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AfterBurn for Flashpoint 2.5
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The Mason

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Catch up with your favorite FGA grapplers on AfterBurn! Get their thoughts on the latest, their opponents, and other backstage happenings right here, only on AxxessNet!
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The Mason

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We cut to the backstage area, moments after Flashpoint has gone off the air. Evan Envi sighs as he makes his way out of his locker-room, shirtless but now in a pair of jeans as he makes his toward a bottled water vending machine.

???: Yo.

Envi stops a few feet of the machine and turns with a raised brow toward the sound of the voice. Ashlyn De Luca walks into frame, already back into her street clothes-- a black “Shmurda” shirt and a green zip-up hoodie from what we can see. She gives Evan a fist bump before gesturing toward the area around him.

Ashlyn De Luca: You see Logan come through here?

Evan Envi: Nope.

Ashlyn De Luca: see Shintaro and Big Head Ass Bisley back here?

Envi smirks a bit.

Evan Envi: I haven’t. Might wanna find Logan before you find them though.

Ashlyn De Luca: Mm.

Ashlyn nods a little and goes to continue her trek down the hall, but stops, turning on her heel, crossing her hands behind her back as she raises a brow at Envi.

Ashlyn De Luca: Oh. By the way. You know you screwed up, right?

Evan Envi: I’m… aware. We picked up that L.

Ashlyn De Luca: Well, yeah, but not that. In your interview earlier. You touched on everybody except Magnum. I guess somewhere in your… whatever training you and Ne were doing… you got it in your head that ‘Super Saiyan Widdel’ as you called him was in this thing instead of Jax?

Evan raises a finger.

Evan Envi: I thought Regular Widdel was a part of the Frontier Lion’s Cup. Big difference.

Ashlyn De Luca: Still the wrong guy.

Envi frowns slightly as Ashlyn reaches into her jacket pocket for her phone, scrolling through some apps as she speaks to Envi.

Ashlyn De Luca: You’ve kept up with a lot of Magnum’s stuff, right? Dude’s already won a goddamn World Cup, and you wanna overlook him in this? Wait til this shit loads on YouTube…

Evan Envi: I mean, of course I’ve seen his stuff. The Chief knows all about Jax. It was an oversight. We--

Ashlyn De Luca: Ah. Here it is. It’s starting.

For about a minute the two stand there-- Ashlyn looking thoroughly entertained while Envi’s face starts off as emotionless… and slowly devolves into what could best be described as “upset” as he gazes at the Jackson Magnum compilation video somebody made to the Backstreet Boys’ smash hit “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

Evan Envi: Oh… oh God...

Ashlyn De Luca: Right?

Ashlyn lowers the phone and turns to Evan.

Ashlyn De Luca: Imagine if you DO make it to the finals and then he does too, right? Like-- you shunned him on national television. That’s not okay.

Evan Envi: I wasn’t--

Ashlyn De Luca: Whoa. Hey.

Ashlyn points to the phone.

Ashlyn De Luca: Don’t gotta explain anything to me.

She slides her phone back into her pocket and looks over her shoulder down the corridor before shooting a look back to the Chief.

Ashlyn De Luca: I have to go find Logan so we can dip out of here I guess.

The FGA Tag Team Champion gestures toward Envi’s locker-room door.

Ashlyn De Luca: Ne in there right now?

Evan Envi: Yeah.

Evan’s eyes widen and he speaks almost pleadingly with De Luca.

Evan Envi: You wanna come in for a sec?

Ashlyn De Luca: Is she like… really upset about the main event?

Evan Envi: ...little bit...

Ashlyn De Luca: Hmmm…

Ashlyn takes a small breath and considers it for a few moments, eyes drifting back to the door before she looks to the Chief once again.

Ashlyn De Luca: I’m good. Hit me up though.

With a wink and a slap on the shoulder, De Luca turns, making her way down the hall once again. Envi groans softly under his breath, leaning back against the vending machine as we fade.
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"That's how you do it. And I do it time after time, after time!"

Exhaling heavily, Mark leans against his locker as the camera focuses on him clutching onto his stomach. He straightens up, wiping the sweat that slivers down his forehead away before it reaches his eyes, and runs his fingers through his hair - a demonic grin piercing onto his face. He begins to unwrap his tape from his right wrist and does so slowly, breathing heavily in obvious exhaustion over the bout he had just had.

Mark Storm: But was it ever in question? No. I was always going to win that match against El Stravito? Why? Because El Stravito wasn't facing any of the half asses they call 'talent'. He was up against the best in the business. A goddamn wrestling GOD when it comes down to it. Sure, he pushed me. I had no doubt in my mind that he was going to bring the heat. No doubt that he was going to bring that fire because that's what I do, and that's what you need to understand - is that I, bring the best out of my opponents. And it's another five star match in the books for Your Hero and Mine .

Mark stops speaking as his attention turns to the the doorway, applause coming from it. The camera turns and standing there is Gregory Murphy, who has a smile planted on his face. The camera turns back to Storm who smirks and the two engage in a fist bump before bringing it in for a bro hug.

Gregory Murphy: Another five star display from Your Hero and Mine!

Mark Storm: Did you expect anything less?

Gregory Murphy: Of course not. Spectacular! Insane! Mesmerising!

He brings his fingers together and kisses them, as if to say magnificent display.

Gregory Murphy: The elusive Mark Storm. We've been watching you. I mean of course I have, I'm your agent and all but, there's someone else too. Someone else I'd like you to meet. He's like you, Mark. Very much like you.

Greg whistles and entering the room like a dog is a hooded man who comes to the side of Gregory Murphy. The man is of a much smaller stature than the other two men, wearing an all black attire and his facing is completely covered by the hood. Mark looks at Murphy with an eye of confusion, an eyebrow raised as Greg clasps his hands together.

Gregory Murphy: Mark Storm, meet my newest client. Liam Richardson, meet Mark Storm.

Richardson brings his hood down and the two men share a glare before Storm extends a hand to the new arrival of the Flashpoint brand. Richardson remains expressionless, a simple head nod of appreciation whilst Storm transitions his hand into one of his imaginary pistols, pointing it right at Richardson, a smirk upon his lip.

Gregory Murphy: Let's talk.

Greg says simply, turning to the camera and making an expression to indicate that the crew better scatter.
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Problem Solver

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The camera follows a suit clad BROOKFORD as he walks into the parking lot carrying his bags. He reaches into his pocket with his free hand, pulls out his car keys. Popping open the trunk he tosses in his bags. Slamming the trunk, he turns to the camera. Staring stoicly into the camera lens, BROOKFORD opens his mouth to offer a few words.

BROOKFORD: Another stepped up. Another falls. Just the way it goes.

Now, the most frequent question I’m asked is, BROOKFORD, why are you so passion-less about the sport of professional wrestling? And to that I say, are you passionate about your job? Most of you aren’t. Admit it. You normal peons don’t like your profession. You don’t eat, breathe, sleep your nine to five. Did you grow up dreaming about being a janitor? Nope. I didn’t grow up dreaming of being a wrestler, but wrestling offers me a chance to do what I am passionate about, kicking ass, taking names, hurting people. I like it. Wouldn’t call myself a sadist. I don’t get off splitting someones skull open. Hey, its fun. I get paid to do it. Why not, yah know?

So to the punk I beat up, nothing personal. I’m going to the pay window. To everyone else, like I said, if you need a problem solved, I’m your guy. I’m open for business. Get your checkbook ready.

BROOKFORD winks. He walk over to the drivers side as the scene fades to black..

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