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Rules & Guidelines
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The following is a list of rules and guidelines to follow in Frontier Grappling Arts.

As of 12.26.16, FGA is now an Angle Fed.

What is an Angled fed, you ask? Allow me to explain. Matches will not be decided by competitive roleplays. Now that doesn’t mean you just get to sit back, relax and expect to be pushed. That might fly in other places that you’ve been in the past. But here, we strongly encourage active participation. Active Participation will be your key to success here. What I’m talking about is:

1. Storyline Progression:
Actively communicating with your feud partner(s) to help flesh out a storyline. Some people don’t mind doing all the leg work for a feud. But it’s more fun and more rewarding if you and your partner are actively going back and forth with ways to help build the feud.

2. Segments:
These not only sell your match for that night (if scheduled), but these are tools that are also used to get you and your feud over as well. These can also be used to sell a big event that is happening in the fed at the time (Ex: Your character is asked by the interviewer for his thoughts on the highly-anticipated title match between Wrestler A and Wrestler B).

3. Aftershow Shoots:
After every show, we will post a thread titled “AfterBurn”. The “AfterBurn” shows are essentially Aftershow/Post Show programs that either recap or expand upon what happened during the TV show or PPV. Aftershow shoots are a vehicle for your character to give their reactions to events that transpired on the show (talking about a match they just won or lost), an event that progressed their feud, etc. These can be as long (or as short) as you want.

4. Development RPs
Your wrestlers aren’t just defined by their feuds or what happens on the shows, but also outside the fed as well. Obviously CDs can be done both Off Camera or On Camera. But this is just another way for you to help flesh out your character, as well as give the staff and your fellow writers a feel for your character.

These four categories combined will help determine who gets pushed, how hard someone gets pushed, who wins championships & accolades, etc. As far as how wins and losses are determined from TV show to TV show? That will also be determined by who has been active, who has been putting in the work, and if it works better for your character to pick up a win or take a loss on that particular show. With any fed that you join, you have to trust the staff. But with the nature of an angle fed, there is an even greater level of trust that’s placed in the staff. One thing that I’ve always prided myself with FGA is our matches. A common statement that I’ve seen in discussion threads, reviews and surveys is that we always take care of both parties in a match. We always do our best to make sure that both the winner and the loser of a match come out looking well. That is something that we will continue to strive for in this Angle era of FGA.

If you’re consistently not putting forth any effort and aren’t active at all? Then that will be shown in your character’s lack of success/lack of being booked.

But if you are being active, then we will take care of you. If you contribute more, then your character will see more success. However, you don’t have be active in all four categories to achieve success. Even if it’s just three out of four, we will still take care of you by having your character trend in the right direction.


* DO NOT use other characters in your promos without their permission. This goes for any member of on-air authority in the FGA. But by all means, use the interviewers if you wish. Just do not attack them in a roleplay.

* If something is clearly labeled as "Off Camera" in a roleplay, it is OFF LIMITS to be used against an opponent in your roleplay.

* Keep things realistic. Granted, this is an e-fed and some fantasy is involved. But please try to keep things reality based and as realistic as possible. Also, please remember to keep character. So please refrain from mentioning about how wrestling is "fake" and that results are "determined". To your characters, the wrestling is very much real.


1. Everyone loses at some point. It's a fact of life. If you have a disagreement/question over the outcome of your match, please contact any member of the staff privately and voice your concerns there. "Airing out dirty laundry" will not be tolerated.

2. Please be respectful to your fellow board members. Bullying or harassing other members of this forum will not be tolerated.

3. Plagiarism will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If you are caught stealing someone else's work, your promo will not count. Also, recycling old roleplays will also not be tolerated. If you are caught using material from an old roleplay, your promo will not count.

4. Using these boards to recruit for another e-fed will not be tolerated. If you are caught recruiting on these forums, you will be banned and reported to any e-fed circle we're currently apart of.

5. Don't be an idiot. So please no posting of images or links to nude or pornographic material.

In conclusion, be smart when it comes to the rules. As long as you follow the rules and the guidelines, everything should be fine. These may seem like a lot of rules. But really, the majority of them are common sense. We're just listing them above to have them in writing. And again, this is only a game. We hope that you not only have fun here, but we hope that you'll be playing this game with us for a very long time.
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