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Dashed Lines; How to make Dashed and Center Lines with Pixia
Topic Started: Aug 6 2018, 07:56 PM (3 Views)
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Ok, I've been using Pixia since it was invented and it's basically my Adobe Photoshop and I use tons of layers in my
images but recently I've the need to draw a dashed sine-wave and I ran into a brick wall? Wha? Where is the Line Type tool or
is that with Autocad and not Pixia? Line Type? Every word processing program has "Line Type" why not Pixia? Is that too easy for the user to
have a "Line Type Menu" when choosing the Line Tool? It seems so obvious but I cannot find the "LT" menu? If Pixia needs Software Developers that actually use the stuff then contact me and I'll move to Japan because I'm totally censored on the Jew Net in Communist America. Mansue.com is
Censored since Al Gore-ythm invented the internet! Why? Because you cannot talk about the Reptilian Commy Jews in America. Silicon Valley and
Los Angeles is a Huge Reptilian Nazi Jew base and all the Human programmers and software developers are DEAD!
From Hell in LA,
Dr. Wayne E. Manzo, PhD
Fired from the NASA Lewis Research Center by Reptilian Nazi Spooks!
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