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Meta Gaming; original poster Eric
Topic Started: Nov 14 2017, 01:57 PM (221 Views)
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Metagaming What Is It?

Metagaming is using OOC knowledge in roleplay thoughts, actions, or behavior.

Why is Metagaming so bad?
Metagaming ruins the Roleplay. It is not fun for everyone to know that Clark Kent is Superman or that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Very few would know, and if it happens during a battle where someone beats Batman and is able to unmask him and RECOGNIZE him as Bruce Wayne that is one thing. The knowledge was gained through IC actions and thus is not considered Metagaming.

What is Form Metagaming?
Yes, it may be listed on the forms but there is no way your char would be able to know that. Your char can not pop out of your computer sign up to the Forms and read the char sheet of the one he is fighting or things about that char.

Example: Knowing that Martian Manhunter is weak vs fire because that is what his weakness lists on the Forms are Bad Roleplay. Finding out Martian Manhunter is afraid of fire because Fire Generation is your power and you are trying to get away is perfectly acceptable.

What is Roleplayer Metagaming?
The OOC knowledge in Roleplayer Metagaming is information the roleplayer has, but the character does not have. This is very similar to skill-based god-modding, but specifically, deals with information that could not exist in the setting.
-- Remember what your character knows is separate from your knowledge.
-- Pay close attention to your game’s setting to determine the appropriate knowledge level.

Example: If your job is a pilot and you fly planes for a living. That doesn't mean that your char can fly a plane.

What is Decision Making Metagaming?
This is when OOC knowledge is not written passively into the roleplay, however, it is the cause and determination of your chars actions in a particular setting. Such actions that though plausible is not what that char would normally do.
-- Re-read your own character and adhere to its information.

An example of bad roleplay: Before fighting in a practice match Nightwing is fighting Aegis. Nightwing decides to go and use pressure point tactics to disable instead of trying to overpower though brute force and advanced martial arts.

An example of proper roleplay: After fighting Aegis before, and knowing in that fight (which would have the need to have been done prior) Nightwing remembers that Brute Force and martial arts do not work on Aegis and decides to change his tactics. Or during the fight with Aegis brute force and martial arts blows do not seem to be affecting Aegis so Nightwing decides to change up his tactics.

What is Post Metagaming?
Post metagaming is when a char knows the stated appearance differs from their inner feelings. These may be instances where the thought is vastly different from the presentation.

An example of bad roleplay: Despite not having any indication of a chars personal feelings Batman can tell that the well respected and well mannered Dr. Jonathan Crane is harboring deep psychological distress and is just as crazy as the ones he psychoanalyzes.

The exception to this rule is if you char can read minds. Then you could hear thier inner voice.
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