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`H`ogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Senior Staff

Runetastical / Swati

ClassicHorrors / Tyler

Deputy Headmistress:
Olonis / cynthia

Deputy Headmaster:
Sepelara / Joshua


Head Boy: Pcn / Conna (T)
Head Girl: BAMitsBethanXx / Bethan. (T)

Head of Gryffindor: -Monochrome. / Mono
Prefect: amandablanco12 / AmandaBlanco
Prefect: Illumic / Jessie (T)


Head of Hufflepuff: Rivaini / Ali
Prefect: clear.water / Anusha
Prefect: Pantheras / Memerie (T)


Head of Ravenclaw: Starstableoy / Axel.
Prefect: Haruhifujioka15 / Haruhi Fujioka (T)
Prefect: septici / Tomas


Head of Slytherin: [email protected] / BlondeCookies
Prefect: .Serpensortia. / Georgi
Prefect: Matchmakers / Matchmakers


Please congratulate Ravenclaw for winning the November 2016 House Cup! Also, congratulate Illumic and Mad_9enguin for receiving Students of the Month. Congratulations to Jarebear for receiving Staff of the Month!


Remember to check the Rules & Information section of the forum (or contact an SS) if you have any questions!


STAFF please remember to have 3 classes done by Sunday Night. Direct any Staff Concerns to "Swati" or "Tyler" on the forums!


If you wish to have your name changed, please request a Change of Username from your Profile.


House Points For December '16





For any concerns regarding community rule breaches or questions, you may contact the Senior Staff (Swati, Tyler, Cynthia, or Joshua), Mod (Austin, Jela-C, Sean or Hannah*) or Forum Manager (Sockpuppie).

* - Under 18 Staff

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With high levels of magical talent and capability in a constant deadlock, and no way to stop either side seen in the near future, the fate of the magical world rests entirely in the hands of the people within it.

Welcome to `H`ogwarts Forums, the portal for all things related to Habbo Hotel's largest and best Harry Potter Roleplay. Set in the modern day period between the Battle of Hogwarts and the Deathly Hallows chapter, '19 Years Later', `H` is a roleplaying community based off of the Massively Multiplayer Online Chat Client (MMOCC) Habbo Hotel (specifically, habbo.com). Registration is as easy as making a Habbo.com account, going to the [RPG] floor (or searching Fiendfyre), and picking the `H` ][ Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry room- no assembly required whatsoever.

If you're already settled into Habbo, though, it's about time for you to Join our forums! Existing forum members should just go ahead in sign in - we won't judge you for reading the whole thing.

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