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FGA Pride Championship; Vertigo Championship - Second Tier
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Created in 2013, the Pride Championship is a secondary championship in FGA. Focused on establishing and showcasing the more "pure" grapplers in FGA, the Pride Championship is contested under Pride Rules. Pride Rules are:

1) No closed fists to the head. Pokes, gouges, rakes and other illegal strikes to the eyes are also prohibited. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning, then a rope break being taken away. However, slaps, chops and kicks to the head are all legal.
2) Grapplers are allowed three rope breaks per match. If all three rope breaks are used, then a pinfall or submission cannot be broken up by a rope break.
3) Grapplers, no matter how much animosity is between them, must shake hands at the start of the match or be charged a rope break.
4) "Pride Rules" matches will have a 20 count on the outside instead of the standard 10.
5) Finally, all "Pride Rules" matches will be contested in Best 2 out of 3 Falls matches.

1. Kevin Hardaway
Defeated: Malcolm Drake (tournament finals)
Date: 2/23/13
Event: Pride, Honor & Excellence

  • V1: def. Anton Chase at the Mississauga DVD Taping (3/9/13)
  • V2: Kevin Hardaway vs. Bob Pooler went to a Draw at the New York City DVD Taping (4/6/13)

2. Chandler Scott
Defeated: Kevin Hardaway
Date: 4/28/13
Event: Only the Strong Survive

  • V1: def. Bob Pooler at the Erie DVD Taping (5/11/13)
  • V2: def. Jason Richards at the Plymouth DVD Taping (6/8/13)

3. J.T. Cash
Defeated: Chandler Scott
Date: 6/21/13
Event: All-Star Showdown II

  • V1: def. Wayne Carruthers at the Hartford DVD Taping (7/6/13)

* On 8/18/13, Cash is injured in a match against Andreas Lasiewicz.
* Cash is forced to vacate the championship on 8/21/13 due to injury.

4. Chris Bond
Defeated: Michael Tomkins, Andreas Lasiewicz and Michael Hopkins (4 Corners Elimination Match)
Date: 8/31/13
Event: Above & Beyond II

5. Chaths
Defeated: Chris Bond
Date: 9/14/13
Event: Columbus DVD Taping

6. Chris Bond (2)
Defeated: Chaths
Date: 10/12/13
Event: Dearborn DVD Taping

7. Johnny Karma
Defeated: Chris Bond
Date: 10/26/13
Event: Respect is Earned

  • V1: def. Camellia D. Magna; Elizabeth DVD Taping (11/9/13)

8. Jimmy Page
Defeated: Johnny Karma
Date: 12/20/13
Event: Final Frontier

  • V1: def. Willow Swaine at International Incident (2/22/14)

9. Riley Owens
Defeated: Jimmy Page
Date: 4/19/14
Event: Only The Strong Survive

  • V1: def. Jared James at All-Star Showdown III (6/28/14)
  • V2: def. Kevin Hardaway at Above & Beyond III (8/23/14)
  • V3: def. Cyncity at the Dearborn DVD Taping (9/17/14)

10. Sunshine Scandalous Tony Carmine
Defeated: Riley Owens
Date: 10/18/14
Event: Capital Combat

  • V1: def. Evangelista; Final Frontier (12/20/14)

11. Dom Harter
Defeated: Sunshine Scandalous Tony Carmine
Date: 2/28/15
Event: 2015: A New Odyssey

  • V1: Mia Scott def. Dom Harter by disqualification at the Shreveport DVD Taping (4/18/15)

12. Mia Scott
Defeated: Dom Harter
Date: 5/16/15
Event: Glory Road

13. Sunshine Scandalous Tony Carmine (2)
Defeated: Mia Scott
Date: 07/25/15
Event: All Star Showdown IV

  • V1: def. Johnny Karma at Vertigo (9/5/15)
  • V2: def. Evangelista at Vertigo (10/3/15)
  • V3: def. Johnny Cannon at Final Frontier (12/12/15)
  • V4: def. Noelle Smith at Canadian Stampede (2/20/16)

14. Johnny Karma (2)
Defeated: Sunshine Scandalous Tony Carmine
Date: 03/05/16
Event: Vertigo

  • V1: def. Tony Carmine by DQ at Vertigo (4/2/16)

15. Fujiko Mine
Defeated: Johnny Karma
Date: 5/25/16
Event: All-Star Showdown V

  • V1: def. Elizabeth Lannister at SSWA #59 (7/25/16)

16. Molly Reid
Defeated: Fujiko Mine
Date: 10/01/16
Event: Vertigo E22

  • V1: def. Evan Envi at Final Frontier (12/24/16)
  • V2: def. Chris Madison at Grapple Kingdom (2/18/17)

17. Chris Madison
Defeated: Molly Reid
Date: 04/15/17
Event: Only the Strong Survive

18. Savannah Taylor
Defeated: Chris Madison
Date: 06/25/17
Event: All-Star Showdown: Night Two

19. Chris Madison (2)
Defeated: Savannah Taylor
Date: 09/09/17
Event: Trouble in Paradise

  • V1: def. Sydney Christensen at Vertigo E41 (10/14/17)
  • V2: def. Fujiko Mine at Final Frontier: Night One (12/22/17)
  • V3: def. Tyberius King at Vertigo E46 (01/06/18)

20. Fujiko Mine (2)
Defeated: Chris Madison
Date: 03/03/18
Event: 2018: A New Odyssey

  • V1: def. Chris Madison at Only The Strong Survive (04/28/18)
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