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FGA World Tag Team Championship; FGA's Top Tier Tag Championship
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Created in 2013, the FGA World Tag Team Championship is the top tag team prize in FGA. With teams coming from far and wide to compete over it, the FGA World Tag Team Championship is one of the most sought after titles in all of wrestling.

Name History:
FGA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship: August 3, 2013 - February 22, 2014
FGA World Tag Team Championship: February 22, 2014 - Present

1. The Murder (Malcolm Drake, Dom Harter & Bob Pooler)
Defeated: U.K. Dragons
Date: 8/3/13
Event: Richmond DVD Taping
* This was the semifinals of the Dynamic Duos Tournament. Due to the other semifinals match ending in a Draw, this semifinals match crowned the first champions.
* Harter & Drake won the titles. However, due to "Crow's Law," all three men are recognized as champions. This comes into effect when Pooler is scheduled to defend the titles with Drake on the 9/15/13 DVD Taping (Harter is unable to appear due to legal issues). Pooler is retroactively included in the history of the titles.

  • V1 (Drake/Harter): def. The Usual Suspects, Bad Attitude & Weather in a Scramble Rules Match; Above & Beyond II (8/31/13)
  • V2 (Drake/Pooler): def. Bloodbath & Beyond; Milwaukee DVD Taping (9/15/13)

2. The Usual Suspects (Jason Marx & Chris Tryon)
Defeated: The Murder (Drake/Pooler)
Date: 10/26/13
Event: Respect is Earned

3. The Murder (Malcolm Drake (2) & Bob Pooler (2))
Defeated: The Usual Suspects
Date: 12/20/13
Event: Final Frontier
* This was an Ultimate Endurance Match involving The Usual Suspects, The Shoot Kings and The Church of Beyond.

4. Super Mario Wrestling Bros (Max Powers & Landon Knight)
Defeated: The Murder
Date: 2/22/14
Event: International Incident
* This belt gained World Title status after the SMWB defeated The Murder in London, England.]

  • V1: def. Chris Bond & Kevin Hardaway; Syracuse DVD Taping (3/22/14)
  • V2: def. Man Made Monsters (Adam Stryker & Spencer Vain) at PWP "Mayhem 8"; Las Vegas, NV (5/31/14)
  • V3: def. Young Guns (Blake Jones & Riley Owens); All-Star Showdown III (6/28/14)

5. #sparklebuddies (Laurel Anne Hardy & Annie Zellor)
Defeated: The SMWB
Date: 8/23/14
Event: Above & Beyond III

  • V1: The Black Hand def. #Sparklebuddies by DQ; Capital Combat (10/18/14)

6. The Spitfires (Ashley Sullivan & Colton Sterling)
Defeated: #Sparklebuddies
Date: 12/20/14
Event: Final Frontier

  • V1 - def. Infinite Empire (Tomoko Hanahara & RJ Palmer); Poughkeepsie DVD Taping (1/17/15)

7. #sparklebuddies(2)
Defeated: The Spitfires
Date: 5/16/15
Event: Glory Road

8. Whiskey Dex (Whiskey Ayano & Dexter Jacobs)
Defeated: The #Sparklebuddies
Date: 7/25/15
Event: All-Star Showdown IV

  • V1 - Whiskey Dex fought to a DRAW against #sparklebuddies and HALLYU GENERATION; Above & Beyond IV (9/19/15)
    * The ending of this match saw a double pinfall between Whiskey Ayano and Laurel Anne Hardy
  • V2 - def. Annie Zellor & Ben Hanson at Final Frontier (12/12/15)

* On 12/14/15, Whiskey Ayano left FGA, vacating her half of the Tag Titles.

9. The Next Level (Luke Jackson and Ricky Valero)
Defeated: Dexter Jacobs
Date: 2/20/16
Event: Canadian Stampede

10. Status Quo (Cordy Stevenson and Dan Herrera)
Defeated: The Next Level
Date: 6/25/16
Event: All-Star Showdown V

  • V1 - def. RubyWay and The Next Level in a Triple Threat Match at Above & Beyond V (08/20/16)
  • V2 - def. The Usual Suspects in a Ladder Match at Retribution (10/15/16)

11. The Usual Suspects (2)
Defeated: Status Quo
Date: 1/14/17
Event: Vertigo E27

  • V1 - lost to the Elysian Empire by DQ at Grapple Kingdom (02/18/17)

12. Elysian Empire (Emery & Elon Elysian)
Defeated: The Usual Suspects
Date: 4/1/17
Event: Vertigo E32

13. Polychromatic Lion Attack Squad (Dan Herrera (2) & Peaches)
Defeated: Elysian Empire & The Keisters
Date: 6/24/17
Event: All-Star Showdown VI: Night One

  • V1 - def. Pedro Gonzales & Maritza Diaz at Patriot Games (09/02/17)

14. The Chaotics (Ashlyn De Luca & Logan Alexander)
Defeated: Elysian Empire & The Keisters
Date: 11/04/17
Event: Six Year Anniversary Show

  • V1 - def. PLAS and Smart Style at Final Frontier: Night Two (12/23/17)

15. Smart Style (Mark Bisley & Shintaro Majima)
Defeated: The Chaotics
Date: 02/24/18
Event: Grapple Kingdom 2

16. The Chaotics (2)
Defeated: Smart Style
Date: 04/28/18
Event: Only The Strong Survive
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