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Board Rules
Topic Started: Apr 30 2016, 11:46 PM (74 Views)
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There are not many rules, but you have to follow them.

  • Be Kind. First and most important rule. Be kind to the members of the board. Doesn’t matter if they are admin, mod or just a member. Treat everyone as you would want to be treated.

  • The Site. This site is dedicated to Greg Vaughan as well all his different roles. From his first role till his current role or from Greg’s first film job till his final. To discuss and gush all about Greg.

  • Coupling. Greg has been on many different shows, three of which where soap operas and where he has been part of many different couples. You do not have to be a fan of just one of them or not like any of them. Just as long is there is no bashing of any kind about the couples. Don't go looking to start fights with the other fans.

  • Characters. Doesn’t matter if you like any other characters or hate them. This board is in support of Greg and his many different characters. (You are allowed to not be a fan of a certain character he's done.) Just like with the coupling don't go bashing characters or looking to start a fight with other fans.

  • Posting.Please, please I beg of you do not post in all caps. It comes off as shouting. Also please don't post like this, [Hi How Are You Doing? I'm Fine. Just Watching TV. You Know, Same Old Same Old], It's it kind of hard to read. I know I have been told more times then I can cont the capital goes at the beginning of the sentence. So please keep it that way. It's easier to read. Also please doesn't go crazy with the sizes or the coloring. Again going into the whole it's hard to read. So please lets not make it hard for people to read. Please also refrain from one word or short answer posts. You don't have to write a book, but please don't post ITA. Please just add a little more to it.

  • Signatures. Sig rules... Max two banners. 500x250... Or you can have Icons... no more than two rows of five 100x100... You can mix and mash but it can be two banner and two rounds of Icons. It has to be Two Banners... Two Rows of Icons or One row of Icons and a banner. If you have anything in your signature that is not yours credit who made it. Please people have worked really hard on their art and didn't make it so you could steal it and pass it off as your own. So credit them.

  • Info. Any information posted here at GVO stays on this board. There are either spoilers already posted on other sites or stuff from the member's themselves. So please keep anything posted here at this board. If you want to show someone something either link them back to the site or ask the poster if you can move it. Also No hot linking. Unless you get the okay from the poster. Please do not hot link anything.

  • Boards. Do not bring anything from other boards onto this board. We here at GVO want to be a friendly place. So do not bring drama or anything from other boards onto this site.

  • Bashing. There will be absolutely NO tolerating of bashing of any actors or actresses or Members. Actors and Actresses work their butts off to make this movie or that TV show. You don't like a certain one, okay fine you can state you don't like them... but anything passed that you will get a warning do it again and you will be ban with no chance of getting back in... The same goes for singers, groups, and this board. Forget twice, you bash this board or Greg in anyway … you will be banned from the site all together. Bashing members is the same. You will get one warning and then second time for get it your gone. We will not tolerate bashing.

  • Fan Bases. There will be in no way, shape or forum anyone bashing a fan base. Everyone likes who they like. So please be respectful. I would like this board to be a safe haven for any type of fan bases. Wither it’s Liz and Lucky or Eric and Nicole. Doesn’t matter what you are a fan of. Not a place where you can bash the fan bases of the couples you don’t like. So please, please be respectful of the fan base.

  • Challenges. The challenges are Graphic, Video and Fan Fiction. Big rule you can only submit your own work. It unfair to the people who really made it. If someone else enters it and they get the award. It’s not the real person who made it. And if you find out someone entered someone else work. They will be banned from the challenges. So please enter your own work.

  • Links. Links. Big Rules for me...you come on to the board only to post links they will be deleted. You don't have to post every hour of every day. Just not once to post a board you've opened. It's a bit rude. Also no bumping links. If I see this done I will give you a warning. If I see it happen again I will delete the link. So you must have at least 25 posts to post a link. If you do not have 25 then I will deleted.

  • Have Fun. Just enjoy yourself here. Comment on peoples work. Again be kind. Just have fun. It's made for you to show off your work and challenge your mind. So enjoy it.

  • Questions. If you have any questions feel free to Pm Meghan Or one of the Mods. [To Be added]
If I need more I'll add more.

[size0]Disclaimer: We do not own Days, GH or its Characters. This board is not in any way affiliated with Greg, ABC, NBC, Soapnet, ect. This is a fan board for Greg Vaughan.
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