from Greyson. Loco flails to the right desperately and ends up rolling over the ring side barricade. Loco clutching the side of his face, flees through the crowd.

Alan Ducard: I don't think the bounty was the drive behind that post match slug fest. Those two men of honor didn't like manner in which the Champ conducted himself. I can't say I blame them.

Bryan Harris: Please. DDC needs a retirement pay day. They had dollar signs dancing in their heads, and saw an opportunity!

Jimmy Yates: Loco barely wrestled. He hid. He Ran. AND he cost Del Carver that match! And at 11th Hour he's going to get what's coming to him!

We close with Loco fleeing through the crowd. Ringside we see Greyson and Del Carver exchanging an intense, but slightly icy nod of quiet respect, before the screen goes black.
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[11th Hour PPV. 3.8.2009]

[The Bounty Part III]

Earlier Today.

We are standing outside the arena watching as Loco Martinez steps from a black rental car. Loco's in a pair of worn blue jeans, black "Fleet Foxes" t-shirt, and yellow converse sneakers. From the driver side, steps Arch Angel. From the passenger side, T.Rex each men wearing matching black suits, white t-shirts, and black ties, with secret service ear pieces. Stepping out shortly after Loco, John Thomas. The men survey the scene and head towards the arena. Behind them we see two large, unfamiliar men with Loco's trophy case on a hand truck. The walk carefully, but we lose sight of them as we enter the arena. T.Rex and Arch Angel enter first and quickly survey the scene. They motion Loco in. John Thomas following shortly after Loco.

They take a few steps, and from a distance we hear a vicious war cry. We spin and the four men of the Cirque du MoFo take defensive stances. In the distance... about 50 yards away we see Charles Bryant Penze his face painted much like William Wallace in Braveheart. He yells again:


He takes off and begins running. T.Rex and Arch Angel look at each other confused, before giving one another a half amused smirk. CBP is now 20 yards away and closing. T.Rex and Angel look ready to pounce and absolutely destroy Charles, and as he gets to 5 yards away, he is suddenly obstructed by a door-


The men's room door had just swung open. CBP never had time to react or alter his course, and he ran full speed into the thick steel men's room door.

The four men of the Cirque look on and shake their head as a confused Mostafa Bashir steps out of men's room, looking down at the unconcious Penze. He steps over him carefully and looks around nervously, before walking off.

T.Rex: Hope he washed his hands...

Loco sighs heavily.

Loco Martinez: This sh*t is gettin' ridiculous.

The men of the Cirque du MoFo head off. We cut back to one more shot of Penze sprawled across the floor, clutching his head.

[Hype Video]

A Shot of an empty arena. A shot of the Legacy World Title. The opening of the Cold War Kids "Something is not Right With Me" begins and we see the armed guards standing with their briefcases.

"Something is not right with me"

A tight shot of X-Calibur, sneering with disdain.

"Something is not right with me"

Tight shot of Moxley, he adjusts the glasses on his nose.

"Something is not right with me"

Tight shot of Del Carver. He smirks and winks at the camera.

"How was I supposed to know?"

Loco standing in front of his trophy case. The Cirque flanking him menacingly.

"Something is not right with me
Something is not right with me"

Del Carver pulling his barbwire wrapped glove over his hand.

"Something is not right with me
Tryin' not to let it show"

Moxley in conference with the Kumquat Kid and Crazy Boy. Plotting to win Loco back to the "light side"
"I tried to call you collect
You said you would not accept"

X-Calibur being beat down by Anarchy.

"Your friends are laughin' 'cause
Nobody uses pay phones"

The Cirque du MoFo laughing, and celebrating his title win.

"Gave me quarters to select
So I'm on the jukebox again"

X-Calibur standing in front of a table covered in money.

"People dancin'
Should've never chosen 'Girlfriend'"

Moxley talking with Jen X. Footage from Strife where Loco walks by and slaps Jen X's ass.

"Something is not right with me
Something is not right with me"

Del Carver Punching Loco in the face. Loco reels and stumbles over the barricade fleeing through the crowd.

"Something is not right with me
How was I supposed to know?"

Moxley standing in the crane. The crowd around him roars as he hits the Super Sweet Ninja Kick.

"Something is not right with me
Something is not right with me"

X-Calibur hoisting the title high over his head after defeating Loco

"Something is not right with me
I'm trying not to let it show"

The music softens and we get a slow motion shot of Loco standing over X-Calibur holding the same title.

"Crash into the people"

Moxley leaps off the top rope nailing a missile dropkick.

"Who're sleepin' late into the evening
Reach behind they can hardly find their spines"

Loco nailing Del Carver with a reverse DDT from Strife.

"Crash into the people"

Del Carver drops an opponent with an axe handle smash.

"Who're sleepin' late into the evening
Reach behind they can hardly find their spines"

The music picks back up. X-Calibur leaning back stretching an opponent to the point of breaking with the "Legendary Pain"

"You said did you lack a cause

Del Carver standing in a Legacy Ring for the first time.

"I try to feel like I can
It was smokey but it died in your front yard"

Becomes Del hitting the Diamond Death Drop.

"You find out who's datin' who
But when it comes to you"

Moxley driving an opponent down with the Dragon Slayer.

"Hope is pullin' punches
With different ways in my mind "

Loco hitting the Locapitator on X-Calibur. Becomes X-Calibur Hitting the X-Terminator on Loco.

and as the music begins to fade to static we get a fast placed loop of the last four moves we saw in different orders..

Diamond Death Drop. X-Teriminator. Locapitator. Dragon Slayer.
Locaptitator. Dragon Sayer. X-Terminator. Diamond Death Drop.

And finally static, and a quick "did you just see it" flash of the bounty. Followed by just as quick a flash of the Legacy World Championship.

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LEGACY World Championship
Fatal Fourway
Loco Martinez© vs Herbert J. Moxley vs Diamond Del Carver vs X-Calibur

“Harvester of Sorrow” hits the speakers, and the fans in attendance become completely unglued for the match that’s about to begin. The lights douse and in a glowing spectacle of red and orange, a lone “X” appears on the LEGACY Jumbo Vision screen amidst an inferno of flames.

Bright pyro explodes on the entrance ramp and fire that stretches ten feet high engulfs the entrance stage area, sending orange embers up into the sky from parts of the curtain that were burning brightly. An effused scent of smoke and sweetness from the after affects of the pyro lingers long after the flames appear. All of a sudden, through the flames walks X-Calibur, wearing a pair of black wrestling pants with a skull emblem on the left leg that has an orange python slithering through the eye socket. The right leg has splotches of red on it making that part of the attire closely resemble a pair of painter’s pants; it was almost as if the red splotches were blood stains that had been dried over a significant amount of time.

His wet, dark brown, almost midnight black hair loosely flows down his back as he adjusts the black elbow pads on his arms. The heat from the flames surrounding him dries off any perspiration clinging to his back from a recent shower, and X-Calibur continues walking, careful to not step directly into the source of this blazing wild fire.

Bryan Harris: What a flamer.

Alan Ducard: Good God, that might have been your lamest pun yet.

Jimmy Yates: This is a sight to behold, let me tell you. If X-Calibur’s promos from recent weeks are any indication of his attitude in this match, then we could be in for one HELL of a ride.

The bell sounds as X-Calibur makes his way down the elevated ramp, away from the raging flames that the staff are desperately trying to maintain and extinguish with nearby fire extinguishers.

Josephina Colbert: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall... and it is the FATAL-FOURWAY MAIN EVENT for the LEGACY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Making his way down the ring is our first challenger... from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 245lbs... X-CALIBUR!!

James Hetfield’s voice rings out to all those that are watching as X-Calibur’s sinister demeanor carries with him up the steel steps and into the ring itself. There is no smile. There is no frown. There is... nothing. X-Calibur doesn’t even acknowledge some of the fans sitting in the front row that came all of this way to hold up a spelt out X-Calibur sign. The raw emotion pouring over him like grease over a fire simply won’t allow it.

Once the flames finally extinguish, "If You Want Blood... You Got It" by AC/DC possesses the public announce system and the initials “D...D...C...” replace the lone X on the LEGACY Jumbo Vision as Diamond Del Carver appears through the charred and burnt curtains.

Alan Ducard: And here he comes! The man himself!

Shaking his head at the theatrical display put on by X-Calibur’s grand entrance, the sheriff of LEGACY, Diamond Del Carver, makes his way down the ring, slapping hands with fans who had their hands outstretched for their hero. Looking at one sign that read, “DIAMOND DEL CARVER: NEXT WORLD CHAMPION”, Carver smiled humbly and continued making his way down the elevated ramp way.

Josephina Colbert: Making his way down the ring is our second challenger... from Jackson, Mississippi... also weighing in at 245lbs... DIAMOND... DEL... CARVER!!

Bryan Harris: And clocking in at seventy years, eleven months old with calcium deposits the size of golf balls...

Jimmy Yates: Stop.


Bryan Harris: Oh no...


Bryan Harris: Not this song...


Bryan Harris: PLEASE not this song... any song but this one...

The fans explode at these lyrics by Twisted Sister as Herbert J. Moxley makes his way down the ring, coughing at the residual effects of X’s smoky entrance. Looking amped up and ready to go, Moxley sprints the rest of the way down to the ring and dives through the middle rope, rolling perfectly into the ring and hopping back up onto his feet.

Alan Ducard: Looks like on this night, Herbert J. Moxley came to fight!

Jimmy Yates: Look at him! He’s getting right in X-Calibur’s face!!

Staring a hole inches away from X-Calibur, Moxley, in one succession of rude hand gestures, motions “breaking in two”, “kiss my ass”, and “suck it”, to which X-Calibur reacts not in the slightest. Del Carver manages a big chuckle, though, as he is amused by the youngster’s fired up state of mind and his willingness to prove himself against someone the likes of X-Calibur, and possibly even he.

The fans continue singing along, as Moxley raises his arms in the air to the watching crowd, beating his chest for their love and admiration.

Josephina Colbert: And the third and final challenger, from Long Island, New York... weighing in at 212lbs... HERB...MOXLEY!!!!

Alan Ducard: We have three heavy fan favorites in this match, ladies and gents, but given the circumstances... I don’t think any of them will be cheering louder for the others than they will for Herb Moxley. The man’s the proverbial underdog in this match, and if this world has proven ANYTHING in its constant survival, its that we should always believe in the underdog.

Jimmy Yates: Well said. Then again, you have to factor in the people who want to see X-Calibur kick the everlasting crap out of that butt bag Loco Martinez, and of course, the people who want to see the seasoned veteran and Hall of Fame athlete Del Carver have one more go at glory.

Bryan Harris: And lets not forget the people that want to see Cirque Du MoFo leave this show with some gold still on their shoulders!!

And audible clip of crickets chirping is played into a head-set.

Bryan Harris: HEY! What the hell was THAT? Who played that?! Was that you, Jimmy?!

The lights suddenly go out, and the three men in the ring, and the thousands in attendance turn to the charred remains of the curtain on the elevated entrance ramp. A golden spotlight falls at the entrance as soft harps play, and we see Loco Martinez's trophy case being wheeled out by the same two unfamiliar men we've seen that have been in charge of lugging the trophy case around the arena today with a handtruck. They walk the case off to the side, set it upright, and take the hand truck away. They return, but not alone, as T.Rex and Arch Angel are in tow. Each man stationed at a corner of the case, keeping a watchful eye.

Bryan Harris: Extra security tonight. THE champ is always thinking ahead.

The harp music fades away. The spotlight is extinguished, and we get a pregnant pause.

Bryan Harris: The champ knows how to make an entrance.

Jimmy Yates: Or knows when to get the hell out of dodge.

The palm muted bassline erupts, the boos follow.

"On Another Day, C'mon C'mon"

The Von Bondies' "C'mon C'mon" rocks the arena as Loco Martinez makes a very quick trek from the back to the arena. Looking like a man on a mission, or at least a man who didn't want to be hanging around the back by himself while his body guards were out in the arena. He quickly strolls down the ramp. We notice X-Calibur trying to hide a smirk, not so secretly enjoying watching Loco's quicker than normal pace to the ring. Loco gets to the apron, and jumps down to the floor, not really wanting to get in the ring just yet.

Alan Ducard: Not again. This where we last left Loco Martinez... not wanting to step foot in the ring for fear of his own well being.

Taking a deep breath, Loco slides underneath the ring, and like someone flipped a switch on inside his head, X-Calibur lunges at Loco Martinez. But the World Champion slips between the ropes and backs out of the ring as quickly as he entered. The bell sounds at this point, and X bites, giving chase to Loco by rolling out underneath the ring.

Alan Ducard: X makes a bee-line for the World Champion!

Bryan Harris: The FORMER World Champion will never catch THE World Champion. Loco is far too clever for a dumb jock like X-Calibur.

Meanwhile, Herb Moxley and Del Carver begin to size each other up by circling around one another, eventually meeting in the center of the ring with a classic collar to elbow tie up. Neither man wants to give an inch, but eventually Carver’s bigger frame comes into play and Moxley begins feeling the strength overwhelm him.

Alan Ducard: Test of might and strength there by Del and Herb. Interesting to see that Moxley is willing to be put in situations like this, knowing full well he’s much lighter than a Del or an X.

Loco runs around the ring with X closely following him. On the fourth side around the perimeter of the ring, Loco slides underneath the bottom rope and back inside. Carver gains the upper hand on Moxley and begins pushing him back to the ropes, but as Loco whizzes by, Del Carver pushes Mox off of him and turns around. With Loco already sliding back out the other side of the ring, X-Calibur follows in pursuit and slides into the ring from where Loco did previously.

Jimmy Yates: You can’t really match Loco in speed. Heck, I don’t think ANYBODY in LEGACY can, to be perfectly honest.

Bryan Harris: Looks like Diamond Del is gonna cut X off!

Carver sees X coming and as soon as X stands up in the ring Carver lunges forward with a clothesline. X sees it coming though and ducks swiftly. Moxley attempts to succeed where Carver failed, but he is knocked down for his efforts with a hard running left fist to the jaw. Carver turns around just in time to see Mox hit the mat and X shake his fist from the impact of knuckle meeting nerd. Attempting to lunge forward once again, Carver suddenly stumbles forward and hits the mat face first in an embarrassing heap courtesy of an outside trip-up from Loco’s reaching hand.

Bryan Harris: Whoops! Who put that banana peel there?!

Jimmy Yates: Loco’s so damn quick that in all of the hubbub in the ring between Mox, Del, and X, he managed to sprint around behind them!

Alan Ducard: Del doesn’t look too happy by that trip-up. If I were Loco, I’d stay out of that ring for the time being.

Jimmy Yates: He’s certainly not making any friends, that’s for sure.

Del Carver gets to his knees and turns around to face the man who tripped him, but as he reaches for his throat by extending an arm in between the bottom and middle ropes, Loco is just out of reach. Taunting Del to do something about it, Loco laughs evilly at Del as he watches the man become increasingly annoyed on his knees facing the outside, preoccupied with honoring himself over the embarrassing trip-up.

Bryan Harris: Get over it, Del. Happens to the best of us.

Meanwhile, X-Calibur has had enough of playing “catch me if you can” with the World Champion and simply smirks out at him while nodding his head. Carver sees X-Calibur standing alone and, for the first time in several years, the two legends lock horns with a classic tie-up. This classic tie up doesn’t last long however as Carver head-butts X-Calibur straight in the forehead, immediately causing X-Calibur to reel back with both of his hands covering his face.

Alan Ducard: Excellent head-butt. If all else fails, you know what Diamond Del said; “Use your head!”

Bryan Harris: Rhyming is lame.

Jimmy Yates: Agreed.

Carver smiles advantageously and leans in on X-Calibur, forcing him to back-step into the ropes. As soon as they both lean into the ropes, Carver uses the slight recoil to propel X-Calibur off of him. Carver charges forward and as X-Calibur makes his way back, X-Calibur is taken down by a clothesline. Herb picks himself up off the mat in the far corner, using the ropes to make it easier on himself. Sensing an opportunity, Loco hops up onto the apron, drills Moxley with a hard right hand, spinning him around. Taking hold of the tag rope, Loco uses it around Herb’s neck to choke him in the corner. Referee Ross Quattro sees what’s going on, though, and rushes in.

Ross Quattro: ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

“QUATRO!!” yells a group of young men in the front row as Ross makes the fourth count. Loco lets go of the choke and hops down off the apron, not wanting to be disqualified, and Ross looks over with confusion at the group of laughing and cheering guys in the front row, their whole section enjoying the pun. Ross simply shakes his head and gets back to the action.

Jimmy Yates: Did those fans just do what I think they did?!

Alan Ducard: I believe they yelled “Quatro” just as Ross QUATTRO was going to count “four”…

Bryan Harris: Stupid frat kids always come up with crazy things like that. I hope it doesn’t catch on…

Alan Ducard: Most importantly, this is a good time to point out that disqualifications can be registered as part of this match, and I’m hearing in my ear piece that if one of these competitors is disqualified, the match will continue as a triple threat.

Moxley uses this chance to reenter the fray as he’d been standing in the corner off to the side and charges at Del with a nerd-line. Carver goes down, and X-Calibur is back up. Moxley goes down to a running Yakuza kick by X, and Carver is back up. X is taken down by a tornado discus punch by Carver, and Moxley is back up.

Alan Ducard: Such a frenetic pace here... it’s hard to keep up!

Charging forward at for a second nerd-line, Moxley misses as Carver ducks underneath it. Heading into the ropes, X-Calibur gets to his feet in time to knock Carver down with a rising uppercut in retaliation. Rebounding off the ropes, Moxley jumps in the air and spins, connecting on the bridge of X-Calibur’s nose with a front missile dropkick. All of a sudden, as Moxley gets up, an unexpected Loco LEVELS Moxley inside out with a springboard spinning heel kick.

Alan Ducard: Bloody hell! Wicked spinning heel kick there by Loco!

Back to his feet, Loco Martinez poses in the middle of the ring as all three competitors are down on the canvas. The crowd booing, Loco only feeds off of this and laughs manically.

Jimmy Yates: Where did the champ come from?!

Bryan Harris: Haha, this is EXACTLY what Loco had been hoping for. Let Carver, Mox, and X fight amongst themselves and SWOOP IN for the kill. He keeps this tactic up, he will retain that title in no time flat.

Alan Ducard: You very well could be right, Bryan. He’s the quintessential vulture in this match-up; feeding on the carrion that lie in his wake.

Reaching down for Moxley, Loco Martinez slaps his former friend in the face a few times for added insult to injury. With Moxley standing up right, Loco lift him up by the legs, twists, and snaps Moxley down throat first across the top rope with a stun gun. Moxley crumples in a awkward heap, and Loco dives down for the quick cover, hooking both legs in deep for a hopeful if not hopeless pin attempt.



Moxley kicks out just in time for Carver to witness the pinfall attempt happening before him. Racing over to Loco with a foot ready to stomp down on his back, the World Champion quickly slithers back outside of the ring like a snake going back in his hole. Narrowly escaping Carver’s clutches again, Del cusses frustratingly out at Loco Martinez who is grinning like a Cheshire cat with the fans booing his methodology thus far in the match.

Jimmy Yates: I don’t like this one bit. Loco’s showing what kind of a coward he really is here in this match-up.

Bryan Harris: Coward?! Please. Loco has shown nothing short of one-hundred percent brilliance here in this match. The ‘hit and run’ method might seem ‘cheap’ to someone as ignorant as you, but there’s a reason why Loco Martinez is LEGACY World Champion.

Jimmy Yates: Bad argument. ‘Cause, no offense Bry? But there IS a reason why Loco Martinez is World Champion, and it has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that he once again manipulated his way into the reign and NOTHING to do with actually beating someone in that ring fair and square.

Looking out at Loco, Del brings Moxley to his feet but is quickly sent to his knees and draped over the middle rope by a clothesline to the back of the head from X-Calibur. X knees Moxley in the gut, and proceeds to lift him up in the air for a vertical suplex.

At the same exact time, Loco Martinez climbs the steel railing on the outside and measures up Carver’s head and shoulders draped over the middle rope, facing him.

Holding Moxley up for a few seconds, X-Calibur snaps back to the mat with an Earth shattering stalling-snap vertical suplex. Shrugging to the audience, Loco spins forward off of the steel guard railing and connects with a 540 inside turning kick to the skull of Diamond Del Carver before slamming into the edge of the apron and falling roughly down onto the outside mat below. Carver’s eyes roll to the back of his head as he slides limply off of the middle rope to the canvas.

“HOL-EE SHIT! HOL-EE SHIT!”, the audience cries out as Loco uses the ring skirt to pull himself back up to his feet. Cirque Du MoFo fans sitting at ringside applaud the self-sacrificing high risk maneuver as Loco Martinez takes a snide bow before them.

Bryan Harris: (Audibly applauding.) Bravo!

Jimmy Yates: Stop.

As X-Calibur drapes himself over Moxley, the ref makes it to only one before Loco slides in and kicks X-Calibur square in the ribs. Absorbing the kick, X-Calibur rolls to his side and catches the hind quarters of Loco’s right leg as the World Champion attempts to make a quick exit from the ring. Furiously shaking X off of him like an entanglement of cobwebs, Loco manages to succeed as he dives over the middle rope, spilling to the apron and rolling to his feet on the outside mat.

Alan Ducard: Once again, Loco making a quick exit from the match, escaping what surely would have been harm’s way.

Bryan Harris: All he has to do is keep doing this and OUR World Champion WILL retain his title.

Seeing Carver lying on his back from the kick to the head Loco previously delivered, X goes to hook a leg but Moxley is already up and on top of things. Kicking X square in the back of his head, Moxley guides X to his feet and, after showing to the crowd a “V” symbol with his fingers, he cinches on a Vulcan death grip. X-Calibur begins yelling out to the crowd, as some of the people in attendance begin laughing their asses off at the ridiculous submission attempt.

Jimmy Yates: No way X-Calibur taps out to Spock. X equals greater than Star Trek.

Throwing an elbow up, he connects right in the eye socket, sending Moxley back a bit. Turning around, rubbing the spot where Moxley had the death grip cinched in, X-Calibur charges forward. Moxley is ready for it though, and like a character straight out of Street Fighter II, Moxley yells “FLASH KICK”, performs a back-flip with one foot extended and connects right on the button of X-Calibur’s chin, sending him down to the mat.

Alan Ducard: What the hell was that?!

Jimmy Yates: I never thought I’d say this but... that was a freaking FLASH KICK!!

Herb Moxley hooks a leg and Quattro is right there for a count.



Shouldering out of the pin just in time, this doesn’t stop Loco from running back into the ring and stomping down hard on the back of Moxley’s head. With the crowd booing, Loco begins taunting once again, but little does he know that Del Carver is back on his feet, albeit holding his head with a grimace. Walking right up behind Loco, Del Carver whips Loco around, boots him in the gut, applies a three-quarter necklock and drives him to the canvas with an old school Diamond Cutter!!!

Bryan Harris: WHAT?!

Alan Ducard: DIAMOND CUTTER!! He FINALLY got his hands on him!!

The crowd roars as Del makes a cover and the fans eagerly count along in Joyous abandon.


Alan Ducard: This is it!!


THR- Moxley drops a short leg drop across the back of Del Carver’s head to break up the pin.

Bryan Harris: Thank God for the nerd!!

With Herb Moxley working on bringing Carver to his feet, X-Calibur manages to get to his own just in time to see Loco woozily roll himself out of the ring to the outside mat. Looking at Moxley and Carver, X-Calibur then looks down at Loco outside of the ring. Looking back at Moxley and Carver, X-Calibur then looks back to Loco... the decision seemingly a hard one to make.

Alan Ducard: It looks like X-Calibur is reassessing the situation.

Bryan Harris: Just what IS more important to X-Calibur here? Getting revenge on Loco... or fighting for the world title?

Yelling “F–k it.”, X-Calibur steps between the ropes to the outside, rubbing his jaw from the flash kick Moxley connected with him. Suddenly, Moxley stops him from going outside of the ring and nails a barrage of punches to the side of X’s head. Climbing back inside of the ring, X-Calibur throws some rights of his own out of sheer defensive strategy, and then throws Moxley back into the ropes. Moxley on the rebound, X goes for a Thesz press but Moxley stops just short of X, watches him land on his feet gets to his feet and PLUCKS him viciously square in the eye. X-Calibur reels back, blinded by the devastating pluck and accidentally stumbles through the middle rope, hitting the outside apron hard and rolling to the outside mat below. Mox “brushes his hands off” of X-Calibur, and the fans in attendance laugh hysterically at the pluck of doom.

Alan Ducard: I never thought I’d say this but, X was just sent to the outside with a pluck from Herb Moxley!

Jimmy Yates: X goes down... to the pluck of DOOM!!

Bryan Harris: What the PLUCK was that?! Get it?!

Jimmy Yates: Really?

Bryan Harris: What?!

Jimmy Yates: ...annnnnd you just killed it.

Holding his throbbing eye, X-Calibur manages to catch a glimpse of Loco sitting up, holding his head and neck. Shaking the pain from his eye away and blinking repeatedly to moisten the throbbing area, X-Calibur looks down at Loco who has risen to his knees, and a look of sudden realization comes across Loco’s face as he looks up and sees the smiling face of the former World Champion. But when X-Calibur takes a step forward, X’s knee buckles and X-Calibur goes down badly.

Alan Ducard: Oh no..

Jimmy Yates: Oh hell, I think he might’ve torn something in the landing there after that pluck by Moxley.

Carver and Mox seize this opportunity to once again connect with a collar and elbow tie up. This time Moxley is ready for the bigger veteran and from the tie-up he falls to his knees with a jawbreaker that catches Del stunned.

Alan Ducard: Nice jawbreaker!

