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FGA Undisputed Championship; FGA's Top Tier Singles Championship
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Created in 2012, the FGA World Championship is THE most coveted prize in all of Frontier Grappling Arts. A legacy that began with “The Rogue” Michael Tomkins, the belt has been held by some FGA’s top stars both past and present, such as Blaine Harrison, Chandler Scott and Chris Q, among others. The following is a complete list of champions and defenses.

Name History:
FGA Heavyweight Championship: November 11, 2011 - February 22, 2014
FGA World Championship: February 22, 2014 - February 18, 2017
FGA Undisputed Championship: February 18, 2017 - Present

1. Michael Tomkins
Defeated: Jared James
Date: 1/27/12
Event: 2012: A New Odyssey

2. Blaine Harrison
Defeated: Michael Tomkins
Date: 3/7/12
Event: Huntington DVD Taping

  • V1: def. Preston Blake at Spring Breakage (3/31/12)
  • V2: def. Jacques Mercier at the Monroe Township DVD Taping (4/11/12)
  • V3: def. Michael Tomkins at All-Star Showdown (6/1/12)

3. Chandler Scott
Defeated: Blaine Harrison
Date: 8/10/12
Event: Above & Beyond

  • V1: def. Jared James at Fear Itself (10/19/12)

4. A.J. Fairchild
Defeated: Chandler Scott
Date: 11/17/12
Event: One Year Anniversary Show

  • V1: def. Ryan Kidd in a Best 2/3 Falls Match at Final Frontier (12/28/12)
  • V2: def. Ryan Kidd & Preston Blake in a Triple Threat Ladder Match at Pride, Honor & Excellence (2/23/13)

5. Chris Q
Defeated: A.J. Fairchild
Date: 3/9/13
Event: Mississauga DVD Taping

  • V1: def. Chris Bond; Only the Strong Survive (4/28/13)

6. Dom Harter
Defeated: Chris Q
Date: 5/12/13
Event: Ocean City DVD Taping

7. Chris Q (2)
Defeated: Dom Harter
Date: 6/8/13
Event: Plymouth DVD Taping

  • V1: def. Chris Bond; All-Star Showdown II (6/21/13)
  • V2: def. Bob Pooler & A.J. Fairchild in a Three Way Dance at Above & Beyond II (8/31/13)

8. Sean Sands
Defeated: Chris Q
Date: 10/26/13
Event: Respect is Earned

9. Chris Q (2)
Defeated: Sean Sands
Date: 12/21/13
Event: Final Frontier

  • V1: def. Dom Harter at International Incident (2/22/14)

* This title gained World Title status when Chris Q successfully defended his championship in London, ENG. From this reign forward, this belt will be referred to as the FGA World Championship.
* On 3/10/14, Chris Q is suspended indefinitely and stripped of the title after punching a network official.

10. Dom Harter (2)
Defeated: -
Date: 4/19/14
Event: Only The Strong Survive
* Dom Harter won the Gold Rush Rumble to become the new FGA World Champion.

11. Jimmy Page
Defeated: Dom Harter & Dan Herrera (Three Way Dance)
Date: 6/28/14
Event: All-Star Showdown III

  • V1: def. Dom Harter at Above & Beyond III (8/23/14)
  • V2: def. Cordy Stevenson at Capital Combat (10/18/14)
  • V3: def. Riley Owens at Final frontier (12/20/14)

12. Chandler Scott (2)
Defeated: Jimmy Page, Sean Sands, Johnny Karma (Fatal 4-Way)
Date: 2/28/15
Event: 2015: A New Odyssey

  • V1: def. Jimmy Page at Glory Road (05/16/15)
  • V2: def. Cordy Stevenson at All Star Showdown IV (07/25/15)
  • V3: def. Johnny Karma at Above & Beyond IV (09/19/15)
  • V4: def. Sunshine Scandalous Tony Carmine at the Four Year Anniversary Show (11/14/15)

13. Zero McHannon
Defeated: Chandler Scott
Date: 12/12/15
Event: Final Frontier

14. Cyncity
Defeated: Zero McHannon
Date: 2/20/16
Event: Canadian Stampede

15. Zero McHannon (2)
Defeated: Cyncity
Date: 4/16/16
Event: Gold Rush Rumble

16. Johnny Cannon
Defeated: Zero McHannon and Sunshine Scandalous Tony Carmine in a Triple Threat Match
Date: 5/26/16
Event: All-Star Showdown V

17. Zero McHannon (3)
Defeated: Johnny Cannon and Sunshine Scandalous Tony Carmine in a Triple Threat Match
Date: 8/20/16
Event: Above & Beyond V

  • V1: def. Chandler Scott at Retribution (10/15/16)

* After the PPV, Zero McHannon walked out of FGA with the championship. Because of this action, FGA no longer recognized McHannon as its World Champion. FGA then held a tournament to crown a new champion, which was won by Cordy Stevenson on 11/12/16. At Final Frontier, McHannon returned to the promotion with his World Championship belt. As punishment, retroactively paused his reign on 10/15/16 (the night he walked out). His reign was restarted on 12/24/16 (the night he returned to the promotion).

18. Cordy Stevenson
Defeated: Sunshine Scandalous Tony Carmine
Date: 11/12/16
Event: Five Year Anniversary Show
*This was a tournament final.

  • V1: def. Zero McHannon at Grapple Kingdom (2/18/17)

* At Grapple Kingdom, FGA World Champion Cordy Stevenson defeated FGA World Champion Zero McHannon to determine the FGA Undisputed Champion.

19. Izzy Anders
Defeated: Cordy Stevenson
Date: 04/15/17
Event: Only the Strong Survive

  • V1: def. Johnny Karma at All-Star Showdown: Night Two (06/25/17)

20. Johnny Karma
Defeated: Izzy Anders
Date: 09/09/17
Event: Trouble in Paradise

  • V1: def. Chandler Scott at Flashpoint 2.1 (09/23/17)
  • V2: def. Dom Harter at Vertigo E40 (09/30/17)
  • V3: def. Molly Reid at Final Frontier: Night Two (12/23/17)
  • V4: def. Evan Envi at Grapple Kingdom 2 (02/24/18)

21. Evan Envi
Defeated: Johnny Karma
Date: 04/28/18
Event: Only The Strong Survive
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