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The Current Setting; This will update periodically, but it summarizes the current state of affairs
Topic Started: Dec 28 2017, 05:42 PM (189 Views)
Dark Knight WSS

Gotham City, 2018

The Age of Heroes Ended Long Ago.

People tell stories of a woman with a sword who helped to defeat the rise of fascism. She has faded into Myth.

Some people remember the Justice Society. The Black Canary and her Scream. The Star Man and his Rod. The Wildcat with Fists of Fury. Doctor Fate and his shining golden helm. The Man Called Zatarra, Master of Magic. The Speedster named Johnny Quick and others whose names aren't as well known. People remember them. People remember their tragic end.

The world went on turning without them. The Grant Act made efforts at heroics, however well intentioned, a federal crime in the United States of America. Similar laws were passed in many western democracies.

Roughly 30 years ago a meteor shower pelted the Midwestern US. It centred on the town of Smallville, Kansas. Strange rocks, never seen before, we carted way by serious men in serious suits driving serious black sedans.

The world went on turning. In Gotham City, power corrupted. Absolute power corrupted deeply, and twisted things which ought to have been beautiful into cruel mockeries of their intended selves. Or, perhaps, looked at another way, they became exactly what they were intended to become all along.

One night a ten year old boy saw his parents, two proud members of proud and ancient Gotham families, shot dead. A mugging, turned murder? A tragic confluence of poverty, corrupt law enforcement and the American love affair with the gun? Two arrogant upper-crusters who saw no danger in stepping down a dark alley wearing more wealth as adornments than the average person would earn in a decade of hard labour? Some mixed stew, all of the above in some measure, with a dash of the disregard for human life that evolves when it is counted as cheap. A boy watched his parents die, and he made a vow.

The world went on turning. Children grew up. Vows became missions. Purposes became promises.

Three and a half years ago, Gotham became plagued with rumors. A predatory force that preyed on the violent and the vicious and the corrupt. An avenging darkness that wore the form of a giant bat. The urban legend spread. The Bat Man of Gotham was born in the minds of the masses. Some feared him. Some cheered for him. Most dismissed him as a tall tale, an Internet rumor, the Slender Man in a Cape. Some said he was bloodthirsty and cruel. Some said he was benevolent. Some said he saved their lives. Some said they'd seen him fly. Some say he's two men, and only one has a cape. Most people shake their heads and wonder at the gullibility of their friends.

In Metropolis, a blue Blur has been seen, pushing people from tram tracks as a streetcar barreled out of control. Catching a helicopter that was plummeting to the ground. One child swears the Blur was a man, and he waved to him.

In the Keystone-Central City Metroplex, people report a red Blur, shoving down bank robbers and catching people falling from high rise windows.

In Star City, people talk about a man in a hood.

Who and what are these? We don't yet know...

In Washington DC, an ailing Senator West contemplates the repeal of the Grant Act. He wishes to peal back the shadows before he dies. A celebrity with amazing shape changing skills, Garfield Logan, wants to help him. He wants to build something up.

Is an age of heroes coming again? Will you take up the mantle? Will you be part of a new breed of criminal, as the world struggles for equilibrium? Will you simply try to survive in this world, as it changes, and it goes on turning?

Do you remember a different world?

The world has changed...

If you gathered the brave and the bold of this world, this Earth, and said to them "your timeline has been mangled, and you should all be dead" they would lock you away for your own good. And yet...

If things change, are they wrong?

Or are they a second chance?

Can we do it right this time?

Maybe there are those who wonder that...maybe.

Fato Secundas.

Fato Extremum?
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Dark Knight WSS

On New Years Eve...

After a two week period which included...

A brazen daylight robbery of the First Bank of Gotham, a branch of the Maroni Family Syndicate by two large men described as a crocodile and a bull man...

The robbery of an armored truck...that might have been more than it seemed...

Two attacks on a bar near the Sprang Street Bridge, one viciously and precisely non-lethal, one viciously and brutally lethal ( and weird)...

A nightclub fire, at a club owned by the Maronis...

A pair of hunting expeditions into the twisting sewers of Gotham City, which led to an EXPLOSION...

A sinkhole collapsed an intersection. Thirty one people are dead. Two hundred and seventy eight are injured. Many of the survivors credit their safety not just to the brave men and women of the Fire Department of Gotham City and other emergency services but to a group led by Garfield Logan who are calling themselves "The Titans." Some claim to have seen, and some blurry footage would seem to support, that the Black Canary and the Starman, long believed dead, were among those to lend their assistance. There was even footage of a hyper-advanced aircraft which some are saying is proof of the existence of the Gotham Bat Man. A small legion of civil assistance robots known as MAAPs (Municipal (government) Assistance Automaton Program) were deployed by Wayne Enterprises to augment the FDGC in search and rescue efforts. MAAP units are credited with preventing further building collapses.

The Narrows will persist. The damage will be repaired. Wayne Enterprises and STAGG Corp are already bidding on repair projects. The sinkhole at the intersection of Bolland and Mazzucchelli remains under guard and traffic has been rerouted.

Will Harvey Dent prosecute Garfield Logan and his associates for violations of the Grant Act?

Will a groundswell of public support see the Grant Act repealed?

So far the building now being proclaimed as Titan Tower has not been disturbed by GCPD, but federal and municipal units have been seen in the vicinity as early as the morning of New Year's Day. Public opinion is deeply divided, but many in the Narrows see the Titans as having saved their friends and neighbors.

Sources within the GCPD speaking on condition of anonymity report that the explosion was a terrorist attack partially foiled by brave men and women of GCPD SWAT, but on the record confirmation has not been made at this time.

The cause of the initial explosion remains under investigation. Acting Mayor Hill has issued a statement that he has supreme confidence in the government and people of Gotham City.
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