Moxley brings Carver to his feet, but as soon as he does Carver also hooks the beginning stages of a Diamond Cutter on him. Moxley sees it coming though and pushes Carver off enough to turn around and catch his arms with a backslide.



THR- Carver kicks out as the fans cry out in exasperation over the teasing of Moxley almost becoming World Champion.

Holding his mouth in agony, Del tries to get back to his feet with his eyes squinting, giving Moxley enough room to place Del’s head in between his legs for a piledriver. Heaving upwards, he tries to get Carver in the air, but Carver counters with a nicely executed back body drop.

Bryan Harris: Old man rivers with a counter..

Taunting X-Calibur by slapping him on the back of his head, Loco gains enough confidence in the situation to stand beside X-Calibur, enjoying the site of him yell out in agony over his bum knee joint.

Alan Ducard: X looks really hurt here...

Jimmy Yates: He might have twisted his knee on that landing there, Alan. Not sure.

Rolling around on the outside mat, crying out in agony, X shouts, “My knee! My knee!” as Loco looks on curiously. Ross Quattro, who up until this point has been perfectly happy letting Klinton Porter handle things inside of the ring, sees this and immediately rushes to the side of X-Calibur.

Bryan Harris: Yes, X-Calibur is injured!

Alan Ducard: That’s not funny, Bryan. If there’s one universal thing you just don’t do in this business, it’s pray for a wrestler to be injured.

Bryan Harris: Yeah? Tell that to X-Calibur. John Iley? Sean Boden? Any of these names ringing any bells?

Back inside of the ring, Carver guides Moxley to his feet and delivers a stiff backhand chop, nearly shattering the blood vessels with impact. The crowd goes “Wooooo!” and Moxley reels back clutching his chest. Carver fires up for another one and connects, sending Moxley all the way back into the ropes yet again. Licking his palm, readying for an even harder chop, Carver reaches back for it when Moxley SHOOTs a right hand to the side of Carver’s face. Moxley throws another one and Carver reels back enough to give Moxley some breathing room. Measuring up Carver’s knee, Moxley delivers a basement dropkick to his knee, causing the veteran to fall to the mat, clutching his knee joint in agony.

Bryan Harris: Looks like Carver might be bunking up with X in the hospital for knee replacements after this one’s all said and done!

Quattro tries to tend to X-Calibur, watching almost helplessly as the man rolls around clutching his knee. Loco turns his back to the front row of the audience, absolutely proud of his handiwork. Instantaneously, X-Calibur whips back up to his feet, showing everyone that his knee was perfectly fine and stalks behind the unsuspecting Loco with a smirk a mile wide.

Bryan Harris: WHAT?!

Jimmy Yates: Hahaha, his knee is fine!! Way to pull one over the World Champion, X!

The fans watch behind Loco as he tries to get under their skin. They start screaming in excitement as X-Calibur creeps up behind him stealthily, and then, as Loco raises his arms in the air for some kind of moral victory, X-Calibur grabs him by the waist band and the back of the head and THROWS him full force into the guard rail like a lawn dart.

Bryan Harris: THAT SON OF A-

Jimmy Yates: Jesus!!! That was ROUGH!!

Alan Ducard: Looks like Loco just got a dose of his own medicine!!

As Carver gets up to one knee, Moxley backtracks into the ropes, and on the rebound he flies forward with something resembling a flying bicycle kick to Del Carver. The smacking echo of boot meeting face reverberates through out the arena and Moxley floats over on top of Carver’s upper body in mid-air for the innovative cover. Klinton Porter is right there for the count..



Carver kicks out emphatically, cussing angrily over the pain in his face from Moxley’s kick.

Jimmy Yates: Give it to Herbie Jay for staying focused in this match. He damn near pinned a Hall of Famer there for the World Title!

Alan Ducard: Yeah, all the while X-Calibur isn’t even paying attention!

X-Calibur drags Loco up to his feet and roughly takes him by the back of the head and shoulders. Pointing him in the direction of the steel ring post, X-Calibur throws him forward as hard as he can, causing Loco to do a somersault into the post spine first where he lands with a hard THUD straight on top of his head.

Bryan Harris: OH MY GOD!!!

Jimmy Yates: His neck could be BROKEN!! He could be PARALYZED!!

Holding the back of his neck with one hand and his lower back with the other, Loco buries his head in the outside mat as X-Calibur very coldly grabs him by the back of his head again and rips him back up to his feet. “You like that, you son of a BITCH?! How about ANOTHER?!”, X-Calibur shouts near the camera with Loco in his grasp. Barely able to stand, Loco Martinez is guided forcefully down the length of the outside perimeter.

Bryan Harris: Now where the heck is he going?!

Loco falls to his knees on the mat, holding up his hands in a “t” sign, asking for a time-out. X-Calibur shakes his head no, and advances towards Loco who is sliding himself back on the ground, trying to slowly escape the inevitable clutches of X-Calibur.

With some of the bloodthirsty fans in the front row pleading for their thirst to be quenched, a seething X-Calibur once again points Loco Martinez in the direction of the steel ring post and whips him as hard as he can into it. Once again the force of X-Calibur’s throw sends Loco forward into an awkward somersault, causing the man to land on the top of his head for a second straight time. The gasps of the watching crowd echo through the arena as Loco remains motionless on the outside mat.

Bryan Harris: He’s gonna kill him, damn it!!!

Jimmy Yates: This is almost hard to watch... and I only say almost because I can’t say Loco didn’t have this side of X-Calibur coming.

Bryan Harris: You CANNOT sit there and tell me what X-Calibur is doing is just. Forget the pro-wrestling side of things, he’s... he’s trying to freaking KILL the man!!

As X-Calibur goes to pick up Loco, Ross Quattro stands between the World Champion and his aggressor. Yelling for him to “Move the f–k out of the way!”, X-Calibur looks back at the fans and then shrugs. Gripping his hands around the LEGACY official, X-Calibur SNAPS to the outside mat in a blur of aggression with a sick X-Terminator.

Alan Ducard: WHAT THE HELL?!


Jimmy Yates: Oh this can’t be good for Loco... or, well, X for that matter...

“HOL-EE SHIT! HOL-EE SHIT!” the fans chant in unholy unison as Quattro lies motionless on the outside mat and Loco Martinez barely stirs beside him. Looking out at the fans in attendance, X-Calibur nods his head as some “X-Cal! X-Cal!” chants escape their mouths from the carnage being left in the wake of X-Calibur.

Moxley looks out and sees Quattro sprawled out and unconscious. Looking up at X-Calibur Moxley doesn’t have time to react before Carver rolls him up from behind.



Not even bothering to stop the count happening inside of the ring, X-Calibur looks back down at Loco and begins to slowly pick him up once again. Loco is barely able to stand, and when he does, X drags him over to the third corner ring post. Positioning himself and Loco directly in front of the post, X-Calibur holds Loco in a belly-to-belly suplex position, lifts up, and throws the World Champion spine and neck first into the ring post with an overhead release belly-to-belly suplex. Loco once again lands awkwardly, almost coming straight down on his head once again.

Having enough of what he’s seen, Klinton Porter climbs outside of the ring and steps in between Loco’s body and X-Calibur.

“Get in that ring! NOW!!”

Without saying a word, X-Calibur knees LEGACY official Klinton Porter in the gut, takes him by the back of his head... and RAMS him face first into the same steel ring post that Loco’s body collided with. Porter goes down like a sack of sack of rocks and the fans watch in stunned silence as X-Calibur’s wrath of chaos grows increasingly disturbed.

Alan Ducard: Somebody back there do something!! X has lost it!!

Bryan Harris: This man should be FIRED!!

Meanwhile, after the roll-up attempt, Carver brings Moxley to his feet and sets him up for a gutwrench suplex. Heaving the nerd up in the air, Carver twists in mid-air and turns it into a front falling gutwrench powerbomb. Going to hook a leg, Carver looks around and sees that there is no referee. Only X-Calibur standing outside beside two unconscious bodies. Shaking his head with frustration, Carver gets up and looks at X-Calibur who isn’t even looking back at him. Yelling, “What the HELL, X?”, Carver calls out to him with his arms held out. “HEY, I’m talking to you!” Carver shouts but X-Calibur ignores him completely and focuses on Loco Martinez laying on the mat.

Jimmy Yates: We need some help out here. It looks like X-Calibur has reached his breaking point.

Looking over at the announce team, X-Calibur walks up beside the announce table and grabs a hold of a steel chair that was propped up against the barricade separating the audience from the announce team. Looking back at Loco, X-Calibur slowly walks over to the World Champion with a sadistic look on his face. Carver sees this act though and, instead of following up his offense on Moxley, he decides to step between the ropes to the outside. Cautiously approaching the side of X-Calibur, Carver doesn’t even have time to react as, out of his peripheral vision.... BANG... X-Calibur swings and connects square in the forehead with a devastating steel chair shot to Diamond Del Carver..


Bryan Harris: CARVER IS DEAD!!

Carver goes down flat on his back and X-Calibur looks at him for only a moment before focusing back on Loco Martinez, who is just now starting to rise back to his feet on his own volition.

Looking to connect with a steel chair shot, X-Calibur swings... BANG, X misses and connects chair with ring post.

Alan Ducard: Loco got out of the way!!

With the entire crowd becoming unglued for the chaotic nature of X-Calibur, Loco dives out of the way, spilling down onto the outside mat in front of the announce table. With X-Calibur walking towards Loco, Moxley is back up to his feet inside of the ring after having been gutwrench powerbombed by Del Carver. Having watched some of the chaos surround the ring, Moxley is back on his feet and looking out at the fans. Then, at X-Calibur standing in front of Loco with the steel chair, Moxley runs back into the ropes to pick up some speed.

Bryan Harris: What is that IDIOT doing?!

Alan Ducard: Moxley going for a suicide dive?!

Jimmy Yates: Nerds can fly too!!

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Diving through the middle and top rope, Moxley suicide dives to the outside and... BANG... X-Calibur connects with a steel chair shot to Moxley’s face in mid-air.


Just as this chair shot happens, about a dozen men wearing standard yellow security shirts rush from the back and down the elevated rampway. Some of them hop down to the left and some of them hop down to the right as the security team flanks the weapon wielding X-Calibur. All of a sudden, referee Leonard Nolan appears from behind the curtains and rushes down the elevated ramp way and into the ring.

Jimmy Yates: What the hell is happening here? Do we have a match going on or NOT?!

Alan Ducard: I don’t know what to make of this, James. I really don’t.

As Nolan shouts to Josephina Colbert, a sore Loco Martinez rolls Moxley’s unconscious body off of him and holds the side of his neck. Looking at X-Calibur with the steel chair and the yellow shirts surrounding the scene, a faint smirk appears on Loco’s face just in time to hear Colbert’s announcement.

Josephina Colbert: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just been informed that... AS A RESULT OF A DISQUALIFICATION... X-Calibur has been ELIMINATED from the match-up and MUST return to the locker room area!!

Alan Ducard: WHAT?!

Jimmy Yates: NO WAY!!!


“BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”, and “YEEEEEEEEAAAAAH!!!”, the split audience shouts as X-Calibur looks down at the smirking Loco Martinez. X-Calibur simply smirks back, somewhat unaffected by the execution decision to take him out of the ongoing match-up. Dropping the steel chair, X-Calibur looks around at the carnage left in his wake and shakes his head. Looking back at Loco Martinez, X-Calibur then looks at some of the security approaching him.

Alan Ducard: Looks like X-Calibur has been-

BANG!! Before Alan can even finish his sentence, X-Calibur NAILS one of the security guards right across the forehead with the chair. The rest of the security team jumps on him, attempting to disarm the former challenger and subdue him long enough to get him to the backstage area. X-Calibur then drops the chair but continues fighting, landing a couple of good shots on some of the security team before they manage to hold his arms behind his back and move him away from the bodies laying on the floor. Shouting maniacally at the security guards, “THAT SON OF A BITCH IS MINE!!!!”, X-Calibur is dragged forcefully up the ramp before eventually disappearing behind the curtains.

Alan Ducard: What a turn of events, ladies and gentlemen!! This fatal fourway match has just turned into a TRIPLE THREAT!!

Jimmy Yates: One thing people always seems to forget in these one-pin-ends-it-all type match-ups is that, there are NO elimination rules... but at the same time, you CAN be thrown out with a disqualification!!

Bryan Harris: Yeah, well it looks like X-Calibur is one of those people who forgot that rule!!!

Technicians work on Porter, Quattro, and the security guard that was laid out. Diamond Del Carver is out. Herbert J. Moxley is out. And Loco Martinez... is standing up long enough to roll himself into the ring. Looking around in disbelief, holding the neck he landed on three times from the brutal attacks by X-Calibur, Loco Martinez begins laughing, holding his arms up in the air over the fact that he is finally rid of X-Calibur.

Alan Ducard: I think Loco is finally realizing what just happened. After all those bumps he just took... X-Calibur is gone!!

Bryan Harris: And look at the damage that has been done!!

Looking out at Moxley and Del, Loco rubs his hands together, almost salivating. Motioning to Leonard Nolan that he’s alright, Loco then painfully exits the ring... and drags the unconscious Del Carver to his feet long enough to roll him into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Carver remains out on his back as Loco walks, grimacing in pain, over towards Moxley who is flat on his stomach on the mat... with a puddle of blood forming around his head. Picking up the nerd, Loco throws him underneath the bottom rope and into the ring as well.

Jimmy Yates: No way. Not like this...

Dragging Carver to the center of the ring, and then Moxley to the center of the ring, Loco looks out at the audience and drops to his knees between them, placing a pinky on each chest, the audience watches as Leonard Nolan drops down to administer the count on both competitors.

Bryan Harris: HOLY CRAP!!!


Bryan Harris: HOLY CRAP!!!


Bryan Harris: HE DID IT!!! LOCO RETAINS!!!



The audience explodes into unison as Carver and the bloodied up Moxley both manage to get a shoulder up at the same exact time.

Bryan Harris: I can’t believe the nerd is bleeding. I didn’t think he had it in him...

Alan Ducard: Moxley certainly does look like a mess. Can’t say I’ve ever seen the kid bleeding in a match before.

Loco starts pounding the mat like a child, completely incensed that he couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity inadvertently left for him by X-Calibur.

Alan Ducard: He’s throwing a fit! What is he, two?!

After gritting his teeth Loco brings Carver up and nails a few hard punches to the head that rocks Carver back. Following him in, Loco leans in on the ropes with Del and uses the extra recoil to send Carver into the opposite ropes. Loco SHOOTs in with Carver on the rebound but the seasoned veteran dives with a lunging lariat that rocks Loco inside and out. Carver uses this opportunity to regain his bearings and takes a moment to rest.

Moxley slowly pulls himself forward on the canvas, blood gushing from his forehead like a geyser. Reaching the bottom rope, he starts pulling himself up using only his upper body, and when he’s grabbed the top rope he places his feet down on the canvas and stands on his own. Turning around, he drapes himself on the top rope like a man on a cross to keep himself in an upright position.

Carver gets up off the mat, and he spots the bloodied up Moxley holding himself up across the ring. Peeling him off the top rope like a wet band-aid, Carver sets him up for a vertical suplex. Lifting him up into the air, the blood from Moxley’s gashed up forehead trickles down onto Carver’s biceps and face, cascading off of his chest before hitting the wrestling mat in speckles and spots.
Alan Ducard: Carver’s letting all of that blood rush to his head. Smart move by the ole Sheriff.

Jimmy Yates: Moxley is in a very bad way right now, and I don’t see how he’s going to be able to pull a victory out in this match right now.

Bryan Harris: He’s not going to, Jimmy. So far, Loco has played his game to PERFECTION, even getting X-Calibur thrown out from this match... there’s no beating Loco when he’s at the top of his mental game, and right now he is definitely there.

After nearly fifteen full seconds, Del Carver slams Moxley back down to the mat and makes a cover. Nolan counts,



Loco breaks it up with a double axe handle to Carver’s back. Carver stands up on his own but allows Loco to half-guide him up to his feet. When standing, Carver sends an elbow or two into Loco’s mid-section. Turning Loco around, Carver sets him up for a back suplex, but slams his knee into Loco’s tail bone for a rough landing atomic drop. Loco holds his tail bone in agony and Carver races to the ropes. On the rebound, Carver holds out his arm for a clothesline, but for half a step he clutches Loco in for an STO takedown slam.

Alan Ducard: Diamond Line!!

Making the cover...



THR- NO!! Loco kicks out!!

Moxley tries pulling himself towards the ropes again, obviously affected by this unexpected blood loss. Carver maintains his focus on Loco though and proceeds to bring him to his feet again. Slapping Loco on the chest with an open palm, Loco clutches the bursting capillaries in his sternum and reels back.

Bryan Harris: Chops should be illegal, damn it!! Throw Carver out of this one, too!!

Carver moves in and goes for an Irish whip but Loco manages to reverse it. Carver sent to the ropes, Loco follows in and delivers a kitchen sink knee shot to the gut that doubles Carver over with his back leaning on the ropes. Reaching up Loco sets Carver up for a DDT, but when he snaps down for it Carver holds onto the top rope, causing Loco to DDT nothing but the atmosphere in his grasp.

Jimmy Yates: Oof!!!

Carver reaches down and picks Loco up, setting him up for a power-bomb. Lifting him up, Carver runs across the ring and DRIVES the World Champion’s shoulders down onto the canvas with a running sit-down powerbomb.

Alan Ducard: CARVER CRUNCH!!

Bryan Harris: Oh no...

Jimmy Yates: THAT’S IT!!!

Nolan is right there...



THR- Moxley dives on top of Carver to break up the pin!!

The crowd chants “LEG-A-SEE!! LEG-A-SEE!! LEG-A-SEE!!” at the closeness of that pin attempt, and Carver is back up on the mat. Looking at the blood soaked Moxley, Carver reaches in for a clothesline but Moxley ducks it. Catching Carver by the back of his neck, Moxley follows through with a falling neck breaker and floats over into a pin attempt of his own..



NO!!!! Carver kicks out!!!

Jimmy Yates: That may have been the last gasp before the plunge for Moxley.

Alan Ducard: I don’t know about that. This bloke’s got more guts than people give him credit for. Look!

Gritting his teeth, Moxley forces himself to stand up as the blood oozes down his face. Wiping it away, looking over at Loco who is also standing up, Moxley unleashes a blitzkrieg of rights and lefts that send him back down to the mat in a hurry. Stomping down on Loco, Moxley yells out in a fire driven rage.

Jimmy Yates: Moxley’s back in this thing!!

Bryan Harris: Don’t hold your breath.

Moxley whips Loco into the turnbuckle, and Loco lands hard, abdomen first. Loco stumbles backwards off the enormous impact, and Moxley is it right there. Lifting up on Loco’s waist from a go-behind waist lock position, Moxley slams him down into the canvas with a reverse sit-out spinebuster. Loco rolls around on the mat, clutching his abdomen from the double impact. Reaching over, Moxley hooks a leg and Nolan is there to administer the count.



Running into the ropes, Carver dives with a basement flying forearm that collides devastatingly with the skull of Moxley. Hooking a leg from Moxley..




Carver slams his hands into the mat, frustrated that, despite all that blood, the nerd won’t stay down for the pin.

Alan Ducard: Looks like Carver might be losing some focus here.

Bringing Moxley up to his feet, Carver throws him into the ropes. Moxley off the rebound, he flies through the air and connects with a flying spinning heel kick that sends Carver down flush against the canvas. Moxley up again, and he follows this up by jumping to the bottom rope nearest Carver for a bottom rope moonsault. Connecting square in Carver’s chest, Moxley makes a lateral cover.



Lifting him like a set of dumbbells, Carver sends Moxley flying off of him. Seconds later, Loco connects with a split-legged moonsault!!!

Bryan Harris: HAPPINESS!!!

Jimmy Yates: Out of NOWHERE!!!



THREE- NO!!! Carver kicked out!!

Jimmy Yates: How the hell did he do that?!

Alan Ducard: If two moonsaults in a row don’t put away Diamond Del Carver, I don’t know what WILL.

Moxley pulling himself to his feet, he wipes away some more blood. Loco also has gotten to his feet. But before Loco can turn around, Moxley grabs him in a bulldog headlock, backs up towards the ropes, ascends to the middle turnbuckle, pushes off the turnbuckle in a spinning motion and lands hard on the mat with a tornado bulldog. Turning Loco over, Moxley finds it within himself to hook a leg.



THR- Carver breaks it up, and all three men lay on the mat exhausted.

Carver is the first one up, and after him is Loco. Moxley, bleeding profusely, continues to lay on the mat face down. Loco swings at Carver, but Carver catches his arm and WHIPS down to the mat with a fujiwara armbar!


Loco screams out in agony as Carver cinches it on deeply, arching his back up while hyperextending the elbow joint.

Jimmy Yates: No way he gets out of this one. That arm is bent in a very SICK and UNNATURAL way!

Loco raises a hand like he’s going to tap, but balls his hand up into a fist. Refusing to tap, Carver just keeps putting more and more torque onto the elbow and shoulder of the World Champion..

Bryan Harris: Fight it, champ!! Fight it!!!

Loco Martinez finally stops shaking his fist and lowers it to the mat. Seconds before tapping, Moxley dropkicks Carver in the back of the head, successfully breaking up the submission attempt. Carver releases the hold and stands back up, disappointed he couldn’t get the World Champion to tap out.

Focusing back on Moxley, Carver goes to lift Moxley up but he is met with a stomp to the foot. This momentarily catches Carver off guard, which is more than enough time for Moxley to connect with a DDT. Standing back up, Moxley looks at Loco Martinez and then starts heading to the ropes on the side of the elevated ramp way. Stepping in between the ropes to the outside, Moxley turns back towards the ring with his hands resting on the top rope.

Alan Ducard: What is Mox going for here?!

Bryan Harris: Who cares?! LOOK!!

All of a sudden, the fans start screaming “Lookout!” to Moxley as T. Rex and Arch Angel come running down the elevated ramp way area. Moxley goes for a springboard, but T. Rex and Arch Angel reach him in time. Just as Moxley propels himself upwards and goes to stand on the top rope, Rex and Angel grab a handful of his tights and pull back, slamming his neck and spine into the elevated steel ramp structure. As Angel and Rex taunt fans, they pull the bloody and broken Moxley to his feet. Rex sets him up for a side Russian leg sweep and T. Rex primes his foot up for a big boot. Snapping back at the same time Angel connects in the face with a gigantic big boot, Moxley’s head crashes down against the steel ramp.

Jimmy Yates: DAMN that ANARCHY!!

Alan Ducard: That’s that move ANARCHY has been using...

Bryan Harris: Yeah, they call it One Foot in the Grave!!

Alan Ducard: Whatever it is, Moxley looks unconscious and hurt... he might need some serious medical attention here!!!

Jimmy Yates: The ref didn’t even SEE IT!!

With Moxley down and out, both members of ANARCHY retreat to the sides of the elevated ramp way and hop down to the outside mat as Loco Martinez grabs at the pant leg of Nolan, pleading with him for a time out and thereby distracting him from the heinous actions that ANARCHY just committed. Hunkering down beneath the ring skirt, Nolan doesn’t even see ANARCHY. Instead, he sees Herb Moxley laying on the ramp way, bleeding from the head and seemingly unconscious.

Alan Ducard: Del Carver knows exactly what happened. Look!

Carver pleads for Nolan to check down beside the ring where he saw T. Rex disappear to. Meanwhile, as Nolan begins checking that side of the ring, Arch Angel pokes his head up from the other side of the ring and looks right at Del Carver. Carver sees him and turns Nolan around so he can see him. Angel looks mock-surprised and Nolan furiously gets in his face, demanding that he leave the ringside area.

T. Rex pops back up from the side of the ring Carver initially had the referee looking... with a steel pipe. Carver, as astute and observant as a seasoned veteran of the game can get, turns back around and spots Rex climbing onto the apron. Cutting him off, Carver grabs the man by the arm holding the pipe and WAYLAYS him in the face, much to the delight of the crowd.

Rex goes flying off the apron down to the outside mat, and Del grips onto the steel pipe tightly.

But as soon as Carver turns around... Loco flies forward with a superkick. Del ducks though, and as Loco swings around, Del swings with the steel pipe.

Del misses with the pipe and as he swings around, Loco drops to his knees and NAILS him with a meat hook behind the referee’s back. Carver instinctively covers his diamonds which causes him to drop the pipe.

Loco picks up the pipe, swings, and connects right in the head of Del Carver. Seconds before Nolan turned back around, Loco tosses the pipe outside of the ring and drapes himself across Carver’s body.




Bryan Harris: It’s over!!! He did it!!!


Just before Nolan’s hand came down for three, Carver’s shoulder managed to come up inches from the mat, effectively stopping the pin from happening. Loco gets up with lightning quickness, his eyes bulging out of their sockets. Almost pulling strands of hair out of his head, Loco gets in the face of Leonard Nolan.

Del Carver meanwhile uses the ropes to help pull himself up.

Loco grabs Nolan by his shirt collar, screaming at the man to make a faster count... and at the same exact time, T. Rex slithers back into the ring, fetching for the steel pipe.

Jimmy Yates: COME... ON... DO something, ref. DO SOMETHING!!! TURN AROUND!!

As soon as Carver gets to his knees, he drapes himself over the middle rope. T. Rex takes a hand at each end of the steel pipe he now grasps and covers the hollow openings with his palms. Then, standing up on the ring apron, T. Rex jumps back, and CRASHES the length of the pipe down against the back of Carver’s cranium like a guillotine blade chopping off a peasant’s head. Carver slumps backwards into the ring, unconscious. Loco finally lets go of Carver, hooks both legs for a cover and Nolan counts away.




Alan Ducard: What a bloody tragedy this is... a bloody tragedy, I say.

Bryan Harris: Cirque du MoFo has done it!! Their band leader has successfully retained his title!!

