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AfterBurn for Vertigo E45
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The sound of wheels rolling on concrete can be heard as Owen Gonsalves and Ace Watson, two of the three members of Shootcamp, are seen making their way to their rental car. Both men wearing Shootcamp clothing as Owen clicks the boot open and begins to pile up their suitcases and bags. The exhaustion on both men’s faces are prominent as they have to make a long flight back to Japan where they are to continue Kamikaze Pro’s Tag Team League. As Owen hoists the bags in, Spencer Burke enters the shot, microphone in hand.

Spencer Burke: Owen, Ace, my apologies...I’m aware you’ve got a flight to catch back to Japan but it was an eventful night for the both of you and I just wanted to catch your thoughts on your unfortunate loss tonight against the FGA World Tag Team Champions, The Chaotics.

Ace looks a little frustrated that they've been stopped for an interview as he turns towards Burke.

Ace Watson: Well, it's kinda devastating that we didn't get the win. But I think it's clear to everyone after that match that soon enough we could be very viable challengers to the Chaotics. We gave them a serious run for their money, and perhaps with a few more tag team wins under our belts you could be seeing us facing those two again, with the titles on the line. We’re saving our victory over the Chaotics for then.

Spencer Burke: With all due respect gentlemen, this is your second loss in a row since the announcement of your match at Final Frontier, I’ve got to ask whether or not that match is playing an underlying factor into your tag matches.

Suddenly the boot of the car slams shut as Gonsalves leans against the car for a moment before making his way towards Ace and Spencer.

Owen Gonsalves: What do you want us to say, Spence? What’s the scoop you want out of this? Is it ‘Shootcamp drifts apart ahead of their Frontier Lions Cup Quarter-Final bout’ or is it the big break up scoop everyone is dying to see?

It’s clear in his tone that the exhaustion and the losses have created a frustrated Owen.

Owen Gonsalves: You aren’t getting that here, Spencer...not from us, we’ve lost matches before, and this certainly isn’t because of our match at Final Frontier. I’ve eaten two pins back to back on Vertigo now, shit like that happens but we’ll learn from it and come back stronger. I can assure you there isn’t any ill will towards each other, do we get annoyed at each other? Sure we do, but we have no room for petty heat and we have no room to worry about that match coming up, we’re about to have 4 more tag team matches in the next week at the very least so that’s what our attention is towards. When the time comes we’ll worry about the match at Final Frontier, but we’ve got bigger fish to fry right now.

Gonsalves and Watson nod before turning and making their way back to the car but Spencer is persistent on more questions as he jumps in front of Ace before the Brit can get in the car.

Spencer Burke: ...And I understand that I do, but just a feeewww more questions if you don’t mind gentlemen. You finally had that meeting with Kol and he didn’t really give either of you a chance to say anything at all really, so do you have any thoughts on what Kol had to say? A retort perhaps?

Ace Watson: Kol is just trying to get in our heads. He talks a lot but annoyingly he can back it up. And he said I was more worried about my girlfriend’s career than my own, but that's not true. I praise her because I'm happy for her, and proud of what she's achieved. It just so happens that she's achieving more than me in recent times. But if anything that only drives me to be better. Same as any other comment about my lack of success lately, from Kol, commentators, fans, Internet forums or anything like it. It doesn't get under my skin, it doesn't keep me awake at night. No, it makes me want to be better. My whole career has been based on proving people wrong about me. It's about time I do it again. And some loud-mouthed pretty boy wanker isn't going to stop me.

Owen Gonsalves: That’s if you make it to the loud-mouthed pretty boy wanker…

There’s a half-smirk on Gonsalves’ face as Watson stops in his tracks, half way in the passenger seat before turning around to face Owen.

Owen Gonsalves: Kol is going to have one hell of a night if he manages to make it past Magnum because that means he has to go toe to toe with either one of us. If he wants to underestimate you, if he wants to talk about how he’s going to ‘break my jaw’ then I hope...for his sake, that he doesn’t make it past Jackson Magnum, I hope for his sake he gets beat and he’s saved from the beating of his life because there is no doubt that he’s going to get just that if he advances to the finals of the Vertigo side of the bracket.

