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9 YEARS AGO TODAY...; Well, yesterday, but I just saw it
Topic Started: Aug 16 2016, 03:17 AM (20 Views)
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...Deacon Summers made his first ever promo in SHOOT Project. I figured I'd post it here.

Deacon Summers' Guide to Gambling: Lessons 1 and 2

Lesson #1: Life is a gamble.

Deacon Summers looked at himself in the floor-to-ceiling mirrors in the elevator of the Luxor. He smiled, running a comb through his pompadour, and sliding it into the front pocket of his shirt. He liked this outfit. The jeans and boots were a given, but this shirt was one of his favorites: the white detailing on the collar, flames coming from the corner, and the dice buttons were his favorite touch.

He slid a cigarette between his lips, the "LUCK" and "FATE" knuckle tattoos sort of surprising him, as if he hadn't ever seen them before. He flexed his fingers, taking a silver dollar out of his pocket, and flipping it across both hands, watching it walk across his knuckles and onto his thumb. He flicked it up in the air, letting it land in his pocket next to his comb.

Today was starting off well. Killian had been set up in the luxurious suite that Deacon called his home every now and then, and hopefully, he had the common sense to come downstairs if he wanted to drink. Whether Deacon wanted to believe it or not, that liquor wasn't cheap. The elevator bell rang as the door opened, and he stepped out on the casino floor, heading straight to the chip counter. The young girl at the counter (well, young was probably not the case, but she looked it) smiled as he approached.

"Evening, Mr. Summers, haven't seen you around in a while."

"Hey, Melody, I had to take a trip to New York, and it was a good thing I did. It's why I'll be getting myself fifteen thousand in chips, if you don't mind."

"Of course I don't mind, sir. Will you be heading up to the VIP room tonight?" Melody passed him a box of chips: dull black, blue, red, and green, pieces of clay or plastic or whatever the hell they were, he never bothered to ask.

Deacon pulled the silver dollar out of his front pocket, sliding it onto his thumb, and letting it fly up into the air. He watched it make the arc, and caught it in his hand, slapping it onto the flame-inked back of his other hand. It was how he made his most important decisions. Tails.

"Nah, I think I'll just stay on the casino floor tonight. Feel like spreading the love."

"Of course, sir, have a great time."

"So when am I gonna get to take you to dinner, hon?"

"C'mon, Mr. Summers, you know I'm not allowed to date the patrons."

"Never hurts to try, Melody. Enjoy the rest of your night."

Lesson #2: No chance is too small.

Deacon strutted over to the roulette table, through a sea of people, maneuvering the floor like a seasoned vet, which he was. People stared a bit at his tattoos, as the two on his upper arms (an angel and a devil) were a bit on the not safe for work side, but he didn't mind. He was used to it. As far as he was concerned, if they're in a casino, they're old enough to see it. People got so freaked out over anatomy.

As he sidled up to the table, he nodded at the man running the wheel currently. He hadn't seen this guy before.

"No more bets, sir, you can't smoke in here."

"You're new. It ain't lit. Just accept it."

Deacon shook his head, as the little silver ball landed in its slot, and the new guy called "13 black, pay out to 13 black." As Deacon threw a grand down on 00, he looked to his left at the stunning blond in the low-cut red dress. He threw her a little grin, and dropped another five hundred on the same space.

"Hey, sugar. You placing any bets?"

She flashed a smile at him too, pushing a small strand of hair out of her face, before putting five hundred down on red.

"I like that. A safe bet. Good call."

He grabbed a pair of glasses from a passing tray, handing a martini to the woman.

"You look like a martini kind of girl."

"Yeah, that's a pretty safe bet, too..." She put a hand out to shake his, using her other hand to grab the martini glass. She was obviously looking for an introduction.

"Deacon," he said with a smile, bringing her hand to his lips, "and you can ask any of the regulars, they all know me here."

"Maureen. So... the cigarette. Superstitious?"

"Supremely, doll. Hasn't hurt me yet." The wheel started spinning, and no more bets were placed. Deacon wasn't really paying much attention. "So what brings you to fine Las Vegas? I'm gonna guess you're a recent transplant."

"You would be correct. Within the year, in fact. I came here for... a career change."

"So you're in a casino throwing 500 bucks down on a roulette game? I guess it was a good career move for you."

"I'm doing well."

The ball stopped, and the new guy talked again. "34 red, pay out to 34 red."

"You just won a grand, honey. Nice work."

"Maybe you're a good luck charm, Deacon."

"Of course I am."

"But you didn't win."

"Eh, bad luck is still luck, honey, and besides, do you know the odds of winning on a 00? Pretty slim. Listen, why don't we go head to the hold 'em table and see what we can do in a game that requires some actual skill? I got a lot of money to play with today, and it'd be nice to have a gal like you at my side."

"Sounds good to me, Deacon. I don't really know how to play poker, though."

"S'fine, sugar, I do. And you're learning from one of the best."

"Really? So why aren't you in the World Series of Poker? I know I would've heard of you then."

"Yeah, about that..."

"Double zero, pay out to double zero..." the new guy called out, as Deacon shook his head with a smile.
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