Josephina Colbert: The winner of this match... and... STILL... LEGACY Champion of the World... LOCO... MARTINEZ!!!!

Jimmy Yates: What a sad, sad ending to a match that was doomed at the start. That damn Loco showed nothing but trickery and deception this WHOLE match...

Bryan Harris: ...and in the end, he’s still World Champion. And that’s all that matters, Jimbo. That’s all that matters.

As the Von Bondies scream “C’Mon! C’Mon!” to the capacity crowd, the arena fills with trash and debris as Loco Martinez holds the LEGACY World Championship high above his head. T. Rex and Arch Angel both celebrate with their leader in the middle of the ring, hugging the Main Event MOFO for a hard fought victory over three World Champion caliber athletes.

For a fleeting moment, T. Rex looked down at the steel pipe that ended the match and back up at Loco Martinez...

... but only for a moment.
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Chapter III
A Clash of Kings

[Give Me My Shot]

He merely stands in the middle of the ring, and that alone has this crowd seething.

Loco in his stylish blue suit and silver button down shirt can feel the hatred from the crowd, although he has little to fear from the crowd, or anyone else with the presence of John Thomas next to him in the ring, and Anarchy in their “secret service” styled garb standing at the base of the ramp. X-Calibur is suspended, and this – this is HIS moment. Loco stands proudly basking in boos from the crowd as he slowly pulls the mic he's holding to his Cheshire cat-like grin.

Loco Martinez: No matter how hard you try …


Loco Martinez: No matter how hard anyONE tries …

Crowd: *even louder* BOOOOOOOOOO!

Loco Martinez: I am still YOUR Legacy World Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd is just unleashing on Loco after that last statement, and Loco stands smirking midst of the jeers as John Thomas shakes his head at the hate-filled audience, knowing full well that as the Champion, Loco deserves their respect.

Loco Martinez: No matter the obstacles this company has assembled, the bounties laid upon this head, or the insurmountable odds stacked in front of me. Here I yet stand...

Loco Martinez: Defiant.


Loco Martinez: Proud.


Loco Martinez: The symbol of excellence for this company... for this BUSINESS!

The Champion stops for a moment to let that sink in to everyone listening, to let them realize just who he is and what he’s accomplished.

Loco Martinez: And so I'm out here to ask... what's next? Huh?! What more can you people do to me? Throw at me? What more do I have to do? What more can possibly do-

Loco's cut off by the opening of "Harvester of Sorrow". Loco's eyes widen with worry. He looks around nervously as T.Rex and Arch Angel take a defensive stance at the base of the ramp. Not long after James Hetfield’s voice cuts through the air waves do we see X-Calibur strolling out through the curtains. Dressed with an almost blithe unconcern, he’s adorned in a backwards baseball cap, a tight-fit glove-like Under Armour tank top, and relaxed fit blue jeans. Resting on his shoulder is an aluminum baseball bat with the words “Designated Hitter” scrawled horizontally across the shiny silver. Seeing the weapon, Anarchy falls back into the ring next to Loco and JT.

Bryan Harris: Did X-Calibur come to fight or hit the batting cages?!

Jimmy Yates: I’m not sure. He’s not scheduled to compete on the show.

Alan Ducard: If rumors are correct he might not be competing for a long while, actually.

Bryan Harris: What?!

Jimmy Yates: Yeah what do you mean, Alan?

Alan Ducard: Just listen and we may find out.

As the Metallica song fades away we are left with a capacity crowd chanting “X-Cal! X-Cal!”. Acknowledging the audience cheering him on, X-Calibur points out at everyone with the baseball bat before resting it back across his shoulder. Lifting a microphone to his lips, he opened his mouth for a brief moment but allowed nothing to come out. He stopped himself short, and continued listening to the fans chanting in the arena. Letting his arm fall to his side again, he began tapping himself on the shoulder with the bat; almost as if he was mulling over what to do next.

With Loco and Anarchy cupping their hands to their ears and mouths, conversing in the ring with one another over X-Calibur’s appearance and, specifically, trying to figure out what to do about X-Calibur’s aluminum equalizer, X-Calibur once again lifts the microphone to his mouth.


The fans roar at X-Calibur’s bluntness and Loco Martinez appears none too happy. Mouthing, “NO!!” and “Absolutely NOT!” Loco kicks the bottom rope as some of the fans in attendance begin chanting the obligatory chant without consideration to the censors. “PUSSSSSSSS-EEEEEE!!! PUSSSSSSSS-EEEEEE!!!” they go as the censors remain surprisingly lax.

Bryan Harris: THEY CAN’T SAY THAT!!!

Jimmy Yates: Actually, yes they can. The beauty about cable is that it has become increasingly lenient these days!! They can say that, they can also say - (whispers something)

Alan Ducard: JAMES!!

Bryan Harris: You kiss Al’s Mother with that mouth?!

Loco Martinez: You come out here with a baseball bat like some kind of cowardly THUG.... *booooooooooooo*... and you call ME the *air quotes* pussy?!

X-Calibur smirks.

X-Calibur: Oh. Wow. Well you know... heh. You’re... you're right. This IS rather unfair, isn’t it? I mean...

He looks at the bat, and then points over at Anarchy.

X-Calibur: I mean, by itself, this hollowed out piece of aluminum here probably holds a higher level of intelligence than both members of the Goof Troop over there combined... (Mock surprise)... OH SNAP.

The crowd pops at this as X-Calibur chuckles a little bit into the microphone. T. Rex and Arch Angel shake their heads with a nasty grimace, clearly not amused with X-Calibur’s petty insults.

X-Calibur: But I didn’t come out here to knock anybody’s block off or fling the childish insults. Unless of course P.J. and Pistol Pete over there decide to get involved in our affairs once again. No, no... I came out here because I want my f***ing title shot. Plain and simple. Clear as Crystal Pepsi.

Just as Loco goes to speak into his microphone, X-Calibur cuts him off.

X-Calibur: STOP!! I’m tired of these little BITCH games you’ve been playing!! If it’s not a PATHETIC three on one beat down, it’s a four-way clusterf***!! No, no, NO. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve never even HAD a shot yet. Not a REAL one, like all of these people out here know damn well that I deserve. So you know what, you little WEASEL?! YOU... versus... ME. ONE... on... ONE. One way or another, you owe me the chance to kick your scrawny ASS all over that ring... and if you aren’t going to LET me collect on what I am owed...

All of a sudden X-Calibur removes the baseball bat from his shoulder and begins tapping the end of it against the palm of his hand with sheer menace.

X-Calibur: Then I’ll TAKE IT by ANOTHER means. With more INTEREST than Cirque du Suck can even AFFORD!!

X-Calibur drops the microphone against the ramp-way and begins heading down the aisle with bat in hand. All of a sudden, just before X-Calibur enters the ring, ANOTHER Metallica song begins playing over the speakers. This time though, it is “Outlaw Torn” which bring the crowd to its feet for the arrival of The Outlaw Greyson Blade. The Outlaw is dressed in a sleeveless version of his “Demand Respect” t-shirt and blue jeans, and he stops at the top of the ramp way a microphone in his hand, and he motions for the production guys to cut his music. The chants “BLADE” could already be heard competing with the music, and now with it gone it booms through the arena.

Jimmy Yates: Wow. This is HUGE. Simply HUGE. These three out here together now in front of the fans? This is almost surreal!

Alan Ducard: These are arguably three of the biggest names in LEGACY history is out here now, and it looks like Greyson has something to say.

The Outlaw has a look of determination etched across his countenance as he brings the mic to his lips.

"The Outlaw" Greyson Blade : Enough. I say that with respect for you *pointing to X-Calibur* and nothing but disgust for you *pointing to Loco*.

Now, X, I have absolutely no problem with you wanting to rip Loco limb from limb – in fact, I would have loved to have witnessed that happen at Eleventh Hour, but Loco borrowed himself a little more time. However, what I do have a problem with the idea that once again the World Championship would be up for grabs, and my name is not in that conversation.

The excitement level starts to grow even higher amongst the fans, who are already amped up. You can sense the anger, the frustration, but above all the passion starting resonate in The Outlaw’s voice. He’s not known to take much airtime to speak, so this is something obvious quite important to him.

The Outlaw: It’s been over TWO YEARS since I was screwed out of the LEGACY World Title by Marcus Marion, and since that time I have not been granted a shot at that belt. I haven’t even had the opportunity to step into the ring with that belt on the line, let alone have a rematch for what was rightfully mine and stolen from me, just like that pussy in the ring stole that belt from you X.

The crowd would normally cheer such an insult to Loco, but for now they sit absorbed by The Outlaw’s declaration.

The Outlaw: After I returned from my injury at the hands of Marcus Marion, I didn’t demand to step right back into the main event, I decided to start at the bottom and work my way back to prove my worth, and as I stand here before each and every one of you today, I believe with every fiber of my being that I have done just that.

Blade begins walking towards the ring slowly, as if not immediately provoke any of the men at ringside.

The Outlaw: Since I returned I have beaten three No Limits Champions and two World Champions, the latter of which I made to say “I Quit” at Eleventh Hour.

The Outlaw’s voice is ripe with intensity, and as Blade draws closer, the crowd cheers louder and louder, and with mention of Marion’s defeat they break out into another “BLADE” chant. The Outlaw pulls up in front of the ring, near X, so that he can both look X and Loco in the face, man to man.

The Outlaw: I’ve managed to overcome every challenge set before me, and I’ve scratched and clawed my way to the top once more. There is only one thing standing between me, and MY Title belt, and that’s getting the opportunity to rip it from that pathetic trophy case and put it back around the waist of the man who put that title on the map.

The Outlaw looks Loco in the eyes, and he sneers at him.

The Outlaw: You are a coward, and you are a disgrace to this profession, and to the championship which you wrongly possess. You aren’t man enough to become a champion with any shred of dignity or honor. Both times you have hoisted the world title, you have brought shame to the gold that I and one select other have fought as warriors to capture and defend. Now, I challenge to you to meet you in the ring for the World Championship.

The crowd goes crazy at the prospect of the match and the chants grow louder.

Jimmy Yates: The Outlaw and Loco Martinez for the belt? Could it be true!?

Bryan Harris: How could we be so lucky *sarcasm*

Alan Ducard: Perhaps gents, but X-Calibur doesn’t look so happy about this prospect …

Sensing X-Calibur’s displeasure, Blade turns to X, and looks him in the eye, man to man.

The Outlaw: That “one other” that I mentioned who fought as a warrior was you X. Believe me when I say this, that as a fighter I respect you. You are the only other former World Champion in this company to whom I offer respect, but it’s as I’ve stated X. It’s been two years – two long and agonizing years that have seen chump champions like Crash, and that piece of sh*t in the ring get the chance to commit highway robbery for that belt twice. With all I’ve accomplished, with all I’ve given to this company, as a man and as a warrior, I cannot and I will not wait any longer for my shot.

The Outlaw steps closer to X, voice filled with certainty and determination.

The Outlaw: If I have to X … I will fight you. I don’t care how that shot happens now X, but the next time that belt is on the line, I will be in that match.

Case Closed.

A voice calls out from the top of the stage.

Voice: Whoa, hold on, fellas…

The camera gets there a moment after the eyes of the fans, and standing at the entrance curtain with a microphone in his hand is Landon Savage.

Landon Savage: Before things get any further out of hand, there’s an announcement that needs to be made, and it concerns you, Slugger.

The camera switches to X-Calibur, who is still holding the baseball bat.

Landon Savage: For what you did at the pay per view, you not only got yourself disqualified from that match, but that’s not the only punishment you earned. Since it appears you haven’t heard, I guess I’ll save you from finding out when you read the mail that was sent or listening to the voice-mails… you’ve been suspended, slugger!

X’s eyes grow large.

Landon Savage: Not only shouldn’t you be here tonight, but you also won’t be booked to compete on SuperCard STRIFE 50. Any hopes you had of being in the World Title match? Gone. Done. Your fault, nobody else’s.

X grits his teeth, but he can’t respond, the microphone still laying on the ground from when he dropped it a couple minutes ago.

Landon Savage: The front office is looking to make SuperCard STRIFE 50 the biggest, hottest episode of STRIFE of all time, and not even I can disagree with their decision to want the headlining match to be Greyson Blade taking on Loco Martinez for the World Title, so Blade? You got your wish, and Loco? Best of luck to ya!

Once again, “Outlaw Torn” kicks back in over the speakers, and we get the physical reactions from everyone involved. A satisfied grin forms on Greyson’s face; X-Calibur looks pissed off at the punishment that just got handed down; the entire Cirque du Mofo looks determined, but aren’t budging a bit as they keep their eyes on the two very dangerous former World Champions outside the ring.

[Later That Night... The Bounty Part IV]

A black luxury sedan pulls into an almost empty parking lot. Out steps Loco Martinez, Arch Angel, and T.Rex. Anarchy's in their matching Secret Service outfits, complete with the earpieces. Loco is wearing a pair of faded and worn jeans, and a yellow "Ra Ra Riot" t-shirt.

Arch Angel: Dude, we beat EVERYONE here.

Loco Martinez: I want to be here before everyone else. One less opportunity for idiots to come at me.

T.Rex: Loc' I hate to piss in your Cheerios, but speaking of idiots coming at you?

Rex nods to the distance, and we see a familiar looking man on horseback, brandishing a lasso.

We zoom into the man, and... dear god help us... or more importantly HIM, Charles Bryant Penze is sitting on the back of a horse. Dressed as Zorro. Lasso in hand. The three Cirque du MoFo members look on. Loco smiling, but still looking side to side nervously. Seconds before CBP spurs his horse to "giddy up", he lets out a battle cry... of sorts.


Arch Angel: What do you want us to do boss?

Loco Martinez: I... I just can't see him getting close enough. Can you guys take a HORSE?

T.Rex: Hell yeah.

Angel just rolls his eyes.

Arch Angel: Just be ready to jump up on the hood of the car if need be.

Penze takes off and we hear the clomping of hoof steps as CBP gallops towards us. CBP whipping the lasso above his head feverishly. Only thing... he didn't take up the slack. It drags dangerously behind him. T.Rex notices this and yells.

T.Rex: You're dragging your rope, skippy.

This distracts Penze who's rhythm with the lasso is thrown off, as he turns to look and sees the rope dragging behind him. This causes him to stop swinging the lasso and it ends up around his shoulders.

We watch hopelessly at the inevitable conclusion, as the rope gets more and more taught, before it snatches CBP backwards off the horse. He lands with a thud on the pavement. The horse just continues to gallop off past the Cirque. The three men share a chuckle. T.Rex looking almost concerned as Penze squirms in pain.

T.Rex: How in the hell did he get a horse? Can you...rent them or something?

Angel and Loco just shake their heads and head towards the arena to get situated for SuperCard STRIFE 50. The scene cuts back to the LEGACY studio for the pre-taped match introduction.

[Later That Night... The Bounty Part V]

The World Champion reclines in his locker room, both members of Anarchy standing guard next to the door. Both T.Rex and Arch Angel sport secret service attire, complete with earpieces to really add that extra flare to the ensemble.

Loco smiles smugly as if he's a king safe in his castle. He leans back in his leather recliner, watching one of the arena monitors. Suddenly a low and muffled voice is heard on the other side of the door, putting Anarchy on alert. Loco leans forward, listening.

Voice: Open…up…

Loco Martinez: That sound like CBP to you?

T.Rex: I’d know that f*ggin’ idiot’s voice anywhere boss, it’s him alright.

Loco Martinez: I figure he would have learned his lesson last week, with the whole “stallion” incident.

Arch Angel: I think it’s safe to say this kid NEVER learns. Should I lock the door, or do we open up and pound him into the ground?

Loco muses for a moment, a chesire cat’s smirk appearing on his face.

Loco Martinez: Open her up. I wanna see what kind if piece of crap outfit he’s wearing this time around.

Arch Angel does as he’s told, opening up the door, giving a full view of the corridor outside. For a moment everyone is silent, because there seems to be something seriously wrong with this picture. CBP is standing at the door, but he’s practically weeping, his face scrunched down into a mask of fear. He manages a dry whisper, his eyes glazed over and swimming with terror.

Charles Bryant Penze: Helpp..mee…

Loco is the first to notice the white hand locked around CBP’s shoulder in a near death grip. His eyes widen fearfully, and he literally ROARS at Arch Angel.

Loco Martinez: Oh... sh- LOCK THAT DOOR NOWWWWWWWW!

Arch Angel is still trying to figure out what’s going on, but by the time it "clicks" it’s far too late. CBP is hurled to the side like a sack of bricks, where he smashes against the floor of the hallway. What’s left standing in his place is a grinning albino MONSTER, his eyes twisted and cheerful.

THE IVORY TERROR: Evening, boys!!

Before T.Rex can even say “what the fug-“ Issac RIPS his way into the room, slamming an uppercut into the shelf of Arch Angel’s jaw. Angel staggers backwards, and before he even has time to recover Entragian latches a hand around his throat and fires him into a wall covered in lockers. Angel falls down to his knees, momentarily stunned. Entragian rears back and SLAMS a boot into Angel’s temple for good measure, then stalks his way into the room just a little further.

Loco LEAPS out of his chair, and he’s holding it in between himself and Issac, like a frantic, lion tamer his face calculating and desperate. The lone exit is too far away make an escape so he turns to his body guards... his voice cracks with the hopeless plea -

Loco Martinez: GET HIM!!!

T.Rex snarls and races forward like a bulldozer, smashing into Issac’s gut and driving him back against the wall. Entragian laughs through this, and begins to rain down hammer blows on T.Rex’s spine. T.Rex loosens his grip, and Issac rears back and CRUSHES a knee into the bridge of T.Rex’s nose, knocking him backwards until he trips over a bench and falls to the floor. In the midst of this chaos, Entragian turns his attention to the “marked man.”

THE IVORY TERROR: You knew that sooner or later, it would come to this, Loco.

The albino stalks forward silently, closing the distance between himself and The World Champion. Loco backs himself up against the wall, the leather chair still between himself and The Pale Plague. Loco's blue eyes dance across the room for any sign of saving. Loco closes his eyes for a moment, and reopens them hoping he can wish himself away. Issac smirks, enjoying this, drawing it out on an almost intimate level.

THE IVORY TERROR: It’s funny, you know. X-Calibur’s payout is one thing, but the joy of watching The World Champion squirm is a satisfying form of compensation in and of itself. Soooo satisfying..

As Issac draws out this last bit, Loco makes a mad dash towards the door, darting around Entragian and hopping past the chair. Entragian’s reaction is lightning quick, he grabs onto the side of the chair and flips it out of his way, then one pale hand locks around the collar of Loco’s shirt and drags him backwards. Issac snaps a hand out and palms the back of Loco’s head, and then the seven footer proceeds to SLAM-DUNK The World Champion’s face first into a large mirror, sending an explosion of glass flying throughout the room.

Martinez crumples down in a heap, a cut opened up on his forehead from a shard of glass, blood starting to ooze out in a slow flood. T.Rex has fought up at this point, and he moves in on Entragian, slugging him hard across the face with a right hand. Issac takes a step back, and then draws “The Slayer” from the sheath on his hip and BLASTS T.Rex on the side of the head with it. T.Rex staggers backwards, and Issac moves in, grabbing the big man up and placing him on one shoulder, then taking a step forward he simply LAWN DARTS T.Rex into a wall, his skull cracking against concrete before Issac allows Rex’s limp body to fall to the floor.

The Ivory Terror’s head turns slowly, as though on a swivel, his attention once more focused on Martinez.
He bares his razor teeth, those bright green eyes focused on the task at hand. He cracks his head to the side, taking that first step towards his prey.

The Ivory Terror: Now, where were we?

Entragian moves forward on a downed Martinez, that hot grin still plastered across his face. He leans over Loco and begins to piston right hands into Loco’s face, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The crimson mask becomes thicker and thicker with each punch that lands, and then Issac switches up his approach, standing fully vertical and STOMPING down on every one of Loco’s appendages with untold amounts of malice in each and every stomp.

Martinez sputters and tries in vain to cover up, but that big boot heel smashes down against his body over and over again, despite his attempt to defend himself. Finally a saving grace appears on the scene, in the form of a now risen Arch Angel. Angel has a steel chair in hand, and he CRUSHES it against the skull of Issac Entragian. Entragian staggers back, towards the door, and T. Rex somehow makes it up and moves in on Issac too, pushing him towards the door.

Loco Martinez is a bloody mess on the floor, bruised and battered, but he still manages to issue a few desperate commands.


In a truly frightening display, Issac fights back against BOTH men, locking his pale hands around each man’s throat, and driving Anarchy back inch by inch. His eyes are totally without sanity, he appears to be acting like a purely rabid and frenzied animal. T.Rex manages to set his feet, and he blasts the toe of his boot into Entragian’s groin and that breaks the two man choke. Arch Angel adds a cap on the assault be SMASHING the steel chair into Issac’s head yet again, and this time Issac finally goes down, falling right out the door and onto his back in the hallway.

T. Rex and Arch Angel collapse down on benches, breathing hard and trying to assess their wounds. Loco watches the door, his heart in his throat, and what he feared the most happens. Out in the hallway, Issac SITS UP. He stares into the room, grinning like a mad dog, cocking his head to the side very slowly.


Arch Angel is up in an instant when he realizes what is going on, he slams the door closed before Entragian can fully rise, and slides the bolt into place. On the other side of the room, T. Rex is pushing a couch in front of the door, and Arch Angel goes to assist him, finally getting the piece of furniture barricaded against the door.

For a few moments the door is hammered on from the outside.




Loco and Anarchy listen as the sound of large fists smash up against the door over and over again, an absolute flurry of strikes. A frustrated roar floats through the room, and then a scuffle is heard outside as an army of security guards somehow restrain Issac and drag him away from the outside of door. The sound of Entragian striking out at security is heard for a few minutes before silence finally ensues once he’s dragged to another part of the arena.

The World Champion has crawled into a corner, leaning against a locker and attempting tear ragged breaths into his lungs. He swipes a shaky hand across his head, and it comes away bright red. T.Rex and Arch Angel look at him fearfully, both men exhausted from the exertion of trying to deal with the crazed albino juggernaut. Loco's voice is as shaky as his hand. As he looks wide eyed.

Loco Martinez: THIS *holds his blood soaked hand out for all to see* ... stops tonight.

T.Rex: What we gonna do boss?

Loco pauses and shrugs.

Loco Martinez: I... I... I gotta talk to him. Get this thing lifted.

Arch Angel: How?

Loco has zoned out, as he grabs a towel and places it over his head. He closes his eyes thinking what we're all thinking... HOW?

[The Bounty Part VI]

The live crowd is still cheering after seeing the opening video for STRIFE, knowing that their evening of excitement is on the verge of getting underway. The reaction changes to an unknown anticipation as the music switches to Bizet's "Toreador", but as Smith Cartwright steps out onto the stage with a microphone in hand, a large portion of the crowd begins cheering.

Bryan Harris: Well look who's back...

Alan Ducard: Actually, Smith Cartwright showed up on STRIFE 50 during the main event.

Bryan Harris: Yeah, but I don't think he was acting in any sort of official capacity, which I thought we might never have to see again.

Jimmy Yates: Well look who guessed wrong.

As the front office representative walks down the ramp, he slaps hands with a few excited fans, then completes the trek towards the ring, ascends the steps, and gets into the ring. After he raises a hand to
acknowledge the reaction from the fans, he signals for his music to stop, and then he starts in with his announcement.

Smith Cartwright: After being gone the first four months of this year, let me just say that it's great to be back and to hear a great ovation like that. It makes what I did to get suspended all the more worth it.

Jimmy Yates: What did he do?

Alan Ducard: Something that the front office doesn't want mentioned in a public forum.

Smith Cartwright: Now, onto the reason I'm out here. In 2008, LEGACY produced a pay per view event which included a match which hadn't been seen for seven years prior to that night, and because of the great
success of that evening, the front office wanted me to come out here tonight and let you all know that they're going to do it again. Fans in Detroit, tickets go on sale this Saturday for Glimmer of Hope 2009...

The fans start cheering even before the announcement is completed.

Smith Cartwright: And just like last year, 15 men will again compete in the Co-Op Challenge!

The ovation picks up a notch, and so Cartwright waits before continuing.

Smith Cartwright: I'm not just out here to announce that the match will be taking place, I'm also here to let you know who the 5 team captains will be. The front office made its decision by trying to ensure that as many individuals as possible will be included in the match who did not compete in last year's Co-Op Challenge. With that in mind, the first chosen competitor - and in many people's opinion the favorite to win the whole thing - a cornerstone of LEGACY... "The OUT-LAW"... Greyson Blade.

The mere mention of the former World Champion's name gets the crowd excited.

Smith Cartwright: The second team captain, one of the main attractions in LEGACY from its inception and one of Greyson Blade's biggest rivals... the two-time LEGACY World Champion... Marcus Marion.

A polar opposite response to how the fans reacted to Greyson's name being announced, booing pours in from the corners of the arena when they hear Marion's name.

Smith Cartwright: History could be made during this year's Co-Op Challenge as Greyson Blade could be in the ring for the first time ever with arguably the two biggest rivals of his LEGACY tenure, as the
third team captain is none other than "The Albino Abomination"... Issac Entragian.

The booing picks up again but is interrupted...

"On Another Day... C'mon C'mon"

And on the Legacy-Vision Jumbo Tron 6000 we see the words:

"The Cirque is in Town"

As a big top fades in out from the back steps Loco Martinez wearing jeans and a grey t-shirt. The boos begin to reign down as John Thomas follows closely behind, and both members of Anarchy wearing their secret service garb flanking them. The three pause at the top of the ramp smirking cockily before heading to the ring. They get to the ring. Walk up the steps and step through the ropes into the ring.

