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FGA 15 Championship; Flashpoint Championship - Third Tier
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These days, it seems as if everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Well on every show, FGA will give two wrestlers their chance at fame. The 15 Championship will be defended every show. 15 Championship matches will also have a 15 minute time limit. If a champion successfully defends the championship four times, they can either keep defending the title or cash it in for a guaranteed Pride Championship match.

1. Shintaro Majima
Defeated: Jensen Banks
Date: 10/06/16
Event: Thursday Night Challenge 1x02

  • V1 - def. Terrence Tillman @ TNChallenge 1x03 (10/20/16)

2. Becker Gaines
Defeated: Shintaro Majima
Date: 11.03.16
Event: Thursday Night Challenge 1x04

  • V1 - def. Shintaro Majima @ TNChallenge 1x05 (11/17/16)
  • V2 - fought Terrence Tillman to a TIME LIMIT DRAW @ Red Carpet Rumble: Night 2 (12/10/16)

3. Terrence Tillman
Defeated: Becker Gaines and Shintaro Majima (Triple Threat Match)
Date: 01.12.17
Event: Thursday Night Challenge 1x07

  • V1 - def. Jaelynn Ramsey @ TNChallenge 1x08 (01/26/17)

On 2/25/17, the Mayor of Hollywood Jordan Cain stripped Tillman of the championship after Tillman failed to arrive to the "Showdown in the Sun" supercard.

4. Macy Dover
Defeated: Gabi Beltran, Ashley Maldano, Susan Kent
Date: 02.25.17
Event: Showdown in the Sun: Night Two

* On 3/27/17, the title was deactivated when 3GW ceased operations and was sold to FGA.
* On 4/15/17, the title was reactivated when Macy Dover made her FGA debut.

5. Terrence Tillman [2]
Defeated: Macy Dover
Date: 06.24.17
Event: All-Star Showdown: Night One

  • V1 - def. Susan Kent @ Vertigo E37 (07/15/17)
  • V2 - def. Stunray @ Vertigo E38 (07/29/17)

6. Julian Tijerina
Defeated: Terrence Tillman
Date: 08.12.17
Event: Vertigo E39

6. Brian Stryker
Defeated: Julian Tijerina
Date: 09.09.17
Event: Trouble in Paradise

  • V1 - def. El Stravito at Flashpoint 2.1 (09/23/17)
  • V2 - def. Noelle Smith at Flashpoint 2.2 (10/07/17)
  • V3 - def. The Crimson Baroness at Flashpoint 2.3 (10/21/17)
  • V4 - def. Terrence Tillman at Six Year Aniversary Show (11/04/17)

* On 11/18/17, Brian Stryker cashed in his 15 Championship for a guaranteed shot at the Pride Championship.

Defeated: Terrence Tillman and Aria Bankowski (Triple Threat Match)
Date: 12.23.17
Event: Final Frontier: Night Two

8. Brian Stryker [2]
Defeated: NEON
Date: 02.24.18
Event: Grapple Kingdom 2

  • V1 - def. NEON at Flashpoint E16 (03/11/18)

9. Mark Storm
Defeated: Brian Stryker
Date: 03.24.18
Event: Flashpoint E17

  • V1 - def. Brian Stryker at Flashpoint E18 (04/07/18)
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