Ace Watson: Kol seems to be already looking past Magnum and already looking past whoever he would face out of the two of us if he wins. But Magnum is no easy victory. It wasn't too long ago he won an International tournament, featuring some of the best wrestlers from across the world. It's crazy that that win gets swept under the rug and ignored so often, but you really shouldn't count him out. He's faced some top quality competitors, and whether he's won or lost he's always shown just how good he is. Kol shouldn't be feeling so cocky going into that match against Jackson Magnum.

Owen Gonsalves: He definitely shouldn’t, Mags is one of the best wrestlers in the world today and he’s proving it every match he wrestles. Kol is dangerous, and conniving and one of the best as well, but the difference between those two is that Supes’ ego doesn’t get in his way, and you just can’t say the same for Colton. But I can promise you that it’s going to be one hell of a night for Shootcamp regardless of who wins our match and who wins any match in the remainder of the Frontier Lions Cup. But really though Spencer, we’ve gotta go…

And with that Watson gets back in the car, Owen goes around the car but Burke is quick behind him this time.

Spencer Burke: Owen!

Gonsalves halts in his tracks and slowly spins back around, letting out a heavy sigh.

Spencer Burke: Tonight, Chris Madison spoke a little bit about the idea of giving you a fair one on one match with no other interruptions or distractions, no Shootcamp, no Fujiko Mine, no Mitsuo Shimada, no Kol...Would that be something of interest to you? Is Chris Madison on your radar?

Gonsalves smirks for a moment.

Owen Gonsalves: Chris Madison is many things, he’s intimidating, he’s a beast, he’s one tough motherfucker, but he’s also a man who believes in fairness and a man of his word. If he truly meant what he said out there about me, then we’ll have our one on one rematch sooner than you think. That’s a question for him if anything…

The Australian flashes a smile before returning back into the car. Burke, finally satisfied with the interview, allows Shootcamp to drive off into the night.
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1× IYH Champion
IYH Breakout Wrestler of Season One
2017 FGA Frontier Lions Cup Finalist (Vertigo)
2017 FGA DDT3 Semi Finalist (w/ Ace Watson)
2017 FGA Sportsmanship Award Recipient
1× KAMIKAZE Pro Tag Team League Champions (w/ Ace Watson)
1× SCW Grand Canyon Champion
1× SCW Tag Team Champion (w/ Ricky Angel)
2013 NEW Best Newcomer
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Seth Iser

A grunting Seth Iser is lumbering away from the locker room. He has changed out of his ring attire and into something far more professional with a black and white suit with the black tie there. He has his bags over his shoulder as he’s about ready to head out the door and judging by how he’s walking he’s still feeling the effects of his match letting out a grunt every now and then. At this point Spencer Burke sprints in with a microphone in hand.

Spencer Burke: Seth. Do you have a moment?

Iser just glares at him far more irritated than he was the first time he interacted with him before he takes a breath and is obviously trying to compose himself as he puts down his luggage and just gestures for Spencer non verbally to ask away.

Spencer Burke: My apologies catching you on a busy moment but I just want to get your thoughts on the draw this evening.

Seth Iser: The first thing you could do is hold the microphone right here.

Iser snatches Spencer’s arm and forces it up and he lets out a yelp as he’s much more aggressive in the motion than before.

Seth Iser: And second keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.

Iser just takes a breath for a moment as he winces moving his neck.

Seth Iser: A draw feels worse than a loss most days because quite frankly it’s going to be something that hangs over you until the next opportunity especially if you know deep down that you’re better. And you can call it arrogance, hebrus or whatever word you want to in order to throw shade at me if you wish but it’s a fact that deep down I believe that. And if you don’t have that feeling deep down that even if you can still learn new tricks that you aren’t’re in the wrong damn business.

Iser lets out another grunt as he rubs his neck again and he just balls his fist up in agitation.