The music fades away and the four stand in the middle basking in the absolute hatred pouring from the fans. Loco snaps the mic from Smith. He eyeballs Smith curiously.

Loco Martinez: You were gone? With all the garbage I've been put through I could have sworn it was YOU doing. *he smirks and shakes his head* Man, you Managelote types really are all the same. But no matter what YOU or any other big wig suit do to ME... to US? We stand here before you still on top of the world. And finally you've started to realize who Legacy's meal tickets really are. So... before you make this next announcement I wanted to make sure me and the boys were out here. To remind everyone of the mindless crotch waffles in the crowd *Huge boos* ... to every untalented wanna be in the back ... To every authority figure who THINKS they run this show. To remind you all:

Who it is YOU *points to the crowd* come to see.

Who it is YOU *points to the backstage area* strive to be.

Who it is *gestures to the Cirque and in a mocking tone towards Smith* WHO really runs. this. place!

The crowd is livid. Smith looks annoyed, and grabs the mic back.

Smith Cartwright: Okay, we get it, CHAMP, you're on top of the world... but I have an announcement to make.

Looking as if he's going to initially just stand back and let Smith talk, Loco then swiftly and coolly swipes the microphone back from Cartwright.

Loco Martinez: Yes, THE announcement about the Co-Op Challenge. That's why we're out here, too, Smithy. We wanted to be here at the crack of history, LEGACY's "Big Bang". We wanted to be here, in person, live on screen, when you made the announcement which is going to solidify a Legend... and further demonstrate to the world at large how truly talented The Cirque really is.

Locking eyes with Smith Cartwright, Loco takes a moment and then casually hands the microphone back to Cartwright, who couldn't look more furious right now, though his 6'1" / 172 lb frame wouldn't support any notion of anything even remotely resembling violence. Turning his gaze on a smirking John Thomas for a moment, Smith sighs and then does what he's here to do.

Smith Cartwright: Yes, I came out here tonight to announce a few things, and since I've already announced the first three team captains for the Co-Op Challenge, I may as well announce that the fourth captain is standing in front of me... Cirque du LAME-O member John Thomas.

The Cirque's expression sour as they glare down at Smith. John Thomas looks annoyed, but you can also tell that he expected a comment like that. Anarchy step forward looming over Smith like two bullies about to atomic wedgie the hell out of Cartwright. Loco snatches the mic back.

Loco Martinez: Always with a snide remark. Maybe if you did your job with a little class and professionalism you wouldn't have GOTTEN suspended. *Crowd Boos this* But JT being in the Co-Op just means one thing? A whole lot of Cirque du MoFo at the top of every Legacy Card. Every Episode of Strife. Every Pay Per View Main Event. John Thomas is, quite simply, the only *looks at Anarchy while saying this* SINGLES competitor in Legacy who has the ability and skill to have the right to step into the ring with The Greatest Show on Earth. John Thomas is talented enough that he doesn't even need a team to help him discard the dreck you just named as "Captains" of their respective teams. Tonight you see step #1 of Legacy and the Cirque du MoFo reaching new heights. With one of us main eventing shows, winning titles, and displaying my over all dominance, skill, and sex appeal. Ratings skyrocketed. Buyrates were through the roof.

A brief pause in which Loco beams with pride.

Loco Martinez: You fat asses *points to the crowd who answers with venomous booing* - were able to bring yourself to bathe. *stops. sniffs at the air and makes a sour face* -- okay maybe only a few of you actually bathed. But, thanks to ME you actually LEFT your trailers. *boos get louder* You actually did something. And I have rewarded you with stories and tales of how you were "In the arena the night that Loco Martinez...." -- fill in awesome Loco moment here. *A strong Lo-co sucks chant starts, which Loco ignores*

Loco Martinez: And now? With two of us? Imagine what great heights we will take this cesspool to. When John Thomas wins the Co Op Challenge and he and I square off in our inevitable "Match of the Year... Match of the Decade... and most importantly... MATCH. OF. FOREVER!" And continue to school you people, and every roster member, and even the jackasses that run this place. You'll know exactly how good we are. And that NOBODY can get in our way. NOBODY can stop us... or hell... SLOW us. Not guys like Blade, or Carver. And damn sure not guys like Moxley. Absolutely. Positively. NO. Bo. D-

Loco's mic is suddenly cut. The lights go very dim, and completely pitch black at the entrance ramp. A voice comes over the PA.

???: Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd.....that's enough of that.

There is an incredibly small smattering of cheers, as a few people recognize the voice. Loco and the Cirque look on confused. Not recognizing the voice. The LEGACY Vision Jumbo-Tron 6000 comes to life, spelling out the following-


The words suddenly rearrange themselves, the letters turning green and purple as they rearrange until, finally, an actual word, or, an actual name is spelled out.


There is a flash of green and purple pyros as Jester Smiles, former SHOOT Project World Champion and 2008 Master of the Mat, LEAPS out from the back, a green and purple mardi gras mask on his face, blue jeans, and a LEGACY t-shirt. "Pressure" by Skindred plays over the PA system, and the crowd is on their feet, screaming and cheering for the newest arrival.

Alan Ducard: I-I-I...I don't believe it...

Bryan Harris: Jester Smiles is...

Jimmy Yates: That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like The Hero has come to LEGACY, and all the members of Cirque Du Mofo look none to happy about it either.

Jester Smiles is slow making his way to the ring, as he stops to high five as many fans as he possibly can, beaming brightly, excited to be alive it seems. The Cirque just glare on, Loco looking particularly stunned.

After making his way around the ring to Josephina, Jester asks very politely for a microphone. Josephina hands him one, and Jester takes a moment to take Josephina's hand and kiss it, bowing. Josephina blushes, and Jester backs away, sticking his tongue out and smiling. The crowd continues to cheer, and a few laugh at Jester's display.

Bryan Harris: I have a feeling I'm not going to like this guy.

Jester slides into the ring, microphone in hand his back to The Cirque. After the cheers die down, Jester puts the microphone to his mouth.

Jester Smiles: Sooo...uhhh...this is LEGACY, huh?

The fans again pop loudly. Jester fakes a wince, holding his ears.

Jester Smiles: Wow, you guys are LOUD!

Another big pop, and Jester nods approvingly.

Jester Smiles: So, onto more important, exciting, and sexually stimulating topics, my name, is Jester Smiles...

Big pop.

Jester Smiles: And I am here to be the HERO OF LEGACY!!!

Even BIGGER pop. Jester suddenly turns around, pointing his finger at Loco Martinez.

Jester Smiles: And YOU sir...are a doucheface.

Mixture of cheers and laughter. Loco yells something at Jester, but it can't be heard over the cheers, and Loco's mic is still off.

Jester Smiles: No no, you're done talking. See, here's the thing Marty. I'm gonna call you Marty, and I hope you don't mind. See, Marty, I'm the new Hero of this place, in case you didn't get the memo, and, see, heroes are supposed to work to change the things they see around them that are wrong. Well, see, I look around me and...

Jester looks to his left.

Jester Smiles: Looks fine there.

Jester looks to his right.

Jester Smiles: Nope, still good.

Jester turns and looks behind him.

Jester Smiles: That is a lovely entrance ramp.

Jester turns back to Loco.

Jester Smiles: Oh, there's your problem right there. You're an [bleep]hole.

Crowd pops for this.

Bryan Harris: Some hero, cursing and what not.

Alan Ducard: SHUSH!

Jester Smiles: Now, what are we going to do about this problem, Loco? What should could we possibly d-

Suddenly, Jester drops the mic and lashes out, dropping Loco Martinez with a stiff right! Smith Cartwright avoids the fray and runs to the far corner to make an exit. Loco goes down and rolls out of the ring, leaving Jester with John Thomas and ANARCHY. Jester begins to throw fists at T-Rex, actually knocking T-Rex back a bit, but soon, the numbers catch up, as Arch Angel and John Thomas start beating down on Jester.

Bryan Harris: Who would’ve guessed that a Jester would make a mistake this big, attacking the Cirque!

Jester continues to swing wildly, but the numbers are against him. The crowd boos the disadvantage, but suddenly begin to cheer wildly as HERB MOXLEY makes his way to the ring!! Moxley hits the ropes and launches a double dropkick, hitting John Thomas and Arch Angel in the back and off of Jester! Jester now begins to swing for the fences at T-Rex, showing impressive striking power. Loco, however, from outside the ring, calls his boys off, and they all retreat as quickly as possible. Jester spits on the mat and smiles brightly as he waves for Loco Martinez to come in the ring. When it is made clear that Loco is not coming in, Jester looks over at Moxley and the two quickly shake hands, causing the crowd to pop once more!

Alan Ducard: If it was a mistake to make that attack, it was a short-lived mistake thanks to Herb Moxley!

Climbing up the steps again, Smith Cartwright reenters the ring, fixes his suit jacket, and lifts his microphone again.

Smith Cartwright: All week, I’ve been wondering how I was going to announce the fifth Co-Op Captain’s name, seeing as how we didn’t know who that person would be. A couple weeks ago, the LEGACY front office sent out an invitation to Jester Smiles in order to welcome him to be a part of this year’s Co-Op Challenge as a captain… and I guess we got his answer!

The crowd cheers, and all four members of the Cirque seem frustrated and ready to head back to the locker room, but before they take more than a couple steps back up the ramp, Smith Cartwright remembers that he’s got another announcement.

Smith Cartwright: Oh, and one more thing...

“Harvester of Sorrow” hits the airwaves. The fans... absolutely... loses it.

Alan Ducard: BLOODY HELL!!

Jimmy Yates: Looks like somebody’s back!!

Bryan Harris: Grrrreat.

From behind the curtains out walks X-Calibur, his medium length dark brown hair flowing loosely down his shoulders. He wears a skin tight Affliction brand skull and wings tee, a pair of faded blue jean shorts, and white and gold Adidas. Looking out into the crowd, X-Calibur smiles as everyone marks out over his grand return to the LEGACY scene after being suspended for two shows.

Alan Ducard: Just LISTEN to this reaction!!

It doesn’t take long for the Metallica song to die down, and it takes an even less amount of time for the audience to break out into an “X-Cal! X-Cal!”, chant. Some in the front rows even try dispersing a “Wel-come Back!” chant. Looking directly ahead with a microphone already in hand, X-Calibur eyes up his World Champion nemesis standing alongside his Cirque du MoFo cohorts outside of the ring. Looking back up into the ring at Herb Moxley and the newly appearing Jester Smiles, X-Calibur winks at them with a broad smile on his face.

Smith Cartwright: I’m sure a lot of you all were wondering why X-Calibur wasn't named as one of the five team captains for the Co-Op Challenge… and it’s because this year’s Co-Op Challenge is for the Number One Contendership to the World Title…

The excitement level grows, anticipating the rest of the announcement.

Smith Cartwright: ...And at Glimmer of Hope 2009, X-Calibur’s already got a match… he’s going to be competing for the LEGACY World Championship in the main event!

As soon as Smith finishes making the official announcement, X-Calibur lets the remaining chants die down a bit before attempting to add anything to what has already been said.

X-Calibur: I’m done. Done with the bullsh**, Loco. Done allowing those pathetic posers standing there at your ready to interfere in OUR affairs once again. So this is my “bombshell” that I promised earlier in the week. You... versus ME. One... on ONE. LEGACY World Championship...

Loco Martinez: Hahaha. REALLY?! THAT’s your b-

X-Calibur: INSIDE OF A CELL...

Loco Martinez: Now hold on just a s-

X-Calibur: FOR ONE HOUR.

Loco Martinez goes to speak on his microphone but he is too dumbfounded to get anything coherent out.

X-Calibur: You’ve pushed me to my breaking point, Loco... and now? One way or another, it’s time for me to push you to yours.

Looking furious, Loco looks over at John Thomas, who tries to calm him down, but the World Champ appears to be having none of it.

Loco Martinez: No. NO!

Loco extends his arm and wags his finger.

Loco Martinez: I may not have any choice over whether or not I waste another title defense on you… but as for that stipulation? No way. No deal. Not gonna happen.

Still surprised by X-Calibur’s stipulation request, Smith Cartwright looks at X-Calibur and awkwardly shrugs. The camera switches to a view of X-Calibur, who is smirking.

X-Calibur: It’s only a matter of time before you agree to this stipulation. Even when we’re in that ring together at Glimmer of Hope… the bounty’s still on.

Shrugging his shoulders, X-Calibur lowers the microphone, then throws it underhand all the way down the ramp, drilling T.Rex with a thud before “Harvester of Sorrow” picks back up and X-Calibur makes his exit.
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[Making Amends]

His walk is slow and calm. Eyes pointed to the ground in order to avoid eye contact with those who might provoke him. Stoicism glued to his countenance. Nike sports bag slung over his shoulder. His black “TapouT” hat is worn backwards with a tuft of hair sticking out of his forehead and long brown strands spilling out the sides down to his shoulders. X-Calibur passes various production assistants and catering cooks through the crowded hallway, watching out for loose cables poking up unsafely through duct tape and haphazardly thrown rugs. Setting his bag down beside a table set up with a coffee pot and Styrofoam cups, he grabs the coffee pot and gently swirls the contents around, generating some excess steam out of the top. Lifting a medium sized cup that had been stacked on top of another half dozen or so cups, X poured an ample amount of the blackness straight in.

The distinct aroma permeated the vicinity and his eyes closed shut as memories of his childhood hammered his senses. Taking a careful sip, he smacked his lips for a moment. Realizing the contents weren’t all that hot, X-Calibur took a generous gulp. He needed plenty of caffeine for the long drive back home in California.

Opening his eyes, he bent down to pick up his bag with his free hand, and when he stood back up straight his eyes focused in the distance at something, or someone, in particular. The camera darted back down the hallway in the direction X-Calibur emerged from to see Herb Moxley and Jen X standing outside of a room with Herb Moxley in his ring gear.

Gulping the rest of the lukewarm coffee down, he crushed the cup practically into dust and let the pieces crumple down onto a small trash can situated on the table. Swinging his bag back over his shoulder he began walking in the direction of Moxley and Jen X.

X-Calibur: Hey Mox... (Cupping hands into a makeshift mega-phone) ... MOX!!

For a moment Herb lowers his eyebrows in distaste at X-Calibur as he approaches, he takes a sideways step to protect Jen and help but makes a fist. Calming himself, Herb suddenly begins rubbing the side of his temple in confusion. He turns to Jen X who keeps her eyes fixed on X-Calibur, obviously worried. Herbert then looks around as if he doesn't see X-Calibur at all, looking beyond him several times as he turns his head back and forth.

Moxley: Hey Jen... I seem to be hearing that annoying ringing sound again...

Jen X: I hear it too, this time.

Herbert grimaces at X-Calibur.

Moxley: Oh right. It's you. Whats shakin' X-Lax?

X puts his hand up to stop Herbert from saying anything more.

X-Calibur: Just shut the f*** up for a second with your quips and nerd-isms, will ya? I got something to say to you, man to man.

Jen doesn’t like her man being talked to this way one bit, but Herb’s shoulders unexpectedly loosen up at this. Maybe it was the tone in X-Calibur’s voice. Stern, but not full of malice. Hard, but not full of violence.

X-Calibur: Look, Mox. Let’s be real here. You deserve to hate me. There’s no question about that. You walked into LEGACY in the middle of a war... and this is a war that I started. Loco's mental meltdown was as much my doing as it was his own... and I take full responsibility for that. You had no idea what you were looking at when you walked opened the door to that arena that day at that SuperCard, and can’t fault you for getting the wrong impression about the way things went down.

He looked over at Jen X, who had no clue what to think or how to react to what X-Calibur was saying.

X-Calibur: When the time comes... title or no title... you should know, that I AM going to finish what I started. This war of attrition only stops by the edge of MY sword, I promise you and everyone else that. For everything he’s done to me. For everything he’s done to you. For every person out there in that arena whose heart he has crushed by hoodwinking them into believing that the old fun-loving Loco Martinez was back and better than ever.

He sighs.

X-Calibur: Look, ask around and you’ll find out that I’m no good at this sh**. I’m no good... I’m no good at apologizing to people I’ve wronged. In my decade plus career, I think I’ve maybe... MAYBE apologized to one or two people. I often make mistakes to good hearted people, but most of the time I am too proud and too stubborn to make things right. And, well, I’m tired of that coming back to bite me in the ass. I’m tired of fighting the uphill battle by myself, warding off the rabid dogs and poisonous snakes with my bare hands without someone there with the first aid kit in case I get bitten. I sure could use a friend or two in this business, and... I’m never going to find one if I don’t start showing penance for my many... many sins.

X-Calibur raises his hand, to which Mox flinches involuntarily, expecting a punch to the nose or something.

X-Calibur: So Mox... from the bottom of my heart... (Pointing at the bandage on his head) ... to the top of your noggin’... I am sorry, Herbert J. Moxley.

Herb glaces at Jen who stares at the outstretched hand like it’s a viper. He looks back at X-Calibur's hand. There is a long uneasy moment as Herb seems to be playing out every possible outcome of his reaction when suddenly his emotions get the better of him.

Moxley: You're right about one thing, X. You do suck at apologies. Enjoy your time off.

Herb leaves X-Calibur hanging in an uncharacteristically cold hearted moment. X-Calibur just nods, accepting this reaction as best he can, then turns and walks off. The camera zooms in on Herbert and Jen X, who seems to be breathing again for the first time since X-Calibur approached.

Jen X: You did the right thing, we can't trust hi-

Moxley: Dammit. I can't kick a guy when he's down. Not even him.

Herb runs off towards X-Calibur. Jen grabs him by his wrist but he breaks free easily, try to stop him as she might.

Moxley: Hey Eryk!! Yo! X-Calibur.

X-Calibur turns as Moxley slows down from his brief sprint.

Moxley: I'm sorry, too. For everything.

X chuckled, trying to smile but simply unable to due to the overall events of the night thus far.

X-Calibur: Stop. You have NOTHING to apologize for... despite everything you tried to tell me. It only took until I smacked YOU on the skull and busted your little head open for me to realize that you were one-hundred and ten percent right. About everything. F***, man... no, don’t look at me like that. Seriously... whatever you’re thinking... no. Seriously. Stop.


X-Calibur: No.

Moxley stomps.


Confused, X-Calibur raises his hand up. It’s in the form of a fist bump as he’s not really sure what the hell he’s doing.


X-Calibur: Dude... what the hell is a...

Herb enthusiastically swings his raised palm forward then his hand stops just a single inch before smacking into X-Calibur's awkward hand -- as if stopped by an unseen force.

X-Calibur: Uh...

Moxley: That means we're cool now, X.

[Later That Night.... Pre-Recorded Face-To-Face Interview With Loco and X. 5.29.2009]

The cameras pan away from the ringside area to a previously recorded taping with the headline, “Earlier Today”. Instantaneously, the camera opens up to Andrew Kelly sitting in a dark room with a spotlight shining down in the middle.

In front of the comfy looking lounge chair he was sitting in, a wooden table held two coffee mugs adjacent from one another, and in front of the coffee table sat another lounge chair, this one empty. After a few seconds, the sounds of someone attaching a microphone piece to their person can be heard, and moments after the current number one contender for the LEGACY World Championship, X-Calibur, walks onto the scene in his finest Sunday casuals.

Faded blue jeans, black boots, and a white TapouT shirt with stars of the American flag acting as the backdrop inside each of the letters. An American Eagle was perched atop the curvature in the logo, digging his talons into the logos as if he were looking over the edge of the world. X-Calibur’s medium length dark brown hair is neatly tied back into a pony tail, and as he sits down he takes a drink of the coffee mug.

Andrew Kelly: Eryk Van Warren. Known to the wrestling world as “X-Calibur”. Thank you for joining here today.

X-Calibur: My pleasure, Andrew.

Andrew Kelly: Your reputation precedes you, X. I know very well that you are not a man who likes to mince words, nor are you a man who prefers to beat around the bush when asked a question. You like to give answers straight up, and that said, I don’t want to waste any time getting into this interview with you.

X-Calibur: Heh.

Andrew Kelly: The world demands to know, X. The world demands to know what exactly you were thinking challenging Loco Martinez, the World’s Champion, to a match like that.

X-Calibur: You know something, Andrew? There’s been a growing “concern” here in LEGACY for things such as sophistication and political correctness. If people aren’t bitching on message boards about f(beep)ing swearing on cable television, then they’re bitching about having “too many hardcore matches” or “too many tag team matches” or “too many this and that and the other” on one show. Specifically though, I’ve noticed a growing “concern” about how this match I’ve presented to Loco Martinez, OUR World Champion, will have an adverse effect on the reputation of the company in which we represent.

Andrew goes to speak but he is too interested in what X has to say to follow through with a question. X simply puts his hand up for a moment, as if to go back in time a little bit.

X-Calibur: Once upon a time, LEGACY was looked at as the “alternative” to this business. When glorified stuntmen like Dropkick Murphy were too busy throwing their careers away doing “too-hot-for-TV ” matches such as “flaming pits of death on a pole while getting ass raped” matches in the OPW, LEGACY was putting on five-star clinics for Dave Meltzer between actual WRESTLERS. When heat-starved “SHOOTers” like Paul Jarvis were too busy running their f(beep)ing mouths in Vegas, slamming the competition at every turn and pitching their underground seen harder than a Billy Mays infomercial, LEGACY was the one endearing itself to the masses by welcoming any and all comers from the past, present, and future. Now that we are the last company standing? There seems to be this general sentiment among the fans on the internet and the boys in that locker room that, with a match as [Air Quotes] “ridiculous” and “ over the top” [End Air Quotes] as this, happening in LEGACY, that somehow LEGACY is quickly deteriorating into the very “cookie cutter” nature it has tried so admirably not to become.

X shakes his head- and we hear the door to the room slam. We hear Loco Martinez's voice muttering.

Loco Martinez: Lets get this sh(beep) over with.

Loco sits down and hooks up his mic. Loco is in a pair of khaki cargo shorts. Black and white Nike sandals, and a red Radiohead t-shirt that reads, "yOu and whOse armY?" Kelly and X eyeball Loco as he makes himself comfortable. He gestures and mouths "continue". X rolls his eyes, and Kelley turns back to the number one contender.

Andrew Kelly: Well, I’m not exactly sure I know what you’re talking about, to be perfectly honest with you. However... the internet does like to form wild opinions from time to time.

Ignoring this politically correct answer, X-Calibur shook his head.

X-Calibur: If only you guys f(beep)ing knew, Andrew. If only you guys f(beep)ing knew.

Loco Martinez: What exactly are we talking about here?

Andrew Kelly: The strong opinion that is circulating that your impending Glimmer of Hope match is "over the top".

Loco smirks.

Loco Martinez: Well... in this one instance I have to say I side with the people. This is a ridiculous concoction, by THAT *points at X* man... a guy who is notorious for overreaction. He got his match... and then I got coerced against my will into accepting this *Loco uses air quotes* match.

Pausing, X sat back in the chair and crossed his left leg over the bow of his right knee. With his arms sprawled out on the edge of the couch’s backing, he continues.

X-Calibur: You, well maybe not you... perhaps a few other people here in LEGACY, might recall something that happened about eight years ago. Do you know what I’m talking about, slim?

Eying up Loco, he realizes that the World Champion doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Erroneously assuming that he was talking to him, Andrew Kelly speaks up.

Andrew Kelly: I’m not sure if I do, X.

X-Calibur chuckles. After scratching his scruffy chin, toying with the hair that has grown from his sideburns into a chin strap on his goatee, X-Calibur continues.

X-Calibur: Allow me to refresh your memories then. The second incarnation of the AWA. Long after guys like this man and Papa Stellar moved on to greener pastures up in New York. [Points to self.] This young buck here was in the middle of a war that had been garnering a lot of attention in the papers and magazines. It was with a man known to the wrestling world as “Mark Mathews”, former World Champion many times over in his own right. Despite loathing one another and everything we stood for, this man and myself sat down at a table one night and devised a plan that we both knew would settle the differences between us once and for all. We sat down at that table as enemies as much as we were men, Andrew, and on that night we constructed in our minds what was surely to be the most mentally grueling, most physically challenging match ever seen in this industry. That match?

Pausing, X-Calibur sat forward. Staring a hole through Loco’s eyes, he leers threateningly, and with a deeper voice he continued. We see Loco roll his eyes.

X-Calibur: We called it.... the “Breaking Point Match”.

Nodding his head, Andrew Kelly sits uncomfortably in his chair as X-Calibur’s eyes lock steadily with his.

Andrew Kelly: I see... and this is the match you challenged Loco to at STRIFE 51, correct?

X-Calibur: Correctamundo, Andrew. In the eight years that have passed me by, I have yet to cross another son of a bitch that I share the same kind of hatred... no, no... the same kind of LOATHING for, as I did Mark. At least... not until now. [Eying up Loco with a balled fist.] Because the moment Loco turned his back on me like the coward that he is... [Almost baiting Loco.] I knew, Andrew. I knew. I knew that there was NO other human being on the face of this Earth that was more deserving to be thrown into that f(beep)ing enclosed cage with me for an hour than this man.

Andrew Kelly: You keep mentioning that this is the second time in history a match like this has happened. Is there a way we can view this match? If not, can you describe for us what it was like to compete in a match like that?

X-Calibur sighs and shakes his head.

X-Calibur: Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a way. I’ve contacted just about everybody who was involved in the resurrection of the AWA about getting the rights to that footage, but I’m continuously met with resistance. I don’t know whether its for copyright purposes or whether it’s because the footage has been lost in a “random fire” from “Jewish lightning”. I really don’t know what the case really is, but the fact is that not too long after our match the offices of the AWA closed its doors forever, and the archives containing our match was sealed. So unless you managed to record those shows on your VCR and can upload them to YouTube, I don’t think there’s a way to really see it.

Andrew Kelly: So then just tell us, X... to give us all a glimpse into the crystal ball, what can we expect in this “Breaking Point” match at Glimmer of Hope 2009?

X-Calibur: Oh Andrew... there are many things you can expect. But for starters...

Loco looks at his watch and looks around the room. Both X and Andrew take notice of Loco's not so subtle hints. They're staring and loco looks back feigning innocence?

Loco Martinez: What? Is he finally done? Seriously, Andrew... why did you even invite me?

Clearing his throat, Andrew Kelly sighs, almost looking annoyed that Loco would say this.

Andrew Kelly: Let's cut to the chase, Loco. I think you know why you were invited to this interview. The fans, and wrestlers alike, feel that you have a lot of things to answer for here in LEGACY. Specifically, the dastardly things you’ve been involved in with this man who sits across from you for the last several months. You also happen to be the LEGACY World Champion, and given the importance of this upcoming "Breaking Point" match at Glimmer of Hope, a LEGACY first, the fans watching this broadcast deserve to know how you feel about going toe to toe inside a cage with a man that has openly admitted to hating you.

Loco smirks.

Loco Martinez: Lets not forget, Andy, that I am no huge fan of his either. So there is plenty of hatred that will be directed at HIM when we get in that cage. I may hate the fact that this match exists. But I hate something much more than that... and that is the thought of that man getting his filthy little paws on MY title. So I f(beep)king HATE the match... and I hate that I caved to his little bounty. But that's in the past. Now I only have one thing to worry about hating. *Loco points at X-Calibur* People think its only HIM that has reason to go into this match with a chip. Like HE is some innocent do gooder. Bullsh(beep). He put me through HELL for the last few months. I was attacked. I was bloodied. I ended up out of my mind... which is what got me into this crapfest "Breaking Point Bullsh(beep) Fest".

Andrew Kelly: So you don't think this match is justified? You feel like everything you've done to X-Calibur was warranted?

Loco Martinez: To quote Danny Ocean from Ocean's Twelve... "It sure as sh(beep) ain't sad". *Loco chuckles to himself* - I did what I felt was necessary to keep him away from my precious. To keep the people from being bored to tears... .I mean you heard him go on and on and on and on and on... and on. Ever the tortured hero. If its not ME getting under his skin... its the internet.... its critics... *Loco looks at a box of tissues. He grabs one and tosses at X with utter disgust* ... here ya go, dude. Sounds like you need one.

The crumpled tissue bounces off X's chest and falls to the floor. X-Calibur seethes, looking like he's ready to remove Loco's head from his body.

X-Calibur: Oh boo hoo. Woe is me.

He picks up the tissue and “dries his eyes”.

X-Calibur: Poor Loco. He’s had to watch his back for a few months. Around the corner. In the back. Outside. Woe is me. Our World Champion was bullied into a match he didn’t want to be in.

Sitting forward a bit, X-Calibur smirks.

X-Calibur: Turnabout is fairplay, motherf(beep)er. You made the mistake of a lifetime when you decided to conduct shady business with the best in this business. My name is not Stephen Rawlings, and I do NOT simply FADE into the BACKGROUND. Now? Now you’re paying for your mistake, and instead of owning up to that fact, all you can do is sit there and cry like a little girl who didn’t get her way. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Moan, moan, f(beep)ing, moan. At least when I was forced into that abortion of a match against you, Anarchy, and John Thomas, I went in with my fists up and head held high. You? You sit there with your tail tucked between your legs and head up your ass, COMPLAINING about how "unfair" I’ve been to you.

Loco Martinez: Of course you don't "fade" into the background. You have to make damn sure that the spotlight is on you at all times. Making sure YOU'RE the big bad ass... and when things didn't go "your way", what happened? Now this match YOU concocted, and YOU have forced me into is already being seen for what it is... and here you are... puffing your chest, and bashing on the people you desperately seek the approval of... to play the hero for... I don't worry about them. I figured out a while back that the best thing for Loco Martinez? Is to look out for Loco Martinez.

X-Calibur makes a jerking off motion with his hands.

X-Calibur: Stop. Nobody buys this "victim" bullsh(beep) you’ve created for yourself. Yeah, you got f(beep)ed up real bad by Issac. The Big Albino Bastard made you bleed like a stuck pig, didn’t he? Know what? Good. Nobody’s shedding a Goddamn tear for you. You deserved that sh(beep), you little prick. You reap what you f(beep)ng sow in this business, and a man who’s been in this business as long as YOU should already KNOW that.

All of a sudden, Loco stands up, X-Calibur follows his lead. Ripping the coffee table up between them, X-Calibur shoves it to the side allowing free space between him and the World Champion. Standing up quickly, Andrew Kelly quickly places his hand on both men’s shoulders and urgently pleads with them.

Andrew Kelly: FELLAS. This is NOT going to turn into a backstage brawl. And if it DOES? Let me remind you BOTH of something that has been passed down by the front office. If you put one finger on X-Calibur, you are stripped of your title.

Loco’s line of sight quickly darts towards Andrew. He is seething with anger.

Andrew Kelly: If you put one finger on Loco Martinez, you will NOT get your title match at Glimmer of Hope.

X-Calibur rolls his eyes and takes a step back.

Andrew Kelly: I think we need a break here to calm things down a little bit. X, take a seat. Loco, take a walk.

Loco Martinez: FINE BY ME!

Throwing his hands up in the air, Loco does an about face and rips his microphone piece off of his person. The last sound before the scene fades to the “TO BE CONTINUED...” sign is the door to the interview room slamming shut by Loco’s hand.

Loco Martinez vs. Jester Smiles

Alan Ducard: I’m not going to lie. I’m really excited about our main event. Jester Smiles is in SHOOT Project, and he’s in action with our current World Champion, Loco Martinez! That’s an exciting ordeal!

Bryan Harris: Well, I mean, sure, it’s exciting because of Loco Martinez, but I don’t see the big deal with this Jester Smiles. I mean, he was big in other places that aren’t LEGACY, so, really, does his record elsewhere REALLY matter?

Jimmy Yates: Have you seen of Jester’s work, Bryan?

Bryan Harris: It wasn’t here, so I don’t care.

Jimmy Yates: Either way, we have a debuting Jester Smiles against our World Champion, Loco Martinez, and that’s on right now!

[Later That Night...]

Loco Martinez vs Jester Smiles

Loco Martinez is resting himself against the turnbuckles, catching his breath. Jester Smiles is on the ground, clutching his stomach. X-Calibur just looks on, a little upset with how the match looks right now.

Bryan Harris: Guys that big should NOT try to fly, especially against a high flyer like Loco Martinez. That was just stupid on the part of Smiles.

As Jester gets up to his knees, Loco plants a low dropkick to the chest of Jester, knocking Jester flat. Smiles gets to his hands and knees, but Loco is quick to plant a STRONG soccer kick to the stomach of Jester, causing Jester to flip over onto his back. Loco turns around and hit’s a standing moonsault, further crushing the chest/stomach area of Jester! Martinez goes for the pin, and X-Calibur is quick to count.


TWO-Kickout! Loco actually complains about a slow count, which X just gives him a stare of death. Loco again pins, mouthing “Do it right this time”.

ON-Kickout! Loco again complains about the slow count, when suddenly, Jester launches a HARD punch to the jaw of Loco Martinez! Loco falls to his back and clutches his jaw whilst Jester rolls away and gets to his hands and knees, catching his breath.

Jimmy Yates: A strong flurry of offense cut short as X-Calibur’s presence continues to distract Loco Martinez.

Bryan Harris: This just isn’t fair. How can Loco focus if he has to contend with that stupid clown AND X-Calibur.

Alan Ducard: So far, though, X-Calibur has been calling the match right down the middle.

Bryan Harris: You call that slow as hell count down the middle?

Jester and Loco are on their feet at the same time. Loco charges across the ring with a cross body, but Jester launches a thrust kick that knocks Loco flat! Jester lifts Loco pack up a plants a few solid open hand slaps to Loco, followed by an open handed spinning back hand, a kick to the gut, and then lifts his leg high and hit’s a HARD Tae-Kwon Do style axe kick on the back of Loco Martinez head! Loco goes down flat and Jester hit’s the ropes, bouncing off and leaping high, landing with a senton splash on the back of Loco Martinez!!

Jimmy Yates: The martial arts background of Jester really coming into play here. That was some SOLID striking offense.

Bryan Harris: It was OKAY. I still don’t see what is so special about this guy.

Jester goes quickly for the pin, and X-Calibur is there to count.


TW-Kickout! Jester gets off and lifts Loco back up with him. Loco, however, goes down low and sweeps Jester’s legs. He then leaps in the air and drops both his feet on Jester’s chest, knocking the wind out of Jester. Loco then begins to complain to X-Calibur about all the illegal things Jester has been doing, and even blaming X for a fast count when Jester pinned him. Loco does not see Jester getting up to his hands and knees behind him. Finally, X gets tired of Loco’s complaining and acts like he’s going to throw a punch. Loco flinches and walks backwards…tripping over Jester and falling to the ground.

Alan Ducard: HAHA! That’s hilarious!

Bryan Harris: I’m glad you find a biased referee funny, Alan.

Loco is up to his feet quickly, and he seems completely incensed by X-Calibur. Loco holds up his hand like he is going to punch X, but X points at the referee shirt, and Loco calms himself. X-Calibur actually leaves the ring at this point whilst Loco turns his attention back to Jester, launching a few punches at Jester’s head. X-Calibur, meanwhile, makes his way to the announce booth, over to Bryan Harris, and actually takes Bryan’s headset!

Bryan Harris: HEY! I NEED THA-

X-Calibur: This thing work? Yeah, I think it work. Hi guys, Alan, Jimmy, ummm…you.

Bryan Harris is saying something, but it can’t quite be heard. Meanwhile, Loco has Jester up and against the turnbuckle. Loco launches a HARD chop to Jester’s chest, and Jester winces. Loco launches again, and Jester clutches his chest.

X-Calibur: Those are some TOUGH looking shots right there. I hope this Jester kid can take them.

Alan Ducard: I think that’s technically illegal, X-Calibur.

Jimmy Yates: Who honestly stops a chop sequence anymore?

X-Calibur: I know I don’t.

Bryan once again tries to say something, but he can’t be heard. Meanwhile, Loco gets right in Jester’s face and starts yelling at him. Jester just suddenly flashes Loco a BIG smile and slams him in the stomach with a hard knee! Loco backs up, clutching his stomach, and begins launching HARD punches into Loco’s face, pushing Loco all the way back to the other turnbuckle. Jester begins to plant his own chops, but there is no break in between them. It’s a knife edged, followed by an open palm, back to a knife edged combo that goes on while the fans count, a few fans actually getting all the way up to twenty! Finally, Jester just backs up, and Loco collapses to the ground, clutching his chest and writhing in pain.

X-Calibur: OUCH! I mean, really, OUCH!

Alan Ducard: Loco’s chest is as red as-

X-Calibur: As his face is going to be at Glimmer of Hope.

Jester lifts Loco back up and hit’s a spinning back kick to the stomach of Loco. Loco doubles over, and Jester lifts him into a fireman’s carry position.

Jimmy Yates: I understand this is the set up for Jester’s finisher, a Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster known as the Side Splitter.

X-Calibur: I get it! Like a slide splitting joke! Oh, that clown, he is funny.

Loco actually manages to squirm is way out. He lands on his feet, with Jester in a front facelock, and drops Jester hard with a DDT! Loco turns him over and pins…but X-Calibur isn’t in the ring!

X-Calibur: OH! No referee in the ring. Tough break for Loco.

Jimmy Yates: Uhhh…X….you’re the referee.

X-Calibur: Tough break for Loco.

Loco looks completely incensed at X-Calibur, screaming for X-Calibur to get back in the ring. He’s so loud and so profane, most of it is heavily edited.

X-Calbur: Woah woah woah there, Loco. F**king kids are watching this sh*t.

Loco lifts Jester up and grabs his arm. He twists it and goes for the LOCapitator, but Jester breaks free and sidesteps! Loco turns around and Jester PLANTS Loco with a Shuffle Sidekick!

Alan Ducard: He calls that one the Virginia Sidekick, and this one could be over.

Jester goes for the pin, but, again, no X-Calibur. Jester looks at X-Calibur, seemingly irritated, but shrugs and nods, as if he understands.

Jimmy Yates: Uhhh…X?

X-Calibur: Fair is fair. I didn’t go in once for Loco. Jester wouldn’t want me treating him different.

Jester lifts Loco back up to his feet and pulls Loco into a clinch. He begins to soften Loco up with some hard knees to the stomach and some rabbit punches to the head. Once Loco is sufficiently weakened, Jester uses his size advantage to pull Loco in close and lift him up before slamming him down with a belly to belly suplex. Jester rolls through and lifts Loco back up, turning him around and planting him with a belly to back suplex. Jester again rolls through and lifts Loco up, planting Loco again with a German Suplex. He doesn’t bridge for the pin, knowing that X-Calibur is out of the ring, so Jester goes out and gets up close to X.

X-Calibur: Martinez is in the ring there, Smiley.

Jesters words can barely be picked up by the camera. He is saying “Come on man, let me end this match.”

X-Calibur: You should really be worrying about Loco, kid.

Suddenly, Loco comes flying off the top rope and onto the back of Jester with a Spaceman Plancha! Jester goes down, and Loco stays down with him!


X-Calibur: Told ya.

Bryan Harris is again unable to be heard.

Jimmy Yates: And just like that, the Greatest Mofo on Earth is in control.

Loco is up, and he simply glares at X-Calibur, who just shrugs. Loco lifts Jester up and shoves him back into the ring, but Loco does not follow. Loco forces Josephina Colbert out of her chair and slides it into the ring, slowly making his way into the ring as well.

X-Calibur: Oh no. This asshole is NOT going to ruin my main event like that.

X-Calibur throws the microphone down and makes his way into the ring. Loco has the chair in hand, but X-Calibur is quick to get in the way. He pulls the chair away from Loco, and the two begin to argue in the ring. This gives Jester time to recover, once again. Jester once again is up, and when he sees Loco not looking at him, he launches himself at Loco, locking in a quick standing rear naked choke!

Jimmy Yates: And that one is called the OH MY GOD I BET YOU CAN’T BREATHE Hold.

Bryan Harris: Stupid name.

Alan Ducard: Good to have you back, Bryan.

Bryan Harris: …shut up.

Loco begins to flail wildly, and in his flailing, he accidently hits X-Calibur in the face. X goes down hard, and his head bounces off the chair that Loco had brought in the ring! Loco is still in the hold, however, and Jester suddenly transitions the rear naked to a cobra clutch! He then throws Loco back with a Cobra Clutch Suplex!!

Jimmy Yates: What a suplex!

Bryan Harris: Yeah, but the referee is out! It does him no good.

Jester sees this, and he goes over to X, trying to get X-Calibur to get up. Jester shrugs, seeing that it’s not happening, and he decides to keep the offense going until X gets up or a new referee comes in. Jester begins to climb the ropes near Loco, and the fans begin to cheer loudly!

Alan Ducard: Jester has been known in the past to finish matches with his moonsault. He may be going for that here.

Bryan Harris: Seriously, how do you guys know all this stuff.

Jimmy Yates: A lot of his work was televised. It’s not hard if you STUDY.

Bryan Harris: Whatever.

The fans’ cheers to turn to boos as John Thomas starts to run to the ring. Before Jester can notice John, it’s too late, as John leaps onto the apron and pulls Jester foot off the ropes, causing Jester to rack himself on the top turnbuckle! Jester clutches his groin in pain, and John enters the ring, helping Loco back to his feet. John then quickly slides out, and Loco springboards off the second rope and hit’s a HARD Enziguiri to the back of Jester! Jester falls off the top rope and lands hard in the ring! Loco lifts Jester back up, twists his arm, and SLAMS Jester with the LOCapitator, with John Thomas cheering the whole time.

Bryan Harris: HA! See! All that cheating by X-Calibur and Jester, and for what? NOTHING! The hero is a zero.

Alan Ducard: Did you make that one up yourself, Bryan?

Suddenly, Leonard Nolan rushes to the ring as Loco Martinez makes the pin!


Alan Ducard: No no no! This just isn’t right!


Bryan Harris: HA! It’s tragically hilarious!


Loco rolls off of Jester as X-Calibur slowly comes to. John Thomas enters the ring and lifts Loco up. X-Calibur is now on his hands and knees, holding his head, as Leonard Nolan holds up Loco’s arm.

Josephina Colbert: Here is your winne…the LEGACY World Heavyweight Champion…LOCO MARTINEZ!!!!

The fans boo loudly, and a few even throw trash. Jester rolls on the ground, clutching his head. X-Calibur is up quickly, and now that he realizes what happened, he grabs the chair and goes for Loco and John. Both men exit the ring and begin to walk away, with ANARCHY coming from behind, just in case X-Calibur decides to give chase. The microphones can barely pick up what X-Calibur is yelling at Loco.

X-Calibur: No escape at Glimmer of Hope! NO escape for ONE HOUR!

Jester is now on his knees, and he glares down the aisle at John Thomas and Loco Martinez. The cameras turn to Loco Martinez, holding up his title high, and smiling like a bandit.

Alan Ducard: Loco Martinez goes and STEALS another one. Damnit!

Bryan Harris: Oh come on. He survive all the bull that Jester and X-Calibur were playing.

Jimmy Yates: I don’t know if you can blame Jester for X-Calibur’s doings, but Loco definitely stole this one away from X-Calibur, no matter how hard X-Calibur was trying to steal it from him.

The scene turns back to Jester and X-Calibur, both of which who glare down at Loco is and the Cirque. The scene fades out on that picture.
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[Final Moments...]

Backstage we see road agents Preston Thompkins and Carter Franklin. Noth men are well dressed in casual business attire with Preston leaning against a wall with a clipboard in his hand.

Carter Franklin: For his first day on the job he's doing pretty well. He might not be following dress code, but I think he will fall in to line and do well as a road agent.

Preston Thompkins: It's never easy going from being in that ring to behind the scenes, I have to admit I was kind of surprised when I found out he had been hired. Anyway, I have to go tell X-Calibur that he's up soon. If you see the rookie let him know he can watch the main event with us, he knows where the monitor is.

Preston walks away to alert X-Calibur, and Carter heads off in the other direction. As he turns a corner we see a pair of polished black cowboy boots. The camera focuses on the cowboy boots and the blue jeans that meet them, when we hear Carter talk.

Carter Franklin: Good work today rookie. Preston said to let you know to meet us at the monitor and you can watch the main event with us. I just have to go make sure Loco is ready and get him to Gorilla.

There is a laugh when Carter says the word rookie and we hear a familiar voice.

Voice: Well let this rookie get in a little more practice. I'll make sure Loco gets to Gorilla. Go get a good spot at the monitor, this match is huge and everyone is going to be staking out a spot at the monitors.

Carter Franklin: You sure?

Voice: I got this.

We see Carter Franklin turn back the way he came, but we follow the polished black cowboy boots as they make their way down the hall and around another corner before the boots stop and the camera pans up to a door with a giant gold star and the name Loco Martinez on it.

We see a hand reach out towards the door we notice that the skin on the hand looks rough and has some scars as well as old burn marks. The hand knocks on the door and after a moment we hear a vocie form within.

Loco Martinez: I know I'm up next. I'll be there in a minute.

The hand pauses then knocks again, not content with the answer. After a moment a seemingly annoyed Loco opens the door, and then he looks out with a slightly confused look which turns to annoyance.

Loco Martinez: What the hell do you want?

Voice: I guess you didn't get the memo, I'm LEGACY's newest road agent. They sent me to make sure you get to Gorilla for your title match tonight.

The camera pans out and we know see the man connected to the cowboy boots. Standing there in blue jeans and black shirt that reads How Do You Want To Be Remembered and has the LEGACY logo on the front is Patrick "Crimson" Kidd.

Patrick Kidd: Get the gold strap and let's go, it's time to walk the green mile.

Loco rolls his eyes, as he stands up. He shakes his head.

Loco Martinez: If you knew sh(beep)t about this company you know I don't "get the gold" strap. And before I go out there... THEY have to go out there...

Loco sighs dramatically before he turns and shouts behind him.

Loco Martinez: Teddy, Chris. Lets go.

We hear a mild ruckus. And then a clang, and then we see Angel backing out of the room, the trophy case slowly rolled through the doorway. The members of Anarchy are dressed in all white. White dress slacks, dress shoes, and white button down shirts. The contrast is the dark black sunglasses that cover their eyes as they roll by T.Rex eyeballs Kidd.

T.Rex: Who da fugg is dis?

Loco chuckles.

Loco Martinez: Some hanger on, Teddy. Couldn't stay away from the business, but can't get out and wrestle anymore. SO? Here he is... getting his rocks off trying to *Loco makes the corresponding air quotes* "boss me around".

Angel and Rex walk off to make their grand entrance, and it leaves Kidd and Loco standing there.

Patrick Kidd: I know this isn't your first rodeo, you've been in plenty of cage matches including the cylindar of chains. You just need to know that your going to be in that cage for an hour and everything tha tcoem with. I'm sure you've thought about that already. I've been in my share of cage matches and you need to remember X-Calibur is one of the only people that has walked away from a Human Torch burning cage amtch, the same cage match that temporarily paralyzed both me and Sean Boden. The match that pretty much ended my carreer.

Loco rolls his eyes.

Loco Martinez: Thanks "dad". But luckily I'm not YOU. I'm not Boden, and I will be WALKING out of that cage with all faculties, and my title in tact.

Loco goes to walk past Kidd. Kidd just side steps and lets him walk by. Kidd shakes his head knowing both men will give it their all, but knowing what dangers reside inside those walls of steel.

[Hype Video]

We hear a familiar song for those that remember Loco Martinez and X-Calibur's last pay per view hype video. The slow guitar of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters".

A shot of the World Heavyweight Championship. followed by James Hetfield's voice.

"So close no matter how far."


"Doesn't get much more from the heart"

Jimmy Yates: I'm disgusted by this!

"Forever... trust in who we are..."

Loco Martinez flanked by Anarchy and John Thomas hoists the World Title into the air, triumphantly.

"... And nothing else matters"

Slow zoom onto the Legacy World Heavyweight Championship.

The soft guitar part stays as a music bed, but slowly becomes some western styled plucking. We hear footsteps of an unseen man, but we hear a voice of a grizzled cowboy.

Cowboy: "I reckon you ain't familiar with these here parts"

Shot of a Legacy Ring.

"You know, there's a story behind that there saloon"

The Breaking Point Cell lowers over the ring.

"Twenty years ago, two outlaws took this whole town over"

A shot of Loco Martinez cavorting with the rest of the Cirque.

"Sheriffs couldn't stop em"

Flash of pictures that show each person frustrated: Smith Cartwright. Landon Savage. Rob Belote.

"Quickest damn gun slingers I've ever seen"

X-Calibur winds up and nails a right hand. Blurs and we see a Cobra striking.

"Got murdered in cold blood"

The Cirque circling X-Calibur lashing out. Attacking X-Calibur from the night they robbed him of his title. Blurs and we see hyenas circling a downed antelope.

"That ol' saloon there was their lil' home away from home"

The Legacy Ring with spotlights raining down on them.

"They say the ghosts of Bad and Evil still live in that tavern"

Again the Cell is lowered over the ring.

"And on a quiet night.... You can still hear the footsteps"

Loco Martinez and X-Calibur circling one another center ring. The music of Eminem's "Bad Meets Evil" hits and we hear Em.

"I don't speak, I float in the air wrapped in a sheet
I'm not a real person, I'm a ghost trapped in a beat"

Loco leaps off the top rope to the outside taking out an opponent with a plancha.

"I translate when my voice is read through a sismograph
And a noise is bred, picked up and transmitted through Royce's head (AAHHH)"

X-Calibur ducks a clothesline. Turns and levels and drops an opponent and seemlessly locks in an armbar. He wrenches back letting out a gutteral roar.

"Trapped him in his room, possessed him and hoist his bed
Till the evilness flows through his blood like poisonous lead"

X flashes the bounty inside its briefcase. We jump to Loco poking his head out of his locker room looking around paranoid.

"Told him each one of his boys is dead
I asked him to come to the dark side, he made a choice and said"

X-Calibur drops Arch Angel. Begins pistoning right hands into the Anarchy member.

[Royce]: "Who hard? yo I done heard worse
We can get in two cars and accelerate at each other
To see which one'll swerve first"

X and Loco take lunge at one another.

"Two blind bandits panic, whose mental capacity holds
That of a globe on top of nine other planets"

Loco holding a conference with Anarchy. Plotting adamantly. X-Calibur sitting backstage watching everything. Taking mental notes.

"Kissed the cheek of the devil
Intelligence level is hell-ier than treble peakin on speakers in the ghetto"

A flash of the briefcase... Next we see Issac Entragian throwing around locker room.

"Dismissal, I'm not a fair man, disgraced the race of a atheist
Intercepting missles wit my bare hands like a patriot"

Loco jumps off the top rope nailing a missile dropkick.

"One track sliced without swords, I buried the Christ corpse
In my past life when the Black Knight mounted the white horse"

Flash of CBP on horseback... galloping towards Loco. Loco and crew chuckling.

"And stay over-worked, its like the Nazis and The Nation
Collaborating, attemptin to take over the earth"

Loco bounces off the ropes... runs at the far ropes and leaps over the top.

[Eminem]: "Cuz this is what happens when Bad Meets Evil
We hit the trees till we look like Vietnamese people"

We see Loco crashing through a table in slow motion. Then its X's turn to crash through a table slo - mo style.

"He's Evil, and I'm Bad like Steve Segal
Above the Law cuz I don't agree wit police either (sh*t, me neither)"

We see Loco waiting in the ring.