Seth Iser: It’s taking every bit of my composure not to just start yelling and screaming like a maniac right now because on top of partaking in a draw...I felt like I was wronged. Duped. Robbed. A miscarriage of justice even. And why? Because Tyler Storm had to resort to loading up his pad during that damn clothesline.

Spencer Burke: That’s a very pointed...accusation.

Seth Iser: I’ve been in the business fifteen years and seen it all and been hit with a loaded pad. I know what I speak of. And I know what that felt like. That was a loaded pad. He might brush it off to the side or laugh about it in a nonchalant manner but he cheated. And if he denies what I’m saying he’ll be something worse than someone who cheated in a wrestling match but something the wrestling fans seem to love in their heroes these days: a liar.

Iser is taking a couple of deep breaths as he’s just teetering on the edge of losing it completely. A vein has popped up on his neck even though he hasn’t quite started yelling...yet.

Seth Iser: Will you teach your kids to lie like that?

Spencer Burke: Come on...

Iser takes a breath for a second knowing where this is going but he notices Spencer’s arm mispositioned compared to where he’d like it. He then just violently puts Spencer’s arm back where it should be and he lets out another yelp with the sudden motion.

Seth Iser: Just hold the microphone right here you neanderthal!

That statement warrants laughter from another man entering the scene with silver hair and a suit while he’s also several inches shorter than Iser and there’s some prominent tattoos. Iser’s demeanor lightens ever so slightly.

???: Spencer right?

Spencer Burke: Yes. Spencer Burke.

???: I’m Vincent Moretti. I handle the social media for my client here. And I do have a manager’s license as well as being a retired wrestler. And I’d say you’re about one wrong question away from having your arm torn off.

Vincent pauses for a minute looking at the situation and Iser just has a deathgrip on Spencer’s arm.

Vincent Moretti: And I don’t know about you...but I’d prefer not to have your arm decapitated and have potential blood shed all over our nice clean I’d recommend not pissing him off.

Spencer tries to comically pull his arm away from Iser and Iser’s not letting go. Seth then just uses his free hand to pry the microphone away from Spencer’s grip.

Seth Iser: I am revoking microphone privileges from you at least in dealing with me for the rest of the night because you can’t hold it properly. Be gone!

Iser finally then gives a one handed shove to Spencer and he’s sent away from the screen. You do hear a comical crash in the background and Seth rolling his eyes.

Seth Iser: First you can’t hold a microphone properly and then you stumble into some expensive equipment!

Vincent Moretti lets out a small chuckle while Iser just shakes his head in disappointment at what is going on.

Seth Iser: Thank you Vincent.

Vincent Moretti: Anytime.

Seth Iser: Now then...Tyler Storm. I want one more match with you. And I’m a patient man. I’ll bide my time and wait and let this fester. Just the longer this waits. The worse it is going to be for you...and for everyone else that has to face me until I get what I want. I’m not some young entitled buck demanding some championship match. I know how things work in the industry. This isn’t my first rodeo. And I know instant rematches don’t just happen unlike many of the people of the audience.

Vincent Moretti: However long you want to wait until you want to do the match. Doesn’t really matter to us.

Seth Iser: Could be a week.

Vincent Moretti: Could be hasty and take a day and throw out the challenge ASAP which I’ve seen you do on more than one occasion.

Seth Iser: Could take a whole month for all I care which wouldn’t be the best news for the rest of the roster with the mood you just put me in.

Vincent Moretti: All we know is...tick tock...

Seth Iser: Time will be ticking boy.

With that ominous warning the duo united again in front of a wrestling camera then walk off while Iser is still grunting and rubbing his neck. We then see that Spencer has crashed into some other equipment that is scattered around. He dusts himself off with the arm that isn’t hurting and lets out a sigh before putting on a professional look and just walks off wanting to go to his next assignment. But before he can do that…Iser’s voice then bellows out from where he left...

Seth Iser: And clean up the mess you made you idiot!
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