"We ain't eager to be legal
So please leave me wit the keys to your Jeep Eagle"

X stumbles out. Anarchy comes out behind him. They begin wailing away on X. Loco looks shocked.

"I breathe ether in three amounts
When I stab myself in the knee with a diseased needle"

Loco flies out of the ring imploring them to stop. The music softens.

"Releasin rage on anybody in squeezing range
Cold enough to make the seasons change into freezing rain"

Loco Martinez: Stop. STOP! Not like this.

"(He's insane) No I'm not, I just want to SHOOT up and I'm pissed off"

Loco sneers. Screams "LIKE THIS!!" and begins to viciously pound on X-Calibur. We see shock and disdain on the crowd as Loco laughs maniacally, as the beat down continues.

"Cuz I can't find a decent vain"

[Royce]: "The disaster wit dreds
I'm Bad enough to commit suicide and survive long enough
To kill my soul after I'm dead"

X-Calibur walking seeming incredibly angry. We jump to him pummeling Moxley with vicious intent.

"When in danger it's funny actually my flavor's similar to a waiter
Cuz I serve any stranger wit money"

Again we see X flashing the cash filled briefcase.

"I spray a hundred, man until they joint chains
While slippin bullets at point blank range like they was punches
Piss on a flag and burn it, murder you then come to your funeral"

Loco backflips off the top rope, grabbing his opponent on the way down, and driving him down with a reverse DDT, a move he calls "That Warm Fuzzy Feeling".

"Serve this lobbyist, strangle your body then confirm you
Whippin human ass, throwin blows crackin jaws"

X-Calibur nails his springboard flying forearm... that he calls "Dragon Punch"

"Wit my fists wrapped in gause, dipped in glue and glass"

Loco nailing an opponent with rights and lefts. Becomes X nailing an opponent with rights and lefts. Becomes X and Loco exchanging rights and lefts in the center of the ring.

"I'm blazin MC's, at the same time amazin MC's"

We see X-Calibur nailing an X-Terminator on Crash. Loco drilling Greyson with the Loc-apitator.

"Somehow MC's ain't that eye-brow raisin to me"

We see X cocking an eyebrow at something Loco just said.

"From all of angles of us, flash a mack loud enough to cast a avalanche
And bust till volcanoes errupt"

A shot of Loco running backstage... clearly fleeing someone, or something.

[Eminem]: "I used to be a loudmouth, remember me? (uh-ah)"

Loco pulling mic to his mouth.

"I'm the one who burned your house down (oh)"

A shot of X-Calibur in the ring with Greg Allocca... fire surrounding them.

"Well I'm out now (sh*t), and this time I'm comin back to blow your house up
And I ain't gon leave you a window to jump out of"

Loco drops from the top rope into his split legged moonsault called "Happiness".

"Give me two fat tabs and three shrooms
And you won't see me like fat people in steam rooms"

X-Calibur nails Loco with X-Terminator. Loco Nails X-Calibur with the Locapitator.

"And when I go to hell and I'm gettin ready to leave"

The cell slowly lowers over the Legacy Ring.

"I'm a put air in a bag and charge people to breathe"

One more shot of X's bounty brief case. Everything rewinds at an almost unrecognizable speed ass the soft guitar part of "Nothing Else Matters is heard once more and we hear the same grizzled voice from the opening of "Bad Meets Evil":

"And so that's the story when Bad Meets Evil
Two of the most wanted individuals in the county
Made Jesse James and Billy the Kid look like law-abiding citizens"
It's too bad they had to go out the way they did
Got shot in the back comin out of that ol' saloon
But their spirits still live on till this day
Shhh...[spits] wait, did y'all hear that?
[Footsteps and windblowing]"

A shot of the Cell with the cell door open. It slams closed.
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The Breaking Point Match (The 60-Minute Iron Man/Hell-In-The-Cell Match)
Loco Martinez© vs. X-Calibur

The bell sounds three times. Everyone goes dead silent. You could cut the anticipation with a knife it’s so thick.

Josephina Colbert: Ladies and gentlemen... the following match is our MAIN EVENT... and it is the BREAKING POINT MATCH... FOR THE LEGACY... WORLD... CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Silence. Only for a few moments though, and then...


The opening chords to Metallica’s “Harvester of Sorrow” hits the public announce system. Soon thereafter, red and blue strobe lights flash through out the Joe Louis Arena here in Detroit, Michigan. The fans all rise to their feet in wonderment, awaiting the arrival of the challenger.

A gentle fog rises around the entranceway to the elevated ramp LEGACY has famously established for its PPV aura. Soon, a man rises up from the fog like a phantom of twilight. This is a familiar sight to some. He bears a black ceremonial mask with studded spikes protruding from all ends, with his long, wet, black hair dangling from inside the back of the mask. He wore a thick, black trench-coat with spikes and a single red and blue dragon insignia curled down the left front side.

Jimmy Yates: My God... X-Calibur has donned the mask and coat again. I haven’t seen this since... well, since his Ring of Fire match with Greg Allocca early last year.

Alan Ducard: Fitting, considering he was driven to the edges of his sanity in a similar fashion to the way Loco has driven him here and now.

Bryan Harris: Meh, not a fan of the theatrics, personally. It serves no purpose other than to put yourself over. X is ridiculous.

Jimmy Yates: Well, I like it. X-Calibur is one of the biggest showman’s in the business and I think it’s entertaining, and I’ll bet so does the rest of this crowd!!

Bryan Harris: Someone must’ve forgot to tell him that Halloween’s in October and... uh, what’s in June?

Jimmy Yates: What’s the matter, Bryan? Rehashing the same joke you made last time not working for ya?

Bryan Harris: *sigh*

X-Calibur stalked his way down the elevated platform as everyone in attendance sat in awe over the intricately crafted mask and trench-coat. The red and blue flashing strobe lights that accentuated this extravagant entrance soon fade and the darkness over the arena lifted entirely. Unstrapping the chin strap, the mask loosens on his face. Seconds later, he lifts the ceremonial mask off of his face to reveal red and blue paint that had been expertly applied. A hand-crafted symbol of a dragon and a serpent covered his face, with the dragon on the blue side and the serpent on the red. It was the symbolization of good versus evil in the flesh.

Alan Ducard: That’s a mighty fine paint job, I must say!!

Bryan Harris: Good God... lets get on with it already, eh?

Looking up at the steel structure lowering itself down towards the ring, X-Calibur takes a deep breath, preparing himself for a true war of attrition. Climbing through the ropes, he sheds the trench coat and extends his arms to the fans watching, gaining a giant reaction from the capacity crowd. Moments later, the music dies down and the crowd waits anxiously for the champion to make his way out.

Alan Ducard: Loco Martinez CAN’T be happy about that entrance from X-Calibur.

Jimmy Yates: I wouldn’t doubt it, Alan.

Bryan Harris: Neither would I. Because Loco is a professional.

Jimmy Yates: Haha. Riiiiiiiiiiight. Crique du MoFo just screams “professionalism”, right?

Bryan Harris: Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Lights cut out. Soft angelic harp music, and we hear a booming voice.

Voice: If you'll please direct your attention to the entrance ramp, and pay the proper respect to THE Prize in the Wrestling World.

The Trophy Case is rolled out, golden spotlights bathe the case, as the crowd boos the display. We see Anarchy dressed like they were before. All white, except black sunglasses.

Voice: The Legacy World Heavy Weight Championship!!!!!

Jimmy Yates: I can't believe the title just got a ring introduction.

Bryan Harris: Why not? Its the biggest prize in the industry. Held by the biggest star! Hell it even has its own ring music.

Angel and Rex set the trophy case down. The lights stay dimmed. The crowd stays on their feet. The palm muted opening of the Von Bondies' "C'mon C'mon" erupts. The boos nearly drown the music out as:


Loco Martinez explodes from the back. Loco is in silver baggy vinyl pants (tajiri styled). Yellow boots, and he's wearing a black shirt and in silver across the chest is scrawled sloppily, "there is no I in "Former World Champ"". The crowd boos as he struts to the trophy case. He takes a moment looking at his title.

Alan Ducard: Perhaps looking upon the title for the last time.

Bryan Harris: Not bloody likely, as your people would put it, Al.

Alan Ducard: Your people?! You racist f-

Jimmy Yates: Hey, I don’t think he meant it that way but... (glaring at Bryan)... IDIOT.

Bryan Harris: What? What’d I say?

Loco then turns and heads towards the ring. He stairs at the imposing cell. His head tilting up more and more as he gets closer to the door. Loco pauses at the door and looks down each side of the cut out of the cell that goes over the ramp... inspecting the makeshift wooden walls that were built around them for any weakness.

Jimmy Yates: He's trying to see if there's anyway the Cirque can get in there.

Bryan Harris: Can it, Yates. He's just making sure its sturdy enough. He doesn't want to go in there and have that monstrosity collapse on him.

Loco steps through the door, and then steps through the ropes. Two referees quickly come to ringside, and close the door. Wrapping a heavy chain and locking it in place with a pad lock.

Jimmy Yates: You're stuck, MoFo. Your fate lays 30 feet in front of you.

Loco's eyes widen as the door clangs closed. He loses himself for a few seconds, stopping dead in his tracks before walking to the referee and taking the key to the trophy case off of his neck.. He then takes off his shirt, and waves it a X-Calibur like a matador taunting a bull, before tossing down to the floor. X-Calibur is unmoving and simply glares back at him in his imposing face paint.

Josephina Colbert: Introducing, the CHALLENGER...

The crowd cheers maddeningly for the World Champion. The respect is solid, despite a little bit of booing from the fans that are too cool to conform.

Josephina Colbert: ...from PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA... he stands six feet, one inch... weighing in this morning at two-hundred and forty-one pounds... he is the FORMER LEGACY World Champion... X-CALIBUR!!!

The crowd cheers and X-Calibur rolls his neck a few times, gearing up for an hour of absolute hell.

Josephina Colbert: And his Opponent...ALSO hailing from PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA... he stands six-feet, one-inch... weighing in this morning at two-hundred and nineteen pounds... he is THE Legacy Superstar... he is THE reigning and THE defending, LEGACY WORLD CHAMPION.... LOCO MARTINEZ!!!!!!!!

Loco throws his fist into the air which is met mostly with boos and smattering of cheers.

Alan Ducard: Here... we... go

Porter calls for the bell and the 60-Minute clock begins counting down on the LEGACY Jumbo Vision.

Neither competitor wastes much time in getting things started as they sprint across the ring towards one another.

Jimmy Yates: I’ve waited for this for so long now... feels surreal that the time has actually come.

Bryan Harris: You and me both, Jimbo. You and me both.

Short left shots from X-Calibur. Short right shots from Loco. Each man eats up the other’s fists showing little to no effect from each lightning quick blow. Eventually, X-Calibur wears down Loco with his brute strength and begins hammering him back into the ropes with left hook and straight right fist combinations. “X-Cal ” chants echo through out the arena as camera flashes fill the building with an iridescent glow. The champion arched back on the top rope, the challenger pounds the everlasting crap out of him. Each connecting blow from X’s fists bounces Loco’s frame against the rope, sending him upwards and back down in rapid succession, trapping the World Champion in a seemingly never-ending succession of blows to the head that send the capacity crowd into an absolute frenzy.

Alan Ducard: Look at him go

Jimmy Yates: All that frustration that X-Calibur has been building up for months and months is FINALLY being released in this match.

Bryan Harris: This isn’t looking good for Loco... already. And we’re what, not even a minute into the match?

After one final blow, X-Calibur backs up and watches Loco bounce forward onto the canvas. Completely amped to the max, X-Calibur faces the crowd with a face full of wild fury with his arms outstretched and shouting, “THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT ”. Turning back around, X is just in time to see Loco roll outside in between the cell structure and the ring apron. Leaning back against the cell, Loco bends at the knees and holds his own head, trying to shake off the stiff shots X-Calibur connected onto him.

Alan Ducard: I think X might have rocked Loco early here!!

Bryan Harris: Please it’s gonna take a helluva lot more to rock Loco than a couple sissified punches.

Jimmy Yates: Sissified? Stop.

Pointing at Loco, X looks at the crowd and then back at Loco. Gaining some speed and momentum, X retreats into the ropes farthest from where Loco is standing on the outside, runs full speed ahead, and pushes his feet off the springy mat.

Bryan Harris: What the hell is X thinking?

Touching no ropes at all, X-Calibur dives over the top and crashes square into Loco Martinez. The sick impact of flesh meeting flesh and skull meeting skull reverberate through out the arena as the challenger’s body pulverizes the champion’s body against the cell fencing, sending both individuals down to the thin outside matting in an awkward heap.

Alan Ducard: Good GOD

Jimmy Yates: Did you see the height X-Calibur got there? I thought he was going to touch the moon!!

Bryan Harris: That was insanely stupid of X to do. He not only hurt himself in that dangerous high risk move, but used up a good deal of energy exerting himself across the ring and over the top rope. There’s still 58 minutes to go in this match, and if he keeps up this kind of pace, he’ll be laying face down on the canvas, wheezing in exhaustion for 49 of them.

Jimmy Yates: As much as I hate to admit it, I am in full agreement with you, Bryan. But... hot damn if that wasn’t exciting

A bit slow to get to his feet, X-Calibur rises, clutching his ribs and holding an arm up in the air to the crowd. Premature chants of “LEG-A-SEE LEG-A-SEE ” break through the mold of the crowd as everyone sits back down in anticipation for the remainder of the hour. Rolling back into the ring, X-Calibur rises only to a knee where he rubs his sore ribs and rotates his shoulder, checking his rotator’s cuff for any significant damage. Pulling on the links of fencing on the cell wall, Loco rises to his knees. Grimacing in pain over the collision of bodies, Loco shakes his head and tries to focus on standing up.

Alan Ducard: That was quite an unexpected tumble for both lads so early into this match. You have to wonder if X might be bloody injured already, or if Loco is realizing the tough road ahead of him in this match.

Both men get to their feet. Loco turns around with his back to the cell fencing. X stares down at him with his arms draped over the top rope. Smiling at Loco, X shouts, “Just a TASTE, bitch ”, to which Loco shakes his head “Screw you, ass hat ”. Taking exception to this, X-Calibur sprints back into the ropes. Loco dives into the ring, and as X sprints off the rebound he is met with a flying crossbody. X catches Loco. Loco throws some elbows up into X’s temple for an attempted block. X fights through the shots and spins Loco’s body around for a swinging side slam. Loco’s legs land on the mat, and with his arm fastened around X-Calibur’s head he SNAPS down to the mat with a DDT for the counter. The impact of the DDT sends X-Calibur’s legs straight up into the air like a tent spike for several seconds.

Bryan Harris: Ooooooh.... what a BEAUTIFUL counter by THE World Champion..

Jimmy Yates: Loco trying to get the early fall here...



THR- X-Calibur shoulders out just in the nick of time as the entire audience heaves a massive “TWOOOOOO” that echoes through the arena. 56:42 left on the clock.

Alan Ducard: That was an incredibly close call for the challenger.

Jimmy Yates: People are generally accustomed to the “feeling out process” in iron man and cage matches, but in this match both competitors seem to be taking a different approach. It’s almost as if they are going, pardon my french, ‘balls to the wall’ early on to see who wimps out first.

Bryan Harris: This is a war of attrition, and if it comes down to stamina, there’s no question that Loco Martinez will win it.

Alan Ducard: On that same notion, if it comes down to perseverance, one has to wonder if perhaps X-Calibur has the slight edge. He’s shown us all time after time again that he’s one of the hardest people to pin in LEGACY, and the fact that his losses are few and far between could be the evidence to back this theory up.

Bryan Harris: That may be... but let’s not ignore the fact that Loco’s one of the most perseverance is almost equal to X’s.

Diving over X-Calibur’s prone body while simultaneously rolling him over into a Majistral cradle, Loco holds on tightly as Porter makes the count. One... two... X-Calibur manages to kick out of this pin attempt, and Loco quickly gets to his feet. Not wasting any motion, Loco leans back into the ropes and propels himself forward. X-Calibur gets to one knee, which is the step stool Loco needed to fly forward and connect with a step-up shining wizard. As X-Calibur falls back to canvas, Loco’s body flips completely backwards and lands flush onto X-Calibur’s upper body for the pinning combination. Loco hooks a leg...

Jimmy Yates: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a step-up shining wizard floated over into a lateral cover before Beautiful



THR- X-Calibur manages to shoulder out, clutching his sore jaw in the process.

Guiding X by the back of his head, Loco brings his nemesis to his feet. Slapping X right on his chest, X reels back momentarily before retaliating with a slap of his own. Dual wooing ensues from the watching crowd as these two men chop it out in the center of the ring. Loco manages to get the upper hand though by delivering a surprise lifter to the chin that rocks X. Teetering, Loco falls back into the ropes and springs off with a flying spinning heel kick that sends X down to the canvas. Immediately following it up, Loco hooks a leg.



THR- X-Calibur shoulders out just in time.

Bryan Harris: Loco seems to be gaining some momentum here. That suicide dive might’ve been pretty to look at, but X is feeling the effects of it worse than Loco.

Bringing X-Calibur into a seated position, Loco slams the point of his knee into the square of X-Calibur’s upper-back while locking his arms around his head for a rear chin-lock. X throws a left arm up out of defense, hoping to connect with a temple or the cleft of Loco’s jaw but the veteran Champion catches it.

Jimmy Yates: Look at the way he’s pulling back on X-Calibur’s arm. That’s a very advantageous position for the World Champion seeing as though X tweaked that arm coming down with the suicide dive.

Bryan Harris: Like I said...

Alan Ducard: Stupid? Yeah, we heard you already.

Sure enough, X-Calibur begins hollering out loud as Loco pulls back on the arm. Porter wastes no time asking if X-Calibur wishes to give it up this fall, but X-Calibur shakes his head adamantly.

Bryan Harris: Again, stupid. Why not tap out this round and live to fight for another?

Alan Ducard: Lad, I don’t know about you... but in my opinion, the first fall is the most significant fall of the match. It sets the tone for the entire fight.

Jimmy Yates: I couldn’t agree with you more, Alan.

Bryan Harris: (Mockingly) I couldn’t agree with you more, Alan Give me a break, Jimbo.

With the crowd’s eyes glued to the 52:39 showing on the giant Jumbo Vision screen, Loco continues adding the pressure to X-Calibur’s sore shoulder. Pulling back with all of his might, it simply isn’t enough to contain X-Calibur’s superior upper body strength. Taking a deep breath, X-Calibur yells with all of his might as he musters up the strength to yank Loco forward, causing the World Champion to literally flip forward completely over him, landing right on his ass. The look of terror emanating from Loco’s face in mid-flight is enough to garner some laughs from the front row.

Alan Ducard: Excellent counter by the challenger. I guess it pays to be strong as a bull in a match like this, eh?

Bryan Harris: True. But still, the more strength he exerts from himself, the more energy he’s rapidly depleting from his body.

Wrapping his healthy arm around Loco’s neck like an anaconda around its prey, X-Calibur begins squeezing tightly. Gasping for breath, Loco’s arms flail in every which direction. Porter admonishes X-Calibur for the blatant chokehold, but X-Calibur ignores his warning completely.

Bryan Harris: Disqualify him, ref

Alan Ducard: Nope. You’re forgetting... there ARE no disqualifications in this Breaking Point match.

Jimmy Yates: Yeah. This isn’t your average marathon or iron man match. Which, in my opinion, only adds to the drama of such an intense contest.

Alan Ducard: Quite right you are, James.

Getting to his knees from the seated position, Loco desperately tries to find a way out of the head-lock. X also gets to his knees and before he knew it he was standing alongside Loco as the Champion transitions the rear sitting head-lock into a standing side head-lock. Pulling back on X-Calibur’s dark brown hair, X winces in pain but refuses to let go. Loco pulls even harder and X backs up a little, giving Loco the opportunity to glide back into the ropes in X’s headlock. Fully extending his body forward while pushing as hard as he can on X-Calibur’s body, Loco attempts to send him in the ropes but X’s vice-like grip holds on tightly and sends Loco down to the mat with a traditional old school bulldog. Finally letting go of Loco’s head, X-Calibur rolls the champion over onto his back and makes a lateral cover.

Bryan Harris: Not gonna put away Loco Martinez with a cover like that, X...

One Loco refuses to stay down from the bulldog and uses his free legs to kick out with ease.

Bryan Harris: What did I tell ya?

X-Calibur smirks as if he expected no less and transitions Loco’s kick out into a rear-chin lock of his own. Digging the point of his knee into the upper-back area of Loco much like he had done to him before, X-Calibur wrenches back on Loco’s head with both hands and yells at Porter to check him for a submission. Loco adamantly refuses though, despite yelling in agony. Again, it’s almost as if he expected no less from the LEGACY World Champion.

Alan Ducard: Now it’s Loco’s turn to feel the adverse effects of a true wear-down submission move like the rear-chin lock.

Rather than waiting for Loco to try and maneuver his way out of the hold, X-Calibur stands up with lightning quick speed and SLAMS his foot right into the spine of Loco. Before the crowd can even wince at the stiffness of the kick, X jumps up with one knee extended. Sitting on the mat, Loco bends forward, holding his back in agony, allowing X-Calibur to land his knee flush into Loco’s spine with a devastating standing jumping knee drop.

Jimmy Yates: Man, X is really working over Loco’s back.

Bryan Harris: I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s trying to soften the champ up for the “Legendary Pain”. That elevated Texas Cloverleaf he’s popularized over the last several years really does a number on a man’s spine.

Alan Ducard: He’s beaten many a competitor with that move, sure, but lets not forget that he’s known to use the sharpSHOOTer as well.

Bryan Harris: Same difference. Both moves tear apart the lower back, and like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see X try to slap either move on in a few moments.

Loco cries out in pain as X-Calibur works over Loco Martinez’s lower back and ribs. Giving Loco no room to breathe, X-Calibur once again digs his knee into Loco’s back and pulls back on Loco’s neck with great force. Loco once again flails his appendages wildly, scraping at X-Calibur’s fingers as he tries to pull them apart. Transitioning into another tightly applied rear head-lock, X-Calibur guides Loco to his feet. Met with a couple of instinctive shots to the rib, X reels back a little bit. Loco uses this momentary daze to slip out of the head-lock and sprint into the ropes.

Bryan Harris: He found a way out!!

On the return, the challenger is ready for the champion and throws a boot up to his mid-section, stopping his fast into a doubled-over position.

Jimmy Yates: So much for a way out..

Standing Loco back upright, X-Calibur sets him up for a suplex. He attempts to lift Loco up for a vertical suplex but Loco blocks the attempt by hooking his leg up inside X-Calubur’s. X goes for it again, but in his insistence he loses his grip on the squiring World Champion. Grabbing a hold of X-Calibur’s left arm, Loco straightens it out and SNAPS backwards onto the canvas with a single-arm DDT.

Alan Ducard: Oh no... X-Calibur’s arm was bent in an awkward position on the way down. He could be seriously hurt here...

Writhing in agony on the mat, X-Calibur spits and sputters and winces at the throbbing jolts of pain SHOOTing through his clavicle. Quick to get to his feet, Loco Martinez holds his lower back for a moment before looking down at the hurt challenger and smirking at his misfortune.

Bryan Harris: Look at Loc. He smells blood. He knows X is hurt, and that look says it all.

Jimmy Yates: Something tells me that you’re right, Bry. I think the champion has him right where he wants him.

Like a shark spotting a cloud of blood in the ocean’s surface, Loco starts stomping away at X-Calibur’s arm to the referee’s dismay. Porter admonishes and pleads with the Champion to “play nice” but Loco Martinez has none of it. Stomp after stomp. Knee after knee. Loco Martinez brings the pain right down onto the severely weakened arm of X-Calibur and the fans begin booing him mercilessly. Occasionally throwing a foot into X’s face, Loco Martinez viciously stomps and kicks the challenger like they were out in the parking lot for a full twenty seconds before stopping to look at the venomous crowd.

As X-Calibur starts getting to his knees, Loco applies a standing arm-bar. Pulling X-Calibur up by yanking on his arm, Loco Martinez smoothly passes from the standing arm-bar into a chicken-wing cross-face.

Bryan Harris: CHICKEN WING!!

Jimmy Yates: Looks like he’s undergone a little submission tutelage from John Boy.

Alan Ducard: I think you’re right.

The move isn’t applied for more then five-seconds before X-Calibur taps his hand on his own shoulder, tapping out to Loco.

Alan Ducard: WHAAAAAT?!

Jimmy Yates: NO FREAKIN’ WAY!!!


Looking completely shocked that he was able to make X-Calibur submit so easily, Loco Martinez looks around in utter bewilderment. With Loco’s hands raised in the air the bell sounds, signifying the first fall of the match.

Josephina Colbert: The winner of this fall by submission... LOCO MARTINEZ!!

X-Calibur: 0
Loco Martinez: 1

The countdown clock on the Jumbo Vision screen shows 46:53 left in the match and Loco Martinez paces around for a moment, enjoying the fruits of his labor thus far in the match.

Jimmy Yates: I am... STUNNED. I mean... STUNNED. Completely STUNNED.

Alan Ducard: Words do not do me justice right now. I NEVER thought I’d bear witness to the day that X-Calibur taps out in a match. Never mind to a high flyer like Loco Martinez.

Bryan Harris: X-Calibur is only human. Whether you’re a high flyer like Loco Martinez or a sadistic weapon wielder like Damien Black, if you can put your opponent through enough pain where the momentary sensation of agony outweighs the odds of escaping, you will tap. It’s the basic laws of survival, my friends.

Jimmy Yates: Not to downplay Loco Martinez any but, you have to wonder how much of that was actually X-Calibur in enough pain to tap, and how much of it was merely self-preservation. I don’t disagree with your laws of survival spiel, but I think X-Calibur understands the basic laws of survival better than most give him credit for. If anything, the bounty he put on Loco’s head has already proved that.

Bryan Harris: You could be right. Not for nothing but, I’ve seen X-Calibur take a HELLUVA lot worse beating than that before and refuse to tap, so who knows, you may be right. But the fact of the matter is that Loco Martinez is up one fall to nothing, and now X-Calibur has climb out of that first fall deficit.
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With the one-minute grace period out of the way, Porter motions for Loco and X to continue fighting. Holding his sore arm, X-Calibur nods his head at Loco Martinez, smirking a little through his grimace of pain. Sitting on the mat while resting back on the bottom rope, X-Calibur shakes his arm a bit to regain a little bit of feeling after the incessant onslaught of the LEGACY World Champion.

Alan Ducard: Looks like X-Calibur is actually... pleased... with loco Martinez?

Jimmy Yates: Basically, what it all comes down to is this. Whether they hate each other or not, I think deep down... they still respect one another’s abilities in that ring. They’re the quintessential competitors in this business, and I think when push comes to shove they secretly love wrestling one another.

Forcing himself back to his feet, X-Calibur shakes his arm a bit, keeping a watchful eye on Loco Martinez. Looking back at the clock and seeing 44:14 on it, X-Calibur mouths “plenty of time to kick your fuckin’ ass.”.

Alan Ducard: Oi... I apologize for that language, ladies and gents.

Jimmy Yates: Well we ARE live on Pay-Per-View. Ain’t no tape delay or censors to catch stuff like that, so what are ya gonna do?

Bryan Harris: Ain’t nothin’ we never heard anyway.

Loco closes the steps in between he and the challenger, as X-Calibur simply tries to focus on not showing too much pain for his arm. Loco advances forward with a grapple, and like everyone probably expected, he grabs a hold of X’s arm and twists it for a standing arm scissors. Before Loco can even think about going for the LOCapitator though, X-Calibur smashes Loco right in the face with a right cross. X follows it up with an uppercut that rocks Loco backwards, holding his face. X patiently waits for Loco to come at him again, and when he does he readies himself. Loco swings in retaliation but X-Calibur ducks. Loco’s momentum swings him around and X-Calibur capitalizes on this by lifting him up for a back-suplex. Instead of falling to the mat for the suplex though, he twists Loco around in mid-air and SLAMS him down across the knee with a back-breaker, crushing his spine at a jarring rate.

Bryan Harris: Good GOD that back-breaker was nasty!!

Loco writhes around in pain, actually lifting his back up off the mat while holding the area where his disc is located with his hand. Almost mewling in a horrific amount of pain, X-Calibur senses blood much like Loco previously did. With Loco laying supine on the mat, X looks around at the crowd almost as if he was asking them what they wanted to see. X-Calibur grabs a hold of Loco’s legs as if he were setting up for a sharpSHOOTer or something similar. He looks around at the crowd again, and as a good portion of them scream loudly for X-Calibur while the other portion boo heavily, X-Calibur feigns stepping forward for the sharpSHOOTer. Instead though, he crushes Loco’s bread basket with a stomp.

Jimmy Yates: Not sure why X-Calibur didn’t go for the sharpSHOOTer. He probably could have won the fall right then and there.

Lifting Loco to his feet, X-Calibur grabs Loco by his arm and with all of the might in his good arm and what little he has left in his bad one, he whips Loco Martinez into the turnbuckle as hard as he can. The champion’s back snaps against the turnbuckles so hard that he tumbles to the mat face first on impact. The crowd “OOOOOOH”’s at the force in which Loco hits the turnbuckles, and X-Calibur senses things working in his favor. Not giving the World Champion any time to recover, X-Calibur brings Loco to his feet and grabs him by his arm again. Throwing him full force into the turnbuckles, Loco snaps back into the corner with equally brutal force as before and falls to his knees wincing. Collapsing forward onto his face, X-Calibur holds his arm for a second, rolling his rotator’s cuff a little bit.

Alan Ducard: X trying to fight through the pain in his arm. Loco certainly did a good job working over the challenger’s arm here.

Jimmy Yates: He injured that arm back in SHOOT a number of years ago and it’s never been 100% since then. Loco’s done his homework.

Bryan Harris: Right now though, it looks like X-Calibur is doing a number on Loco’s back. He’s systematically picking apart Loco’s high-flying offense. Not good for the World Champion..

Once again bringing Loco to his feet, X-Calibur hunkers down and lifts Loco’s body into the air with a spinebuster. Smashing his back to the canvas while adding further damage, X-Calibur grabs Loco’s legs and looks at the crowd.

Alan Ducard: Could it be time for some Legendary Pain?!

Wrapping his legs up for a Texas Cloverleaf, X-Calibur rips up on Loco’s body, turning him upside down like a man caught in a hanging rope trap.

Jimmy Yates: it is!! He’s going for it!!

Stepping forward a couple of inches, X-Calibur lowers himself on Loco Martinez’ body, bending the champion’s body in half while twisting his neck in an odd and unnatural way.

Bryan Harris: He’s got it!! There’s no escaping this!!

Before X-Calibur can even beg him to tap out, Loco’s hand slaps the mat, submitting to the nearby Porter.

Bryan Harris: That’s it!! Loco taps!!

Jimmy Yates: Wow... now the champion taps out!!

Alan Ducard: Looks like the playing field was just evened up here!!

The bell sounds signifying the end of the fall and X-Calibur begrudgingly lets go of the high impact submission hold, retreating into the nearby turnbuckles.

Josephina Colbert: The winner of this fall by submission... X-CALIBUR!!!

X-Calibur: 1
Loco Martinez: 1

X-Calibur attempts to go on the attack again, but Porter insists he wait the full minute grace period. Looking none to happy, X adheres nonetheless. He paces back and forth, like a caged animal ready to be unleashed. Loco Martinez holds his back in agony, peeling himself off of the mat to his feet. With both competitors feeling the effects of each others purposive limb attacks, they eye each other up and down.

Bryan Harris: You want to talk about self-preservation? Loco knows about that better than anyone out there.

Jimmy Yates: With just over 40 minutes left in this match, I think these guys are finally coming to the realization that there is A LOT of time left in this grueling fight... and yet, they’ve only scratched the surface!!

Alan Ducard: One thing’s for sure. I can’t think of anybody who predicted that this match would start off with a submission win for both gents. Incredible.

Porter motions for both competitors to go at it again, and Loco and X happily oblige. Meeting in the center of the ring like the match just restarted, X connects with a solid right hook to Loco’s face. Loco returns with a left shot of his own. X answers this with a left shot, though severely weakened by his hurting arm. Loco throws a knee into X’s bread basket, doubling over the face-painted warrior. Leaning into him towards the ropes, Loco goes for a whip to the opposite ropes but X uses his strength to counter. Loco SHOOTs off to the ropes. Loco on the rebound and X lunges forward with a diving lariat that misses. X momentarily off of his feet and Loco senses this. Hopping to the middle rope, Loco springboards off and twists in mid-air, extending his feet. With X on one knee, Loco connects with a springboard twisting dropkick right to the jaw that folds him inside out on the mat.

Bryan Harris: Excellent high flying move there by Loco Martinez. Loco back in the driver’s seat... but at what cost?

Jimmy Yates: Yeah, his back doesn’t seem to be faring too well. Shame.

Alan Ducard: If he could’ve made the pin attempt right after that dropkick he might’ve been able to pin him to take the lead, but I don’t see that happening now.

Resting for a moment on his knees, Loco takes a breather, trying to collect himself. Not wanting to expend too much energy with nearly 39:11 to go in the match, Loco calmly gets to his feet. Sensing another pinfall within his grasp, Loco walks towards X-Calibur and flips forward, cradling the challenger’s legs with a jack-knife roll-up.



THR... NO!! X-Calibur shoulders out and Loco rolls to the side. Not wasting any time, Loco starts bringing X up off of the mat. Paint-brushing him across the face, X’s eyes suddenly go wide as if something within him had awoken. Scooping Loco up for a snake eyes, X-Calibur gives a carnal scream as he sprints across the ring with Loco on his shoulder. Running full speed into the ropes, his mid-section hits the ropes and he throws Loco up. The arena then collectively gasps as Loco’s body sails into the cell fencing at an alarming speed like a little lawn dart being shot out of a heavy cannon. Loco’s face smashes harshly against the grating steel as his body falls awkwardly against the outside mat.

Bryan Harris: Good GOD ALMIGHTY!! He just about threw him THROUGH the damn structure!!

Jimmy Yates: That lawn dart throw was INSANE. Loco’s face could be busted up here..

Alan Ducard: And now the hell-in-the-cell structure has come into play. We’ve seen the iron-man setting of this contest play out thus far in the match, but up until this point the cell has been a silent assassin waiting in the foliage ready to strike its prey.

The crowd chants, “HOL-EE SHIT! HOL-EE SHIT!” at the competitors for the sick throw into the cage as Loco holds his face on the mat. Surveying himself for any blood, Loco comes up empty as X-Calibur methodically follows him outside. Reaching down, X-Calibur brings Loco to his feet. Grabbing him by the back of his head, he slams him into the cage with sheer force, sending Loco right back down to the matting again. Again, Loco instinctively checks his face for any bleeding, but he sees nothing.

Picking loco up once again, X-Calibur grabs him by the arm and whips him into the fencing. The fencing actually propels him forward a bit like the ring ropes, only much more painful. X sends Loco into the edge of the ring apron ribs first, and grabbing his arm once again he whips him back into the cage. Not even having enough time to hold his throbbing back, Loco is sent down to the thin matting with a vicious clothesline.

Bringing Loco up once again, X-Calibur looks over towards the makeshift wooden wall that closes in the hollowed out area underneath the elevated ramp-way used for LEGACY Pay-Per-View events. There’s a small section of the cell structure that has been cut out specifically for this setting, and X-Calibur grins as he thinks of the possibilities with the elevated ramp. Motioning over towards it, the crowd responds on cue and X-Calibur grabs Loco by his arm and whips him into the ramp’s wall. Loco’s back slams against the wood, and he crumples to the matting clutching the small of his back.

X hunkers down like he’s going for a spear.

Loco holds the cage to try and get up.

X-Calibur yells, “GET UP YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” clearly for the cameras to pick up. As if he hears this, Loco gets to his feet.

X sprints forward for the spear.

Loco moves out of the way.

Alan Ducard: OH MY GOD!!!

CRRRRRRRRRRRUNCH!!! Wood splinters EVERYWHERE as X-Calibur’s two-hundred and forty pound frame charges right through the wooden wall in mid-air after a leaping spear. X lands flat on his stomach as the debris surrounds his body in a cloud of mistimed events. Loco Martinez hugs the cell wall with a smile as he watched the challenger dive recklessly through the makeshift wall.

With X-Calibur still down and seemingly out, Loco Martinez meanders away from the car wreck and buys himself enough time to rest. Taking a seat on the steel steps, he listen to the crowd chanting, “LEG-A-SEE! LEG-A-SEE!”, as X remains halfway hidden underneath the elevated ramp and debris, almost like the wicked witch under the house in the Wizard of Oz..

Alan Ducard: Bloody hell... X isn’t MOVING!!

Jimmy Yates: He might be seriously injured here...

Reaching under the ring apron, X-Calibur sifts through the various devices that might be hidden under there for several seconds before reappearing with a folded steel chair. Placing it underneath the corner turnbuckle, Loco Martinez then looks down at the steels steps he was just resting on. Reaching down for them, he struggles for a moment but lifts the top half off of the bottom half. Dropping them for a moment, falling to one knee while holding his back, Loco cusses loudly as he realizes the severity of the damage that has been done to his back already in the match. Toughing it out, Loco stands up and brings the steel steps up to the edge of ring apron. Pushing up on the bottom rope, Loco slides the steel steps through and into the ring.

Alan Ducard: What in the name of her majesty’s is Loco going to do here?!

Jimmy Yates: I don’t know, but look!! X is starting to stir!!

Bryan Harris: I don’t know what the champion has planned, but like he’s said before, he’s ALWAYS got a plan.

Heading over to where X-Calibur is laying prone amidst the rubble of where the makeshift elevated ramp wall used to be, Loco reaches down and grabs X-Calibur’s right foot. Dragging him away from the wood splinters a few feet, Loco brings the challenger to his rocky feet. Returning the favor, Loco slams him head first into the steel fencing. Peeling him away from it, Loco repeats this, and adds insult to the injury by grating X’s face ack and forth against the fencing.

Alan Ducard: People might not realize this but doing such a simple thing like grating someone’s face into the fence can be so dangerous. You never know where there might be a loose spoke waiting to gouge an eye out.

Bryan Harris: Frankly, I’m surprised neither of these men are busted open yet after slamming each other into the cage walls the way they have.

Jimmy Yates: Agreed. But, it’s one of “those” matches. It’s probably only a matter of time before someone draws first blood here..

Ripping X-Calibur away from the cage by his hair, Loco drags him down towards the bottom half of the steel steps. Positioning X’s arm behind him for a hammerlock, Loco then slinks down and sets up for a suplex. Lifting up, Loco holds him there just long enough to position him for a perfect landing square in the middle of the steel steps. A sickening THUD echoes through out the arena, followed by X-Calibur’s screaming as Loco uses X-Calibur’s own body weight to CRUSH his arm, hyper-extending the hurt shoulder blade in the process.

Jimmy Yates: JESUS... a hammerlock suplex ON the freakin’ steel steps!!

Bryan Harris: HOLY GOD...

Alan Ducard: His arm is BROKEN. It HAS to be. Or at the very least, dislocated from his shoulder blade.

X-Calibur rolls around like a maniac, the significant amount of pain coursing through his veins is ever-so evident. His body quivering from the impact, X-Calibur buries his head into the matting as Loco Martinez looks down at him with a satisfied grin, despite needing to lean into the edge of the apron to support his hurting back.

Alan Ducard: That suplex may have taken a lot out of the champion, too. X is no lightweight and Loco is no heavyweight.

Bryan Harris: If you’re insisting that Loco has girlish arms, like X-Calibur had said earlier in the week... then... save it.

Jimmy Yates: No one’s suggesting anything, Bryan. And I think it was girlish knees, not arms.

Looking at the clock, seeing the big bright 33:41 left on the countdown timer, Loco YANKS up on X-Calibur’s hurt arm, eliciting a hollering yell from the challenger. Instinctively, X-Calibur angrily snaps with a wild right fist that connects square in Loco’s eye. Loco groans in agony from the eye shot, and holds himself there for a moment before focusing back on yanking X-Calibur’s arm. With one final yank of the arm... THUD. Loco sends X-Calibur right down into the bottom half of the steel-steps, smashing his chin off the steel and once again smashing his arm on the hardened surface.

Alan Ducard: Just about at the halfway point of this match, ladies and gents... and as it stands, Loco and X are tied with one fall for each, both men garnering a tap out from the other.

Pulling the steel steps back a foot or so from the post, Loco wedges X-Calibur’s arm in there tightly. Stomping on X’s head a couple of times, Loco makes sure that he is not aware enough to remove the arm while Loco searches underneath the ring apron once again for something. Reappearing, Loco withdraws a bright orange extension cord from underneath. Soon enough, he wraps the cord around X-Calibur’s arm and criss-crosses it around the post before tying it into a knot.

The crowd begins booing this as Loco Martinez looks on at the helpless challenger. Looking back out at the sea of fans expressing their displeasure over Loco’s current sadistic methodology, the champion sends an unflattering hand and arm gesture out to them. Hopping up into the ring, Loco Martinez begins walking away from X-Calibur’s predicament and to the opposite turnbuckles on the corner of the elevated entrance ramp. Looking back where X-Calibur is located just to the side of the post and clearly in view from the opposite side... Loco Martinez begins ascending to the top rope.

Bryan Harris: No................ tell me he’s not about to do what I think he’s about to do....

Jimmy Yates: I’ve seen people do the “post to post” thing landing inside the ring, but NEVER have I seen someone do it landing on the OUTSIDE.

Every single person in the arena is standing, anxiously awaiting Loco Martinez to take their breath away with this insane stunt.

Like a man utterly deranged out of his mind, Loco Martinez slowly stands up on the top rope with no hands, balancing himself like a professional trapeze artist.

Taking a few short nervous breaths, Loco Martinez pushes off of the turnbuckles as HARD as he can... and from the opposite top turnbuckle all the way to the outside of the ring on the crowd-facing side of the post...... BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG. He barely connects with both feet directly into the bottom of the steel steps, causing the curvature part of the steels steps to compress against X’s tied up arm, absolutely annihilating the tendons inside of it and ripping up the shoulder blade. At the same time however, Loco lands on the back of his head and back with a sickening thud across the thin-matting.


Alan Ducard: HE’S DEAD!! LOCO IS DEAD!!!


Bryan Harris: I am... I am speechless. Somebody get some help out here for both of these guys. Pardon my language, folks, but that was Goddamn ridiculous. What’s even WORSE?! THIS MATCH IS ONLY HALFWAY OVER!!!!


Unconscious from the sick landing, Loco is sprawled out on the mat with both of his eyes in a permanent wincing position. X meanwhile is unconscious himself, from the unbearable pain he just withstood from his arch nemesis. Like the last man standing in a gun fight back in the wild, wild west, Klinton Porter steps outside of the ring and surveys the irrevocable damage that has been done to both competitors. With Loco’s knotting severely loosened on the extension cord that holds X-Calibur’s arm against the post, X-Calibur’s arm hangs lifelessly as Porter makes a judgment call and gets involved by untying it. As soon as he does, X’s arm falls to the mat and he turns his attention back on the LEGACY World Champion who still hasn’t move since the brutal landing.

Alan Ducard: If neither man can continue, this one might be over regardless, folks. We’d hate to end the PPV on such a sour note, but if it happens, then it happens. This is professional wrestling LIVE, and ANYTHING can happen!!

Jimmy Yates: If Loco Martinez retains the title by a “no contest”, I think X-Calibur might commit a homicide.

Bryan Harris: Oh poor, X. Wah...

X-Calibur now moves a little, holding his severely damaged shoulder with his right hand as he sits up on the mat with the back of his head resting on the post, Loco begins to stir a little bit himself. The fans start applauding both individuals for being, for the lack of a better term, “okay”, despite the career killing maneuver Loco just performed.

Alan Ducard: This is off the bloody chain, mates. Goodness...

Rolling over onto his stomach, Porter continues to check on Loco Martinez while X-Calibur continues holding is arm from the seated position, almost as if he were afraid to move it two inches. After some talking, Porter stands back up and assures everyone that the match will continue. The fans applaud this impromptu announcement and before long, Loco Martinez is crawling to the fencing to help himself up. He tries once to get up, but his back gives out on him and he falls back to the matting. He tries once again, and after a disturbed little scream of someone going through insurmountable pain, Loco stands up fully. Looking over at X-Calibur, Loco stumbles forward a little bit, catching himself on the edge of the apron. Slowly sliding underneath the bottom rope, Loco rolls inwards where he lays on his back for a moment.

Realizing Loco is back in the ring now, X-Calibur pushes himself up off of the mat with his left arm clutched tightly to his chest as if it were being held in an invisible sling..


Alan Ducard: This atmosphere here is AMAZING right now. I only wish you fans watching at home could experience what we are experiencing right now.

The crowd splits it right down the middle. X-Calibur musters up the courage to pull himself into the ring with his good arm, and Loco Martinez gets to his knees. X-Calibur rolls over once on the mat, and before he can push up off the mat and get to his knees, Loco suddenly POUNCES on X-Calibur’s neck and back with a desperation elbow drop. While on top of him, he cinches in a crossface submission, grapevining X-Calibur’s bad arm with his legs. Not long after he pulls back on the hold, arching X-Calibur’s neck back, X-Calibur has no choice but to tap for the time in the match.


Jimmy Yates: HE TAPS AGAIN?! MY GOD!!!

Alan Ducard: LET HIM GO, LOC!!!! LET HIM GO!!!

A few moments after the bell sounds, Loco Martinez finally relinquishes the hold and raises his arms in premature victory.

Josephina Colbert: The winner of this fall by submission... LOCO MARTINEZ!!!!

X-Calibur: 1
Loco Martinez: 2

Alan Ducard: Despite the current shape of his back, how DANGEROUS is the LEGACY World Champion right now??? To have been able to make X-Calibur, who before this match has NEVER, not ONCE, tapped out in his decade plus career, tap out TWICE here tonight?!

Jimmy Yates: I can’t even begin to fathom how massive his confidence must be right now.

Bryan Harris: Loco Martinez is a man possessed tonight. All along, he told ALL OF YOU that it was not he getting into the cage with X, but X getting into the cage with HIM.

Sitting up, smiling from ear to ear, Loco Martinez looks out at the beginning of the entrance ramp where John Thomas and Anarchy have congregated by the trophy case, clapping and applauding their friend and teammate. Noticing the clock reaching 27:19, Loco feels a sense of rejuvenation aand stands up with both of his hands raised in victory. Despite their interspersed chants for respect, they immediately begin booing this man for his pompousness.

Getting to his feet, a pissed off X-Calibur seethes and burns with fury as he watches on Loco Martinez standing on the second turnbuckle, pointing at his brethren, congratulating himself on a job well done. Saliva drools down his face and his head shakes like a volcano ready to eradicate the population with a massive eruption. The crowd becomes unglued as they witness X-Calibur’s seemingly inevitable resurrection from Loco’s onslaught as he slowly wobbles himself in Loco’s direction. Suddenly, as Loco continues to give himself thanks and a pat on the back, John Thomas and Anarchy’s mouths drop as X-Calibur casually gets into position underneath Loco Martinez.

Looking down at X-Calibur’s now half-painted face, Loco shakes his head no as X-Calibur lifts him off of the turnbuckles and onto his shoulders. Crying out with a rage-filled war-cry. X-Calibur runs all the way across the ring near the ropes to where Loco Martinez positioned the UPPER HALF of the steel steps earlier... and POWERBOMBS him right across the steps with sickening force. Loco’s back and neck SMASH off of the steel steps as X-Calibur collapses onto the mat, holding his shoulder. Insistent with maintaining on the attack, the challenger beats himself unnaturally on the arm and shoulder, trying to pump himself to stay in the match. Rolling over, he grabs a lifeless foot of Loco Martinez, who remains unconsciously planted on the upper half of the steel steps. Peeling Loco off of them like a carcass off the slab, X-Calibur hooks a leg with his good arm, as Porter and the ENTIRE ARENA count along.




Jimmy Yates: Holy COMEBACKS, Batman!!!

Bryan Harris: I can’t BELIEVE Loco made a mistake like that!!! Damn it!!

The bell rings once again, bringing an end to the fourth fall of the match. Still seething, his eyes bloodshot with fury and the veins protruding from his neck, X-Calibur stands back up on his feet and looks down at Loco Martinez, instilling absolute fear into the soul of Klinton Porter.

Josephina Colbert: The winner of this fall by pinfall... X-CALIBUR!!!

X-Calibur: 2
Loco Martinez: 2

Alan Ducard: I think something inside the challenger just... woke... up. Look at him. He’s barking mad I tell ya!!!

Jimmy Yates: Where’s he going?!

Bryan Harris: What the...

Exiting to the outside of the ring, seething like a man who’s loved one was violated by a thug in the night, X drops to his knees and crawls underneath the ring curtain. Half of X-Calibur’s body disappears for several seconds...

... before he retrieves a twelve-foot ladder.

Alan Ducard: BLIMEY!!! A... LADDER?!

Jimmy Yates: Oh noz!!!

Bryan Harris: For God’s sake... as if this match didn’t have enough in it. He brings... a LADDER into the equation?! Come ON already... THIS IS OVER THE TOP!! THIS IS TOO MUCH!!!

Alan Ducard: And that may be the point, Bryan... my God and Heaven.

Standing up with the ladder in his grasp, X-Calibur stumbles back into the fencing, having great difficulty in holding himself up, never-mind the twelve foot ladder. Gritting through the pain though he dumps it over the top rope, watching it slide off the ropes and flat onto the canvas. Sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring after it, X-Calibur positions the ladder on the mat parallel to Loco Martinez with only his good arm. Throwing a couple of stomps onto Loco Martinez, wincing as each stomp sends shockwaves of pain and anguish through his arm, X-Calibur roughly forces Loco to his feet. Loco drops to a knee for one second, clearly in no shape to be standing, but X forces him up anyway. Holding him in a belly-to-belly position, X-Calibur groans with agony as he lifts Loco up into the air, pivots his foot, and SLAMS him down across the ladder in a belly-to-belly suplex with crushing force.

Alan Ducard: GOODNESS... what a SUPLEX!!!

Jimmy Yates: Loco’s OUT!!!

Hooking Loco’s leg while he lays on top of the ladder, Porter isn’t sure whether he should make the count considering Loco’s shoulders technically aren’t on the mat. Making a split-second judgment call, Porter administers the count anyway, deeming Loco to be out on the mat..

Bryan Harris: What the hell, ref?! His shoulders aren’t on the damn mat!!





Alan Ducard: HOW?! HOW?!

Bryan Harris: Loco shoulders out!!!

Cursing under his breath that he couldn’t extend his lead two-up on the World Champion, X-Calibur shakes his head as he gets to his feet. Looking at the countdown clock, X wipes the sweat away from his face as it reaches the 22:59 mark. Guiding the slow rising Loco Martinez to his feet, X-Calibur throws a couple of jabs to Loco’s face to reel him back. With Loco a bit wobbly on his feet, X-Calibur shoves him back into the ropes. Loco rebounds with moderate speed, and X-Calibur clasps his arms around Loco’s head for the dead stop. Heaving him up into the air with a gargoyle/head-and-arm suplex, X-Calibur slams Loco’s body down across the ladder so that his lower back smashes awkwardly against the side of it.

“HOL-EE SHIT! HOL-EE SHIT!” the crowd chants as Loco screams in absolute agony over the harsh and awkward landing. Almost smacking his lips with victory, X-Calibur drops to his knees with his arm in that invisible sling and crawls to Loco’s body for the lateral cover.


Alan Ducard: This is IT!! Another fall in X’s favor!!


Bryan Harris: Kick OUT, champ!!!!

THREE!! NO!! Loco shoulders out just in time!!

Jimmy Yates: HOW?!?! JESUS HOW?!

Desperate to take the lead in this match, X-Calibur cusses loudly, looking at Porter. X-Calibur shakes his head with disappointment... and that’s when he sees it. The steel chair that Loco placed under the bottom turnbuckle earlier. Lying like a silent assassin. Looking out at the crowd, X-Calibur debates about whether or not he wants to go for it. Whether or not he wants to “go there” in this match.

Alan Ducard: No, X... you don’t NEED to do that!! This match has already gone way too far!!!

Bryan Harris: It’s useless, Alan. He’s going to. Look at his eyes. He’s obsessed with bringing home that World Championship. No matter the cost.

Jimmy Yates: I think you may be right, Bryan.

Walking over to the steel chair, X-Calibur picks the cold and unforgiving steel up with his hands and looks deeply into the metal surface. Seeing the reflection of the lights, as well as what little paint is left on his face, in the surface of the steel chair, X-Calibur looks over at Loco Martinez. The little shreds that are left inside of his arm burn all the way too his capillaries. Some people in the crowd begin booing this, obviously not wanting X-Calibur to “go to the dark side”. Others are too bloodthirsty to give a crap about Loco Martinez’s welfare. Finally making his decision, X-Calibur marches over to the ladder and drops the steel chair. He sets up the ladder with one arm again, slamming the rungs down solidly with his bad one and wincing each time he does so; a pain made necessary by wanting to make sure there was enough support for him to climb.

Picking up the steel chair again, X-Calibur begins his lofty ascension.

Bryan Harris: Don’t do it!!

Alan Ducard: This doesn’t look good for the champion!!

Climbing the ladder slowly with his bad arm practically disconnected from the rest of his body , X-Calibur looks up at the roof of the cage, trying to measure up how much room he’ll have at the top. Realizing that he’d need to stand four or five rungs from the top in order for him to be standing fully, X-Calibur positions himself in that exact position. Holding the steel chair in front of him, X channels his best Michael Keaton and shouts, “YOU WANNA GET NUTS?! COME ON!!! LETS GET NUTS!!!”.

Halfway out of it, Loco Martinez instinctively begins to rise as he hears X-Calibur beckoning him to stand.

Raising the steel chair above his head so that it rubs against the fencing of the roof, X-Calibur measures up Loco Martinez.

Loco stumbles backwards a little bit, making X-Calibur hesitate for a moment, wondering if he’s too far away.

Loco stands up, seemingly on dream street.

X-Calibur leaps off with the chair coming down for a straight smash.


Bryan Harris: LOCAPITATOR!!!

Jimmy Yates: OH MY GOD!!! HE NAILED IT!!!

As X-Calibur jumped from the ladder, Loco Martinez deftly extended his foot for a superkick, smashing the steel chair directly into X-Calibur’s face, knocking him out in mid-jump. X-Calibur lands flush on the canvas with his legs and arms sprawled out like he just got flattened by a steam roller. The crowd is buzzing wildly with chants of, “HOL-EE SHIT!” interspersed with chants of “LEG-A-SEE!”, followed by, “THIS-IS-AWE-SOME!”. After falling to his feet, exhausted and hurting from head to toe, Loco Martinez crawls over onto X-Calibur and curls X up by hooking both of his legs for a deep cover.




Alan Ducard: Loco won that fall... EMPHATICALLY.

Jimmy Yates: And once again, Loco takes the lead!!

Josephina Colbert: The winner of this fall by pin... LOCO MARTINEZ!!

X-Calibur: 2
Loco Martinez: 3

Loco Martinez rolls off of X-Calibur’s unconscious body, sitting up on the mat near the ropes. Porter reminds Loco about the grace period as the clock continues to countdown, but Loco doesn’t seem to be too concerned with sneak attacking X-Calibur, rather, is concerned with recuperating from the craziness his back has been put through in this match. The champion begins to get to his feet, still recovering from the suplexes onto the ladder he just withstood minutes ago. With the crowd chanting for both individuals at this point, splitting the arena with “X-CAL! X-CAL!” and “LO-CO! LO-CO!”, the referee begins to close in around X-Calibur as he notices blood oozing from his forehead.

Bryan Harris: Wow... and after that devastating, caught off the ladder, steel chair assisted LOCapitator from Loco Martinez, X’s forehead is busted WIDE open.

Jimmy Yates: He’s bleeding BAD.

Alan Ducard: There always seems to be someone getting busted open in cell matches... and there’s no exception in this match, as X-Calibur seems to be bleeding like a stuck pig.

As the grace period ends, Loco half shoves Porter out of the way and mounts X-Calibur. Seeing the blood on his face brings out an evil smile from the vile World Champion, and he begins raining down the fists across X-Calibur head. Blood smears across his tan knuckles, as Loco Martinez peppers in some elbows here and there as well. Happy enough with the strikes, Loco transitions into a lateral cover. Porter makes the count.

Bryan Harris: He’s still unconscious!!


Jimmy Yates: Loco goes up two here!!


Alan Ducard: This might be too much to come back from, ladies and gents..

THREE!! NO!! X-Calibur manages to kick out just before Porter’s hand comes down for three. Completely SHOCKED that X-Calibur was able to regain enough consciousness to kick out from that onslaught of punches and elbows, Loco SHOOTs a look of utter BETRAYAL to Klinton Porter. Getting to his feet, Loco literally stomps on the mat, venting his frustrations to the head official of LEGACY that has been assigned to the match.

Alan Ducard: It’s not his fault, chap!! Stop acting like a lass and get over it!!

Jimmy Yates: Amen to that...

Bryan Harris: CLEARLY Porter was slow to the count, there. Besides, we’ve already seen some bad officiating from Porter tonight, what with him counting Loco’s shoulders down to the mat... when they were LAYING ON THE FREAKIN’ LADDER!!

Jimmy Yates: Oh STOP.

Finally having enough with venting his frustrations to Porter, Loco turns his attention back to X-Calibur. Grabbing him by his head, Loco tries to bring him to his feet, but X’s legs wobble and he falls out from underneath himself, collapsing face first into the mat, staining the canvas with his blood. X-Calibur tries to get to his feet, as he pulls on Loco’s boots. Then his tights. Getting to his knees, he looks up at Loco Martinez who then looks back down at him. Smirking, Loco screams, “LOOK WHO’S ON HIS KNEES NOW!!!”, before pie facing him back to the canvas.

Looking disgusted with his hand that has become soaked with X-Calibur’s blood, Loco looks around for a wipe. Realizing the rest of the Cirque is not around, he looks at Porter. Laughing, Loco wipes his hand across Porter’s shirt until there’s nothing left but little streaks from where X’s DNA once rested. Looking back down at X-Calibur, Loco Martinez hocks one up and spits it right down onto X-Calibur’s bloody face. In one fell swoop, the once split-crowd unanimously begins booing Loco Martinez to a deafening decibel.

Alan Ducard: And in one fell swoop, Loco acts like a complete horse’s arse and turns everyone against him once aga
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Jimmy Yates: I’m sorry, I know that it might be “cool” to “like” this guy, as the internet might have you believe... but I really can’t stand this guy. I know I’m supposed to be impartial and that it’s not very professional of me to proclaim my disdain for the man, but Loco Martinez is a freakin’ SCUMBAG. Even in a classic match like this, he shows ZERO respect and ZERO class. Unbelievable.

Looking out at the crowd, Loco laughs. Looking back at X, Loco Martinez then looks to where the chair landed after kicking it into X’s skull. Smirking widely, Loco grabs the steel chair with both hands and unfolds it in the middle of the ring, setting it up strategically. Looking down at X-Calibur, Loco makes the classic motion for “piledriver” with both hands, that so many greats from the past such as Paul Orndorff are remembered for. Pulling X-Calibur up to the mat by the back of his dark oil-slicked hair, Loco then places a boot into X’s mid-section. Back facing the propped up steel-chair. Going for the piledriver, he hooks both of his arms underneath X’s mid-section. Lifting X up, X fights off the piledriver by flailing his feet a bit.

Jimmy Yates: He’s gonna kill him!!

Loco can’t hold X-Calibur up long enough and X-Calibur falls to his feet. Loco tries again, and X-Calibur blocks this attempt fully.

Bryan Harris: Damn it!! Let him go, Loc! He’s gonn-

Before Bryan can even finish his sentence Loco tries once more, and X blocks it again.

Alan Ducard: Look at the sheer strength of X!!

Using the brute strength of his neck and shoulder muscles , X-Calibur dead lifts Loco up into the air with no hands. Loco’s feet are extended forward, and before he can slip out, X-Calibur grabs him by the ends of his feet as if he were going for an “Alabama Slam” style spinebuster. Blood pours down his face, cascading off the seat of the steel chair down to the canvas. Loco begins wiggling his legs, trying to slip free from X-Calibur’s grasp. With X severely weakened, Loco slips down behind X-Calibur, going for a modified sunset flip. X kneels forward onto Loco’s shoulders though and grabs the unfolded steel chair.

Jimmy Yates: Uh... oh...

Realizing he has nowhere to go, Loco’s eyes go wide with horror as the bleeding X-Calibur lets loose of a sick smile. Looking down at Loco, X-Calibur takes the point of the unfolded steel chair’s backing and begins DRIVING it into the face of Loco. Repeatedly. Shot after shot, X-Calibur tees off with the unforgiving steel across Loco Martinez’ face. Blood begins pouring down the champion’s face as the animalistic rage finally comes out the challenger. Smash after smash, right into Loco’s face with reckless abandon. The crowd winces with each shot, screaming with carnal desire for the “good guy”.

He throws the steel chair through the ropes, bouncing it off of the cell fencing. Rolling off of Loco Martinez, X-Calibur gets to a kneeling position, checking his forehead for the damage Loco had done. Wiping away blood causes him to wince as the pains in his shoulder come out to play again. Barely able to get to his own feet, X-Calibur uses the ropes to force himself up. Walking over to Loco Martinez on spaghetti legs, X-Calibur reaches down and slowly lifts Loco to a seated position.

Alan Ducard: Looks like the LEGACY World Champion is barely conscious, but conscious nonetheless.. That was a vicious beating. Almost as if X had been waiting to do that for MONTHS.

Jimmy Yates: Look, he’s going for it!!

Bringing Loco from the seated position to a standing one, X-Calibur lets Loco wobble around for a bit, waiting for him to turn around on his own power. Carefully measuring the champion up, Loco Martinez turns around just in time to have his head wrapped up in a three-quarter neck-lock and driven to the canvas with thunderous force. The crowd POPS for the X-Terminator, and X-Calibur immediately covers Loco with a leg hooked...




Bryan Harris: Dammit... X has evened it up... again.

Alan Ducard: And he’s that much closer to becoming LEGACY World Champion for a second time. But we still have, 12:09 left in this match!! That’s a lot of time to pull of another fall against someone of Loco’s caliber, and with both men bleeding like stuck pigs now... as the old saying goes, all bets are off!!

The bell sounds and Josephina Colbert goes into her usual routine.

Josephina Colbert: The winner of this fall by pinfall... X-CALIBUR!!

X-Calibur: 3
Loco Martinez: 3

Referee Klinton Porter slides the ladder out of the ring, followed by the steel chair and then finally the steel steps. Like he had been cleaning up a car wreck, Porter looks around at the blood on the mat and shakes his head. During this grace period, Loco and X simply lay n the mat, sucking in wind for the final minutes of the championship match. Both men bleeding, X continues to hold his arm as well as wipe the blood from his face. Loco rolls over onto his stomach, holding the back of his head and neck while he bleeds into the canvas.

Alan Ducard: This is it. The final stretch of the match. For weeks these men have danced around each other’s words... and now, this is all that is left before one of them walks out of Glimmer of Hope 2009 as LEGACY World Champion.

Jimmy Yates: I have goosebumps, Alan. It’s surreal.

Bryan Harris: The match is tied, and both men are hurting as badly as the other. I can see it in their faces. But unfortunately for one of them, something’s gotta give.

As the clock continues counting down, X and Loco look at each other with disdain once they get to their feet. Their eyes meet each other’s wounds. Blood oozing from their faces. Exhaustion seeping from their bones. Drenched in sweat. Agony clouding their judgment. Neither competitor wants to give the slightest inch up to the other.

Alan Ducard: They know that this is it as well as anyone else. Look at them.

X looks up the ramp at the trophy stand. His eyes lock onto the glimmering championship resting comfortably behind the glass encasement.

Jimmy Yates: X has his eyes on the prize!!

Seeing X look up the ramp causes Loco to do the same thing. He eyes the title. It’s his name engraved at the bottom of the plate.

Bryan Harris: Loco needs to remain as champion. It’s his destiny here tonight..

They look back at each other, away from the championship. Fans shouting. Cameras flashing.

Alan Ducard: Here they go...

They circle.

Loco limps as his back struggles to support him.

X’s arm dangles like string caught in a swift breeze.

A trail of blood left in their wake forms a circle among them. Realizing that it’s all come down to this, both individuals march forward toward one another.

Face to face. Challenger and champion. Forehead to forehead. Blood runs down their faces, cascading off of their chins.

Jimmy Yates: Never in all my years doing this have I seen anything like this.

X throws a right. Loco throws a left. X throws a right. Loco throws a left. Left, right, left, right. Toe to toe. Slinging their guns. The fans go crazy for them. Two world class combatants giving it their absolute all. Neither man letting up, despite wanting to collapse in the middle of the ring.

Alan Ducard: Who’s going to go down here? X or Loco?

Jimmy Yates: At this point I’m going to say Loco. I haven’t seen someone’s back hurting this badly in a wrestling match since Shawn Michaels’ brave performance at Wrestlemania XIV against Steve Austin. I only hope that Loco’s career isn’t put on hold for four years like Shawn’s was.

Bryan Harris: I’m going to say X. His shoulder has been twisted and banged in every which direction, and I haven’t seen someone’s arm hang that way since Eddie Guerrero dislocated his arm in the middle of the ring. Who knows the extent of the tissue damage inside... could be career threatening.

Without the use of his stronger left punch, Loco starts rocking X. He reels into the ropes as Loco pushes forward. X digs deep down within and throws a painful left. His arm is in shambles but his heart is still beating. Loco is overwhelmed. Left hook. Left uppercut. Left jab. Left jab. X screams as he fights through the agony. Loco is dropped with a spinning tornado left that would make Kerry Von Erich proud. Loco is back up, X connects with a right, and Loco is back down. Loco back up, X sends him back down. Ad nauseam.

Jimmy Yates: It’s funny you mention the name “Guerrero”, Bryan, because like the name stands for, X-Calibur is battling like a true WARRIOR.

X whips Loco into the ropes. On the rebound, X nails a clothesline. Loco goes down but gets right back up. X scoops him up for a body slam and plants him right back down. Loco isn’t as quick to get to his feet this time and X-Calibur senses victory within his grasp. Reaching down, X-Calibur grabs both of Loco’s legs for a boston crab submission hold. But when he steps over, Loco twists his body, tucking X-Calibur’s head under his arm for a counter roll-up.








The fans just about spill their drinks over the closeness of the pinning sequence there, and both X-Calibur and Loco are slow to get to their feet.

Bryan Harris: Loco was THIS close to going up on X-Calibur.

Jimmy Yates: And X-Calibur was THIS close to doing the same.

Alan Ducard: This right here, the psychological warfare... the physical violence... testing the limits and boundaries of a man’s willpower. This... is... the breaking point.

Both men slowly get to their feet, looking at the 7:32 left on the clock. Turning their attention back onto one another, X-Calibur is the first to push the offense. Sprinting forward, he tackles Loco down to the mat. Mounting him, X punches him wildly as the fans in attendance cheer on this mighty display of courage. Dismounting him, X-Calibur looks out into the sea of rabid fans, wiping Loco’s blood across his chest like a badge of honor. Turning back to Loco, X-Calibur brings him to his feet and knees him in the stomach. Doubling him over, X-Calibur sets him up for what looks like a piledriver. Before he can even set the move up though, Loco musters up the strength to counter with a back body drop, collapsing to the mat after lifting X’s frame into the air.

Pulling himself back to his feet by using the ropes, Loco turns his head back at X-Calibur with his hands still on the top rope.

Alan Ducard: What is Loco thinking here?

Bryan Harris: He’s not thinking... nah he couldn’t be...

Jimmy Yates: I think he is, Bryan...

Just as X turns back around to face him, Loco springs to the middle rope and moonsaults off of it. Catching X-Calibur’s head with a reverse DDT, he SNAPS him back to the canvas.



Alan Ducard: LOCO HAS IT!!

With X-Calibur seemingly unconscious, Loco lays there on the mat for several moments, holding his back in agony.

Bryan Harris: COVER HIM, LOC!! COVER HIM!!

Loco finally begins stirring.


Loco drapes an arm across X’s chest. The crowd counts along with him.





Loco’s eyes go WIDE with SHOCK and DISGUST. The look of fear in his eye is more apparent now than it ever was before. Slamming his fist into the mat, Loco curses under his breath that X-Calibur was able to kick out of that high impact maneuver.

Bringing X-Calibur to his feet, Loco attempts to whip X into the ropes. X with the reversal and Loco is now running into the ropes. Loco on the rebound, X sizes up the situation and lifts Loco up into a tilt-a-whirl, slamming him down across his knee for a backbreaker.

X collapses to the mat holding his shoulder as Loco gasps for air, the wind being knocked out of him from the amount of pain surging through his body. After a few moments, X hooks a leg...




Alan Ducard: LOCO KICKS OUT!!!

X-Calibur is back up on the mat with the back of Loco’s head in his grasp. Slapping him across the chest with an open palm slap, Loco reels back clutching himself. X follows him towards the ropes and leans in. Sending Loco to the other side, X readies himself for a clothesline. Loco ducks it though and once X’s arm flies through Loco IMMEDIATELY turns around and cinches in a chicken-wing cross-face.

Bryan Harris: CHICKEN WING!!!! THIS IS IT!!!

Loco applies the submission hold tightly and the fans that weren’t sitting in their seats already are standing now. Wrenching back on X-Calibur’s bad shoulder, Loco jerks and twists X-Calibur’s arm. His arm is locked tightly in an upwards position beneath X-Calibur’s bent elbow. Pushing upwards, Loco desperately tries to rip X-Calibur’s bad shoulder out of his body while yelling into his ear for him to tap out again.


X-Calibur raises his hand like he’s gonna tap, but he takes one look at the countdown clock, and seeing that there’s only 4:11 left in the match sends X-Calibur into a wild panic. Clawing with his right arm he tries desperately to gouge an eye, pul an ear, or fish-hook Loco in hopes of breaking the devastating submission hold.

Alan Ducard: X is fighting it!!! He’s FIGHTING IT!!!!

Loco tries to bring X-Calibur down onto the canvas, but X-Calibur holds onto the top rope with his right hand. Wrapping his legs around X-Calibur’s waist, he hooks latches onto him like python, trying to bring him down to the mat. With no rules specifying that Loco must break the hold, he rips and tears at X-Calibur’s body, desperately trying to get him down on the ground where there’s little hope of surviving the hold.

X’s hand slips off the top rope and X-Calibur falls back towards the canvas with Loco wrapped around him.

Bryan Harris: HE’S GOT HIM!!! IT’S OVER!!

X-Calibur raises his hand like he’s going to give up. Loco cinches it on deeper. The clock continues counting down. 3:33 left in the match.

Most of the audience chants, “LET’S GO, X!!”, while there is still a good portion that chants, “TAP-OUT! TAP-OUT!”.

Alan Ducard: My GOD... his arm can’t possibly take any more damage than it already has endured.

X-Calibur raises his hand again, but he refuses. He balls his hand up and shakes his arm, Screaming loudly as the pain flows through out his body.

Bryan Harris: YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO TAP, X!!!! DO IT!!! TAP!!!

Jimmy Yates: Will you STOP?!

X-Calibur is fighting to get to his feet, Loco is still holding on... to X-Calibur... to his championship. 2:47 to go.

Alan Ducard: Amazing... I’ve never seen someone fight his way BACK to his feet after that chicken-wing before!!

In a last ditch effort, X-Calibur uses all of the strength in his legs to run towards the turnbuckles, lift his feet up and push off of them. Falling backwards on top of Loco, rolling back onto his knees, Loco becomes trapped under X-Calibur’s weight and the chicken-wing he applied. Porter sees Loco’s shoulders down and administers the count...

Bryan Harris: NO!!!!



THREE!! NO!!!!!


Jimmy Yates: There’s a minute left!!!

Both men are completely exhausted as the countdown clock reaches 55 seconds.

X-Calibur rolls over onto his stomach. Loco onto his back.

50 seconds.

Alan Ducard: Do or die, lads!!

X-Calibur gets to his knees and Loco sits up slowly.

45 seconds.

Both men see the countdown clock. A renewed sense of vigor comes over them as they climb to their feet.

Bryan Harris: HURRY, LOC!!!

40 seconds.

Turning around, Loco throws a right hand. X retaliates with a right hand. Loco with a stinging left and X reciprocates with a left of his own.

35 seconds.


Loco throws a another fist, but misses. On the spin around, X-Calibur hooks him up for the X-Terminator.

Alan Ducard: X-TERMINATOR!!

30 seconds.

Loco shoves him off into the ropes. On the rebound, Loco knees him in the gut. Grabbing an arm, he twists it into a standing short-arm scissors.

Bryan Harris: LOCAPITATOR!!

25 seconds.

Extends a foot out for a superkick, but X ducks it. Loco spins around, and before X can attempt another X-Terminator, Loco tucks X’s head under his arm, and rolls him down to the mat with a small package.








Alan Ducard: MY GOD!! HE GOT HIM!! HE GOT HIM!! X DID IT!!!



15 seconds.

The bell sounds and Josephina assumes the position outside of the ring.

Josephina Colbert: The winner of this fall by pinfall... X-CALIBUR!!

X-Calibur: 4
Loco Martinez: 3

Loco sits up after Porter counts his shoulders down to the mat for three. Looking up, he sees the countdown clock counting down the seconds to the end of his title reign as X-Calibur lays on the mat completely spent.

10 seconds.

The fans begin counting down along with the countdown clock as Loco shakes his head in utter disbelief, looking on at the glistening LEGACY World Title resting in the trophy case slipping away from him for a second time .







The bell sounds and the audience roars, applauding both individuals for their amazing effort. Burying his head into the canvas, Loco Martinez pounds his fist on the mat only once, upset that he just lost the LEGACY World Championship. X-Calibur lays on his back, drenched in blood and sweat. Despite this, there’s a look of calmness over his face, like a great weight has been lifted over his shoulders.

Josephina Colbert: Ladies and gentlemen... the winner of the Breaking Point Match, 4 falls to 3... and NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW.... LEGACY.... WORLD CHAMPION.... X-CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALIBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRR!!!

“Harvester of Sorrow” hits the speakers right after and the medical team races down to the ring. A loud mechanical whirring can be hear from above as the cell structure begins lifting into the rafters, away from the chaos down below that its left behind. Porter attempts to check on Loco, but Loco swats him away, obviously wanting to be alone with his thoughts as X-Calibur’s theme blasts loudly. Getting up on his own power, Loco Martinez looks around as everyone applauds him, despite his sheer arrogance and despicable actions for the past several months standing alone on top of the LEGACY plateau. Looking back at X-Calibur, Loco gives a nod and a smirk in his enemy’s direction before stumbling his way out of the ring.

Finally coming out of his daze, X-Calibur sits up on the mat as Porter hands him the keys to the trophy case that has been holding the LEGACY World Championship for six and a half months. Accepting them, Porter helps X-Calibur to his feet as the medical team looks over the gash in his forehead as well as the discoloration in his shoulder.

But he doesn’t care about the medical team.

Or his shoulder.

X-Calibur’s theme music dies down as the audio picks up the fans chanting, “THAT-WAS-AWESOME!”, and “LEG-A-SEE!” as loud as possible. Amidst the deafening chants, X-Calibur feels compelled to go to the trophy case. Leaving the ring, X-Calibur feels some of the fans slapping his boots as he walks down the elevated ramp-way, congratulating him on his match and victory. Standing in front of the trophy case, X-Calibur holds out the keys he was handed to by Porter.

He stops inches in front of it, and looks through the glass into the golden face plate staring back at him.

Looking out at the audience, X-Calibur nods his head, smirking through the exhaustion and agony.

Then... he throws his keys out into the crowd, watching them scurry to catch them.

Alan Ducard: What the...

Jimmy Yates: Why did he do that?!

Looking back at the trophy case, X-Calibur throws a foot up and KICKS the front of the glass, smashing it in part way. It doesn’t fully break though, and X-Calibur steadies the rocking case from falling over. Rearing back, X-Calibur kicks it again and watches the glass shatter and everything in it fall into the wagon it is perched on. Reaching into the shards of glass with the fans cheering him on, X-Calibur tosses aside all of the other stuff... seeing the spelling bee ribbon, X-Calibur pulls it from the mess and tosses it carelessly into the front row.


Alan Ducard: I love it!!! Hahaha!!!

Reaching down, he pulls the LEGACY World Championship from the glass and hoists it over his bad shoulder, wincing a bit, watching the shards and bits of glass to fall down into the wagon. Looking out at the audience, X-Calibur raises the fist from his good arm into the air. “Harvester of Sorrow” begins playing over the sound system again as the copyright logo and information fades into the screen and Glimmer of Hope 2009 fades into a memory.
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